Duan Changke gave him a look, but he didn’t insist.


Fang Lin sometimes felt that he was very light on him, a bed partner was dispensable to him, but what he gave him was always good.


“Wait for me, I’ll go rinse my mouth first.”


His eyes dodged for a moment, then he pursed his lips and tried to walk past Duan Changke.


The other grabbed his wrist with little force, similar to when he held his hair down just now.


His voice was still a bit mute, with the laziness of desire that hadn’t completely faded away: “No more kissing?”


He remembered the first time he tried to approach in Duan Changke’s office, the other asked if he “could kiss”.


Fang Lin didn’t turn around, with a dry smile, his voice sounded a bit muffled.


“Didn’t you tell me to practice?”


The hand that grabbed him let go briefly, but the temperature still remained.


Duan Changke had really prepared something for him to wash up, and Fang Lin looked decent except for a little red on his face.


Everything in the bathroom was double, he didn’t know when he prepared it.



But even so, perhaps Duan Changke’s apartment was originally cold from the outside to the inside, it was exquisite but had no taste of life, These things also looked cold, which could only prove that this apartment wasn’t for one person at most, but it couldn’t match the words “warm” at all.


As Fang Lin brushed his teeth, he wondered if Duan Changke had always been like this, treating people and things the same.


He rinsed his mouth twice and washed his face. The door was left open, and just as he wanted to go out, he saw an extra person in the mirror.


Just now he was muttering in his heart that there was nothing emotional about the person walking behind him, Fang Lin felt a little hot, then the other reached out and wrapped his arms around him from behind, half the weight of his body pressed over, while his head was down and his lips were buried behind his ear.


“You took so long.” He whispered.


Duan Changke didn’t kiss him, and the hug also seemed to be just a hint, suggesting that he didn’t need to leave midway, and that he would be responsible for the desire he provoked.




Feeling the other’s heat that hadn’t subsided, Fang Lin reached his hand down, only to have the other wrench him over before he touched it, holding his hips as if impatient, and easily picking him up.





Fang Lin was very light and didn’t much have flesh, his wrist that Duan Changke clutched, still had little red marks, the sudden weightlessness made him subconsciously put his arms around Duan Changke’s neck, but he still shrieked –


“Ah ……”


He whimpered very briefly as his loose pants were peeled down and the flesh of his b-utt directly touched the cold marble sink, even on a summer evening, the overly strong temperature difference still provoked a shiver down Fang Lin’s spine.


Duan Changke had little reaction, but soon a warm hand came up.


This time he didn’t have to buy those things himself, and he didn’t know when Duan Changke’s apartment was prepared, he tilted his head at the sink, squinting at the bright lights while gritting his teeth to endure the expected discomfort.


He wanted to say that he could do this process himself, or even omit it if the other didn’t mind, but looking at Duan Changke’s cold frown, he couldn’t say it.



He was still sitting on the counter, his legs were dripping with strawberry-flavored lubricant, looking a bit messy. The prince of the noble financial group could handle everything with ease, but he was in a hurry on such inconspicuous matters.



When Fang Lin finally got used to the temperature, his leg was lifted up.



“Duan ……”


He just opened his mouth to say a word, and the rest of the words were all blocked in his throat because of the fierce irritation.


Duan Changke locked eyes with him, his eyes had a questioning meaning, but his movements didn’t stop.



Fang Lin’s senses were constantly stimulated and strengthened, but his consciousness didn’t desperately follow, so there was a momentary lag when he met Duan Changke’s eyes, and he forgot to say all the words that followed.


He only saw that Duan Changke’s gaze seemed to have changed, as if he wasn’t so sensible and self-possessed, and no longer calm.



He saw himself in his eyes, so loose and unashamed, he slightly opened his mouth and hummed.


Duan Changke was holding his ankle at first, then put it on his shoulder during his intermittent screams, finally freeing his hand to exert himself elsewhere.


Gradually, Fang Lin also didn’t have time to think about those, he simply sunk himself into the sea, responding to the other’s movements, He bit his teeth when he felt pain and cried out when he was happy. He didn’t need to take too much into account.


Duan Changke even kept silent in love, his breathing was erratic, Fang Lin decided be bold at this time. He put his palm close to Duan Changke’s chest, and felt that in any case, his heart beat the same as his.


He was drenched like he’d just had a good shower, and then Duan Changke scooped him up out of the rain again and tangled him up in hugs and caresses.


Fang Lin was a little lost in thought as he stared at him, loving the look on Duan Changke’s face as he drowned in it, moaning from sticky to high-pitched, it all fell in the other man’s deep eyes.


But he didn’t kiss Duan Changke, and naturally the other man didn’t lean in for a kiss.


When it was over, he was unburdened, lying in the bathtub, cleaning up in front of Duan Changke without a care, and then going softly to grab the shower head with a lazy smile.


“I can’t walk, I want to sleep.”


Duan Changke walked towards him and frowned at the sound of his voice, “Why is your voice like this?”


