This person had a keen intuition for biopharmaceutical experiments that was difficult to explain scientifically, according to Li Zheng, this was completely God’s reward.

        Zhong Peng looked a little embarrassed, in fact, he came up with this thing after he repeatedly deliberated for a long time. To be honest, he didn’t have a trace of certainty that Li Zheng would accept him.

        In addition to his identity of the former professor of the University of Hong Kong Medical School, Zhong Peng found that in the ten years since he left school, he actually couldn’t get a little achievement out. This knowledge made him a little disillusioned.

        This pile of information was from him reading authoritative journals, combined with his professional knowledge, as well as the conditions to do some small experiments deduced from the conjecture.

        Many of his conjectures had been proven correct over time, and this had been one of the things he was most proud of in his day-to-day life. But it lacked the data to support the conjecture, putting it in front of Li Zheng, an expert, made Zhong Peng a little uneasy.

        Because even he himself knew, in the laboratory, a conjecture that had no data to support it was a just conjecture.

        And conjecture …… even a biopharmaceutical student, could have countless.

        “These conjectures, many of them have been proven to be feasible ……” Zhong Peng said, and then shook his head with a bitter smile, he wasn’t a novice, but he was still so indolent.

        Li Zheng solemnly put the pile of information on the coffee table, and then spoke: “I’m surprised that you have an amazing intuition in pharmacology.”

        Zhong Peng froze, he heard the meaning of Li Zheng’s words, and after a moment, he felt his eyes tear up, “You really believe me?”

        Li Zheng shrugged and stood up to take out a thick, vellum-wrapped pile of information from a safe not far away.

        “This is my experimental advancement plan for the improvement of the palmatine drug, it hasn’t been implemented because the most important kind of compound extraction step for drug improvement is very complicated, which means that the cost of the drug production will be greatly increased, which is a matter of more loss than gain for the applicable population of palmatine.”

        Zhong Peng was a former colleague of Xu Mingsheng and was considered an elder-level figure to Li Zheng. Although he would soon become his subordinate, however, for the respect he had for his elders, Li Zheng wouldn’t mistreat him.

“Naturally, I trust you.” Li Zheng said with a smile.

        Zhong Peng looked at the word “Top Secret” stamped with a red seal on the vellum in astonishment. In their circle, if they didn’t recognize each other’s character, they would never show the research results that hadn’t been published or registered as patents to others.

        Li Zheng’s move, the reason could be that he had made a decision, no matter what, he would tie Zhong Peng to his laboratory. The second was that he had absolute confidence in himself. This experimental advancement plan, Li Zheng simply didn’t care or only he could understand certain things.

      Zhong Peng’s heart felt choppy, and his agitated emotions were difficult to calm down.

The rough data analysis in Li Zheng’s propulsion experiment plan, although some points were different, but when compared, the results actually coincided with his own guess by more than 60%.

        “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Zhong Peng sat up straight and gave a slight bow to Li Zheng. Even if he didn’t succeed in his job application this time, Li Zheng’s affirmation of him was already a very precious gain for him.

        Li Zheng dodged sideways, he touched his nose and stood up with a dry cough, “If you are interested, practice your conjecture.”

        Zhong Peng smiled, his spirits had just lifted, he knew the main event was coming, Mr. Li Zheng was going to test his actual hands-on ability.

        He nodded solemnly, then gathered his lab coat and walked towards the inside of the second lab with a serious face.

        Li Zheng stared unblinkingly at Zhong Peng’s movements.

        To be honest, after more than ten years of not entering a laboratory, Zhong Peng’s movements seemed a bit stiff, and his hand holding the test tube was slightly trembling, he didn’t know whether it was nervousness or if he was excited.

        Fifteen minutes later, Li Zheng’s eyes slightly narrowed, Zhong Peng’s experimental operation wasn’t very outstanding, even Li Zheng’s current assistant Zhang Yuejun, under Li Zheng’s training could also reach this level.

        But …… compared to Zhang Yuejun, Zhong Peng’s experimental approach had clearly taken on its own characteristics, that was …… a little more timid.

        This was probably the glitch caused by the difficult conditions of scientific research in these ten years without his own laboratory.

        Two hours later, Zhong Peng came out from inside the laboratory with a bitter smile.

        “I failed.” He spoke bitterly.

  As Li Zheng said, this compound to improve the palmatine was very difficult to extract, and Zhong Peng did it carefully step by step, but in the end, it wasn’t successful.

