That extremely seductive fragrance made the sane Ye Tianyi almost unable to hold on, he silently recited the previous scripture, only then did he calm down the agitation in his heart, and only then did his eyes that turned blood red gradually return to their original inky black.

When he killed the group of ability users before, his spirit detected the little boy hiding in the coat closet sneaking down the corridor to peek at the scene below, but the boy was just too small and weak, so Ye Tianyi didn’t care.

It was just that he didn’t expect that the little boy was stimulated and awakened his ability when he saw the scene where those eight people were killed.

The temptation of this awakening was very strong, that was why Ye Tianyi almost lost his senses.

Ye Tianyi and Little Leaf walked over to the little boy who was in the process of awakening his ability. He was unconscious at this time, with a feverish redness on his face and a high body temperature.

Ye Tianyi didn’t dare to get too close, he was worried that he would eat the little boy if he couldn’t restrain himself.

After all, he now had memories from when he was a human, and even as a zombie he couldn’t accept something as restrictive as eating a human. But with this tempting taste, Ye Tianyi couldn’t leave, so he was actually frozen there for a while.

The time for the boy to awaken his abilities was much shorter than Ye Tianyi’s original time, and he awoke in less than an hour.

When the boy woke up and saw Ye Tianyi and little leaf in his arms, he cringed slightly when his eyes met little leaf.

Before he awakened his ability, he only noticed that the woman had been clawed to death by little leaf that had become huge, and didn’t notice Ye Tianyi showing his zombie claws, so he feared little leaf even more.

But this man and cat helped him at least, so the boy sounded like a mosquito as he spoke, “Thank you.”
  Ye Tianyi’s hearing was keen, so he naturally heard the thanks, he felt a bit strange, “I killed your sister, why are you still thanking me?”

The boy replied in a small voice, “She’s not my sister.” He looked down at the ground, “I was kidnapped by them…”

It turned out that the boy’s name was Jiang Yan, the only son of District A’s Commander Jiang, who was kidnapped by someone who wanted to use him to threaten Commander Jiang. As for threatening Commander Jiang for what, Jiang Yan was too young to know clearly, but Ye Tianyi guessed that it was nothing more than that matter of interest, maybe Commander Jiang had gotten a hold of someone, and someone else came up with this kind of underhanded method to force him.

The owner of this villa, that was, the parents of the ice female ability user just now, was just a pawn behind this matter. They locked Jiang Yan in this villa, after all, no one would have thought that not only did they not take Jiang Yan to hide in a remote place, but instead they hid in this villa area where only the rich and noble could live.

But this villa area was indeed a good place to lock people up, because it paid great attention to the privacy of the residents, and each villa was spaced far apart, so as long as Jiang Yan didn’t leave the villa, no one could find out.

The ice ability user’s parents who were watching over Jiang Yan went out to check out the situation back when the end times just broke out, and never came back, maybe they escaped, or maybe they were eaten by zombies, or maybe they turned into zombies, who knew.

The ice ability user had only met Jiang Yan once or twice and was aware of his identity, so after the outbreak of the end times, she thought of seeking Commander Jiang Yan’s help as his savior. After all, Commander Jiang, who held a heavy army, was the party lord in today’s end of the world. And yet her family’s original patron was nothing in this end world.

She just didn’t expect that she would encounter a third-tier ability user zombie and a mutant cat, not only failing to take Jiang Yan away, but losing her life instead.
  But even if she succeeded in bringing Jiang Yan to Commander Jiang, she only feared that she wouldn’t get any benefit. Because what she couldn’t have imagined was that Jiang Yan, a child who was only less than ten years old, would have met her once or twice without a second glance and remember her.

Jiang Yan knew clearly that this woman was in cahoots with the two people who were guarding him, and that was why he said thank you to Ye Tianyi and Little Leaf.


Ye Tianyi was clear about what was going on after listening to Jiang Yan’s intermittent complaint.

