On the other hand, the Xingyue tribe.


Three days of torrential rain caught people off guard.


Although fire could be lit in the tent, leakage of rain was inevitable, and too much rain outside would spill into it. Rong Yue and Tian Yang had to temporarily move to a small wooden building.


The floor of the small wooden building was paved with several layers of boards. Although humidity was inevitable, it was unnecessary to sleep in a puddle.


In this weather, even the fire for cooking couldn’t rise, and everyone had to go back to their homes to drink cold water and eat dried meat. The quality of life plummeted.



Rong Yue seldom became serious. Instead of talking about what to eat and drink as usual, he walked back and forth in the tomato field and twisted seed field all day with huge cattail leaves.


The rainstorm was so fierce that even the soil, which was extremely absorbent, was inevitably waterlogged.



The poor little green tomatoes were beaten by the rain and couldn’t lift their heads, each hanging miserably on a thin stalk, and if the wind had been too strong, they would have been blown off.



Rong Yue was so distressed that he braved the rain on the first day and spent the night using wooden sticks to support them, with thatch on top to keep out the rain.



Many men volunteered to help, but the tomato field could barely be protected by this method, the twisted seedlings side was too large, it really couldn’t be blocked.


Rong Yue could only give the seedlings infusion of vitality to hang on to life, three days after the rainstorm stopped, the plants were still alive, but Rong Yue got sick.


This body was originally very weak, after being occupied by Rong Yue, it was much healthier.


But no matter what, the “sacrifice” physique and men’s physique couldn’t be compared, it was even worse than many women.


After half a day of sleep, at night, Rong Yue woke up thirsty.


He reached out to the side to grab, but touched a warm body.


“……” There was a feeling of deja vu.


Tian Yang grabbed his hand: “Awake?”


“Yes …… I’m thirsty.”


Tian Yang went out in silence, and after a while he brought back a glass of water.

Boiled water mixed with cold water was warm and palatable. Rong Yue was better. After drinking, he laid down again. Tian Yang wrapped him in his arms and held him tightly.


He stopped thinking and soon fell into a deep sleep.


The sleeping Rong Yue didn’t see, a red light flashed in Tian Yang’s eyes.




“The houses! Quickly guard! There’s a bear!”


“Light torches, go, call someone–”


“Someone go get Lord Tian Yang!”


“Ow ow ow bear!”




Rong Yue woke up with a start, ignoring the dizziness, and stumbled out of bed.


Then his waist was held up by Tian Yang.


At this time Yang Er, who came to report the news, rushed in, “Lord Tian Yang! Outside, there’s a bear beast outside!”



The two men ran out, only to see the constant barking of dogs, Yue Dong was at the forefront, he held a spear as he confronted the bear beast.


It was a big bear as tall as a log cabin, with two feet in the field and a roaring mouth.


The roar rocked the sky.


The bear was covered in mud. It was estimated that the rainstorm several days ago destroyed his home. When he went to look for food elsewhere, he entered the territory of Xingyue Tribe by mistake.


If it had not been for the watchmen on the wall, the fields would have suffered.


Rong Yue dragged his limp body and couldn’t hide his excitement: “Let me go!”



Yue Dong choked back a dangerous sentence: “?”


In the game panel, Rong Yue’s experience bar was stuck at level twenty-nine for a long time, and there was always no chance to get big prey.


He never thought the opportunity would come at once!



This big bear was a big pile of experience in Rong Yue’s eyes!


Wait, where was its foot stepping on!?



The seedlings that were barely protected for three days were trampled on mercilessly, and Rong Yue wanted to use the physical +1 stick in his hand and beat it up, but his sanity was still there, and he raised his hand softly, and the light floated over.



The tribal crowd’s eyes widened.


What was Sacrifice Yue doing?


Curing this beast?


When Rong Yue and Tian Yang went out hunting, because of various coincidences there had been no third person accompanying them, everyone defaulted that Tian Yang handled all the prey.




Although Rong Yue said he had the ability to defend himself and also hunt, but everyone subconsciously ignored his words.


