Everything around him was calm, nothing happened.

But just because nothing was happening, Su Tianyun only felt his hands and feet go cold and couldn’t help but tremble.

His sky had collapsed …… he couldn’t even get in!

No! To be precise, the space had disappeared.

He found that he couldn’t feel a connection to the space even if he pressed the statue, as if he had never gotten that space.

First, the spirit spring was gone, and now the space was gone …… Su Tianyun’s teeth were chattering loudly.

Ye! Tian! Yi!

It must be Ye Tianyi! The last time he met Ye Tianyi, he came back and found the spring disappeared, and today when he met him again, the space disappeared.

Ye Tianyi was his nemesis! It was no good to meet him, Ye Tianyi was taking away what he has …… Su Tianyun’s hatred spread, but after the strong hatred was endless panic.

What could he do? Before, without the Spirit Spring, he was still able to grow fruits and vegetables in space with his water abilities, but now there wasn’t even any space, not to mention growing fruits and vegetables, even the stock he had before was gone, he had promised Admiral Xiao to supply them with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Su Tianyun reluctantly tried a few more times, until the statue on his body completely faded away, then he had to give up trying.

For now, either find a way to restore the space, or find a way to escape from the city’s survivor base before the Xiao family learnt of his condition.

Su Tianyun was accustomed to this comfortable life after rebirth, he didn’t want to relive the days before rebirth that food and clothing caused him humiliation everywhere.

He clenched his teeth, but still decided to go to Ye Tianyi.

This was inside the base, Ye Tianyi wouldn’t dare to attack him.

He had met Ye Tianyi twice in a row when his treasures disappeared, and the problem was definitely with his brother, so maybe if he saw Ye Tianyi, things would turn around.

If not to the point of exhaustion, Su Tianyun would never be willing to leave the A city survivor base.

After all, he only had no offensive ability, out of the base and no space to save his life, he either be captured and humiliated, or serve as foods for the zombies.

Unfortunately, things didn’t always go his way, and when he didn’t want to see Ye Tianyi, Ye Tianyi always appeared in front of him to keep him on edge.

Now when he wanted to see Ye Tianyi, he couldn’t find him.

Su Tianyun privately used almost all the contacts he could, but still couldn’t find Ye Tianyi, and in the end, he had to go beg Young Master Xiao.

Young Master Xiao’s connections were much more extensive than his, and finding people was also more convenient than him.

Young Master Xiao was curious about Su Tianyun’s purpose: “What are you looking for Ye Tianyi for?”

Ye Tianyi was clearly trying to kill him before, and he dared to come to his door?

Of course, Su Tianyun wouldn’t tell Young Master Xiao the news that his space had disappeared, he only had to say, “He’s my brother after all, there’s a bit of misunderstanding between me and him that’s why he repeatedly tried to cause my death, I just want to talk to him after I find him to clear up this misunderstanding.”

This was a very convincing reason, and Young Master Xiao believed a few points.

After all, an expert like Ye Tianyi was secretly staring at him, it was indeed a sleepless affair, it was certainly best to solve the misunderstanding and turn the enemy into a friend, if not, well it was better than being constantly stalked and assassinated ah.


Ye Tianyi, who was missed by Su Tianyun, was now holding his kitten using Su Tian’s false identity to rent a house, he planned to settle down in the A City Survivor Base for the time being, at least until he got Su Tianyun and Su Ming both killed, he was not going to leave.

After getting the key to the rented house from the housing agency, Ye Tianyi immediately closed the door to check if there was any surveillance inside the house, and after checking, he carried Little leaf into the space.

He had come into contact with Su Tianyun before, and it really confirmed his suspicions, he felt a clear stream coming from Su Tianyun into his body, and this time the feeling was even clearer, the stream was entering his space, so he immediately couldn’t wait to enter the space to find out what was going on.

After Ye Tianyi entered the space, he couldn’t help but marvel at it.

His previously barren space had now changed dramatically, with mountains and mud and fruit trees, as well as planted vegetables and rice.

If he was right, these planted vegetables and rice and the supplies stored in the warehouses should have all been planted or collected by Su Tianyun.

It was just that they were all gone now.

Ye Tianyi had already heard at the base that Su Tianyun was a dual water and space ability user, so he guessed he got his space from that Jade, otherwise he couldn’t have taken the spirit spring and space from him when he was mumbling the mysterious chant that he got from the Jade.

The Jade that was taken away by Su Tianyun was now back in Ye Tianyi’s hands in a different way, and all the supplies he had painstakingly gathered were also his.

