C15—- The Real Reason

The reason for refusing was simple, the scenes.

The filming of “Rejuvenation” was just around the corner. Zhou Yuhe was the second male lead. Although there are not as many scenes as the male and female lead, it was inevitable that the filming cycle would last for more than one month.

Now, if Yan Yingyi was removed from the crew of Intelligence 2, the shooting cycles of the two plays would coincide for at least one week.

But this reason was obviously unacceptable to others.
Colliding scenes?

Colliding scenes were certainly not wanted by anyone, but a two-for-one choice of “Rejuvenation” over “Intelligence”?
This man was out of his mind!

Cai Rongxi was more powerful, it was also a drama, a literary drama, a director who rushed for awards, not for ratings.

In other words, the status of youth theme in TV circle was equivalent to the dessert of French dinner. Who had heard that a youth drama with campus theme occupied a place in the history of viewing?
No! Not at all!

Playing male lead 2 in such a youth film with an uncertain future and playing Ichiro Watanabe in Intelligence 2, blind people could see which was better or worse.

It was “Intelligence”!

Countless people shook their heads and sigh. This young man was top-notch among the new generation of actors, regardless of his face value, acting skills and figure. Unfortunately, his brain was not very good.

Only Ji Chen didn’t say a word, and his eyes always locked on the tall boy, until he got into the nanny van in the view of Director Lin’s gaze of regret, he didn’t look back.

Although Zhou Yuhe’s face was quite outstanding in the whole entertainment circle, Ji Chen was not an ordinary person. He had seen all kinds of beauty since he was a child. Three or four years ago, he might have been fascinated by this level of beauty, but now he was really not.

His girlfriend, Ning Qin’er, a mixed-race beauty from three different countries, won Lan Zhi’s Queen Of Vision at the age of twenty-four. That kind of beauty, let alone China, was not weak even in the international film world.

But ….. Even Ning Qin’er and all his former girlfriends together couldn’t match the delicate and cold, noble and strong face.

It couldn’t resist the phrase “I am your faith”.

  It was a man’s nature to hunt and conquer, and Ji Chen could feel the sparks in his blood now.

Deadly and dangerous.

Assistant Xiao Tian leaned in and saw where his young master’s line of sight was, and sneered, “Unseen thing, taking on a second male lead role in a youth film and thinking he’s something.”

Xiao Tian received a death gaze from his young master just after saying that, he couldn’t help but shiver, he, did he say anything wrong!

Ji Chen glanced at him coldly and said, “He has the same manager as Yan Yingyi, so it’s obvious that he’s also an I.S. artist, go check, who is he?”

Xiao Tian nodded his head and left, but his heart was full of WTF. [what the f*ck]

There was no mistake, Young Master! He just threw cold water on your head. Are you kidding with that “interested” look on your face!

After Ji Chen finished speaking, he no longer paid any attention to Xiao Tian and watched the nanny van depart on its own.

Although the people around him were mocking the newcomer for being unintelligent and brainless, but someone who could read the script and dissect the character like this in a short period of time was called brainless?

Ji Chen laughed coldly and didn’t know who the brainless ones were.

 He must have his own reasons for doing this.

As soon as Zhou Yuhe got on the bus, he faced a question from his agent.
“Why did you choose ‘Rejuvenation’? I want to hear your reasons.”

“It’s nothing, I agreed to Director Choi first, and I’ve been good friends with Yingyi since before his debut, although now… I still don’t want to take away his role.”

Yang Yu sneered, “I didn’t know you were so righteous.”

The reason for the sneer was because he didn’t believe it.

Also an artist under his command, when the two of them changed places last year, Yan Yingyi was not polite to him, and none of the resources that should be snatched were left behind.

Opportunity was always the most important thing in the entertainment industry, and there would always be people fighting over it.

Su Su looked at the two of them with a silly face, this atmosphere in the car, those who didn’t know would think that the two were fighting.

Zhou Yuhe looked at Yang Yu’s not so kind face and suddenly understood why he was angry, so he straightened up and said a little too seriously and formally: “Brother Yang, I haven’t been talking to you properly. In fact, for the past month, I’ve been thinking very clearly, in the past, I was living too muddled, not clear in what I want. But now, I really want to do well as an actor, to be an artist that everyone recognizes when I stand in front of the screen, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes for that, can you understand me?”

