C11—– Natural Talent

Xiao Yu held Cang Hai’s hand to lead the way for him and collected the loot into Cang Hai’s spatial ring one by one.


Other than that, at least for the next period of time, they wouldn’t be short of food.


Even if Cang Hai couldn’t see it, he could still feel the mermaid’s excitement, and subconsciously, his emotions were also stimulated.


He felt his bulging chest and was quite puzzled. It was just a few sand crabs, how could it bring him such a great sense of satisfaction?



When he was in the battlefield, countless foreign beasts died in his hands, but it didn’t make him feel a moment of elation.



“What are you thinking about? Is it thinking whether these crabs will be steamed or braised?” Xiao Yu teased.


He couldn’t wait to taste these big guys.


Cang Hai replied in a serious manner, “Thinking about where we are going to evacuate to after that, this place is no longer safe, we must find a safe place to land.”



Once the status quo was mentioned, Xiao Yu’s mood dropped back, he could feel the damage the earthquake and tsunami had done to the planet.


If the Desolate Planet couldn’t hold out, he and Cang Hai would be even less likely to talk about the future.


In the midst of the panic, Cang Hai opened his arms to him: “Come up, let’s go inland, the deserted planet isn’t too big or too small, so there is not even a place to stay.”


Xiao Yu was very glad that he had Cang Hai by his side at this moment, he couldn’t think about the future, or worry about life and death, he just needed to trust Cang Hai completely, that was all.


The earthquake shifted the coastline at least several thousand meters inland, and when Cang Hai carried Xiao Yu to shore, the ground structure had changed from sand and gravel to clumped hard soil.



Xiao Yu’s eyes skimmed over the chapped ground, the damage to the surface from the big earthquake was especially severe, causing him to constantly remind Cang Hai to watch his step.


The road was a stumbling one, but the more inland he went, the lighter the damage to the surface was.


Xiao Yu found a good resting place, where he didn’t know if the mountain body collapsed because of the earthquake or other reasons, it just formed a natural cave.



The cave was closed on three sides, leaving only one exit, to prevent enemy damage and at the same time it could also play a role in keeping warm.



Cang Hai didn’t object to Xiao Yu’s choice, after checking the spatial ring, he found sufficient food, and asked Xiao Yu what he wanted to eat.


The black bearded octopus tentacles from the previous hunt were still left over, and the flesh of the hidden winged mantis was also kept in the air dryer, which were certainly delicious, but Xiao Yu couldn’t resist the lure of the sand crab.


He ordered his meal with anticipation, “Can I have the sand crabs?”


He had been thinking about those crabs for a long time, and besides, fresh ingredients should be eaten when they were at their freshest, and delaying a moment more was disrespectful to the ingredients.



Cang Hai didn’t have a problem with it: “That’s fine.”


The sand crab was too big to be stewed in one pot, so Cang Hai could only cut its crab cheeks into small pieces and cook them in the pot.


As for the body of the crab, it would be saved for another time.


Xiao Yu sat on the side, staring at the crab legs in the pot, and the tightly closed lid couldn’t stop the fragrance, so he felt that every second was a torment.


It wasn’t easy to get water inland, so it was a good thing that Cang Hai filtered the seawater in advance and stored it as drinking water.



The filtered pure water seemed to have its own sweet aroma, which seeped into the crab meat along with the stewing and seasoning of the cauldron.


The crab meat reddened at a speed visible to the naked eye, and Cang Hai gauged the time: “Open the pot.”


Xiao Yu let out a cheer and couldn’t wait to lift the lid of the pot.


The fresh fragrance came with the steaming water vapor, Xiao Yu’s forehead instantly seeped with fine water droplets, he greedily inhaled, an intoxicated look on his face: “It smells so good!”


He first picked the largest crab leg meat for Cang Hai before it was his turn.


It was covered with armor and looked hard, but the meat inside was so tender that it fell apart with the slightest clip of the chopsticks. When he put it in his mouth and chewed it, the crab meat turned into fibers that rolled around on the tip of his tongue.



The taste of crab meat was one word, fresh, fresh to the extreme.



Xiao Yu had eaten a lot of seafood, but nothing like the crab meat in his mouth, without the complicated process, just simple cooking, it still completely stimulated the freshness of seafood.


The crab meat stewed soup was just as good as the liver and phoenix marrow.


Xiao Yu ate so much that his eyes narrowed.



The taste of the crab meat was so good that he couldn’t help but eat more, stroking his full belly and regretting a bit.


If he got fat, wouldn’t it be more difficult for Cang Hai to carry him?


But he couldn’t stop eating, there was no entertainment on the deserted planet, and the deliciousness of every meal was the only joy in his life.


The big deal was to let Cang Hai drag him along, his tail was sensitive, but there were scales to protect it, his skin was thick, so it couldn’t be scratched easily.



Cang Hai also felt very satisfied after testing the concealment of the cave: “These days we’ll stay here for the time being, go around the coastline every day to look for spatial cracks, and come back at night to rest, what do you think?”

“Yes!” Xiao Yu replied crisply, although he slept in bed with Cang Hai at night, but in his concept, having a nest was better than anything.


As long as there was a shelter from the wind and rain, then it wasn’t wandering.


After a short rest, Cang Hai and Xiao Yu returned to the beach together.



“I feel that the seawater seems to be rising, these cracks were dry before, but now they are a bit wet.” Xiao Yu gestured for Cang Hai to put him down, he rubbed his fingers over the ground, and the sticky touch confirmed his thoughts even more.


Cang Hai said in a deep voice: “Your feeling is not wrong, the earthquake has changed the form of the soil and created countless cracks. The seawater will flow inland through these fissures, and eventually, the impact of the seawater will wash away the unstable soil and form rivers.”



The rivers flowing inland would bring abundant rainwater to the inland, and perhaps after some time, flowers and trees would grow inland, completely changing the barren status quo.


Unfortunately, Desolate Star couldn’t wait for that day.


“The next natural calamity might be more frequent, the foreign beasts on the Desolate Star will be more riotous, exercise your spiritual energy as soon as possible, you might be able to help a lot.” When Cang Hai said this, he seemed to remember something and asked him, “How’s the Cui Dian cutting going?”


Xiao Yu froze, earlier when they were being hunted by sand crabs, he put Cui Dian in the pocket containing the g-un by hand.

Upon hearing this, he took out the energy gu-n and reached into his pocket to feel for it. Sure enough, it was lying at the bottom of his pocket.


After pulling it out, he was dumbfounded. At some point, it had already broken into two halves.



“Sorry, I broke it, I’ll pay you back later when I have money.” Xiao Yu lowered his head, although the Jade didn’t contain energy, but it had a decadent color and green color, and was worth a lot of money in the jewelry market.


Didn’t the original story say that the emerald jade was very hard, so why did he put it in his pocket and it shattered when it was pressed by the energy gun?


Cang Hai took over the delicate touch of Cui Dian in Xiao Yu’s hand.


The incision was flat and smooth, and the texture inside the jade was obvious to the touch, which was by no means the result of physical cutting.


Only the little mermaid may have cut it with spiritual energy.


He revealed a rare smile.


The little mermaid’s talent was really a surprise.



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