C15— Kill The Hearthrob[15]

Shi Jianan was clearly surprised that Murong Xiu would actually order his name, and was stunned for a moment before walking away from the group.

“This humble servant thinks that the sectional examinations are a big matter, the examiner’s decision should not be rash and should be discussed in the long run.” Shi Jianan bowed his head.

Murong Xiu looked at him, “Shi Jianan, you are also from the Ministry of Rites, do you think you are capable of taking on this heavy responsibility?”
The regent looked up to stare directly at Murong Xiu since he named Shi Jianan, and he was a little surprised.

Because Shi Jianan was his classmate in Taixue, the two of them were quite familiar with each other, and he would sometimes ask Shi Jianan for a drink during festivals.

When Shi Jianan heard Murong Xiu make him the examiner, he was silent for a moment, then he bent down, “This humble servant will not disappoint, and strive to recruit talents.”

After leaving the court, Shi Jianan walked directly to the regent’s side, the two of them accompanied each other and walked outside, Shi Jianan looked at the palace wall in the distance, and then turned his head and lowered his voice, “Your Highness, why did the emperor suddenly name this humble servant?”
The Regent also found it rare, and he looked at Shi Jianan steadily for a moment.

Shi Jianan was definitely not a beautiful man, he had always been thin and frail, and although his features were straight, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, his face was perennially green and white, looking like the face of a short-lived ghost.

The Regent suddenly thought of the dirty hedgehog following behind Murong Xiu again.
Could it be that Murong Xiu liked this kind of appearances?

  Shi Jianan suddenly noticed that the regent’s look towards him had become odd, and he blinked, touching his face unnaturally, “Your Highness, is there something on your humble servant’s face?”

“No.” The regent said, “But this Regent also finds it strange how you’ve recently gotten into that person’s eyes.”

Shi Jianan laughed, “How do I know what the Regent can’t even figure out? Could it be that the emperor is using the Regent with all his heart, but is afraid of being talked about by the others, which is why he chose this humble servant in second place.”

The regent raised his eyebrows and didn’t pick up on this, only saying, “Since the emperor has made you the examiner, you should do well.”

After he said that, he quickened his pace and walked forward.

When Shi Jianan fell behind, he bowed to the regent’s back, “Your humble servant respectfully bids the regent farewell.”

When the regent’s silhouette was gone, Shi Jianan lowered his head and continued to walk forward slowly, not knowing what he thought of, he smiled.


Murong Xiu was actually surprised that Shen Jue would mention Shi Jianan.
The eunuch said that the late prince not only praised Shi Jianan once, but also said that a person who wrote good parallel essays must have a good heart.

However, at that time, the first emperor feared the Regent’s people and deliberately suppressed it, so Shi Jianan was not reused.

“Then if I reuse him, won’t it be a favor to the Regent?” Murong Xiu was unhappy.

Shen Jue gently shook his head, “No, Your Majesty, there are still times when teeth and tongues clash, let alone two people. Shi Jianan was of the same rank as the Regent, but the Regent is now in a high position of power and has only his hands to cover the sky, but although Shi Jianan is now a third rank official, everyone treats him as the Regent’s lackey, and he himself is even looking at the Prince Regent’s eyes at every turn.” He paused and suddenly laughed, “I wonder if His Majesty has heard of that incident, when the young eunuchs in the palace used it as an anecdote.”

“What was it?”

In the middle of the banquet, the late emperor left because he was not feeling well, and the regent got drunk and insisted Shi Jianan to learn how to bark. The regent slapped Shi Jianan at first, and only then did Shi Jianan learn how to bark and kneel on the floor. Many young eunuchs saw it at that time.”
 After listening to Shen Jue’s analysis, Murong Xiu gradually came to his senses. What was better than disintegrating the enemy’s forces from within?

As the saying went, the embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed in the ant colony, and he thought that the powerful enemy was not without flaws and invulnerability.

Therefore, there was the scene of the early dynasty today. Murong Xiu deliberately reused Shi Jianan, one of which was to alienate him and the Regent was suspicious by nature. Even if Shi Jianan wouldn’t betray him, the Regent still wouldn’t trust him, and the other was to choose people using Shi Jianan’s hand. Because Shi Jianan was the first examiner in the imperial examination, he proposed to send copies of the answer sheets to him, so Murong Xiu could also participate in the imperial examination.

On the surface, it seemed that Murong Xiu and the Regent each took a step back.

In fact, reusing Shi Jianan was greatly beneficial to Murong Xiu.


After the imperial examination, the answer sheets were sent to Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu now trusted Shen Jue immensely, so when correcting the test papers, he not only did not shy away from Shen Jue, but also asked for Shen Jue’s opinion. However, after Murong Xiu asked, he smiled. “I forgot, I only taught you common words at the beginning.”

Shen Jue lowered his head and said with some shame: “Slave is useless.”

Now that the whole city had entered the winter, Physician Xu specially started a medicated diet for Shen Jue, and Murong Xiu was generous, and all the rare ingredients were given to Shen Jue. Teenagers’ bones always recovered quickly. Shen Jue had been raised to be ruddy, and his thin face was now full. With his round eyes, it was kind of cute.

Still like a dog, just like a cute puppy.

Murong Xiu couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rub Shen Jue’s hair, and found that Shen Jue’s hair was just as soft as his temper, and he couldn’t help laughing.