With the light enveloping the bear’s head, Tian Yang and Yue Dong cooperated, one left and one right to limit the movements of that big bear.



The two were so powerful that they held the bear back a step, its front paws ruthlessly picking at the ground as it roared in pain.


It took time to kill a bear with holy light, and Rong Yue picked up his staff and rushed over, hitting the bear’s paw with a stick: “Where are you stepping?”



The bear wailed, Tian Yang obediently overturned the bear, making it lie on its back on the ground.


After nearly half an hour, the bear finally died, Yue Dong and Tian Yang sat down in a sweaty crouch.


The crowd exclaimed, “Dead?” “Really dead!” “Gosh how did sacrifice Yue do it!”


Rong Yue didn’t answer.



He closed his eyes and listened to the tinkling beep in his ears as the heaviness in his body cleared away.


Level thirty.


Standing still and pounding his staff, Rong Yue silently recited an arcane prayer.


Strange symbols of light coiled up from under his feet, becoming a beautiful and complex pattern of light.



The pale golden light pattern spiraled up and hidden in the air,it was like Rong Yue was as sacred as a god.


Gradually, the light pattern condensed into a cluster of light at the top of the staff, and the golden light radiated away in all directions in a single plane, and all those who were swept by the light felt a surge of refreshment.



“……” This time, everyone couldn’t even say anything.



The freckled man broke the silence: “Oh my god.”


He took a few more steps forward: “god, he shines brighter than the bright moon!”


Rong Yue opened his eyes: “Okay, Yang Er, lead the men to clean up this bear, everyone else go back to rest.”



Maybe it was because they saw too much of Sacrifice Yue’s magic. After the initial shock, everyone didn’t think it was strange, and they quickly moved to do things.


Rong Yue’s aura seemed to be stronger and he gave Tian Yang a look: “Follow me.”



Level thirty was a watershed.



In the Xingyue Era, a cleric who could use prayers was considered to have started his game journey.



After level thirty, the cleric’s divine power and bl-ood increased dramatically, no longer would he die at the touch of a monster, and removing negative status was a necessary skill for the team.


Thus far, Rong Yue’s sense of security was born.


He got Tian Yang to an isolated place and began to use divine prayer on him this way and that, three hundred and sixty degrees without dead ends.



After five times of chanting, Rong Yue put down his staff with a gloomy expression.


It didn’t work, the black stripe was still there.


“Do you feel it or not?” Rong Yue was distressed: “Just, does it hurt, itch, is it hot ……”



Tian Yang shook his head: “No pain, just strange advantages.”


Before, Rong Yue painted the black lines on Tian Yang’s chest with a sand table. These days, the rainstorm may have damaged it.


He lifted the bone ornament on the other side’s chest and looked at it carefully.



The black pattern gave him a subtle sense of familiarity, but he didn’t know where it came from.


He had to go to Xingye now.



Rong Yue used the flower juice to draw a red line at the end of the black line and sighed, “Let’s see in the next few days, if it grows too fast, tomato sauce or not, we won’t go to the salt department, we’ll go to Xingye first.”



Tian Yang’s eyes flickered, he clutched Rong Yue’s wrist: “Am I more important?”



Rong Yue was struck by his question: “Compared to who?”


“…… tomatoes.”



Rong Yue stayed in the rain for three days for his field. He got a fever and laid on the bed. Tian Yang didn’t express his feelings, but his heart was full of negative emotions.



He even wanted to destroy them all.


It was reason that stopped him.


Although his reasoning seemed like it could break at any moment.



But when he asked, Rong Yue laughed.


“You compared with tomatoes? Hahahahaha, how can things be compared to people?”



Rong Yue reached out and patted him, “Of course you are more important.”



He didn’t know if it was the words that calmed Tian Yang, or if the prayer did have an inhibiting effect on the black stripes, but two more days passed and the black stripes didn’t grow at all.



Rong Yue was overjoyed! No more rushing to Xingye!


The sky was clear, the tomatoes were ripe, and the twisted seedlings were growing taller.



