After listening to his own son’s speculation and analysis, Admiral Xiao’s heart was a little inclined to believe, but he still felt a little mysterious, “You test him again to see if Su Tianyun is willing to tell you the origin of those fresh fruits and vegetables. If not …… then start the second plan.”

Young Master Xiao’s eyes lit up when he heard the words ‘Second Plan’, appearing a little excited, but he promptly pressed down on this excitement, “Father, don’t worry, I promise to complete the task!”

After he turned out and saw Su Tianyun, he smiled and said, “Father will let you in, don’t be afraid, he is not some temperamental person.”

Su Tianyun thought that he was about to go to see Admiral Xiao, he was in an excited mood, it was the first time in his previous life that he had seen such a big man. He was an illegitimate son of Su Ming, even Su Ming couldn’t meet any significant big man after losing the support of the Ye family, let alone him.

Young Master Xiao watched Su Tianyun go in, and his smile went cold.

It wasn’t long before Su Tianyun came out, and he was still a little dizzy after coming out, remembering Admiral Xiao’s appreciation and expectation of him, he had already put aside the previous matter of Young Master Xiao handing him over to Ye Tianyi in spite of his death for the time being, full of excitement that he had gotten Admiral Xiao’s big backing to be able to rampage after the end of the world, what was Ye Tianyi?

Young Master Xiao swept his gaze from Su Tianyun, whose emotions had yet to calm down, with a meaningful smile in his eyes before leading Su Tianyun away from the place.

After taking Su Tianyun to meet Admiral Xiao, Young Master Xiao didn’t know what Admiral Xiao had said to Su Tianyun, but he was no longer as guarded and wary of him as before anyway.

Halfway there, Young Master Xiao and Su Tianyun met up with Li Min who was leading a group of soldiers.

Young Master Xiao stopped, smiled at Li Min, and greeted him.

This man Li Min was a newly promoted ability officer after the end of the world, he was very strong and smart, but unfortunately, he was someone from Commander Jiang’s side.

Commander Jiang and Admiral Xiao, as the first and second in command of the base, seemed to be getting along harmoniously and joined hands to build the A City Survivor Base, but in reality, Admiral Xiao’s faction had long wanted to take over.

Before the end of the world, the Xiao family was still afraid of Commander Jiang and didn’t dare to act recklessly, but after the end of the world everything was based on fists, and whoever was strong would have more power to speak. And the central government was no longer able to control them, so they could be considered as vassals who cut one side.

After the Xiao family no longer scrupled about Commander Jiang’s connections, they started to get their hands dirty to recruit ability users for the Xiao family’s use, intending to seize control of the A city survivor base.

In Su Tianyun’s previous life, when Ye Tianyi recruited a group of men to go to the survivor base after he awakened his powers, he never met Commander Jiang’s only son, Jiang Yan, so Jiang Yan was taken away by those few ability users led by the ice female ability user to go to the A-city survivor base, but they, however, ended up joining the Xiao family.

With his only son in the hands of the Xiao family, Commander Jiang no matter how reluctant he was to hand over his rights, he had to agree to the Xiao family’s request, and from then on, the Xiao family went silent and officially became the head of the A city survivor base.

That was why Su Tianyun chose the Xiao family’s side in this world, only that Su Tianyun, who had always been confident that he was reborn, never expected that his action of pushing Ye Tianyi into the group of zombies would change the trajectory of everything.

Now Commander Jiang’s only son, Jiang Yan, had been brought to Commander Jiang intact by Li Min, and also because of Ye Tianyi’s stimulation, Jiang Yan had awakened the wind and water abilities, making him a one-in-a-million dual ability user.


Li Min just pulled out a smile in the face of the goodwill released by Young Master Xiao, and also said a greeting, after which he immediately said, “I still have a mission, Young Master Xiao, go ahead.”

He left after saying that, and Young Master Xiao swallowed back the words that reached his mouth, his face was very somewhat unpleasant.

Su Tianyun didn’t notice his peculiarity, he also turned his head to look at the back of Li Min and the others, and asked with his mouth, “Who is that person?”

So arrogant? Even dared to be disrespectful of Young Master Xiao.

Su Tianyun was no fool, Li Min’s superficial politeness towards Young Master Xiao was immediately apparent to him, and it could be said that Li Min had no intention of hiding his dislike for the Xiao family.

If the Xiao family had thought highly of Li Min before he met Commander Jiang through Jiang Yan, he might have joined the Xiao family’s camp. But now that he was gaining Commander Jiang’s appreciation, and Commander Jiang was the rightful leader of the base, following Commander Jiang was more promising than switching to the Xiao family, so Li Min faced the Xiao family’s solicitation and didn’t give a d*mn.

