In the limited memory of Xiao Erguo, Ama Xue Qi was a very nice person.



If you listened to her, you would get something to eat, complete the tasks she set, and get praised and enjoy the envious glances of the other pups.


She never doubted her status, because wherever she walked, everyone stopped and bent down to greet her.



The fairy flowers that Auntie Xue Qi wanted, she thought about it day after day, haunting the moon and the sky, and all the people of the Xingyue tribe accompanied her to find the flowers.



Guoguo, Bai Tao, and even Yang Da, every time they had to go somewhere else, they would come back and tell her if they had seen the flowers.


Although the results had always been disappointing, but sacrifice Yue said, precious things are precious because they are rare.


She wasn’t anxious.


But why was it that the flowers were in her hand, yet Auntie Xue Qi didn’t seem to remember it?


Xiao Erguo looked up and stared at her round eyes: “Ama Xue Qi, what’s the use of fairy flowers?”


Xue Qi said strangely, “What’s the use? The fairy flower is useless.”


Xiao Erguo suddenly understood.


The fairy flowers were useless, and it was useless for Auntie Xue Qi to ask her to find the flowers.


She was going to throw her away.


Because she wasn’t well.


She clutched the dry stem of the flower, tears fell in large drops, if her small hand squeezed, the beautiful petals would break.


Xue Qi frowned, “Don’t you want to exchange it for food?”


Xiao Erguo shook her head hard, turned around and was about to run out, but ran headlong into a tree in panic.


People noticed what was happening here. Xue Qi stepped forward quickly and smiled kindly, “Why are you so careless…”


“Jiang Li!”


A call came from the ‘tree’ and she broke away from Xue Qi’s embrace and looked up


Rong Yue was held by Tian Yang and jumped down.


“Tian Yang!” “It’s Tian Yang!” “Tian Yang and Yue, you’re finally here ……”


In the blink of an eye, they were surrounded by pleasantries.

But Xue Qi was still in shock, and Rong Yue took the crying girl and there was a space around him. Tian Yang’s expression didn’t clear up. When a man shouted “Tian Yang should come back”, he even frowned.


Tian Yang: “I’m not going back.”


The surrounding area went silent.


Someone shouted: “You don’t want to go back to the tribe, do you want to go out and wander?”


“That’s right, people can’t be stubborn ah, before you were poisoned, there was no way ……”


“What about Yue, Yue has to stay, right, Yue Dong is still outside, won’t you guys freeze to death?”


Rong Yue smiled: “we won’t bother you, we have our own place to go.” After saying, he hugged Xiao Erguo and turned to leave.


“Wait!” Xue Qi quickly asked: “Yue, what is that ability of yours?”



Rong Yue: “Heavenly Hearing.”



“How is that possible!” She almost lost her temper, she stabilized herself before continuing: “Heavenly hearing can only predict good fortune, how you have such …… heavenly hearing ……”



The chief of Gongshan, who had been watching from the side, came up at this moment.


After half a day of rest, he finally regained some of his majesty.


“Tian Yang, Yue.”


The two of them turned to look at him.


“Do you really want to leave?”


Rong Yue stepped forward: “Yes.”


Dissatisfaction flashed in the eyes of the leader: “So many people have left you, and you want to leave?”


He raised his voice: “I picked you up, I raised Tian Yang, now the tribe needs you, and you just ignore it? Would you rather go out and suffer than return to the embrace of the tribe?”


The people no longer said anything, but they looked at Rong Yue’s eyes, obviously feeling the same.


“… yes.” Rong Yue agreed with what he had just said, and then spoke louder: “Because when we needed the tribe, you wouldn’t help us even if we died!


Xue Qi’s face changed.


Rong Yue: “The day the earth fell, Tian Yang was sick, and I was weak. No one from the tribe came to our rescue or took a look in our house. To protect me, Tian Yang was injured by a stone, I moved him out of place, looking for things everywhere, trying to find a way to ……”



He looked sad: “But what did I wait for?”



“I waited for betrayal!”



“We struggled to survive, and easily waited for Lord Xue Qi, we thought we were saved, only to hear her say that the tribe had left.” Tears shone in Rong Yue’s eyes: “Tian Yang was once your brother, brother, your first warrior, when you left, no one even asked where he was ……”


The faces of the people changed, someone wanted to say something, but was silenced by the people around him.