Zhou Yuhe’s words were very sincere, and his melancholy and aura-bearing eyes looked straight at Yang Yu without the slightest intention of avoiding them.

Yang Yu stared at Zhou Yuhe, as if he wanted to find a trace of cheating on his expression.

Su Su was separated between the two and didn’t dare to breathe.

Just when she was about to run out of oxygen, Yang Yu suddenly smiled and turned to look out the window.

“Why don’t I understand? It’s just a breakup, right? Made me think that you were possessed by an alien.”

Zhou Yuhe let out a sigh of relief.
He touched his nose in annoyance, he was right, he was reborn.
 Although Yang Yu was excellent, he was a controlling agent. Today, Zhou Yuhe had repeatedly performed unexpectedly, which made him have an unspeakable unhappiness.

Hearing him say “for a month”, Yang Yu immediately thought of the frequent quarrels between Zhou Yuhe and Ceng Ang this month. Everything was abrupt and out of control, that was an explanation, so he became much more comfortable.

Nowadays, young people were constantly reinventing themselves for love. H
ow big was his?

“I said for a long time that the atmosphere of the entertainment industry is not so open now, so you two would have to break up.” Yang Yu groaned, looking at Zhou Yuhe’s lowered head, he felt sorry. He patted him on the shoulder for the first time. “Don’t think about it, the past is over, and you have a long way to go.”

“Thank you Brother Yang.” Zhou Yuhe replied.

Yang Yu said this optimistically, and his words had completely lost the feeling of being indifferent and laissez-faire. [tn: laissez-faire: a French term that translates as “leave alone” (literally, “let you do”]

Artists, especially actors, did have some earth-shaking changes when they underwent dramatic changes in life or feelings. Twenty years ago, Tong Qian went through a phase, and then jumped from a vase that only stared to a golden dragon.

Zhou Yuhe was a good prospect. Unfortunately, his life experience was too little and his personality was not good, which made Yang Yu abandon a half-winning plan and turn to others.

Great, he thought that he could never change his faults, but he was completely cured once he lost love. Not only was his character gentle, but even his acting skills had totally changed.

Yang Yu’s aversion and irritability to Zhou Yuhe turned into an unexpected surprise.

His tone became much better.

“Don’t be sad about this matter today. It’s a good thing not to accept it. Although it seems that a role has been lost now, many directors will favor you after this word of mouth comes out. It is a long-term business.” He glanced at Zhou Yuhe and continued. “Don’t listen to those outsiders blindly saying that an IP has its own peak when it is hot again. Compared with Intelligence, Intelligence 2 has nothing in the structure of the script. It’s okay to continue with word of mouth, but it’s impossible to reach the popularity of last year.” [IP can be a story or a concept that could be adapted into a movie, television series, computer games and any other commercial derived products]

“But <<Rejuvenation>> is different, with a novel theme and real and warm core. In addition, I recently received news that Xie Yifeng’s role as the Xuantong Emperor has been submitted to major film festivals abroad, and it seems that there are quite a few finalists. Taking advantage of this news, it may really explode.”
  ”Whether you don’t want to do the drama or you really didn’t want to steal the role, today’s decision is a good one.”

Hearing this compliment from Yang Yu, Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but be surprised.

 Accepting a role and stealing a role were indeed both pretexts, and the real reason… was what Yang Yu had analyzed.

Being reborn, he knew clearly that-.
There was only one drama king of 2014, and that’s “Rejuvenation”.
That was the real reason why Zhou Yuhe shed Watanabe Ichiro and took Xu Chang.

But Yang Yu was able to analyze this far with everything unknown, he had to say that his eyes were really poisonous.

The nanny van was driving back.
Just when the atmosphere in the car was easing up a lot, the phone rang abruptly.

Su Su picked up the phone under the gaze of the two big brothers, and her originally cautious expression suddenly became shocked.
“What! Okay, I got it.”

Su Su hung up the phone and looked at Zhou Yuhe in embarrassment.

“Cao Qiyue’s people over there said that she has not even been found yet, and our original plan to shoot the music video has been cancelled…”

  MV shoot?
Zhou Yuhe frowned, searched his mind and only reacted after he remembered.

If “Rejuvenation” hadn’t been a successful audition, Cao Qiyue’s music video would have been Zhou Yuhe’s only agenda for the month.

But now….


Scum Ji Chen should disappear[again]

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