“This sacrifice, you are beautiful. You are as beautiful as the morning sun, as the dew on the grass leaves, as pure as the snowflakes, as the stars on a summer night ……”


The freckled man dragged the feet of the man knocked unconscious by Rong Yue, and followed Rong Yue towards the camping place, muttering all the way.


After Rong Yue came here, everyone spoke very simply, even a few adjectives were rare, let alone the shadow of literature. As he was praised, he felt a little more soft-hearted.




After all, before he was praised daily.



“Ah beautiful sacrifice, can you look back at me, just one glance, my heart will beat for you ……”



Rong Yue hummed and laughed: “What’s so beautiful about a weak chicken?”


Freckled youth: “……”


His literary heart took a blow until he followed Rong Yue into the wreckage of the Paradise Tribe, only then did his eyes widen again, “Oh my God, what a place!”


The only person in the camp at the moment was Guoguo, who greeted him with surprise: “Sacrifice Yue, who is this person!?”




“A poet.” Rong Yue pointed behind him.




The freckled youth’s eyes widened: “How do you know I’m a poet! My former tribal companions didn’t approve of my self-appointed identity!”




Oh, it turned out that he might be the world’s first poet.





Guoguo was more interested in the man on the ground and turned around to look at him, “So dirty, is this a wanderer?”




Guoguo: “Yes, those who are expelled by the tribe and can only wander outside are called wanderer.”


People were a valuable resource, if there was no disability, even if some people were separated from the original tribe, they may soon find a new tribe.


Even crippled and blind people like the Yang brothers had been taken in by the Creek tribe, so it was clear how short of people everyone was.


But if a person’s character was too bad, the stability of the tribe had caused damage, the tribe would also expel them.


Even if they were in their prime.


The “wanderer” therefore had a name on the mainland.



Rong Yue sta-bbed the unconscious dirty man on the ground with his staff in disgust: “Then what if he pretended to be graceful and found a tribe to cheat into?”


Guoguo froze: “If he can ……”


But thinking about it, with such an IQ, they wouldn’t be expelled by the tribe.


Rong Yue then asked the freckled man, “What about you? Why are you alone and a wanderer?”





The freckled man said excitedly, “How is that possible!? I’m a poet! I embark on a journey for the sake of beauty, all because others don’t understand me!”


Rong Yue looked him up and down for a while.


Head and face clean, hair braided and hanging down behind, and he was well dressed.



Not bad.





Rong Yue looked at his not at all poet outfit and nodded, “Where did you come from, with this body, you can still live to walk so far?”


The freckled man happily explained where he came from.


It turned out that he was once the son of an elder of a distant tribe, he was naturally fond of beauty and romance, because the idea of pursuing his dreams was so strong that his Abba and Ama brought him many things for protection, blessing him to go a little farther.


Of course, they didn’t hold much hope that he could still return alive ……


“Three days ago I ran out of poison needles, but I wasn’t afraid, I want to pursue this world ……”



Rong Yue automatically blocked out his later words, because Tian Yang and Ah Jiu returned.



He happily raised the peanut vine carried in his hand: “Tian Yang, Ah Jiu! Look, I found peanuts!”


Peanuts could be squeezed for oil, could be made into sauce, and were delicious cooked or fried on their own, both to feed the hungry and as a snack.


When they launched the peanut butter, the Xingyue tribe could have another kind of sauce, then there was a legendary “hamburger”, wasn’t it just around the corner?


Poor Freckled man was completely ignored by the crowd, only to watch them with a broken heart.


With the arrival of other craftsmen from the Xingyue tribe, a large pile of supplies was shipped back to the tribe.


Rong Yue and the others used the wanderer who tried to m-olest the “soft little sacrifice” as if he were an ox, gave him a rattan rope to pull the cart, and let Xiao Jiang Liu follow him with a whip.


The freckled man was so scared that he couldn’t even recite a poem.