Just looking at the large warehouse full of supplies, Ye Tianyi was a bit hurt.

When Su Tianyun was collecting supplies, it was like a locust crossing the grass, supermarket stores, convenience stores, all the things went in, whether he used it or not, even the shelves went into the space.

But also because he collected too many supplies and didn’t organize them, after the Jade space with these supplies fused with Ye Tianyi’s supernatural space, Ye Tianyi could only look at these messy supplies with a dry stare.

It was too messy …… Ye Tianyi silently exited the warehouse, looked at the warehouse door, and sighed to the little leaf in his arms, “Do you think I should find some hard labor to come in and help me organize my things?”

He wasn’t Su Tianyun, how would he know about the placement of supplies, how much trouble would it be to find something.

Anyway, the space was now able to contain living things, grab a few people who had a grudge against him and ask them to help with the hard labor, after doing the hard labor just throw them to feed the zombie minions.

Ye Tianyi thought about the people who had a grudge against him in his heart, so in his heart and fingers, there were quite a few, he just didn’t know if those people had turned into zombies.

Thinking of zombies, Ye Tianyi suddenly had a flash of light in his heart, why did he forget this? Wouldn’t a zombie be the most obedient and least likely to spill the beans?

Although the current low-level zombies were a bit stupid, it was better than disobedience.

Ye Tianyi thought of a way to solve these messy supplies, and then went to inspect other places in a rather good mood, his eyes fell on the fruits and vegetables and rice, he fetched a large bottle of spirit water from the spiritual spring, and let little leaf dilute it with his water ability to help water them.


Ye Tianyi came out of the space into the bathroom of the rental house to take a shower, he had already been dusty from his hike to the base.

As for why he didn’t take a shower in the space? Since there was no place in the space to discharge sewage, he couldn’t bathe in the spiritual spring either.

Although the spiritual spring helped him evolve to some extent and become more and more human-like, if he entered the spiritual spring as a zombie, his body would be as hot and red as if he entered boiling water, and the pain would definitely not be easy to bear.

One must know that zombies had no sense of pain, even if their arms were cut off, they wouldn’t feel pain. Ye Tianyi was the same, his body couldn’t feel the pain, but his soul could feel it.

For example, the last time when Ye Tianyi was in so much pain due to taking Su Tianyun’s spiritual spring that led to his advancement, he almost couldn’t hold on, the pain spread from the depths of his soul rather than his body. It would be the same if he entered the spirit spring.

There was no water in the faucet in the rental house, because water was too precious in these end times where all water resources were polluted. Only water ability users could condense clean water, and if the rest of the base wanted water, they had to go to the base to buy the kind of clean water that was condensed in a bucket of pure water buckets that were affiliated to the base’s water ability users.

However, Ye Tianyi had a water and ice dual ability user by his side, so there was no need to use food specifically for water.

He went into the bathroom to bathe and carried little leaf with him, placing little leaf on the side of the bath, he began to undress as he spoke to little leaf, “Fill the bath with water.”

Little Leaf flicked its beautiful four tails, and then the bath automatically appeared with fresh water, and the water level gradually rose up, looking just like a scene from a ghost movie, except that in a ghost movie it was blood instead of freshwater that filled the bath for no reason.

When the bath was full, Little Leaf tilted its little head and watched his master strip off his clothes to show off his body.

Ye Tianyi’s body was still as well-muscled and graceful as before the end of the world, but it was missing a feeling of elasticity and vitality, and the originally healthy wheat-colored skin had turned into a miserably white and lifeless color.

But the good thing was that he was handsome, his appearance wasn’t as rotten as a low-level zombie, and his body was well preserved, so all in all, he was a very handsome zombie.

But in the aesthetic view of Little Leaf, the owner looked really miserable. After being ugly like this, no female would want him.

Little leaf looked at its own sturdy body and beautiful tail, fluffy and soft hair, and then looked at its owner’s bare body, except for the top of his head and on a certain part, other places weren’t covered with hair, really ugly ah.

It thought very seriously that when it grew its fifth tail and could take human form, it must remember to keep its long, soft and beautiful fur ……

Ye Tianyi entered the bath after taking off his clothes and began to relax, although the water was cold, and because Little Leaf was a water + ice ability user, the water made by it also had a lower temperature, but with his strength, he was able to ignore the freezing temperature.

His gaze landed on the tiny body of Little Leaf who was on the edge of the bath as if it was gazing at something and asked with a smile, “Little one, what are you thinking about?”

He was just casually making fun of his cat, not even thinking that Little Leaf’s pitifully small brain capacity could have such terrible thoughts.

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