It was time to make some sauce and go to the salt department to get some more people, preferably more smart craftmen!


A few dozen of the largest and reddest tomatoes were picked, cut up, seeded and planted. The tomato field finally took shape.


Rong Yue waited for the seeds to grow solid, then he took Xiao Jiang Liu and Tian Yang, and went to the Salt Tribe with the Da brothers.



The Salt Ministry and the Xingyue tribe had a considerable distance, if no one led the way, it would be extremely hard to find.


In this way, it was thanks to the treasure apricot.


The bald brothers had just walked this road. They were very familiar. They had no surprises and no risks. They ate well and slept well. More than 20 days later, they stood on a cliff, and the Salt Ministry was there.



The whole Salt tribe was located in a valley.



The valley was as long as a hook, and the two ends of the hook were where the salt mines are located. The semi-exposed salt mines, with holes at both ends, were deep below the ground.



The blocks of rock salt that were shoveled out were placed in wooden baskets, hung on ropes, and someone would pull them away.


Rong Yue was dumbfounded, “They’re like this, what if it rains?”


Da Bian quickly responded, “Anyway, it’s all depressions, when it stops raining and dries out, won’t it be salt bricks again?”


Rong Yue: “……”


These people’s feet on the stone salt, after the rain and then dried in the sun, wasn’t it a foot wash mixed with salt bricks?



It seemed that next time they got the salt, they must dry it twice, they couldn’t eat it directly!




Because people often went in and out, there were winding paths along the cliffs leading to the entrance of the salt department at the depression.


Seeing that there were guards at the entrance, Rong Yue thought about it and gave everyone some camouflage.



They wanted to come in and steal people, they couldn’t make it too conspicuous.


Needless to say, his white hair was quite conspicuous.


Tian Yang temporarily weaved three simple straw hats with grass leaves on the roadside. Rong Yue rolled up his hair and smears a little dust on his face. Five people in a row walked to the guard.



The guard showed obvious vigilance.


“Where are you from?”



“?” Rong Yue thought in wonder, was their disguise bad? He quickly responded with a smile on his face, “We are from a small tribe over at Xingye Lake and brought some goods to exchange for salt.”


The salt department had a special salt exchange point, and it was normal for small tribes nearby to come in when they ran out of salt.


Although the two guards had never heard of where Xingye Lake was, they saw that the box they were carrying was indeed food, so they let them in.



Before noon, it was the time of the market, Rong Yue couldn’t wait to see the “moving wooden rabbits”, and didn’t do anything else, pulling the Da brothers to run to the market.



There were really a lot of people in the Salt Department, more than even the Gongshan tribe. And because they were out and about, they seemed more active.



The food exchange stalls were always crowded with people, Rong Yue easily crossed over and walked for half an hour to the other side of the market, but didn’t see the wooden rabbit.



“Where is the little rabbit?” He turned in a circle and asked disappointedly.



No one answered him.



Rong Yue turned around and looked for a stall selling wooden spoons and barrels: “Do you sell wooden bunnies?”


The stall owner’s attitude wasn’t very good: “Carve that thing for what?”



“…… Then do you know who sells it?”


“I don’t know!”


Next to him, an elderly ama spoke: “Hey, old Mu has done this before and it can move.”



Rong Yue asked happily, “What about him now?”



That ama saw a tall, strong warrior appear behind Rong Yue and was startled, swallowing her words back.



Rong Yue looked back strangely and then looked at the old ama, thinking it was Tian Yang who was blocking the light: “Quick, crouch down.”


Tian Yang obediently squatted down.


Old ama: “……”



The old granny sighed: “Old Mu is very pitiful, he offended people, so he can only make some useless things to amuse the kids.”


She sighed: “A few days ago, a family didn’t want a small wooden carving he sold. They came back to find him and wanted to change it back.”


“Old Mu didn’t agree. After a few words, the man accidentally smashed the wood carving and hit Xiao Mu in the eye…”


Rong Yue: “What is the little wood?”


“His little son.”


Rong Yue: Your names are really random.