“I could only plead with Lord Xue Qi to save Tian Yang, but she actually told me …… that he was dead and not to waste any more time.”


The people of the Gongshan tribe who were gathered around didn’t cry, but they felt their hearts break.



It was as if that tragic night had appeared in their eyes, the helpless young man kneeling on the ground, guarding his newlywed husband, crying out for someone to save him.


Rong Yue lowered his head for a while before raising it again, with a smile on his face: “Fortunately, perhaps God heard my prayers, and my heavenly hearing had the power to heal. In the end, Tian Yang and I both survived.”

“That’s why we will never go back.”




Although there was much room for explanation, Xue Qi couldn’t say a word.


For nothing else, just because Rong Yue was a powerful sacrifice with healing power at this moment, and she couldn’t perform divination several times. Maybe soon, someone would doubt that she was rejected by God.

A female voice cried, “Yue, Tian Yang, come back, forgive us ……”



People began shouting, but Rong Yue embraced Xiao Erguo and left without looking back.


“Xiao Erguo?”


She moved her ears: “Lord Yue, call me Jiang Liu.”


Rong Yue was happy, so he couldn’t see her be sad: “Okay, little Jiang Liu, don’t cry.”


Little Jiang Liu nodded and squirmed a little, and Rong Yue put her on the ground.



She rubbed her eyes.



“Ama Xue Qi is bad, isn’t she?”


Rong Yue touched her little head: “Judge for yourself.”



A few more steps forward, Rong Yue suddenly found an empty space behind him, he felt a bit strange.


“Tian Yang–”




Tian Yang carried the leader of Gongshan and threw him into an isolated pile of debris.


With a thud, the chief of Gongshan coughed and stood up, but did not dare to fight against Tian Yang.


“How did my father die back then?” Tian Yang’s voice was low, without a trace of emotion.



The chief of Gongshan covered his arm, which was hot and scraped, and said through clenched teeth: “I raised you to such an age, and you only suspect me now?”


The color of Tian Yang’s eyes deepened again: “Answer me.”


“I don’t know.” The chief yelled again: “I don’t know!”


“Your father, who dueled with me, lost! He lost!!!” He was mad, “He was in a bad mood after he lost and had an accident in the woods, and you know it! Do I still have the ability to command wild animals and let them bite your father to death?”


Tian Yang hummed softly, weirdly unlike him.




He pulled out a piece of linen from the miscellaneous pile, “It’s not that I didn’t suspect you before, but I didn’t have any evidence. But now, thinking about it, who says you have to have evidence?”


After saying that, he tore the sackcloth into two halves.



Tian Yang’s body was flowing with great power, being stared at by him, the pressure was huge. The Chief’s head was covered in sweat, and there was only one conscious thought in his head.


He couldn’t be defeated.



If Tian Yang wanted to, he could even ki-ll him in an instant.


But Tian Yang said terrible things, but didn’t move to ki-ll him.


“Do you want to live?”




“Then let’s have a word with each other.” He said coldly, “We don’t want any of the people of the Paradise Tribe. We will pick the goods of the Paradise Tribe first. Only what we don’t want will be yours. Do you understand?”


The Chief almost gasped for breath, he gritted his teeth for a long time, before finally squeezing out a good.




Big! Abundant! Harvest!


Gongshan tribe carried carpets and dried meat away, Rong Yue stood at the top of the highest tent, the wind blew his linen robe wildly.



“No… no… god…”



The echoes were loud and clear.


He was still not satisfied: “God – does not – exist – in – ”



Guoguo, who was busy taking inventory of the items below, said angrily, “What are you saying, Lord Yue? Don’t talk nonsense!”


Rong Yue climbed down with satisfaction.


He didn’t explain his special preference.


Many of the tents had been removed by the Gongshan tribe, and the ground was filled with potholes.


In the end, Yueyue chose to stay with the Xingyue tribe and bid a complete farewell to the Gongshan tribe.


There were too many things for them to carry back, so they quickly returned to the tribe through Yue Dong and asked people to pull carts to carry them.



