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Su Tianyun thought he could not escape death today, but Ye Tianyi suddenly ran away and left him alone.


The young master Xiao and the others didn’t dare to chase after him in case of any deception, and could only watch Ye Tianyi leave.


Su Tianyun also did not consider why Ye Tianyi was acting strangely. Now he was filled with the lingering fear after he escaped. He sat down on the ground and gasped, he was really scared just now.


He raised his head after panting for a while and looked at Young Master Xiao with resentment.


Young master Xiao stood far away and looked at him coldly with his arms around his chest. “Don’t look at this young master like that. How dare you bear grudges? If it weren’t for you, would we attract such a powerful enemy? ”


He recalled the pressure just emitted from Ye Tianyi’s body, at this time his heartbeat was still unstable and there was still fear, so he looked at Su Tianyun’s gaze even more unkindly. Anyway, he had just torn his facade with this brat, so why not ……


Su Tianyun was sensitive to the fact that there was something wrong with the way Young Master Xiao was looking at him, he stood up and looked at Young Master Xiao vigilantly, but he didn’t hide in the Jade Space because he couldn’t get in.


Before Ye Tianyi appeared, the Jade was always hot, and he couldn’t enter the Jade space even if he wanted to.


Even though Ye Tianyi had just left, the jade was still hot, and he still couldn’t enter the Jade Space.


Su Tianyun was a little scared when he thought of the fact that this Jade Guanyin was originally Ye Tianyi’s thing, could it be that this jade was hot because of Ye Tianyi? As long as Ye Tianyi was there, he would never be able to enter the Jade Space?


So now that the jade was still hot, was it possible that Ye Tianyi hadn’t gone far?


This guess made Su Tianyun’s heart tremble as he stared straight at Young Master Xiao and whispered, “He hasn’t left yet ……”


His voice was low, but the few present were all ability users and had sharp ears, so where couldn’t they hear what he was saying?


Young Master Xiao’s eyebrows furrowed as he said in a deep voice, “You said that brother of yours hasn’t left yet?”


Su Tianyun’s face was a bit gray: “Just maybe …… I felt there was danger here before, and that danger could be referring to him, and now that feeling hasn’t gone away.”


Su Tianyun regretted that he was faced with Ye Tianyi who was unconscious and powerless to fight back, why did he throw Ye Tianyi down the stairs to feed the zombies in momentary joy? He should have just slashed Ye Tianyi to death.


He would have never expected that Ye Tianyi who had been bitten by a zombie would not have mutated into a zombie, but still became a powerful ability user.


Because people who were bitten by zombies either turned into zombies or turned into an ability user, so when Su Tianyun saw Ye Tianyi who didn’t look like a zombie at all, he thought that he had turned into an ability user.


Faced with Su Tianyun’s mysterious words, Young Master Xiao was rather trustworthy.


“Let’s get out of here right now! Leave now!”


The other three ability users all began to prepare, Young Master Xiao took a look at Su Tianyun and said, “Stay behind me and don’t run around, or if anything happens, don’t blame me for not saving you.”


He couldn’t leave Su Tianyun behind yet, many of their supplies were placed in Su Tianyun’s space and Su Tianyun’s meaning to the Xiao family was extraordinary.


Young Master Xiao’s group was worried that Ye Tianyi would go and return, and they immediately set off back to the base despite the fact that they hadn’t rested.


They were lucky because Ye Tianyi advanced to the fourth rank and the surrounding zombies fled far away in fear, and they had a smooth journey.






After moving away from the pending demolition dwelling where he had previously rested, Su Tianyun felt the heat of the jade above his chest gradually diminish until it changed back to the same level as his body temperature.


He stretched out his hand through his clothes and pressed the Guanyin statue, feeling his connection to the Jade space, and his originally tense heart and mind relaxed.


It was true that …… this jade’s heat and his temporary inability to enter the Jade space all happened because of his proximity to Ye Tianyi.


Ye Tianyi was truly his nemesis!


Su Tianyun hated the thought.


Young Master Xiao said to Su Tianyun with a heavy face, “You take some supplies out and distribute them to a few of them.”


Su Tianyun subconsciously asked, “Why?” Didn’t the supplies use to be in his space? Was he trying to do him a disservice by asking him to split it up now?


Young Master Xiao looked very natural, “I don’t know if that brother of yours will catch up, if he does, we’ll escape separately, the supplies certainly can’t just be kept in your space.”


His reason was justified and reasonable, dispelling Su Tianyun’s suspicions.


Su Tianyun did not object, taking the supplies in his space and dividing them into four portions, each portion was just enough for three days for one person, and three days was enough time for an ability user to walk back to the base.