After walking for a day and a night, finally returned to the Xingyue tribe.


Out of the forest, it was bright and open.


It was the time when the sun was rising, the sunset filled the sky, and the roofs of small exquisite wooden buildings sprang up from the stone enclosure, and flags flew in the air.


Outside the fence, a newly reclaimed field sprouted young green seedlings, and a few scattered people walked among the fields.


A wooden cage against the fence was fenced off, with a nest of gray rabbits in captivity. Two guinea pigs grunted and arched to each other next door to the rabbits, and a young girl came out with a wooden bucket: “Dinner and rice -”


Smoke curled up, grass leaves were soughing, a rift valley split the ground in the distance, and further away was a chain of lakes that glistened.


He muttered obsessively, “It’s so beautiful ……”


The man followed the crowd into the enclosure.


Except for the most conspicuous small wooden building, other huts were lined up and connected to each other. There were several older amahs cooking food over the fire, and all brought bowls to serve it, laughing and eating together.


The freckled man suddenly felt his words were so poor they were inadequate to describe the shock he felt inside!



It was obviously just a tribe that was everywhere, covering an area not even half the size of the tribe he was born into, but the smiles on everyone’s faces, why were they so vibrant!?


“Sacrifice Yue! Lord Tian Yang!”


“Sacrifice Yue is back, did you bring back the stuff?”


“Come and eat something, Sacrifice Yue, it was a hard journey!”



The people greeted each other with words of great concern, which made it feel different from any tribe he had ever seen. The leader of this tribe wasn’t condescending at all, he had conquered the crowd with his charisma!


The freckled man was so engrossed in his emotions that, without noticing, sacrifice Yue was gone.


He searched around and finally found him in front of the only tent in all of the land.



Only to see that noble and pro-people sacrifice, kneeling on one knee in front of his own tent, his head almost buried to the ground: “How come my tomatoes haven’t sprouted ……”


Freckled man: “……”




The batch of supplies harvested in the Paradise Tribe greatly filled the gap of ordinary daily necessities that the Xingyue Tribe lacked the most.


Construction was quickly on track.


Unfortunately, tomatoes couldn’t bear so much fruit for a while, and tomato paste couldn’t be produced in large quantities. Bao Xing dawdled with them for many days, and finally left reluctantly, and took away a small jar of peanut butter and tomato paste samples, planning to go back to her Abba, the chief of the salt tribe, to taste.




To this end, she left all the goods in the wooden sled, but Rong Yue gave her a wheeled cart that could be pulled by one person, which was worth the trades.





Ah Xue and Ah Bei followed her as usual. In order to prevent the three women from encountering any danger, they also sent Da Ji to explore the way.




Rong Yue couldn’t wait for Da Shang, and planned to take the sauce to visit the salt department after the tomatoes were ripe for making sauce.



He was curious about the prosperity of the salt department.



After Bao Xing left, the tomatoes were infused with life force by his daily perseverance and grew extremely well, starting to bear fruit much earlier. Rong Yue began to fantasize about his sauce-making workshop, and one day went down the vine ladder to the Rift Valley, which had been shelved for a long time.


Since the fog was dispersed and the rift valley was tanned day after day, it was no longer damp and gloomy as before, and the earth on the ground had become much stronger.


Rong Yue said to Ah Jiu, “We are still short of some better craftsmen ……”


The kind that could invent and create.


Recently from time to time there were wanderers that came to their tribe, Rong Yue first reviewed their looks and eyes and other aspects. Those who were pleasant and smart had been woven into the labor team to repair the wall. Once they committed a crime, they would pull a cart for them, sleep in a straw shed, and make Da Shang use a small whip on them.


Although the labor force was growing gradually, none of them had any skills.


The initial group of artisans, because of old age, there were few new and creative ideas.


The little freckled man he brought back was a useless poet!