        “It’s already very good.” Li Zheng patted Zhong Peng’s shoulder, he wasn’t trying to comfort for him. The extraction of this kind of compound, it took a lot of effort, and it wasn’t necessarily successful at the first try. For Zhong Peng, who had left the laboratory for more than ten years, his performance was already considered qualified.

        “Then we can now come to the specific terms of employment.” Li Zheng said with a smile.

        Zhong Peng opened his mouth in surprise, then his expression became excited and elated, he coughed dryly and straightened his back.

        “I am hiring a project leader this time, and those who succeed in the appointment can choose one of the labs, one lab belongs to you, you’ll be the head of the lab, I will not interfere with any matters within your lab. As for the remuneration package, it is twenty percent higher than the treatment of professors in Hong Kong University.”

        Li Zheng thought for a moment and continued, “As for your question about the inconvenience of transportation over here. I will have Zheng Lingling hire a driver, the lab has a shared business car, which I usually don’t use, so I will give it to you.”

        “Of course.” Li Zheng paused and his face became serious, “With rights come obligations. In Li Zheng’s laboratory, all projects initiated by the project leader have to be signed by me for confirmation, and you have to unconditionally accept the projects I assign to you. And during the contract period, I am the sole owner of the patents of the project research results, and I will be the corresponding author of all papers published in journals.”

        “Can you accept it?” Li Zheng strained his chin and looked at Zhong Peng seriously.

        The salary package given by Li Zheng was already very generous, and the patent rights and research results, Zhong Peng had long expected. Just like when he was in the university, even if the graduate students completed the subject independently, the corresponding author of the paper published was the supervisor.

       Whether it was a pharmaceutical company laboratory or those internationally renowned laboratories, the employment letter had such a clause, after all, these laboratories were profitable, not charity. At least his salary wasn’t bad compared to those graduate students who worked for nothing.

        “These are the old rules, I can accept it!” Zhong Peng nodded firmly. He couldn’t wait to get back to the lab he had left behind for so long!

Li Zheng smiled.

        He took out a pen and handed it to Zhong Peng, “In that case, happy cooperation.”

        Zhong Peng took the pen and signed his name on the contract with force, leaving a deep scratch on the white paper.

        This laboratory “bug” signed to his laboratory, Li Zheng was very happy. He knew that in the future, this kind of person would be madly sought after by the major laboratories, at that time, with the current scale of Li Zheng’s laboratory, the opportunity to participate in the competition wouldn’t be available.

        “Mr. Zhong, now I’ll show you lab number three, four and five, and you can choose one of them as your future lab.” Li Zheng said with a smile.

        Zhong Peng smiled and immediately stood up, “Okay.” He had been waiting for Li Zheng’s words for a long time, a large laboratory of his own with advanced equipment, something he had never dared to dream of in the past ten years.

        Li Zheng led Zhong Peng towards laboratory number three.

        Labs number three, four and five were all on the opposite side of the artificial lake, a short distance from labs number one and two.

        “Here it is.”

        Li Zheng took out the key and pushed open the door.

        The arrangement inside laboratory number three was no different from laboratory number two, except that there was a strange smell inside this laboratory number three because it hadn’t been put into use after renovation.

        Zhong Peng grinned widely as he quickly walked to the windows of the third lab and opened several of them.

        “This is it, no need to look at the others.” His gaze swept over the international first-class experimental equipment, the excitement on his face was hard to hide, he couldn’t wait to use these experimental equipment, he couldn’t wait a minute.

        Li Zheng nodded.

        As a person in the same industry, Li Zheng understood Zhong Peng’s psychology, he nodded and said with a smile, “Then I won’t bother you, the equipment in the third laboratory is complete, but reagents and other things still need to be applied for, the application process and forms are all inside the laboratory use guidelines.” Li Zheng pointed to the white paper hanging on the wall.

        Zhong Peng nodded vigorously, and then carefully ran his hands over each piece of experimental equipment, and he looked at them as if he was looking at his beloved lover, so tenderly that tears almost flew out.

        Li Zheng touched his nose, Zhong Peng probably wouldn’t pay attention to him. He shrugged and walked out the door knowingly.

Zhong Peng had eaten, but he hadn’t eaten yet.

        The reason was that he was too frightened in the morning, Li Zheng didn’t have time to eat breakfast, and after arriving at the Qing Garden and meeting with Zhong Peng,  he hadn’t gotten the time to eat, so his stomach was now rumbling in protest.

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