Therefore, when Ye Tianyi let the lightning of his fourth-grade lightning ability flee into Su Tianyun’s body and destroy his meridians, he immediately couldn’t feel the pain in his dantian, because the pain of the burning and breaking of his meridians far outweighed the pain in his dantian.

Su Tianyun was not a strong man, otherwise, he would not have been reduced to the point of relying on his body for food in his past life, so under this pain, he cried bitterly, and the noble aura that he deliberately projected became a ridiculous mess, and he cried like a pig was being killed.

Young master Xiao, who was quite close to him, took a step back. Ye Tianyi threw him to the ground in disgust, looked at him coldly, and said to young master Xiao, “Now you can take him away.”

In fact, there were great similarities between ability and internal power, but different from internal power, the internal power was stored in the dantian, but stored in the brain, the stimulation of abilities also needed to pass through the meridians, so Ye Tianyi abolished Su Tianyun’s meridians, he couldn’t attack, the most he could do to slowly condense a small ball of water to drink water.

And to be on the safe side, Ye Tianyi even destroyed his dantian, just because Ye Tianyi heard in the base that there were martial arts practitioners in the base or the kind of ancient martial arts that had internal power. In case Su Tianyun could make a comeback with the help of martial arts and mind tricks, he simply ruined his dantian as well.

Now Su Tianyun was left with only the exotic ball in his brain still in place, and he hadn’t lost his powers, but now Su Tianyun’s situation was such that if he was better, he could still send out a small water ball to quench his thirst, and if he wasn’t, he couldn’t even condense a drop of water. He was basically an invalid.

Ye Tianyi watched Young Master Xiao have his men carefully carry Su Tianyun away, and his eyes were cold.

He had wanted to kill Su Tianyun directly to give him a happy ending. After all, he was unconscious when Su Tianyun threw him down and fed him to the zombies, so he didn’t feel very strongly about it.

But now that Su Tianyun knew the secret of the Jade Goddess and was trying to take it away from him, especially when Su Tianyun asked him for the Jade Goddess with a tone of ”the Jade Goddess of Mercy is mine, give it back to me’, Ye Tianyi felt disgusted.

So he decided to be ‘merciful’ and let Su Tianyun live for a while longer, even though Su Tianyun probably didn’t want this kind of life.

An invalid who had lost his space and abilities, he wanted to see if the Xiao family could accommodate him, and see where this guy would end up.

However, a life worse than death was a certainty.

After Su Tianyun was taken away by Young Master Xiao, Ye Tianyi never saw him again, as if Su Tianyun had left the A city survivor base, without the slightest message.

The Xiao family also acted strangely, as if they had never solicited Su Tianyun before, and Young Master Xiao also seemed to have never met a man named Su Tianyun.


After Young Master Xiao took Su Tianyun away, Ye Tianyi planned to leave the A City Survivor Base after finishing off Su Ming, enter A City, and cultivate well, perhaps one day be able to recover his human identity.

Although he was now used to being a zombie and was not too attached to his human identity, he had been a human for more than 20 years and still hoped that he would one day be able to have body temperature and a heartbeat, and only then could he accurately feel that he was still alive.

This was the instinctive desire for life.

However, Ye Tianyi discovered that after Su Tianyun was taken away, he couldn’t find Su Ming’s whereabouts, and his departure was delayed.

That night, Ye Tianyi was in space, touching the Guanyin statue above his chest with his right hand, the sound of a man chanting in his mind sounded, and he closed his eyes and concentrated on sensing the feeling of energy moving around in his body. ……

He suddenly opened his eyes and found himself in an abandoned warehouse.

There was a roar coming from outside the warehouse, a sound he was all too familiar with, the sound of zombies hungry for fresh flesh and blood.

From the sound, it was obvious that the zombies had surrounded the abandoned warehouse. The sound of zombies crashing against the door came from outside the gate, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear in his heart, his heart beating very fast …… ! Heartbeat? Ye Tianyi was shocked and touched his chest.

Yes, heartbeat, that was the feeling of a heartbeat, a living heart that was still beating, full of vitality and life.

And the warm feeling of skin under his palm, that was body temperature …… Didn’t he turn into a zombie at the beginning of the end of the world?

Ye Tianyi cast his eyes on little leaf in his arms, which only had two tails at this time, and should have just awakened to become a first-grade mutant cat.