Standing on the top of the small wooden building praising their Xingyue tribe every day, could it be a meal? And that guy was inexplicably very popular with the girls in the tribe ……


Rong Yue sighed, “I can’t make an oven or find yeast for the time being, or I’d better turn the bottom of the valley into a sauce factory first. In half a month, a small batch of tomatoes will mature, and in the future, we can open several fields. We can make it early, and peanuts will soon…


As they spoke, the sky was cloudy, bean-sized raindrops crackled down.



Rong Yue and Ah Jiu scrambled up the vine ladder and hid in the small wooden building.



The rain was urgent. Rong Yue hadn’t seen such a heavy rain for a long time. Now he looked out with a frown and thought that everything else was good at the bottom of the valley. What could he do with the rain…..



There was no plastic cloth to keep off the rain, and there were no cracks and underground rivers at the bottom of the valley. If it rained heavily, once it accumulated, it would flood the valley.



The little freckled man who was also chanting poetry on the roof today was pelted by the rain, he rolled and crawled down, and as soon as he saw Rong Yue, his eyes glowed.


“Oh, today’s Saceificxe Yue is emitting a golden glow ……”





Rong Yue was drenched, he was too lazy to pay attention to him, he turned to Ah Jiu, “What do you say we dig a ditch at the bottom of the valley?”





“Well, go down later to measure the water level and see how much water can accumulate from such a heavy rain. When the time comes to dig a long ditch down there, the soil will fill in to the other side and pad up the area where you want to put things. That way when the rain falls, it will all accumulate in the ditch and not drown everything else.”



Ah Jiu thought for a while: “Yes, but there’s not enough people.”



Digging ditches was physical work, it wasn’t something that a few dozen people couldn dig out. Not to mention the narrow bottom of this valley, the ditch couldn’t be too shallow, and the preliminary measurement ……


Rong Yue got worried: “They’re not enough people ah ……”


At this time Bai Tao suddenly pushed the door in: “Lord Yue, look who’s back!”




Two bright shiny bald heads appeared in front of the eyes.


Rong Yue surprised: “Da brothers! You’re back!”



The bald brothers were soaked to the skin, and there was no way to make a fire in the wooden building, so Rong Yue invited them into his and Tian Yang’s tent.


The fire was steaming, and the brothers told them about the situation in the salt department.


“There are many people, I don’t know exactly how many, but their tribe is very long, it’s a circle along the salt mine, we walked for half a day but couldn’t circle it ……”


“They have a marketplace every day in their tribe, just, they do business with themselves.”



“They actually use salt to cure meat! It’s so extravagant, so much salt, even used to keep the meat fresh ……”


“There are a lot of beauties.”


Da Bian hit Da Shang on the head.


“Well,” Rong Yue asked, “Did the other leader taste our tomato sauce?”



“Ohhhh!” Speaking of this, the two brothers came to life: “Taste it! At the beginning, the head of the Salt Ministry only did it for Bai Tao, and didn’t even look at us. But after he tasted the tomato sauce, he invited us to the main tent…”


“Then he kept asking us how the sauce was made.”


Rong Yue harrumphed, “You guys didn’t say that, did you?”


“How is it possible!” The two brothers swore: “We certainly didn’t say ah! Besides, they can’t do it without tomatoes. We traded the jerky we brought in for some more sugar, and we didn’t stay long.”


“Well done.” Rong Yue praised them, and the two brothers were so happy that their faces turned red.


Although he was interested in the sauce, the chief of the salt department had seen a lot of good things and didn’t react too eagerly.


Out of his heart for his daughter, he was more polite to the brothers, but not to the point of being particularly excited or ambitious about the sauce or anything like that.


Da Bian hesitated for a moment, “In fact, sacrifice Yue, this salt department, ah, although it’s very prosperous, but I think our Xingyue tribe is better.”




“Some of them have too much dried meat to pile up and hang it outside their tents, but they are still hungry.”


