Ye Tianyi asked a casual question, but little leaf answered seriously: “Gross …… “There is no hair on the master’s body……”

Gross? Ye Tianyi looked at the hairs that were indeed not very visible on his body, and then looked at the long, soft white fur all over Little Leaf’s body and said, “I’m …… I’m not a cat, of course I don’t have long hair like you.”

He was going to say ‘I’m a human and not a cat’, but suddenly remembered that he was now a zombie that used humans as its food, and swallowed back the first half of his sentence.

He didn’t have much attachment to whether he was a human or a zombie, anyway, he had memory and thoughts, except that his vital signs were different from those of humans, there was no difference. But after all these years of being a human, it was a little bit sad to suddenly become a new species.

Little leaf didn’t care whether he was disappointed or not: “Meow meow ~” Master, you are so poor that you have no hair. I must leave more hair when I become a human being.

Ye Tianyi, who was sympathized with by a cat, was in some distress. His brain brought up the image of a humanoid creature with white hair, and he immediately decided to educate little leaf. At least this aesthetic view had to be reversed.

Little leaf licked its paws and then jumped into the bath.

Its fluffy fur was wet and tangled, the already small kitten, with the loss of its fluffy fur appeared even smaller, almost a little bigger than a mouse, its four paws in the bath paddled forward, making it look pitiful.

Ye Tianyi reached out and held little leaf, dragging it out of the water.

Little leaf, who was really small in size, didn’t even fully occupy his palm, it lazily laid in his palm, the four tails behind it were wet with water and were similar to a mouse’s tail, not as nice to look at when the fur was fluffy.

Little leaf laid in Ye Tianyi’s palm and unintentionally looked down to the water surface, and just happened to see its ugly appearance, and stood up frantically while letting out a few random cries: “Meow meow meow~”How did my fur become like this? It’s ugly!

In the past, when Ye Tianyi bathed Little Leaf, he was worried that it would catch a cold if it took too long, so he never did it slowly, plus the number of times he bathed the cat wasn’t supposed to be too many, Little Leaf had little chance to notice how ugly its fur had become after soaking in water.

Ye Tianyi smiled and comforted it, “It will dry soon, and then you’ll be back to your previous appearance.”

He really didn’t know when this little guy actually became so obsessed with being beautiful? Wasn’t it all just about cleanliness before?

Little leaf heard Ye Tianyi say that its body would return to its original state once it dried, and with a flick of its tail, the water droplets on its body that made it ugly all obediently left and fell into the bath.

The water ability was just so useful, it was even easier than drying the body with the fire ability.

Little leaf was stunned for a moment, then looked at its master’s smiling face, and immediately fought back by gathering a big ball of water and throwing it into the laughing Ye Tianyi’s face.

He was forced to drink some water and wiped his face, then opened his eyes.

The little leaf was on top of his head, and it was really hard for him to pour water on it again. And how could he, a non-water ability user, play with water with a cat with water ability?


After the fuss, Ye Tianyi simply asked Little Leaf to summon away the water droplets on his body, so he could get dressed without drying his body.

But when wearing clothes, Ye Tianyi looked down and suddenly noticed that a tattoo of a statue appeared near his neck.

It was the image of the Jade Goddess of Mercy that he had been wearing for more than 20 years., and it appeared exactly where he had worn it around his neck.

He stretched out his hand to touch the statue, and the sound of a man calmly reciting the mystical chant immediately appeared in his mind, which seemed to be even more influential than the previous times, deeply engraved in his mind. While the man was reciting the mysterious chant, the abilities in his body grew and condensed, which was much faster than when he chanted it.

He lowered his hand and stopped touching the statue of the Goddess of Mercy, and the man’s chanting stopped abruptly, and so did his abilities.

He touched the statue again, then let go …… As he expected, as long as he touched the statue, the sound of the man reciting the mysterious chant would appear in his mind, which was much better than the effect of his chants on his abilities.

The space and spiritual spring were dispensable to him. Only this golden finger made him very happy and could give him a lot of help on the road to becoming a strong man.

When Ye Tianyi came out of the bathroom in a good mood, he heard a knock on the door.

What a coincidence!

Ye Tianyi’s spiritual energy sweot outside, and it was Su Tianyun?

He didn’t think Su Tianyun would dare to come to the door, and he came so early.

