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Murong Xiu calmly admired Shen Jue’s ugly look, showing that he had been holding his breath all this way. He felt that he couldn’t control the Shen Jue in front of him, and that the other party had changed too much after six years of separation.

His gaze fell on the other party’s slender neck, and unlike his last life, Shen Jue’s skin was wheat-colored, as if revealing the scent of sunlight. Murong Xiu thought that the rainy season in the capital was too long, drizzling with dark clouds and disgusting.

He hugged the other as if the layer of dark rain had been dispelled.

Murong Xiu laughed quietly, even if Shen Jue liked Ni Xinyan, so what, if he ruined Ni Xinyan’s pride, his face, and his power, how could Ni Xinyan compete with him? If Ni Xinyan still didn’t know better, then he would kill him again.

As for Shen Jue, he would make him never leave him.

And as Shen Jue looked at the mess in the room, his anger slowly built up in his heart, and when Murong Xiu actually leaned in to kiss him, Shen Jue exploded. He dodged Murong Xiu with a dodge, “Your Highness, what exactly are you trying to do?”

Murong Xiu’s bosom suddenly lost its warmth, he squinted his eyes, and said pleasantly, “Can’t you see? Back then, when Emperor Han Wudi made a golden house to hide his beauty, I made a room for you and you’ll live here from now on.”

Although Shen Jue had experienced a thousand years of reincarnation suffering, it was all about him begging for others and being abused in a hundred different ways physically and mentally, and this was the first time someone had said they wanted to lock him up. Shen Jue, an immortal who had been a monk for thousands of years, was truly stunned.

He felt that Murong Xiu was sick in the head, and not only was he not lightly ill, but it also looked like he would get even worse.

But Murong Xiu’s illness was still an illness, all Shen Jue wanted was that Murong Xiu would willingly die at his hands, as for the rest, he didn’t care.

“I remember that Your Highness originally hated me.” Shen Jue asked.

Murong Xiu sniffed and walked over to the screen, which actually had shackles at it as well, he reached out and touched the shackles. Most of the things here had actually been changed once when they were originally made, they were all made according to his memories of Shen Jue’s figure, when he saw Shen Jue later, Murong Xiu realized that the other person was different from his last life, so he sent a pigeon back to the capital and ordered the craftsman to redo all the ones that didn’t fit the figure.

“Of course I loathe you, that’s why I prepared this room to humiliate you.” Murong Xiu lowered his face coldly as he remembered what he had said to Shen Jue in his last life, where he said he also loved Shen Jue, and then Shen Jue backhandedly stabbed him, “You don’t think I love you, do you?”

Murong Xiu laughed sarcastically and took a few steps in front of Shen Jue, he grabbed Shen Jue’s arm and forcefully sat the man down on a chair, then locked Shen Jue’s hands and feet with shackles.

Shen Jue tried to resist halfway through, but this Murong Xiu had learned martial arts and Shen Jue couldn’t fight him, so he ended up being chained.

At this point, Shen Jue wasn’t too happy, and his jaw was clenched as he looked down at the shackles on his hands.

Murong Xiu forcefully lifted up Shen Jue’s face to see the displeasure in the other man’s eyes, but he was happy.

He lowered his head and playfully squeezed Shen Jue’s chin, “Shen Jue, I advise you to relax, or I’m afraid you won’t survive a few days.”

Shen Jue pursed his lips, the displeasure between his eyebrows gradually disappeared, he looked at Murong Xiu with cold eyes, and after a moment, the corners of his lips were slightly drawn, “Why did Your Highness lock me up?”

Murong Xiu’s eyes were bright, like the stars in the dark night, dazzling and shining, or like the streams between the valleys, sparkling. He stared intently at Shen Jue without blinking, as if one blink and the person in front of him would disappear.

He leaned closer and closer to Shen Jue, “Because I want to see you resist, but it’s useless.”

Shen Jue’s eyes changed slightly at the words as he suddenly thought of that day.

That day when Emperor Mis’er had originally administered the drug, he seemed to have said the same thing, and then he proceeded to almost kill the other party.

But Murong Xiu wasn’t Heavenly Emperor Mis’er.

Moreover, Shen Jue had long since ceased to be the original Shen Jue, and as long as he could get out of the situation, it didn’t matter what he did.

But this thought of Shen Jue was very short-lived, and when Murong Xiu started to undo his belt, his face changed a bit, “You …… you ……”

Poor Immortal Shen Jue was so frightened by Murong Xiu that he couldn’t even utter a complete sentence. He didn’t react much when Ni Xinyan unbuckled his belt in his last life, because he didn’t see love in Ni Xinyan’s eyes. Lust was different, but Murong Xiu was different, and now his eyes were almost blue, like a wolf that had been hungry for a long time.

“Isn’t it obvious what I want to do?” Murong Xiu leaned close to Shen Jue’s ear and lowered his voice, “Shen Jue, I’m going to spoil you just like I spoil a woman.”

Shen Jue was taken aback by the words, and in the next instant, Murong Xiu bit his lips, a real, genuine bite, and Shen Jue was so pained by the bite that he couldn’t help but suck in a light breath. He struggled to keep his face away, but Murong Xiu simply cupped his hands around his face and bit indiscriminately until he tasted blood, and then he forcefully pushed against Shen Jue’s teeth.

Shen Jue had never kissed anyone this deeply before, even in his previous realm, and no one had ever been as aggressive as Murong Xiu. He was kissed by the other in a mess, their breaths ambiguously intertwined, and Shen Jue couldn’t help but blanch, but the killing intent was evident in his eyes.