Da Shang also said, “I saw a man dying of hunger. Someone dragged him out of the account and threw him into a big pit outside the tribe.”


“Yes, the ordinary people of their tribe dig salt mines in exchange for food, and if they don’t dig for a day, then the whole family may have to starve.”



“Those who can’t dig will have to admit their bad luck.”


“Some of the little cubs are only a tiny bit older and they will go and help them dig the mine.”


“It’s quite pitiful ……”


The people of Xingyue tribe were deeply aware of survival cruelty, However, the small tribe were full of relatives, and there were more people to help when someone encountered an accident.


But big tribes like the Salt Ministry were more cruel, and the two brothers weren’t used to it.


Rong Yue thought for a moment, and then asked, “Do you think there are many craftsmen in the Salt Department after you have walked around?”





“Craftsmen?” The brothers looked at each other: “There are quite a lot, right ……”


Craftsmen used their craft for food, the more capable, more work, the less capable, they also often hovered on the edge of subsistence.


Da Bian spoke up, “I saw some craftsmen who couldn’t make useful things. They had to make some small toys to coax the kids of rich families to play with. People who didn’t lack food would buy some occasionally, but the craftsman was so hungry that he was pale and emaciated…”


“Yes, quite miserable, that toy is quite interesting, I see that the wooden rabbit is lifelike, if you twist something on the ground, it moves ……”


That got Rong Yue’s attention: “Well? Say it again?”


Old Mu hadn’t eaten anything for two days.


When his stomach cramped, he fished out a spoonful of water from the bucket and drank it.


The cold water made his stomach even colder, but at least it dulled some of the burning pain.



He placed the two sour fruits on the bed of the plank bed, where a half-grown teenager was sleeping, his cub, Xiao Mu.



Little Mu was growing, but because of years of being underfed, he was thin and weak.


Such a body wouldn’t be able to dig salt mines. In the future, they should work together as carpenters. But…..


Old Mu sighed.



Since his old rival got the chief’s appreciation, he had been repeatedly suppressed.


The craftsmanship that he once learned from his master could longer be used, and no one was willing to ask him to do work. He had no choice but to make some gadgets and sell them in the market.


A carpenter like him was a carpenter at the bottom.


When work wasn’t good and no one hired them, they’d be reduced to sell useless small things.



The old carpenter numbly yesterday’s wooden carvings of small rabbits and small bugs packed in a cloth bag, ready to go to the market.


The wooden door creaked, and behind him came the clear voice of the teenager: “Abba.”


Old Mu turned his head towards him and smiled: “There are fruits on the bed, go eat.”


Xiao Mu shook his head: “Abba, I’ll go to the market with you.”



After saying that, the young man didn’t wait for his father to respond, but went to take the fruit, he put one in his mouth, then held the other in front of the old man.



Old Mu was so sad as he opened his mouth and bit.



The sour and astringent fruit wasn’t ripe, but it made his mouth water and his stomach noisy again.


They went to the market together, spread the cloth bags, and placed various exquisite small animal wood carvings.


Xiao Mu liked these very much. When he played with them, he smiled.


Unfortunately, in this era of food shortage, there were not many people who had surplus food to exchange for these useless things.


The sun was getting hotter and hotter, and Xiao Mu was thin and couldn’t stand it. He fell asleep under the shadow of Old Mu.


Not long after he fell asleep, he was awakened by the sound of yelling.



“Your little rabbit, we exchanged a bag of twisters for it the day before yesterday. You said they could move, but they broke after playing for two days!”


“We don’t want it anymore. Return the twists!”



Old Mu’s voice bitterly caught in the middle: “It’s stuck, I’ll fix it for you, immediately ……”



“Fix what? We don’t want it! Did you hear? Old thing!”


Xiao Mu propped up to sit up, the blinding sunlight made him open his eyes for a moment. He was just about to speak when the wooden bunny was slammed over his head –


Xiao Mu wailed and reached out to cover his eyes!




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