On Wei Weidong’s mobile phone interface, a red line rose all the way.


Jiang Yu didn’t know much about stocks, except that red rose and green fell. Looking at Wei Weidong’s steep cliff like line, he could see that it was soaring.


The mobile phone of the deputy director showed another stock, which was also a red climbing route.


“These are the two stocks that Gu Yueze recommended you to buy yesterday?” Jiang Yu asked incredulously.




Wei Weidong was so excited that he couldn’t speak. He kept nodding.





“How much has it gone up?” Yu Wenwen crowded over and asked curiously.





“One stock is now 11 times higher than the price when it was bought, and the other is about 15 times higher than the price when it was bought.” Wei Weidong bit his finger and was agitated, not knowing what to say.





“11 times 15 times?” Jiang Yu quickly calculated, “according to your previous investment, doesn’t that mean that you have earned more than ten million in a day’s time?”



Wei Weidong smiled, “I was afraid that you would stop me, so I said that I only invested 50,000 of my own money, but I actually invested 1.05 million myself, and together with the 1 million borrowed from Shi Fei, the total was 2.05 million.”


Jiang Yu’s mouth opened as big as a chicken egg: “Da-mn.” Except for the phrase “cra-p”, Jiang Yu really didn’t know what to say, that was earning more than 20 million in one day.


Even the first-tier top stars didn’t have this kind of money-sucking ability.


Jiang Yu’s eyes were red.


The assistant director over there was also excited: “I put 800,000 into it yesterday, and I’ve made more than 10 million this time. I should have invested more.”


A few people from the program team spoke up, “I bought 30,000, and now I’ve made almost 400,000, so I don’t have to ask my parents for money for my wife.”


“I bought 100,000, so I have money for my children to study abroad, that’s great.”


Those who bought were happy and wanted to spin in place, some hated themselves that they should have bought more yesterday.


The people who didn’t know Gu Yueze’s identity and didn’t dare to invest, were sighing and sighing as they patted their thighs.


While everyone was amazed by Gu Yueze’s miracle, only Shi Fei and Gu Yueze were sitting in their seats.


A company’s president, if he didn’t even have this ability, how could he manage such a big company?


Many of the stock rise or fall were related to the internal management of the company, compared to those company information, who could know more than Gu Yueze?


Gu Yueze’s reaction was relatively calm, and while everyone was surprised by the stock surge, he secretly put a piece of meat into Shi Fei’s bowl and let him eat it.


When he saw that Gu Yueze was still trying to sneak in more meat, he hurriedly stopped him, “That’s enough, I can’t eat anymore.”


Gu Yueze: “Eat another piece, you’re too thin.”


Shi Fei: “…” Is this guy in charge?


But he still ate.




After eating, he picked up a paper towel and wiped his mouth, then took another paper towel to wipe his hands, and said to the excited Wei Weidong, “Director Wei, don’t forget what you promised me before.”





Wei Weidong smiled to the point that his eyes were hidden: “I won’t forget, don’t worry. Fifty-fifty.”



Borrowing a million yuan from Shi Fei was equivalent to inviting a white wolf, he would earn several million yuan even after borrowing five cents.





Jiang Yu suddenly turned around and threw himself at Gu Yueze’s side. His opponent held out his hand to block him and said coldly, “Don’t rush over.”


Jiang Yu smiled brightly, “Gu Yueze, elder brother Gu, elder brother Gu, I didn’t see that you are a stock god hidden in the entertainment industry. Tell me, I will buy any stock you want me to buy.”



Gu Yueze ignored him, picked up the paper towel and pressed it elegantly on the corner of his mouth. “It’s gone.”


Jiang Yu: “Why is it gone? There are so many stocks on the market.”


Li Hong, Yu Wenwen and others all looked at Gu Yueze eagerly, especially Tian Sihan. She was the poorest person here.


The people of the program group also secretly eavesdropped, those who missed yesterday’s stock purchase didn’t want to miss again.



Gu Yueze’s eyes looked at Shi Fei, if he normally didn’t want to say anything, he could just refuse, but now he didn’t know what Shi Fei thought, did he want to continue to follow the purchase?


Shi Fei put his head on one hand and helped him out.


When they heard his explanation, their enthusiasm dropped a little and they became more rational.


Tian Sihan, a poor girl, asked unswervingly, “What about the two stocks yesterday? Will they continue to rise?”


Wei Weidong also asked with glowing eyes, “Yes, when is the right time to dump our two stocks?” At present, it was already a bull stock. They could make a lot of money by selling it, but they were worried that the stock would rise again, and they wouldn’t make more money by then.



Gu Yueze looked at the people’s expectant eyes, and finally said: “It is expected to rise again tonight, and it will rise to about twenty-five times tomorrow morning, and it will be thrown away at about 1.22 times.”




