This ice female wind ability user was only in her twenties, she looked anxious when she mentioned the little boy, she was probably his sister.

After guessing the relationship between her and the little boy, he didn’t pay attention to the ice female ability user, after all, no one wanted to answer questions nicely while being eyed by a group of people, especially since he was still a strong person.

Ye Tianyi ignored the group of people below and carelessly stroked little leaf’s tail without a care.

But this kind of uncaring attitude of his infuriated the group of people below.

Eight people, five ability users, and the remaining three were their relatives. In the face of this end-time calamity, one could imagine how arrogant these unusually powerful ability users were in their treatment of the others.

No matter what their status was before the end of the world, since they had awakened their abilities, they, the powerful ability users, were the equals, different from those mortals who had no abilities. This kind of thinking expanded day by day, and the days of smooth sailing also made them more and more arrogant.

So when they were dissatisfied with Ye Tianyi’s disregarded attitude, that ice ability user shot up an ice cone without saying a word.

It was naturally unusual for her to be able to become the leader of the group of ability users, her ice ability had advanced to first-grade, much stronger than the other supernatural powers, so she was also more arrogant.

She had been so nice to Ye Tianyi before, because Ye Tianyi was handsome, and even more so because she felt that Ye Tianyi should not be an ordinary person, otherwise he wouldn’t be so calm when he saw the ability users and zombies, that was why she decided to befriend him. But after all, he didn’t have enough power, and just being ignored by Ye Tianyi, she couldn’t hold back her anger anymore.

Perhaps, she also felt that if Ye Tianyi was also an ability user, she could beat him into submission so that she could take him in.
  Faced with the ice cone that whistled over, Ye Tianyi didn’t even look at it squarely.

He just hugged little leaf in his arms and then rolled over and jumped down from the second floor.

The eight people were shocked by his action and thought he was jumping in a panic to avoid the ice cone. But seeing Ye Tianyi’s calm expression, no one really believed that he was panicking.

Sure enough, Ye Tianyi landed on the ground very lightly. Then he threw the cat in his hand forward towards the ice female ability user, and the petite white cat’s body became incomparably huge in the blink of an eye, and then he raised his fleshy claws that had become hundreds of times bigger towards the ice ability user and slapped her to death under his claws.

As for those ability users who wanted to come over to help save the others, they were all killed by Ye Tianyi’s lightning ability, leaving one remaining wind ability user to flee towards the outside, leaving his companions behind.

The wind abnormality had an addition to his speed, so he escaped very quickly, Ye Tianyi also suddenly played with the idea of testing how fast he was, so he didn’t use his ability and chased after him with his own speed.

Ye Tianyi had suddenly caught up so fast that the wind ability user was caught off guard and was scratched by his claws, but at the critical moment, the wind ability user actually leveled up and increased his speed by another level, escaping Ye Tianyi’s hands.

Ye Tianyi who was caught by surprise was slightly stunned and then quickly chased after him, only to discover that the wind ability user had suddenly stopped before he had taken two steps.


“Hehe-” the wind ability user stopped, his face turned blue-gray, his body stiffened up, and the smell of decay emitted from his body, obviously he had mutated into a zombie.

Ye Tianyi stood there looking at the nail on his right hand that had just scratched the man, and then a lightning bolt fell on the newly mutated zombie’s head and electrocuted it into charcoal.
  This zombie was almost immediately electrocuted by Ye Tianyi’s lightening bolt, not able to resist, worse than an ordinary human.

This was noticed by Ye Tianyi, and he recalled that when he had just mutated and released his lightning ability to kill the zombies, the other zombies were very afraid and stayed away from him, were the zombies very afraid of the lightning?

The thought only spun around in his head for a moment before he put it to the back of his mind and walked over to stomp on the zombie’s head.

The zombie had mutated from a wind ability user, it should also have that delicious exotic ball in its brain.

Ye Tianyi rummaged through it and indeed found what he was looking for in its brain, but it wasn’t like a small ball, but an angular crystal nucleus.

Could it be that when an ability user mutated into a zombie, the ball in its brain would mutate into a crystalline nucleus?

The crystal nucleus wasn’t as tempting to him as the ball, but Ye Tianyi still wanted to check what the nucleus tasted like.

So he beckoned to little leaf, who had just swallowed an ice-based ball, “Little Leaf, come here.”

Little Leaf transformed back into a small cat, rushed to Ye Tianyi’s bosom and lovingly licking his face.

Ye Tianyi smiled involuntarily and said, “Help me clean my hands and this crystal core.”

It was fine if he hadn’t recovered his sanity and was muddled before, but now he was recovering his sanity and most of his memories, so of course he couldn’t bear to put the dirty crystal core in his mouth.

Little leaf obediently spat out a large water ball from his mouth, enveloping Ye Tianyi’s dirty hand and the nucleus in it, and quickly cleaned it for him.

The crystal nucleus was a pale green prism, reflecting a beautiful light under the sunlight.

Ye Tianyi put the crystal nucleus in his mouth and found that it was much more difficult to chew than the exotic ball, but it was good that it wasn’t big problem, it felt like eating nuts. He chewed the crystalline core and swallowed it, feeling that his abilities had grown a tiny bit more, although the growth was not obvious, it did grow.

The crystals were just as effective at increasing the strength of his abilities as the balls, except that the crystals were not as attractive to the zombies as the ball was.
The ball was like a delicacy to zombies, while crystals were like tasteless white rice to them.

Both could fill their stomachs, but zombies that only relied on their instinctual attraction to chase after food generally preferred the balls.

But there was another problem that made Ye Tianyi confused, Little leaf was an Ice and water ability user so he could only eat Ice and Water balls or crystal nucleus, he himself had lightning, Space and mental abilities, why could he increase his ability even if he ate Wind crystal nucleus?

He also didn’t feel that consuming other exotic balls of different abilities had any effect on his abilities, it was all normal.

But while this normal was good for him, he wanted to know the mystery of it, and still felt less assured without pursuing the root of the matter.

While Ye Tianyi was pondering this question, he suddenly felt a very alluring smell appear upstairs, like the taste of an exotic ball, but it was much more deliciously seductive than that, causing his eyes that had turned black to flash red again….


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