Ye Tianyi entered the base alone, which was especially noticeable because people who acted alone in the end times were either the strongest of the strong or a burden that no one wanted to take in.

It was the former who could reach the base and keep himself clean, so no one dared to look for trouble along the way.

It was only a few days after he left the base, the temporary residence permit was still valid, but the house that he paid rent for ten days had been cancelled automatically.

Ye Tianyi had to go to the housing agency once again to rent a room.

This time he was going to look for a chance to get close to Su Tianyun in the city’s survivor base, but he didn’t expect to meet again so soon.

On the way to the housing agency, Ye Tianyi met Su Ming and Su Tianyun who were out shopping.

The two surnamed Su who couldn’t wait to see him, Ye Tianyi’s lips hooked up in a smirk, he reached out and touched the tail of the little leaf in his arms, and slowly walked over to them.

Su Tianyun regarded the fact that he almost died in Ye Tianyi’s hands as a shame, naturally, he would not take the initiative to tell others, especially Su Ming who did not awaken an ability, it would have made him look at him less favorably.

Therefore, when Su Ming saw Ye Tianyi here, he was scared out of his wits.

He wasn’t sure how strong Ye Tianyi was now, but he was very clear about how ruthless Ye Tianyi was. When Ye Tianyi took charge of the Ye family, if he hadn’t made the decision to evacuate the Su family’s industry from city A to city C, he would have been forced into bankruptcy and debt.

Ye Tianyi was able to survive from the zombie group, so that meant he must have awakened his ability. No matter what abilities he had awakened, someone like Ye Tianyi was definitely not a simple one, and there were definitely countless ways for him to get back at them.

Su Ming was panicking in his heart.

He fiercely glared at Su Tianyun, blaming this ungrateful and unfilial son, it would have been so good to settle it with a straightforward slash, why did he have to throw the person down the stairs to feed the zombies? What could they do now if they didn’t kill the snake?

Perhaps, Ye Tianyi didn’t know who threw him off the building to feed the zombies? Su Ming became flustered in his thoughts, anyway, at that time Ye Tianyi was in a coma, there was no one else but him and Su Tianyun, two big living people, Ye Tianyi should not know what he and Su Tianyun did.

Su Ming thought like this and relaxed a lot, no matter what he was Ye Tianyi’s father, could Ye Tianyi still kill him for a little grudge?

He was thinking so naively, Su Tianyun wouldn’t get away with thinking that Ye Tianyi who had tried to kill him before would not know how he had been bitten by a zombie.

Su Tianyun was even colder, he had just gotten rid of Ye Tianyi’s influence on him to cheer up, and then he saw that this guy’s ghost had followed him to the A city survivor base, which was simply not giving him a chance to live.

He wanted to run immediately, but he couldn’t lose this guy in the streets where people were coming and going.

It was okay, this was a base, private fighting was forbidden and killing was forbidden or he’d be killed by law enforcement. Su Tianyun comforted himself with this base rule, feeling emboldened to have a bargaining chip.

Ye Tianyi walked up and stood ten meters away from them and smiled, “It’s been a long time, you guys really made me look for you.”


This street led both to the housing agency as well as the trade market and was bustling with people, otherwise, Ye Tianyi and Su Tianyun and Su Ming wouldn’t have met so quickly.

The three of them poked and prodded in the middle of the street, and it was very inconvenient for pedestrians to pass through, but if it wasn’t for the fact that they were cleanly dressed and red-faced, they would have looked away at a glance.

Flustered, Su Tianyun said to Ye Tianyi: “Ye Tianyi, this is the base, you can’t just do anything, you can’t fight privately, if you dare to do anything, you’re dead!”

Ye Tianyi was not threatened in the slightest and sneered, “Then tell me, before I die, will you still be alive?”

Su Tianyun’s body shook slightly, of course, he understood Ye Tianyi’s meaning, if Ye Tianyi wanted to kill him, he could have killed him before the law enforcement team came and then fled with ease. He wasn’t an important person, and the base would never be willing to help him search and hunt for a strong ability user. He would die in vain.

Ye Tianyi saw that Su Tianyun was scared of him, then said as he walked towards him, “But what qualifications do you have to make me take risks? It’s easy enough to kill you, so be careful next time you leave the base.”

Su Tianyun, who was firmly locked by Ye Tianyi with his mental energy, could only watch as he came closer to him.

Ye Tianyi very much enjoyed Su Tianyun’s frightened gaze at this point, and he didn’t make a move on Su Tianyun, he just stretched out his hand and pressed on his shoulder, and began to recite the mysterious chant in his heart.

As expected, a stream of clear water quickly ran from Su Tianyun to him, a feeling that only he seemed to be able to feel, while Su Tianyun couldn’t feel it.

This time, he had just advanced, so the clear current fused with him after it scurried into his body, and it was not as painful as the first time.

Ye Tianyi felt that there was a change in his space, and it was not convenient to check anything in this place where people were coming and going, so he calmly withdrew his hand from Su Tianyun’s shoulder, gave him a meaningful glance, and walked towards the housing agency.

Su Tianyun who was spared by Ye Tianyi once again was still in a trance, he actually let him go just like that?

Su Tianyun didn’t move until the jade above his chest was no longer hot, and facing the unhappy-looking Su Ming, he said in a low voice, “We’re not buying anything, let’s go back first.” After saying that, he hurriedly returned.

He always felt as if there was something wrong with him.

He stretched out his hand and touched the Guanyin on his body, this time the Guanyin started to get hot when Ye Tianyi just appeared, but instead of waiting for Ye Tianyi to leave, it stopped getting hot when Ye Tianyi removed his hand from his shoulder.

What was going on? At that time Ye Tianyi obviously hadn’t left yet.

Back in his own house, Su Tianyun didn’t care about Su Ming’s cries, he closed the door and started to undress to check the Jade Guanyin.

There was a light-colored statue on his white skin, Su Tianyun panicked when he saw this extremely light-colored statue. The statue used to be dark like a tattoo, but now it looked like an inferior painting printed on it?

As he pressed the statue and thought about entering the space, he became even more terrified and just felt like the sky was falling.

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