Su Tianyun’s heart was cold, and he found that he had no way to regain the space except for if Ye Tianyi was kicked in the head by a donkey and took the initiative to return the space to him.

Ye Tianyi looked at Su Tianyun’s pale face and sneered: “I don’t know how you can be so stupid, I wanted to kill you before, and you still dare to appear in front of me now?”.

Su Tianyun took a deep breath and tried to calm down: “You wouldn’t dare to kill me, no private fighting or killing allowed in the base.”

Ye Tianyi raised his eyebrows: “Oh? Are you so sure?”

Su Tianyun looked back at the young master Xiao and others in his line of sight and raised his chin slightly, and said: “What’s more, young master Xiao is still watching us.”

He looked at Su Tianyun in front of him and suddenly felt that the boy was too stupid for him to show the slightest interest in killing him.

How could he be so naive as to think that he wouldn’t dare to kill him in front of Young Master Xiao?

If young master Xiao was willing to avenge his death, it was no big deal to escape from the base with his own skills; if he didn’t have much weight in young master Xiao’s heart, he might even try to recruit him as if nothing had happened.

Ye Tianyi could be said to be unscrupulous.

In the face of Su Tianyun, who was looking for death with his confidence exploded, he didn’t need to be polite, he directly reached out and strangled the person, lowered his head close to Su Tianyun’s face full of panic, and whispered: “You see, your lover who has high hopes doesn’t want to care about you at all.”.

Su Tianyun looked incredulously at Young Master Xiao, who was slowly walking this way and not at all anxious about his safety.

He had no trust in Young Master Xiao since he handed him over to Ye Tianyi in exchange for a chance to escape. He dared to come to Ye Tianyi today because he believed that Young Master Xiao would not let him die in Ye Tianyi’s hands even for the sake of those fresh fruits and vegetables.

But now that he was been strangled by Ye Tianyi so hard he couldn’t breathe, Young Master Xiao was slow in bringing people over.

As far as his walking speed was concerned, a tortoise was faster than him, and when he reached them, he would be dead

The man surnamed Xiao didn’t care about his life or death, and probably didn’t even care about fresh fruits and vegetables, otherwise, why would he let him fall into the hands of Ye Tianyi?

With all his heart, he only resented Ye Tianyi and Young Master Xiao for standing aside. He never reflected on his own problems from beginning to end, but he obviously blamed people first. Young Master Xiao was misunderstood by Su Tianyun quite wrongly.

Ye Tianyi was such an expert that if they were to take action against him, they would be so far away from Su Tianyi that when they rushed over to save him, his body would be stiff.

So Young Master Xiao didn’t expect him and his men to stop Ye Tianyi to save Su Tianyun, he only hoped that Ye Tianyi would remember that they didn’t take action against him now.

Unfortunately, his thoughts were doomed to fail, he didn’t know what Su Tianyun had said to make Ye Tianyi angry enough to strangle him.


Young Master Xiao, with a steady pace, was coming towards them.

In fact, he had already seen that Ye Tianyi just strangled Su Tianyun’s neck and didn’t kill him right away, and guessed that Ye Tianyi might want to use Su Tianyun’s life to negotiate with him on some terms and that Su Tianyun’s life would be in absolutely no danger before he collapsed.

After all, if Ye Tianyi really wanted to kill Su Tianyun, they may not be able to react fast enough, so there was no need to be in a hurry to give the other party more weight in the negotiation.

Young Master Xiao tried to confuse Ye Tianyi by showing that Su Tianyun was not important and that he was not a threat to them.

It was not the intention of Ye Tianyi to threaten young master Xiao with Su Tianyun from the beginning, but he only guessed that young master Xiao might have a reaction and deliberately made it to hit Su Tianyun.

Ye Tianyi kept saying in Su Tianyun’s ear, “Look, you are worthless, Young Master Xiao doesn’t care about you at all. You certainly didn’t tell him that you lost your space, did you? What do you think will happen to you if the Xiao family finds out you have nothing but a useless water-based ability?”

When he spoke, he spoke close to Su Tianyun’s ear, his lips movements were not obvious, and his voice was very low. Only Su Tianyun could hear his voice.

But this tiny voice, like a mosquito, sounded like thunder on a sunny day to Su Tianyun. He lifted up his neck and grabbed Ye Tianyi’s hand, but he couldn’t break it off. He couldn’t help shivering slightly after Ye Tianyi finished talking. He looked at Ye Tianyi with pleading eyes, but his throat was tightly choked and he couldn’t speak.

Su Tianyun wasn’t too stupid, but after his rebirth, he had always been complacent about knowing the future. His arrogance blinded his eyes, and unconsciously he looked at others with a overlooking attitude, which made him always do some stupid things that he thought were correct.