Ye Tianyi’s heart suddenly calmed down as he looked at Little Leaf’s muddle-headed sapphire blue cat pupils. Although he didn’t know what was going on, Little Leaf was still by his side.

The abandoned warehouse door was in disrepair for a long time, and it was a miracle that it could withstand the horde of zombies for so long, and it wasn’t long before the zombies rushed in.

Ye Tianyi subconsciously yelled at them to retreat, but when he realized he wasn’t a zombie, his body involuntarily started to move, unleashing his powers to kill one zombie after another.

However, the zombies were still approaching …… Ye Tianyi could no longer care about the horde of zombies that were close to his eyes, and his attention was drawn to his current situation.

The reason was that he found himself like a soul trapped in the body, only able to see through the eyes of the body to the outside world, but unable to control the body.

The feeling of not being able to control one’s body was too bad.

However, before Ye Tianyi could think of a way to regain control of his body, he discovered that his body’s abilities had been depleted, and he could only kill zombies with his physical strength, yet the zombies continued to pour in.

“Little Leaf, it looks like we’re all going to die here today, maybe we’ll turn into zombies or maybe we’ll get infected if a zombie scratches us.”

Ye Tianyi was shocked to hear his body out of his control uttering these last words to the little leaf he was fighting with.

He suddenly realized that something was wrong, very wrong.

Not to mention that he was already a fourth-stage zombie, and Little Leaf had advanced to the third stage, so how could he appear in this abandoned warehouse surrounded by a group of zombies up to the third stage and have to wait for death?

And he couldn’t control his body, yet he didn’t find a second soul in his body, as if the body was saying all these words by itself. This was too weird, wasn’t it?


Little leaf, who was fighting side by side with its master, seemed to understand his sad and desperate words, and suddenly grew in size.

Ye Tianyi heard the body cry out in panic, “Little Leaf, hurry up and get smaller!” When he was small, he was able to dodge attacks from second-and third-rank zombies with his small, flexible body.

But little leaf didn’t listen to its master at all, and when it became the size of two cars, it used its two tails to whip away the zombies around its master and rolled him up onto its back.

Then it disregarded the wounds on its own body from the attack of the zombies, as well as the bloodstains on its limbs and lower abdomen scratched out by the zombies, it didn’t dodge or return the attack of the zombies, it just rolled its master with its deadly tail, and rudely rushed out a blood path with its body, as a result of its large size.

It stepped on the zombies and its flesh and blood, and blasted open the door with a single attack of the strongest ice ability, revealing a hole large enough for its huge size to pass through.

Little leaf carried its owner on its back and rushed out of the big hole, so fast that it was completely out of line with its rank of a first-grade mutant beast, and rushed forward as if it was burning with life, even a third-grade wind zombie chasing after it was temporarily shaken off by it.

Ye Tianyi still hadn’t regained control of his body, and could only be stupidly trapped in his body, looking through his body’s eyes at the large, red bloodstains on the snow-white cat fur outside, the blooming flesh of his wounds, and the blood that was pouring straight out of his body.

“Little Leaf ……”

With such serious injuries, not to mention that Little Leaf was injured by countless zombies and might turn into a zombie cat, even if he didn’t turn into a zombie cat, he would still die from his injuries. Especially when Little Leaf was still running hard with such serious injuries, just trying to bring his master to safety.

It was only when he came to the outskirts of the countryside, where the number of zombies was very small, that he lost his breath and couldn’t hold on any longer, and he quickly became a small kitten covered in blood and wounds.

Ye Tianyi didn’t care that he fell to the ground quite badly after little leaf suddenly became small, nor did he care how he was suddenly able to control his body again, he rushed over and held the dying little leaf’s body, his hands were shaking: “Little leaf, you must hold on, I’ll take you into space to heal ……”

However, no matter how hard he tried to contact his space, he still couldn’t get in, not only could he not take Little Leaf in, even he, the master, couldn’t get in.

Ye Tianyi’s heartbeat almost stopped when he probed – the space was the most primitive space that couldn’t contain living things, not only could he not cultivate the land, but there was no spiritual spring that could bring revive someone on the brink of death.

He hugged Little Leaf’s gradually cooling body, sat down on the ground, and shed tears of despair ……

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