Rong Yue used the holy light to cut the wheels and plates, and from time to time went to the mountains to catch some small game, and had a great time.


When the craftsmen who could build carts came together and assembled these new carts, they would have enough cars to carry these good things.



Many of the things that had been accumulated for many lifetimes had been looted by the blo-od of this sinful tribe.



These people ate people, their sin was too great for anyone to forgive.



The people who were identified as aborigines of the heavenly tribe, except for those who were kil-led in the previous struggle, the rest were taken away by a holy light of Rong Yue. The death was painless, and in a sense cheap. Ah Jiu witnessed Rong Yue’s fearsome ability throughout, and became even more respectful.



Sacrifice Yue was a very good talker, but once his bottom line was touched, he wasn’t soft.


In the end, Tian Yang dug a ditch and buried them all.


As for the old people and the little ones they were said to have hidden in the cave, the Gongshan tribe was responsible for cleaning them up.


They knew the importance of this matter, and once they found them, they would not be soft and would pass on the news to other tribes. In the future, the Paradise tribe would never be able to deceive anyone again.


This trip, in addition to the rich living supplies, Rong Yue also had a harvest.


He rose to level 28.


[Divine Prayer] was just around the corner!


This skill was actually the most commonly used skill of Rong Yue, according to the game terminology.


It came with a negative side state.



It was a good tool for the magi.


With the prayer, even if someone had a headache, they could be cured.


But there was one thing that cut into his excitement, he wasn’t sure if the prayer could remove the magic.


This world had its own set of operating rules, Rong Yue originally thought that the demonic Qi was also a negative state, but this world really thought that “magic” was negative?


Not necessarily.


But no matter what, the familiar skills would soon be back in hand, he was still quite happy.



Before waiting for the tribe to come, he wandered around with the recipe in his hand, collecting twigs when he came across them, and squatting down to identify plants he didn’t know that looked like edible plants.


At noon today, he searched around and really found something – peanuts.


Peanut fruit grew below the ground, the ground on the leaves are short and inconspicuous. The leaves became inverted egg-shaped, the edge of the leaves had hairs, interlinked into a network.



If it were not for the flowering season and a small yellow flower dotting the roots of the plant, Rong Yue wouldn’t have recognized such a thing.



He carefully found a branch, dug up the ground, dug up all the soil and then tugged on the roots of the plant and pulled hard – a peanut pod was uprooted!



He recognized the small, squeezed it open with his hands, red peanut coat wrapped in white peanut grains, releasing a refreshing aroma.


This was one of the ingredients of Kung Pao chicken!


He was one step closer to eating Kung Pao chicken!


At this moment, a malicious and sticky voice sounded in the back.


“Little sacrifice …… you look so good ……”


Rong Yue stopped, squatting without moving.



The vicinity of the heavenly tribe had been swept all over, almost no danger, so today Tian Yang didn’t come out with him.



The man approached step by step, the stench gradually drifted with the wind, seeing that Rong Yue didn’t move, he seemed more excited.


“You are lost? Don’t be afraid, brother will send you back. Poor, poor, alone here crying ……”


Because he wanted to dig peanuts, Rong Yue’s staff was put aside.



He couldn’t stand it and was about to pick it up and send the person behind him flying when he heard a rush of footsteps from far and near: “Let him go–”



Rong Yue turned around, but saw a handsome young man with freckles on the tip of his nose and a package around his neck, pointing at the man behind him: “What are you doing! Can’t you see the little sacrifice is very scared!”


Rong Yue: “……”


He just saw the greasy man behind him, who was smelling all over, really didn’t look at him again, so he lowered his head.


He didn’t expect the Freckled man to think he was scared and shouted in a louder voice, “Look, he’s crying!”


“…… It’s none of your business.”



Although the greasy man stunk, he was a big man, even bigger than Tian Yang.



As he approached step by step, the freckled man’s voice gradually trembled: “I, I’m not afraid of you …… courage, the badge of the brave …… weakness, the cowardly… …epitaph,”


“Go to hell!” The greasy man shouted, raised his fist, and the freckled man shrieked and actually closed his eyes tightly!



Rong Yue stepped forward in three or two steps and knocked the staff on the man’s head.


The big man fell to the ground.


Freckled man: “….”


Rong Yue: “…”




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