However, when he faced Ye Tianyi, his brother who was the winner in his previous life and whom he could only envy and hate, he had an inferiority complex in his heart, and even though he was reborn and took away Ye Tianyi’s golden finger, he still couldn’t compare with him.

He was strangled by Ye Tianyi’s throat so tightly that his eyes went black, but his mind was clearer than ever.

He could perceive that Ye Tianyi was only threatening him, but he had no murderous intent towards him for the time being, compared to the last time he met Ye Tianyi in the city of A, the current Ye Tianyi had no murderous intent. So he still has some hope in his heart that he may not die today.

Since he won’t die, he certainly didn’t want Ye Tianyi to tell Young Master Xiao that his space had been taken away, otherwise, he would surely fall from the clouds into the abyss.

Su Tianyun could only look at Ye Tianyi with pleading eyes, hoping that he would let him go this time because of his humble plea for mercy.

When Ye Tianyi looked at Su Tianyun’s begging eyes, he had to say, whether he had a grudge against Su Tianyun or not, someone looking at him with such eyes did make him feel very happy.

As soon as the smooth feeling in his heart rose, Ye Tianyi immediately felt that something was wrong.

How could this twisted pathological psychology of finding pleasure in the painful pleas of the weak appear in him?

Ye Tianyi, although his family environment and upbringing caused him to be cold-hearted and aloof, was not a pervert, and he had no interest in finding pleasure in bullying the weak.

Ye Tianyi frowned, this kind of feeling of being forcibly influenced by something was really bad ……


Young Master Xiao came in front of Ye Tianyi and swept his gaze away from Su Tianyun, saying to Ye Tianyi: “Su …… Boss Ye, please be merciful, you are, after all, brothers.”

He wanted to make a breakthrough in this area, but unfortunately, Ye Tianyi was never one to think of blood ties.

He temporarily discarded the question in his heart and sneered at young master Xiao, “My surname is Ye and not Su, what kind of brother am I to him?”

As for the fact that he used the surname Su in his previous pseudonym, he temporarily forgot about it.

When Young Master Xiao saw that Ye Tianyi’s look like he was never going to get along with Su Tianyun, he blamed Su Tianyun for not even telling him what his grudge against Ye Tianyi was, and now it wasn’t easy to find the right entry point to speak his mind.

He could only say, “Boss Ye, even if you won’t give me face, give the Xiao family behind me face.”

This sounded like pleading for Su Tianyun, but it was actually putting pressure on Ye Tianyi, and the implication was that “if you don’t release him, you will not give Xiao family face, and we will not let you go”.

In fact, Young Master Xiao did not think highly of Ye Tianyi, because no matter how capable Ye Tianyi was before the end of the world and how good his identity was, now he was nothing compared to the Xiao family, even though Ye Tianyi’s level was very high.

But young master Xiao had to be scrupulous about Ye Tianyi, because of Ye Tianyi’s high level ability.

If the Xiao family offended him because of this incident today, and he turned to Commander Jiang, the Xiao family would be unlucky, won’t it? Young Master Xiao didn’t forget that he had found Li Min looking for Ye Tianyi, who was known as Su Tian.

And even if a lonely and unattached expert, even if he didn’t join anyone and desperately wanted to cause trouble for the Xiao family, the assassination alone was enough to hurt their minds.

Young Master Xiao looked down on Ye Tianyi because of his status, but how could Ye Tianyi look up at him?

Ye Tianyi had been a proud son of heaven since before the end of the world, never bowing down and proudly standing in the world. After the end of the world, although Su Tianyun turned him into a zombie, he was also the highest level zombie, and even more unrestrained. With his fourth-level mental abilities, he could drive tens of thousands of zombies to attack the survivor base in A city, where would he be afraid of a Xiao family?

So in the face of young master Xiao’s apparently sincere and low-key plea, but actually very high-profile and arrogant, Ye Tianyi threw one word directly to him: “Daydreaming.”

When he says give face, must he give face? He said he should let him go? Nice try!

Face was not given by others but earned by oneself. The entire Xiao family had nothing to make Ye Tianyi scared, so would he be afraid of the Xiao family? The Xiao family was only the second-in-command in the base, and even if the Xiao family controlled the entire base, he was not afraid.

Ye Tianyi suddenly felt that the identity of a zombie was not bad, at least he didn’t have to worry about anything when facing human forces. If he was still human, he might not be able to be so unscrupulous.

When Young Master Xiao heard Ye Tianyi’s disdainful rejection, his face sunk, but he looked at Su Tianyun, who was still struggling in Ye Tianyi’s hands, and gritted his teeth, “Then may I ask what Young Master Ye will do to release him?” Su Tianyun had to be saved as it was a matter of great importance.

Ye Tianyi didn’t embarrass him again. Instead, he reached out and slapped Su Tianyun’s abdomen severely. First, he broke his ribs. Then, with his destructive lightning ability, he began to wantonly destroy his meridians.

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