Old ama slowly pulled out a cloth bag from behind: “He is at home to take care of the cub, there are still some unsold small wood carvings left, I sell them here….. If you want, with a small bag of twist or a piece of dried meat, you can buy a basket.”



Rong Yue: “……”



Rong Yue supported the old ama in her commercial enlightenment period, and paid with bear meat jerky.


Then followed her guidance to the old Mu’s home.



There was no shortage of stones in the salt tribe, all the homes were stone houses.


The previous site subsidence didn’t seem to have too much impact on the place, Rong Yue knocked on the door, and only after a long time came the sound of someone opening the door.


Rong Yue looked at the withered middle-aged man in front of him, with cloudy eyes, shortness of breath and feeble feet.



The people of the Xingyue tribe seemed to be like this when they were first rescued from the valley floor.



But those people had nowhere to find food, in such a large tribe, could they really be starved to death?



“You are ……” Old Mu asked wearily.



His sight was blurry and he couldn’t see very well, but he saw that it was a few young people. The Salt Tribe people never knocked when they entered the house, and when he first heard it, he thought it was a bird pecking at the wood.



“Are you old Mu?” Rong Yue smiled: “We would like to order a few wooden tools from you.”



Old Mu: “Ah, okay. What do you want?”



Hearing that it was to order something, he hurriedly invited the people in.



A few fresh-faced youths, surprisingly, found him here, presumably from other tribes. Easily having a chance to earn food, Old Mu would never let go.



When they entered the house, Tian Yang put Xiao Jiang Liu down.



Old Mu came out with a few common tools he used to make, and when he saw the white and beautiful Jiang Liu, he was happy.



“This little cub is raised really well.”



He said and then bitterly put away his smile and sighed.



Rong Yue looked around and found that there was really nothing to see in his house, so he asked bluntly, “This, too, you made it, right?”



Rong Yue pulled out the small wooden carved rabbit and placed it in front of him.


Old Mu’s heart tightened, and his expression changed.



Rong Yue: “Don’t worry, we’re not here to pick a fight, we just want to see the construction inside.”



He hesitantly disassembled the rabbit.



Clockwork, gears, small parts of one kind or another.



Rong Yue sighed in admiration and felt that if he was given a good environment, wooden wheelbarrow and other things, it would be his turn to invent.



Old Mu finished the demonstration and apprehensively looked at Rong Yue: “How about it? Quite fun, right? But this is not useful ……”



How could it be useless!?


These were the basics of physics! Gears, levers, bearings …… with it, he should be able to make waterwheel bellows, right?



Then his oven …… was possible?



Rong Yue said happily: “Very good, I am very satisfied! I want to buy your technique of this rabbit, the price is fifty pieces of jerky.”


Old Mu stared in disbelief: “Fifty pieces!”


“But I have a condition ……” Rong Yue laughed, “You have to join our tribe.”



Old Mu hesitated for a moment and shook his head.



“I can’t leave here, my cub is injured, I have to take care of him.”


Xioa Jiang Liu grabbed Tian Yang’s leg and quietly spoke, “If you are injured, sacrifice Yue can heal him.”



Old Mu originally didn’t believe, but looking at her innocent eyes, he helplessly nodded …..





A mysterious light golden light pattern flowed in the air, eventually converging to the eyes of the young man lying on the bed.


The teenager gave a cry and slowly opened his eyes.


“Abba ……”


He rubbed his eyes: “…… hmm? My eyes ……”


Old Mu’s heart felt sore. He knelt in front of the bed and cried til he was out of breath: “Xiao, Xiao Mu…”


The two cried bitterly for a while before they remembered the almost divine performance of Rong Yue just now.


Old Mu ran wildly to the outer room, picking at the door and shouting, “That, god, are you a god?!”



Rong Yue’s originally smiling face had a momentary stiffening, his forehead veins jumped: “No, I am Lei Feng.”


[TN: Lei Feng was allegedly a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army who was the object of several major propaganda campaigns in China. The most well-known of these campaigns in 1963 promoted the slogan, “Follow the examples of Comrade Lei Feng]




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