The implication was very clear, those who regretted not buying, it was still time to place an order.


The crowd immediately picked up their phones and started placing orders to buy these two stocks.


But in order to prevent them from buying like crazy, Shi Fei reminded: “You shouldn’t be too crazy, in case Gu Yueze’s forecast is not accurate, your losses will not be compensated.”


He wanted to prevent some of them from going crazy and betting their entire family fortune.


Some people who were crazy about buying stocks would be like this.



Then Song Yiyuan called, and Shi Fei knew what he wanted to say as soon as he saw his number.


As expected, as soon as the phone was picked up, he shouted, “Shi Fei, tell me honestly, did you get any inside information about those two stocks yesterday, the two stocks soared.”


Shi Fei repeated what Gu Yueze said just now, and then hung up the phone.



The stock matter took some time.


There were only less than two hours left before the 2:00 p.m. for the Heiyuan Hanfu party.


Everyone rushed back after dinner and put on their hanfus.


Fortunately, Tian Sihan was there to teach them.


Shi Fei and Gu Yueze didn’t need any help, saying they had read books on the subject and they were able to make beautiful hanfus, so everyone believed they could.



Yu Wenwen was the first one to wear it. Her upper body was covered with a beige blouse, and her lower skirt was a pair of lavender skirt with a chest length. The inside was also divided into several layers. It was very beautiful and looked fairylike.



The next to come out was Li Hong, she wore the Wei Jin style cross-collar embroidered waist jacket, the waist design would enhance Li Hong’s slim waist.


“My God, Sister Li Hong, your waist doesn’t look like you just had a baby. You’ve recovered very well.” Yu Wenwen said enviously, “I wish I could recover as quickly as you in the future.”




“You want to have a baby so soon?” Li Hong patted Yu Wenwen’s head, “Then you should find a boyfriend first.”




The next to come out was Jiang Yu, in order to be lazy, he picked the most simple grey caftan design.





With his short hair, if you didn’t look at his handsome face, he really looked like a peasant worker.



Seeing Yu Wenwen and Li Hong, he deliberately came forward and flirted with them: “Two little ladies, you’re so pretty. How about going back with me tonight?”




Yu Wenwen covered her mouth and laughed, then held her waist in a spirited stance, “Yuck, where’s this poor kid from? You dare to think about our lady, go away, do you know who our lady is?”





Li Hong chorused, “Wen Wen, don’t hurt people with your words, forget it, give him two taels of silver and get rid of him.”


Jiang Yu immediately looked sad and pointed at Li Hong, “How dare you treat me like this?



The three of them acted out one thing after another there, not caring whether they could catch up or not.


After a while, Yu Wenwen looked at Jiang Yu as he narcissistically looked in the mirror, “Jiang Yu, don’t take a picture, you won’t look as good as Shi Fei and Gu Yueze anyway. You’re not going to be able to compare to them anyway. You chose the easiest one to save yourself the trouble.”






Jiang Yu didn’t care about it. He proudly raised his chin, “When you look handsome. You can wear whatever you want. Besides, it depends on who’s wearing it.”


At that moment, the door of the room opened and Shi Fei came out first.


He was wearing a black Hanfu.





The black collar coat was matched with a Qiyao Ru skirt. The Qiyao Ru skirt was half black, half black and gradually red. It was also embroidered with big red flower, and the outside was covered with a black cape. The sleeves and back also had large flowers.




At this time, Shi Fei held a black fan in his hand. As he walked out, he swung the fan open. His eyes, which were usually starry as the moon, now held a beautiful smile.






This was simply a man who was a disaster to the country and the people.



“Isn’t this the legendary male vixen?” Tian Sihan, who had just changed her clothes and walked out, looked at Shi Fei, “This is too beautiful.”



Don’t mention Tian Sihan, who was a girl. Even the director group who was standing on the side with a camera, most of them were men, yet they were amazed by Shi Fei.




At that moment, the door of another room where Gu Yueze was changing clothes also opened.



Gu Yueze was wearing a white Hanfu.




In fact, his style was somewhat similar to Shi Fei’s, both were cross-collar blouse and waist- jacket skirt, only his was pure white.





However, blue orchids were embroidered on the collar of the coat, and the black outer cover was worn on the outside. He looked indifferent as snow, and his temperament was high, cold and steady.





A jade like stranger, the son of the world.


“What an immortal day! How can I bear to see two such fairies at once?” Tian Sihan, who was a master of Han clothing, was always attracted when people wore Han clothing, not to mention such good-looking people.






Jiang Yu looked at the two people on the opposite side, and then looked at his own body, just now he still felt quite handsome, yet he suddenly felt that he was fat and round.



“I want to change my clothes.”







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