Ye Tianyi’s memory as a human being had not been completely recalled, but other basics had been restored, such as his rigid thinking ability.

Ye Tianyi also smiled when he saw that little leaf was really happy for him. At this time, his smile was not as stiff as before, except for his pale face, which looked very natural.

Ye Tianyi finally knew how powerful the Jade Goddess of Mercy that Su Tianyun stole was.

He was sure that the same voice of chanting in his mind was absolutely unusual. He just repeated the chanting in his heart to restore his sanity. It was conceivable how mysterious the content was.

And the content of the chant Buddhist scripture appeared when he discovered the secret of Jade Goddess of Mercy, which should have something to do with Jade Goddess of Mercy. Maybe that was the formula of a legendary cultivation method.

The content was different from the first time he heard it. He couldn’t remember it. This time, after he read it once in his heart with the voice of the young man in his mind, the biggest gain was that he recovered his mind and remembered the content.

Ye Tianyi almost couldn’t wait to try again. He said to little leaf, “You must concentrate on remembering what I read later. It’s best to meditate in your own heart, which is definitely good for you.”

This content could make him regain his sanity as soon as possible. Could it also make little leaf smarter and similar to people?

After seeing little leaf take down his words seriously, Ye Tianyi just sat on the ground, closed his eyes and continued to read the formula attentively: “Mocongya … La Xi Lisi … Tianjie Nayi … Zi Xin Qi …”

He found himself saying it aloud but what was in his mind were two different things. The content of this formula was very awkward, which made it difficult for him to roll his tongue. There were even some places where he made mistakes and had to read it again.

However, compared with the benefits actually obtained, these small difficulties were not worth mentioning.
 Ye Tianyi found that as long as he read aloud and read the formula correctly, he could feel that his power had increased in a few minutes. Obviously, he even recalled memories in retrospect, including those that he couldn’t remember for a long time.

“Mocongya, La Xi Lisi, Tianjie Nayi, Zi Xin Qi …””

Ye Tianyi read it over and over again, very seriously, and little leaf laid at his feet. The cat stared at his constantly moving mouth seriously, and he also repeated the words in his heart. One tail swung behind him, gradually splitting into two, and even a virtual shadow of a looming third tail appeared.

Little leaf’s awakening was the bloodline of the nine tailed cat demon. Although this bloodline was very thin, it was enough to make little leaf smart, which was why little leaf grew so slowly, and it was still a little white cat for more than ten years.

If it weren’t for the coming of the end days, he wouldn’t have woken up his bloodline while awakening his powers, and he would have always lived as an ordinary cat with folded ears until the end of his life.

The awakening of his bloodline not only gave him the intelligence quotient comparable to that of human beings, but also gave him the inheritance memory. Even if the inheritance memory was incomplete, it was enough to let him know how powerful the content read by his master could increase the energy in his body.


Immersed in the pleasure of chanting to increase strength, Ye Tianyi had to stop after two hours because he couldn’t read any more.

There seemed to be a force that stopped him from continuing to read the formula. Also, this method of easily enhancing strength should indeed have limitations, otherwise it was really necessary to go against it.

Ye Tianyi opened his eyes and held the cute little leaf at his feet. He reached out and scratched his chin gently: “Little leaf, give me some water, so thirsty.”

He’d been chanting for too long without stopping, and he was really thirsty.

Although his body was still a zombie, it had also restored all kinds of human senses. For example, his eyes had been restored to his black pupils, and the situation of seeing everything with red mist had disappeared. Although his nose was very sensitive to fresh flesh and blood, he could smell other things, and his mouth could feel thirsty and his tongue could taste human food.

Little leaf obediently swung his tail according to Ye Tianyi’s orders, and condensed a small water pool to Ye Tianyi’s mouth.

Ye Tianyi opened his mouth to drink the water condensed from the little leaf into his mouth, and the sweet taste spread to every taste bud of his, and fell into his body, which made his expression relax and become much smoother.

Meanwhile, Ye Tianyi suddenly frowned, and he heard a group of people coming towards outside the villa, with footsteps getting closer and closer, which was mixed with gunshots. His nose could smell a lot of fresh flesh and blood, especially the smell of ability users with exotic balls in their brains, but there were several … As for the zombies with rotten smell all over their bodies, he automatically ignored it.

The arrival of prey, made the eyes of the hungry Ye Tianyi flash with a red light.

He took out a ball from his space and swallowed it, then walked towards the outside of the room.
The bedrooms were all on the second floor, so Ye Tianyi was standing upstairs looking downwards as soon as they came in.

A group of people broke into the villa and immediately closed the door, a few of them noticed Ye Tianyi upstairs and just looked at him defensively, then continued to hide in the villa shooting the zombies outside from the windows.

There were a total of eight people in the group, six men and two women, four of the men were ability users, while one of the women was also an ability user, the rest were ordinary humans who were being protected.

Ye Tianyi hugged Little Leaf, looking downstairs at the five ability users who were releasing fireballs, wind blades and ice cones to attack the zombies outside, covetously licked his lips and whispered to Little Leaf, “That woman has an ice ability, her isotan is just to your liking.”

Little Leaf also had two front paws on Ye Tianyi’s arm and stretched his head to look down, his sapphire blue eyes lit up when he saw the tall woman with an indifferent expression who was attacking the zombies with ice cones.

There weren’t many zombies, and the group quickly took care of them.

After the zombies outside were taken care of, the group also focused their attention on Ye Tianyi, the outsider.

That ice ability user took a few steps forward and looked up to Ye Tianyi, “May I ask if you have seen a ten year old boy in this villa?”


I changed the chant to the chinese ver, MC kept saying it was difficult to understand while lil me was directly translating it, QAQ.


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