But if he was still a human, using Jiang Yan’s identity to find Commander Jiang was indeed a way out, but now that he had turned into a zombie, he didn’t bother to care.

Only, did this Jiang Yan find out that he was a zombie or not?

Ye Tianyi recalled the scene when he met with Jiang Yan in the master bedroom when he hadn’t regained consciousness before, and was a little uncertain.

Although he had turned into a zombie, he still had the same heart he had when he was a human. He could be merciless against his enemies, but against an innocent little child, if he could do it without heart obstacles when he hadn’t regained his consciousness, now that he had regained his consciousness, he wouldn’t be so deranged to that extent.

But if Jiang Yan found out the secret that he was a zombie and let slip it to anyone later, wouldn’t it be dangerous for him?

Although the zombie-hunting humans were in decline nowadays, it would be big trouble if the humans tried to hunt him down.

After thinking about it, Ye Tianyi still walked up to Jiang Yan and said with some compulsion in his voice, “What kind of ability do you have?”

Then Jiang Yan subconsciously released a hint of wind element, he had wind ability.

Ye Tianyi’s voice became even softer, “Relax, don’t resist, just pretend you’re sleeping…”

The focus of Jiang Yan’s eyes was gradually blurring….
  Ye Tianyi had learned hypnosis before, and with the aid of his mental abilities, he easily hypnotized the weak-willed Jiang Yan.

He asked, “Who did you meet today?”

Jiang Yan replied woodenly, “I met a very powerful big brother and a very powerful cat today, the cat gets bigger and smaller, and I also met the big sister who was in cahoots with the person who lured me here…”

The more Ye Tianyi listened, the more he frowned, “Do you still remember what that big brother looks like?”

“Remember, he was scary-looking before, with red eyes…”

When Ye Tianyi heard Jiang Yan’s description of his previous appearance, he knew that he remembered his appearance even though he didn’t know that he was a zombie.

Ye Tianyi increased his mental output again and then assisted in hypnosis to make Jiang Yan forget about today’s events.

He poured a large amount of his mental energy into Jiang Yan’s mind, if Jiang Yan could bear it, he would forget what happened today when he woke up, if not, he would only become a fool.

But although Ye Tianyi was not so desperate as to kill an innocent little child, he would never be soft in doing these things if the little child might be harmful to him.

Let’s just leave it to fate! Ye Tianyi looked at Jiang Yan’s little face and sighed in his heart, “Let’s see if you can hold on.

After making sure that he was almost hypnotized, Ye Tianyi asked again, “Who did you meet today?”

“I didn’t meet anyone else today.”

“What did you do today, then?”

“I heard a monster roar outside today and got scared, so I hid in the coat closet afraid to go out and did nothing.”
  Ye Tianyi carefully withdrew his mental energy with satisfaction, then brought Jiang Yan back to the master bedroom and stuffed him into the coat closet.

He and Little Leaf worked together to clean up all the dead bodies below, trying to avoid any fragments that Jiang Yan would remember when he woke up and saw the familiar scene.

Little Leaf asked strangely as he helped, [Master, why didn’t you just kill him?]

And wasn’t it more troublesome to erase the little boy’s memory with such effort?

Ye Tianyi smiled faintly: [Although I’ve turned into a zombie now, I still have some bottom line as a human.]

He could show no mercy to his enemies, but he couldn’t be as vicious as directly killing an innocent child. Only in his mind, his and little leaf’s safety was more important, that was why he would forcefully used his mental power to erase his memories despite the possibility of turning Jiang Yan into a fool.

It might be a bit hypocritical to say, but he was a cold-blooded but not a bloodthirsty person.

But the biggest reason why he was willing to leave Jiang Yan alive was because he had turned into a zombie and wasn’t a human anymore, and he wouldn’t be with humans in the future.

The humans’ pursuit was trouble for him, but not a fatal trouble, even if the news that he was an intelligent zombie was leaked, it was nothing, the worst case scenario was that he would completely go on the path of antagonizing humans in the future.

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