If he had a knife now, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

It was one thing to actively seduce someone, it was another thing to be forced. It could only be said that Shen Jue’s seduction was limited to hushing and fawning and pretending to be good, but that wasn’t what Murong Xiu wanted, he just wanted to tear the person in front of him into his stomach so that no one could look at him.

Shen Jue was disgusted by this fact, and even Murong Xiu found out, with hidden joy, he bullied the other even more, and if Shen Jue cried, Murong Xiu would have gotten even more excited.

When Murong Xiu finally let go of Shen Jue, Shen Jue’s lips were already red and swollen, and there were tooth marks on them. Murong Xiu terribly turned his eyes and proceeded to undo his belt, which he covered over Shen Jue’s eyes before saying softly, “This is just the beginning.”

But after Murong Xiu tied Shen Jue, he turned around, he touched his pert ears, and couldn’t help but hook his lips again. His eyes flew around, as if he was thinking about what to do next.

When Shen Jue was blindfolded, he couldn’t see anything; he was just relying on his ears to hear, which was a very bad feeling. And when a hand suddenly landed on his face, he couldn’t help but stiffen.

That hand was going down.

Shen Jue’s tied hand clenched fiercely, and half a dozen times later, his breathing was disordered and he couldn’t help but speak, “Murong Xiu, stop!”

Murong Xiu’s voice came from very close by, “Why should I stop? Aren’t you a eunuch? Did you react to how I touched it, no?”

Shen Jue was feeling really bad right now, so as soon as his shackles were removed, he pulled off his belt and stood up to punch Murong Xiu, but his pants were piled up at his ankles and he swung at them, but he fell down first before hitting anyone.

Murong Xiu lost his smile and hugged the man, and also pinched Shen Jue’s face, “What’s the fuss?”

Shen Jue gritted her teeth and didn’t say anything.

After observing Shen Jue’s face, Murong Xiu put on the person’s pants, he tenderly kissed Shen Jue on the cheek, “Alright, don’t be angry, let’s go to dine first, you haven’t eaten properly all the way, you’ve lost weight.”

Shen Jue frowned and pushed Murong Xiu away.

At this time, the two were considered to have completely torn off their masks, Shen Jue was too lazy to pretend to be ambidextrous, and had no good looks at Murong Xiu, while Murong Xiu changed his previous hostility, instead he was very warm towards Shen Jue.

It was just that this warmth often came after he had ruthlessly bullied Shen Jue.

For seven days, Shen Jue stayed in this room, Murong Xiu locked him from time to time, and occasionally unlocked him, just to hold him in his arms. Shen Jue was so disgusted by his kisses that he kept thinking about how to kill Murong Xiu so that he wouldn’t get angry again.

“What are you thinking?” Murong Xiu looked at the person in his arms and asked coldly.

Shen Jue dropped his eyes, half-heartedly, before saying, “Thinking of when I can go out.”

The smile on Murong Shuo’s face immediately faded and he narrowed his eyes, “Is it bad to stay here? I will come every day to accompany you.”

Shen Jue turned to Murong Xiu and tugged at the thin shirt he was wearing, “Would Your Highness like to be dressed like this and be played with indiscriminately?”

Murong Xiu suddenly laughed again, he licked his lower lip, “I can if you want, I just can’t help it if your thing doesn’t respond, can I?” The rest of his words were almost vague, “What’s more, I didn’t go in, so if you scream in pain and I’ll stop.”

Shen Jue immediately became so angry that he fought with Murong Xiu.

And the palace people in the Hall of Qizhang were already used to the clanking sounds coming from that room.

Murong Xiu didn’t drug Shen Jue, and each time the two of them fought against each other until Shen Jue got exhausted, and then Murong Xiu easily pressed the man on top of him with a terrifying smile.

He seemed to enjoy the way Shen Jue struggled, or rather, he enjoyed watching Shen Jue get angry, the angrier the better.

In this way, after a month, Shen Jue stopped fighting, he couldn’t beat Murong Xiu now, and he didn’t want to see the expression on his opponent’s face after each time he suppressed him. He did whatever Murong Xiu did, but he just couldn’t stand it anymore and frowned slightly again.

Murong Xiu seemed a bit unhappy about this, and like a restless dog, he walked around the room, looking at Shen Jue gloomily every now and then.

Shen Jue laid facing the wall, pulled up to his arms, he didn’t bother to pull up the clothes, Murong Xiu wanted to look at it, touch it, whatever he wanted.

He was so nonchalant that he finally angered Murong Xiu away.

Murong Xiu was so angry that he directly left Qizhang Hall, and not long after he left, the head eunuch beside the emperor hurriedly found him, “Sixth prince, come with slave, His Majesty is in a hurry to see you now.”

“What is it?” Murong Xiu said.

The eunuch said, “It seems to be related to the Yong Kingdom.”

Murong Xiu frowned, what could happen to the Yong Kingdom? Weren’t they done with everything?

And when he reached the emperor, a memo fell directly into Murong Xiu’s face.

“What are you doing? This period of time every day in your palace, you’re also absent at morning court, now a big event has happened, you still do not know, that slave should be beaten to death.” The emperor was so furious that he cursed at Murong Xiu, “Lustful dog!”

Murong Xiu picked up the tome on the ground and calmly said, “Didn’t Father promise me that as long as I can deal with the Yong King, I can do whatever I want with the rest?”

“Yes, I did promise you, but not only did that old guy Ni Yuanshan not die at the hands of the Yong Kingdom, his son became a great general of the Yong Kingdom, you know?” The emperor raged, “They’ve refused to make peace and build a state! I said to kill Ni Yuanshan directly, but you preferred to ruin his reputation and not kill him, and now he’s turned on us!”


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