The technician held his glasses and said worriedly, “I don’t know if there is a problem with the system, but we need to ask the programmer to check it out.”

“Then why don’t you get in touch quickly, if you can’t do such a small thing well, what do I need you for.” Teng Haining felt more and more irritable in the past two days.

On the other hand, after the meal, Shi Fei and He Xiaobei stayed in the dormitory, and the program team didn’t let them join the training anyway.

He Xiaobei was trying to practice his guitar, while Shi Fei was sitting comfortably on the bed with his knees bent, his notebook in his lap, a lollipop in his mouth, and his long white fingers quickly danced on the keyboard.

He Xiaobei couldn’t see from his direction, otherwise, he could see that the screen of Shi Fei’s computer was black, with rows and rows of codes moving rapidly.

After a while, he got bored, closed the laptop, yawned, and started to keep an eye on He Xiaobei’s guitar practise.

The week went by in a flash, and in the midst of Teng Haining’s furious stares, He Xiaobei, a player who was still to be decided, made it to the next round with the number one ranking among the six players to be decided and became one of the top nine players.

He Xiaobei’s ranking was announced to the public, and in front of the netizens, he didn’t dare to brush off He Xiaobei for fear of causing anger.

That same night, the fourth episode of “The Strongest Idol” was broadcast, and it was the 12-9 finalists.

As Shi Fei had predicted, Zhuang Xinran’s original high notes from the scene were later edited, and his voice was restored, even after a million voice retouchers.

When He Xiaobei lost, no one suspected that He Xiaobei had been blackmailed, except for his fans who felt sorry for him.

In the later period, Shi Fei’s dislike of Chu Yuefei was all cut cleanly.

After He Xiaobei’s defeat, all of the comments that he made when he jumped off the stage to dislike Chu Yuefei were deleted.

This episode of the show was a huge hit with Zhuang Xinran.


A city, night.

The Moonlight fell on the city through the clouds.

Gu Yueze sat in a bookish study with a laptop in front of him, looking at the images on it.

When he saw a certain place, he paused and then compared the picture back and forth twice.

That cold and handsome man, picked up the phone on the desk and called his assistant, Zhang Wu, “There is a problem with tonight’s program, find me the original.”

Zhang Wu, who was explaining English to his daughter, knew what Mr. Gu was referring to when he heard the words.

During this time, Gu Yueze was always on time to watch “Strongest Idol” when the show started.

This made him suspect that Gu Yueze wasn’t watching it for fun

“Okay.” Still, Gu Yueze’s order had to be carried out.

“In addition, give everyone in the company a carton of Mengli yogurt.”

Zhang Wu: “……”

After Gu Yueze hung up the phone, his eyes fell on the video on his laptop, which just happened to be broadcasted to the advertisement, with the words ‘Come buy Mengli yogurt and support your favorite little brother’.

The ad read, ‘Come and support your favorite little brother.’ …………

At the same time, in the dormitory where the program “The Strongest Idol” was being recorded, everyone was urgently choosing the songs to be sung during the live competition a week later.

From time to time in the dormitory, they could hear the sound of music being selected by someone with a cell phone, and all kinds of music were mixed together.

Everyone had to choose the song they wanted to sing and submit them to the program.

Inside dorm 103!

“Brother Fei, are you sure you want me to turn in this song?” He Xiaobei was hesitant, and he picked out several songs that he was going to sing in the next round to show to Shi Fei.

The song was a combination of pop music and opera, and He Xiaobei himself was quite fond of it.

The song was interesting and innovative, with a Chinese style.

The problem was that the song required a duet between a man and a woman, and He Xiaobei was worried: “I’m afraid the program team won’t find me a duet guest to help me.”

“Do you want to sing it yourself?” Shi Fei asked.

“This song was actually originally my first choice, but I was worried about the program’s side.” Now their relationship with the program team was really not good.

“Let’s hand it in first, and if they don’t agree, we can change it again.” Shi Fei suggested.

In the end, He Xiaobei handed over the opera-inspired song “Dream Back to Night” to the program team.

He Xiaobei was surprised that the program team actually found a guest singer for him to come over, teacher Jin Lin, who had many years of experience in opera.