He spread out on the edge of the bathtub, his eyes as soft as his body: “It’s all because Mr. Duan is great, I can’t help it.”


Duan Changke didn’t answer, wrapping the na-ked man in a large bath towel: “Where’ll you sleep?”


Fang Lin’s throat hurt after saying a few words: “I can also warm your bed.”


“Hmm.” Duan Changke didn’t tell him it was summer, and only picked him up horizontally and put him on his own bed.


“Go to sleep.”


Fang Lin actually wanted to say something else, but he was too sleepy and had no energy, so he finally answered and closed his eyes.


He sank back into the soft bedding.


He didn’t sleep deeply, and felt Duan Changke come over and turn off the light and left again, he worked for a long time before the bed beside him sank down.


He could feel the heat source on his side, a short distance away, quiet and restrained.


Duan Changke really didn’t need him to warm the bed, and didn’t hold him all night.


When Fang Lin woke up the next day, Duan Changke had already started working in the study just like the last time.


Probably because of the hot milk, even if he slept late, he wasn’t dizzy, Fang Lin sat up with his upper body n-aked and rubbed his eyes.


“Awake?” Duan Changke appeared at the door, ignoring the marks on Fang Lin’s body, “The housekeeper made breakfast, should I bring it to you or you’ll go down and eat it?”




Fang Lin didn’t expect that someone had come to Duan Changke’s apartment so early and asked, “Is she still here?”


“Already gone.”


Only then did he feel relieved, he got up and dressed to go to the dining room.


The breakfast was still hot and well-matched, Fang Lin finished all the remaining portions on the table before he slowly returned to his room.


Duan Changke didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go out and seemed to be in a good mood, “What’s your schedule today?”


“There’s no need to go yet today,” Fang Lin shook his head, “I’m just reading the script.”





The other responded briefly, “Then read it here, and have the driver take you there tomorrow morning.”




After a moment of silence between the two, Duan Changke thought of something and added: “The agent you had before, was his name Xia Qi?”


“He left Hui Yao, it was a good opportunity to make contact.” Duan Changke said, “The company said that he has agreed. How about letting him continue to be your agent?”



Fang Lin looked at Duan Changke and opened his mouth.





It seemed like this, when he slept with him once, he would gain something.





“I ……” He knew that Xia Qi’s ability and connections were very good, and now that Hai Lin had more popular artists for him to choose from, with his skills, he would definitely be more suitable for those people.




“Of course, he’s been spoken to personally, he said he is very happy.” Duan Changke added, “So you don’t need to have any worries.”





So Fang Lin hummed.



The fact that Xia Qi hadn’t only contacted Hai Lin, but finally settled down and could continue to be his own manager, was the best outcome.





“Thank you, Mr. Duan.” He still said it sincerely, but he knew that Duan Changke wouldn’t take this kind of thanks to heart.





But in any case, he was at least a little more at ease now than before.





Duan Changke stopped talking, and Fang Lin began to quietly memorize the script in his study.





After tomorrow, his scenes would be more concentrated, and he would stay in the hotel arranged by the crew all the time. It was better to leave after filming.





In order to make the actors immerse themselves into the scene, the later scenes were basically shot according to the progress of the plot, and Fang Lin would have more scenes with other people.


The main story line of “Gentle Moonlight” was actually very simple, Jing He and Ji Haiyao’s high school drama accounted for about one-third of the play, the two met and got to know each other, it wasn’t complicated, but the original descriptions and settings were very real, so people had a sense of immersion.


When they were young, they were always unaware of their emotions. They had been separated from each other for eight years because of an accident.


In the eight years, Ji Haiyao had a new life and new friends, and thought she could let go of Jing He completely.


But what she didn’t know was that time was actually resetting.


While she had a new life, Jing He found that from the night they separated due to a misunderstanding, his life seemed to have come to a standstill.



Repeating and repeating, he finally found a way to break the past and reunite with her.


So he no longer hesitated and wanted to take the initiative to chase her back when he realized that she didn’t like him anymore.


This episode involving him wasn’t too much, but Fang Lin still remembered all the plot and lines well.



One of the lines in it was asked by Ji Haiyao.





She had only just reunited with Jing He and knew nothing, and asked as if in casual conversation, “Jing He, is there anything you regret to the point of wanting to start over?”





When Fang Lin read this part, Duan Changke was buttoning the last button of his shirt in front of the mirror.





His back was turned and his figure was straight.





Duan Changke’s life history was glorious, from birth, he had many things that people dared not imagine.





Fang Lin was tired of reading, and put the script aside.





Duan Changke jacket had been put on, he was finishing the tie.



For no apparent reason, Fang Lin suddenly called out, “Mr. Duan.”


He looked back at him.


Maybe it was because they’d spent more time together, so they were getting along more naturally than when they first met at the hotel.





Fang Lin held the script, “Is there anything you regret so much that you want to start over?”





He thought Duan Changke wouldn’t answer him, or simply say no.





But Duan Changke’s fingers squeezing his lapel pin paused, as if he was really thinking.





A moment later, Fang Lin heard him.









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