Young Master Xiao divided down a few portions of supplies, then said to the driving henchman, “Speed it up some more and get back to the base as soon as possible.”


This time out, the mission failed, but also killed so many ability users


Young Master Xiao’s gaze inscrutably landed on Su Tianyun, and he asked, “What exactly is the feud between you and that half-brother of yours? He actually chased you here alone to catch you.”


Although he didn’t know why Ye Tianyi suddenly let Su Tianyun go at that time, he could still see Ye Tianyi’s distaste for Su Tianyun, these two definitely had a grudge against each other.


Su Tianyun didn’t trust Young Master Xiao as much as he used to after he chose to sacrifice him without hesitation, how could he honestly tell him about his entanglement with Ye Tianyi?


He only said, “I’m his half-brother, and that’s enough for him to hate me. His surname is Ye, and his name is Ye Tianyi.”


The name Ye Tianyi was famous, and the Ye family’s affairs were known to almost everyone in the high society of A city, some people might not know Su Ming, Su Tianyun, and Su Tianyu’s name, but they definitely knew that the Ye family had an ungrateful and gracious son-in-law, and also knew that this son-in-law had two illegitimate children.


Young Master Xiao didn’t connect Su Tianyun and Su Ming to the Ye family before, after all, the Su family had already been driven to C city by Ye Tianyi.


Now that Su Tianyun mentioned the name Ye Tianyi, he immediately recalled those rumors about the Ye family, and his gaze towards Su Tianyun was a little more scrutinizing and different.


The Ye family’s power was mostly in the business world, but the Xiao family was in the military world, and the two didn’t have much interaction.


But Young Master Xiao still heard the rumors of Ye Tianyi’s ruthless heart, and now it seemed that his name was indeed true.


Originally, Young Master Xiao was quite proud of his own strength and felt that the arrival of the end times was not necessarily a bad thing and that it was an excellent platform for the development of a person like him. After all, he wanted power and influence, and talent, so he was indeed considered as good as gold in this last world.


It was just that when he got to meet Ye Tianyi today, he was suppressed to death by Ye Tianyi in terms of his strength, how could Young Master Xiao, who had been going along smoothly, feel good about it?


But he was not a jealous person, although he was jealous of Ye Tianyi’s talent and strength, he was thinking more about how to recruit such an expert to work for him at this time.




The five of Young Master Xiao’s men had a very smooth journey back to the base and didn’t encounter any difficulties.


It was just that their spiritedness, when they went out, was in stark contrast to the mess they were in when they came back, making many people watch the fun.


Su Tianyun wanted to go to his father, Su Ming, to discuss with him about Ye Tianyi’s quest for revenge once he returned to the base.


Only Young Master Xiao stopped him: “Come with me to see my father.”


Young Master Xiao’s father was Admiral Xiao, the second-in-command of the A City Survivor Base, and Su Tianyun didn’t dare refuse to go see him, so he could only postpone his plan to go to find Su Ming.


Before meeting Admiral Xiao, Young Master Xiao went in first and told Su Tianyun to wait outside, with several other supernatural beings in uniform watching him, so that he wouldn’t dare to do anything rash.


Admiral Xiao was a decent looking man with a righteous face, an exemplary soldier.


Young Master Xiao came in and saluted Admiral Xiao, then said, “Father, this mission failed ……” he described the third stage zombies and Ye Tianyi he encountered during this mission, even the conflict between Su Tianyun and Ye Tianyi was not left behind.


Admiral Xiao chanted for a moment and asked, “You’ve been with that Su Tianyun for so long, did you find out where he got so many fresh fruits and vegetables?”


Young Master Xiao shook his head and said, “No, so fresh fruits and vegetables are like they were conjured out of thin air.” He hesitated and then said, “I suspect that Su Tianyun is the same as in those novels, possessing a personal space that can be planted.”


Young Master Xiao was a person who liked to run off to read online novels during his leisure time, and he had also read some of those personal space texts, plus his careful observation of Su Tianyun’s unusual appearance: for example, in this last world, his skin was instead becoming more and more hydrated, he often took out fresh fruits and vegetables, and he also saw Su Tianyun disappearing out of thin air from the monitor …… All of this indicated that Su Tianyun most likely possessed a personal space that could be planted capable of containing living things.


If this personal space was really obtained from a jade pendant/ring/necklace/bracelet like in the novel, then could he take it away from Su Tianyun?


Young Master Xiao remembered his growing power after eating the fresh fruits and vegetables and remembered that he had seen the tattoo of a statue above his chest when they were rolling in the sheets, and Su Tianyun often stretched out his hand and held the image … All these made him wonder in that direction, and made his greedy heart swell irrepressibly …




Young master Xiao wants dieeeee.

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