Ye Tianyi opened the door without any fear, but it was half-open, with no intention to let the person outside into the house.

He looked at Su Tianyun, who looked anxious and pretended to be calm and asked with  a smile, “What’s the matter?”. He casually swept his eyes over Young Master Xiao, who was standing behind Su Tianyun.

Su Tianyun was relieved to see that the one who came out to open the door was indeed Ye Tianyi. Originally, when he heard that a man named Su Tian looked like Ye Tianyi and was likely to be Ye Tianyi himself, he was still a bit uncertain and worried that it was the wrong person. But now that he saw Ye Tianyi himself, he was relieved and at the same time a little bit afraid in his heart.

Thinking about his space and spiritual spring, and then thinking about the deal he made with Admiral Xiao, and thinking about the scenic life …… he would have if he gets his space back, Su Tianyun suddenly suppressed his fear of Ye Tianyi, and turned his head to Young Master Xiao beside him: “I want to talk to him alone. ”

Young Master Xiao gave him a meaningful look, and then simply led the people away, but did not go too far, staring closely at the side from afar.

Ye Tianyi withdrew his gaze from the distant young master Xiao and others, and was quite impatient with Su Tianyun: “If you have something to say, say it quickly, if nothing is wrong, then get out, don’t get in the way of my good mood, or I’ll kill you now.”

Su Tianyun deliberately ignored Ye Tianyi’s last murderous words as he stared at Ye Tianyi’s face and asked, “Please give me back my things!”


Ye Tianyi couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

He realized today that Su Tianyun could be so thick-skinned as to justify that the Jade Goddess of Mercy was Su Tianyun’s property in front of him, the lost owner. Give it back to him? Ha!

Ye Tianyi laughed and laughed until Su Tianyun’s face was as pale as paper before he stopped laughing, but he suddenly turned cold and said, “What do you have in my possession? How dare you ask me to give it back to you?”

Su Tianyun was momentarily speechless …… He hadn’t thought too much about it before, and the thought of regaining his space occupied his entire mind, so he couldn’t wait to ask Ye Tianyi to give him back his space when he saw him.

But Ye Tianyi’s question made him feel stupid.

How should he answer? He thought that the spirit spring and the disappearance of space had something to do with Ye Tianyi, but there was no evidence and it was all speculation.

So what if there was evidence? The Jade Goddess of Mercy was originally Ye Tianyi’s, and he had the right to take it back.

Especially, he didn’t even know how Ye Tianyi took away his spiritual spring and space, but he recognized the Jade Goddess of Mercy with a drop of blood, and the Jade Goddess of Mercy had become one with him.

How did Ye Tianyi do it?

Su Tianyun suddenly thought of the Jade Goddess of Mercy’s initiative to absorb the blood from Ye Tianyi’s body to recognize its Lord in his previous life, and his heart felt inexplicably very uneasy, could it be that this chance was destined for Ye Tianyi and he could not take it away no matter how he planned?

The thought that the jade Goddess of Mercy had been worn by Ye Tianyi for more than twenty years, probably because of the twenty years, Su Tianyun wished he was reborn as a child and snatched the jade Goddess of Mercy from the very beginning.

Su Tianyun stared at the indifferent Ye Tianyi with an ugly face, and his lips moved a few times, but he couldn’t say anything.

He was no match for Ye Tianyi at all, and his only advantage was to use the power of the Xiao family to force Ye Tianyi, but he couldn’t tell the Xiao family that the space had been snatched by Ye Tianyi.

Su Tianyun’s trust in the Xiao family was not so great that he could tell the Xiao family such secrets.

If the Xiao family learned that the space for growing fresh fruits and vegetables was a Jade Goddess of Mercy, they would definitely cast him aside after taking it from Ye Tianyi, and might even kill him to keep the secret.

If the Xiao family failed to take the Jade Goddess from Ye Tianyi, the result would be even more miserable for him, and the Xiao family would definitely give him up and choose to support Ye Tianyi, and he would die as well.

So Su Tianyun concluded he would not tell anyone about the news of the space.

Just …… Su Tianyun looked at Ye Tianyi who looked at him with ridicule in his eyes, his heart was powerless, Ye Tianyi’s strength was so strong, what could he do to get the space back? He didn’t even know how to take away the space.

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