Young Master Xiao was embarrassed by Li Min and was in a bad mood, seeing Su Tianyun like this, his heart felt even more fiery, he coldly snorted: “A small officer ……” he sounded very disdainful.

Although Li Min had been promoted step by step with the appreciation of Commander Jiang, his identity and rights were still inferior to those of Young Master Xiao, the second-in-command’s son of the base.

Su Tianyun saw that Young Master Xiao was in a bad mood, probably because he was angry with that just now, and no longer mentioned the matter.

Young Master Xiao’s eyes fell on a house in front of them. This was the housing agency of the base, and the housing problem of all the people in the base should be repeated from here.

And Li Min and the others were people from the military, food and lodging had already been arranged by the military, so why did they come here?

In curiosity, Young Master Xiao nodded to an attendant who was following him, “Go ask what’s going on.”

That follower was with Young Master Xiao from before the end of the world and knew him quite well, this no-nonsense sentence, he immediately understood Young Master Xiao’s meaning, and quickly walked towards the agency.

Not long after, the attendant came out, he walked up to Young Master Xiao and whispered back, “Li Min was going to ask about a man named Su Tian.”

Su Tian? Young Master Xiao frowned, but he was also surnamed Su.

He glanced at Su Tianyun, who seemed to have heard this thoughtfully as well, and asked, “Do you know Su Tian?”

Su Tianyun shook his head, just because his name was Su Tianyun, it didn’t mean that he would know someone named Su Tian.

Young Master Xiao also didn’t take this news to heart and just told someone to check out this person named Su Tian and put this small matter behind him.


At this time, Ye Tianyi, who was still in A city, was holding his cat and examining it heartily.

Previously, Little Leaf was stubborn and unwilling to leave the room and was injured quite a bit under his unconscious pressure, and Ye Tianyi was in a hurry to help it heal with spiritual spring water.

This body’s injuries were healed with the spiritual spring water, but the little leaf was asleep.

If not for the fact that it was still snoring happily, Ye Tianyi would have suspected that it was not sleeping but unconscious from some internal injury.

He childishly checked the sleeping little leaf over and over again, using his mental energy to probe all kinds of things, he didn’t find any problems at all, but instead, this little guy was healthy.

But it had been sleeping for many days.

Ye Tianyi just kept guarding by his side, before it was Little Leaf that was guarding him, and now in turn he was guarding Little Leaf as well.

On the fifth day of Little Leaf’s deep sleep, Ye Tianyi felt some energy fluctuation around him, and the source of this fluctuation was Little Leaf’s …… buttocks.

He fixed his eyes to see that it was actually a new tail starting to grow at the root of Little Leaf’s tail, and this was the fourth tail.

Ye Tianyi had heard of the legend of the nine-tailed cat demon, but legends were just legends after all, and no one was sure what was going on with the real nine-tailed demon. Now that Little Leaf was going to grow a fourth tail, he didn’t know what to do and didn’t dare to act rashly, so he had no choice but to stay on the sidelines and chase away any zombies that might affect Little Leaf’s advancement.

The evolution of mutant beasts would attract zombies just like ability users, Little Leaf was going to grow a fourth tail, which meant that it was going to advance to the third stage, this was a big movement, and the zombies around it were all a bit stupid.

But with Ye Tianyi, a fourth-stage zombie, sitting in town, all the other zombies automatically thought that this was prey that belonged to him, and didn’t dare to fight for it, dodging away from it.

Little Leaf was now very small, as big as a small white cat, and the tails were naturally even smaller.

The three tails that were fluttering like a group of demons before all appeared as an afterimage, but the fourth tail just quietly changed from a virtual shadow to a physical one, appearing among the three tails that were fluttering, becoming the fourth dancing as the cat’s tail.

The four tails gradually quieted down and meekly wrapped up Little Leaf’s tiny body, making it look like a snowy white ball of fur.

Ye Tianyi sat beside it, with a gentle expression, looking at the sleeping Little Leaf, not reaching out to pet it and disturb its sleep, his gaze softly swept over Little Leaf’s smooth, satin-like fur before landing on its four tails.

The four tails were very small, splitting from the base of the tail, but the tail was furry and appeared larger when the fur exploded.

The four tails were showed it had evolved, third-ranked mutant cat ……

Ye Tianyi was looking at little leaf’s newly grown tail when little leaf woke up, it opened its sapphire blue eyes and saw him at first glance, it couldn’t wait to jump into his arms before it could even stand on its feet.

Ye Tianyi eagerly hugged it, held its small body with his left hand and stroked its four naturally hanging tails with his right hand, and smiled, “Little lazy cat, you’re finally willing to wake up?”

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