This made He Xiaobei feel very surprised. Teacher Jin Lin was a famous teacher in opera, and she not only studied opera but also studied pop music, so she didn’t have to worry about doing badly when singing with him.

On the contrary, He Xiaobei thought that he had to work hard and could not slow down Ms. Jin Lin’s progress.

The program also allowed him to start rehearsing, but unfortunately, not long after the surprise, He Xiaobei could not be happy, because Shi Fei was confined to solitary confinement.


In the original bedroom where Shi Fei and He Xiaobei were together, all of Shi Fei’s things were forcibly moved out of this dormitory and placed in the most corner of the room.

This room was originally not used as a dormitory, but was mainly used to put some things that were not used by the program team, which could be called a utility room.

This time, they temporarily made some space for a one-meter bed, and all of Shi Fei’s things were piled on the bed.

After putting his things away, they locked the door and didn’t allow him to go out.

When he looked at the closed door, he casually looked around the place, which was used to pile up the junk, and kept the door closed for a long time, the air must not be very good, as if there was a smell of dust when he breathed.

The humidifier was He Xiaobei’s, and he moved it along with him, knowing that he was moving to a new dormitory.

Filling the humidifier with water and plugging it in, the mist on top began to rise, and  he took out a small empty bottle filled with water and sprayed the air a few times to improve the air quality.

Walking over to the bed, he moved the things on the bed, and flipped out his laptop.

His cell phone had been confiscated by the program, and a laptop had been left behind.

“Took away my phone to avoid letting me contact the outside world, they should have actually taken away my laptop.” Shi Fei opened the laptop.

There was no network in the room, the nearby wifi all had passwords, he picked a ‘China can’t move’ wifi, whistling while quickly connecting to the network.

After half an hour, a heavy knock sounded at the door, “Brother Fei, Brother Fei, let go of me, why do you have the authority to lock him up, Brother Fei, you are in there right?”.

Shi Fei turned his head sideways, walked to the door and said, “Xiao Bei, you stop knocking, go back, I’m fine.”

“How could they do that? How can you lock people up, on what grounds.” He Xiaobei’s cryptic voice sounded at the door, “Brother Fei, we’re not competing anymore, let’s go back.”

“Xiao Bei, listen to me, practice well to prepare for the next match, I’ll be fine. They can’t lock me up for a few days, if you believe me, have a good match, I said I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Shi Fei persuaded He Xiaobei for a while before he persuaded him to leave.

After he left, several more players came to see him, and after that, Shi Fei lived a little life in this small room.

Shi Fei went back to bed, bent his head and legs, opened a word document, and continued typing on the document.

At this moment, QQ sounded, and the text came from Editor Changsheng’: [Dear, it’s almost half a year since your old writings were finished. When are you going to start a new one?】

The Bird That Can’t Fly: [It’s on file.]

Editor Changsheng: [Every time I ask you, you say you’re saving the manuscript. Honestly tell me, are you sneaking off to another website?]

The bird that can’t fly: [No, it’s really on file, I’ve been a little busy these past two months, but don’t worry, it’ll be half a month at the most, and I’ll send you the finished copy].

Editor Changsheng: [Why do you have to finish the manuscript? The net article was originally written as it was being serialized, and you can post it first.]

The bird that can’t fly: [There are a lot of things to do in general, so if I don’t finish saving the manuscript, I’ll definitely break more when it’s serializing. It would make me a good writer with a hole in my character.]

Editor Chang Sheng: [busy as a president, not willing to do a book signing, not attending the opening ceremony of the film and TV adaptation, I’ve never seen a more mysterious author than you].

Bird that can’t fly: [I just want to keep a low profile and write.]

Editor Chang Sheng: [Then what’s the name of your new book? One by one, your readers are commenting crazily, so I have to give them a reply.]

The Bird That Can’t Fly: [The King of All Destruction].

After ending the chat with the editor, Shi Fei continued to type rapidly on the document. He said that the full text would be given to him in half a month, and that had to be done, or else the fans would go crazy.

The program team put him in solitary confinement, and he just took the opportunity to catch up on his writing in the past few days, or else would he have been stopped by this broken door?