Shen Jue’s face turned red. He hid from Murong Xiu’s hand and quickly picked up the teapot on the table. “The tea is cold, slave will go change the pot.”
  Murong Xiu’s hand felt empty all of a sudden, and he looked at Shen Jue who walked out, his fingers curled slightly before he slowly withdrew them.

The eyes that were still smiling gradually grew colder.

Shen Jue soon returned and poured new tea for Murong Xiu, but he accidentally knocked over the tealight, spilling the tea at once and wetting the rolls on the table. Shen Jue was alarmed and took a silk handkerchief to wipe it. The rolls were wetted several times, and when he wiped a certain one, he paused.

Murong Xiu saw him staring at a certain scroll so intently that he even forgot to wipe the tea, so he coughed twice.

This guy had made a mistake and still dared to stare.

Shen Jue came back to his senses and saw Murong Xiu looking at him unhappily, but pointed at the scroll and said, “Your Majesty, this person has really beautiful handwriting.”

Murong Xiu followed his hand and looked over, the scroll had wet edges from the tea, but it didn’t affect the content. After he glanced at it, he calmly said, “It’s good.”

Naturally, Shen Jue deliberately spilled the cup of tea in order to get Murong Xiu to pay attention to the owner of this answer sheet.

The owner of this answer sheet was named You Congxuan.
He didn’t win the imperial examinations this time, but instead, he won the imperial examinations three years after Shen Jue’s death, and the reason why Shen Jue wanted Murong Xiu to choose this person in advance was-.

You Congxuan was born with a fivefold resemblance to Murong Xiu.

In previous lifetimes, You Congxuan had repeatedly caused disagreements between Murong Xiu and the Prince Regent, the worst of which was when the Prince Regent didn’t come back to court for several days, but spent the whole day sleeping in the willows.

You Congxuan was the son of a humble family, came from his hometown to the imperial examination, he was very resourceful, after knowing that he and Murong Xiu had a few similarities, he firmly grasped this opportunity, in the capital city to make a fortune.

However, You Congxuan still made a big mistake. He thought that with his face, everything would be all right, but after all, how long could a fake like him hop around in the presence of the rightful master?
 You Congxuan was smart and had money, but he was greedy for money. After becoming an official, he began to embezzle. Finally, the Regent personally investigated the matter and threw You Congxuan into the prison, and finally You Congxuan died in the prison.

But it was different now.
The emperor’s face has been destroyed, making the fake extraordinary.

Shen Jue felt that the Regent would like this gift from him very much.

“Slave has never seen such a beautiful word. I don’t know what the person who wrote this paper looks like.” Shen Jue deliberately let Murong Xiu read this test paper more.

When Murong Xiu heard this, he stood up. “Since the answer sheet is wet, let’s read it later. Shen Jue, accompany me to the imperial garden.”

Shen Jue secretly frowned, but he could only put down the examination paper.

Murong Xiu slightly turned, noticed Shen Jue’s action. Shen Jue obviously didn’t want to put down the examination paper, so he did it slowly. Murong Xiu narrowed his eyes and turned his face away.

He was not a fool, and Shen Jue’s actions were obviously problematic.
Ever since Shen Jue mentioned Shi Jian an to him, he felt that Shen Jue was not as ordinary as he thought.

It was strange that a eunuch in a harem would know so much about the affairs of the previous dynasties.

Murong Xiu became suspicious of Shen Jue, so he went through the test paper specially. He looked at the three characters “You Cong Xuan” on the test paper, thought, and circled it.

Since Shen Jue wanted him to pay attention to this person, he would pay attention.

In the end, Murong Xiu and Shi Jianan jointly selected the candidate for palace examination. Interestingly, both Murong Xiu and Shi Jianan circled the name of You Congxuan.
  On the day of the palace trial, Murong Xiu saw You Congxuan at a glance, and the moment he saw it, his face changed.
Apart from Murong Xiu, many people in the courtroom changed their faces, with the Regent as the leader.

The Regent was almost disrespectful as he stared at You Congxuan.

Murong Xiu’s hand on the handrail faucet couldn’t help but tighten his grip, he silently sized up You Congxuan, then he said to the Regent, “Regent, I’m a bit tired, is it alright if you are the one to give the questions for this palace exam?”

After the palace exams were over, Murong Xiu immediately asked Liang Rong to call Shen Jue over.

Shen Jue knew that Murong Xiu must have seen You Congxuan’s face, so when Liang Rong came to call him, he wasn’t surprised and had already thought of the wording in his heart, only to find out that he probably wouldn’t be able to use those words when he arrived in front of Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu’s eyes turned red and stared at him with a deadly stare, “What’s going on with You Congxuan? Don’t try to lie, I know you know him.”
Shen Jue secretly sighed and could only kneel down, “Your Majesty, slave is aware of You Congxuan, but slave is doing it for Your Majesty’s sake.”

“For my good? Then tell me your reasons, and by the way, how did you meet You Congxuan?” Murong Xiu was irritable, he was angry to the extreme, “I already know that you and You Congxuan are from the same place.”

Shen Jue was stunned, he was aware of You Congxuan’s origin, but he had never cared about his own origin, could it be that he and You Congxuan were old friends?


Am I the only one that feels pity for Murong Xiu?


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