Five days passed, and only two days were left before the next round of competition, when Star Media sent someone to ask for his release, as long as he could agree to sign a contract.

Shi Fei still didn’t promise, and the result of his refusal was another day. When he was released, he had only one day left to practice.

When he came out, he first checked He Xiaobei’s song practice once, but he still had a good song practice, and the cooperation with teacher Jin Lin was very good.

Rehearsal would begin at 8 o’clock in the evening, and everyone would wear makeup to rehearse during the day.

The program group restricted the rehearsal of Shi Fei, but he was indifferent to these, anyway, just a day of song practice, rehearsal did not matter.

In the afternoon, He Xiaobei brought back the news that Zhuang Xinran planned to sing an original song in the live competition.

Because at 8:00 p.m they would go live, before the live makeup, everyone had an early dinner, otherwise they wouldn’t catch up.

During the dinner, some of the people who had participated in the rehearsal, many of them went to listen to Zhuang Xinran’s new rehearsal song, and many of them thought it sounded good.

“I didn’t think Zhuang Xinran would still have original songs, his level of originality is quite strong.”

“Isn’t he from the Beauty track? What’s with the originality?”

“It’s not like I didn’t say that the beauty track can’t be original. His completion of this first one is quite high, so I think it’s possible that he’ll be able to advance.”

“I think he’s been hiding his originality, just waiting for it to be used as a weapon to catch everyone off guard after entering the top nine.”

“I’ve watched the beauty track, besides Shi Fei, another fierce enemy has appeared.”

“I’ve heard that the program team thinks he’s too good at causing trouble and plans to eliminate him in this one.”

“Shh, stop, don’t talk nonsense like that, hurry up and eat later to prepare for the energy broadcast.”

He Xiaobei sat in front of Shi Fei, his appetite was a little bit not too good, “Brother Fei, I listened to this song of Zhuang Xinran, it’s really quite good, the quality is also high, I think there is definitely a position for him to advance.”

After all, the two of them had conflicts, and he was almost eliminated because of Zhuang Xinran, and then Brother Fei, in order to defend him, was targeted by the program team and was not allowed to practice his song in solitary confinement.

So of course, He Xiaobei didn’t want Zhuang Xinran to advance.

“Original, huh? That’s pretty good.” Shi Fei said with a smile on his lips, meaningfully.

At this time, Zhuang Xinran just passed by their side, he saw Shi Fei and asked with concern: “Shi Fei, I heard that the program didn’t allow you to participate in rehearsals, you must relax and not be impatient, as long as you sing well on the night live, there is still hope to advance, I believe in you.”.

Seemingly concerned, in fact, he came to see a joke. He was always angry with Shi Fei. The encounters of Shi Fei in these days finally made Zhuang Xinran cool. But he realized, he couldn’t be too arrogant, otherwise, he would become the same as Shi Fei.

Shi Fei clamped a grain of peanuts into his mouth and said: “If you have time to comfort me here, why don’t you think about yourself, If it’s not your thing, even if you occupy it, you will eventually return it. Be careful to steal the chicken and expect to eat rice.

Simple words, but it scared Zhuang Xinran enough for his face to go pale, his hold on the plate tightened,  his lips quivered as he asked: “What do you mean?”.

Shi Fei replied: “Nothing interesting.”

Zhuang Xinran bit his lips, and finally found a place to sit down, but his mind kept thinking about what Shi Dei said, and he was restless.

Did he know something? Impossible, the song “Don’t Think” was a song with a high degree of completion, which could be released completely. Once released, it was likely to become a popular song, so there was no reason to be ignorant.

He also searched on the Internet for a long time, but he couldn’t find a single thing.

 He heard that before he lived in that dorm, someone from the last talent show also lived in this place. He was overworked because he wrote songs day and night, and now he was in a coma. He heard that he hadn’t woken up yet, and 99%, the song might belong to that person.

It hadn’t been published on the Internet yet, so long as he could sing it first in the live broadcast, then this song was his. When he thought that he was likely to become popular with this song, Zhuang Xinran buried the uneasiness in his heart.

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