In the dim warehouse room, Li Zheng first saw the brand new production line in the corner.

Held by a black rain-proof cloth, some parts of it revealed a silvery white metallic colour.

“Mr. Liang, Mr. Li, this production line isn’t easy to dismantle.” The engineer in charge of production in the factory was responsible for the dismantling of the new production line.

“Sixto’s workmanship is very fine, look at these interfaces.” Master Zhou lifted the tarpaulin to reveal the link between two production processes in the line, “These interfaces are double-secured, with two metals welded together and then tightened with large screws. The screws are about the size of a plate, so it’s hard to remove them without a matching instrument.”

“We tried several ways, it really can’t be unscrewed, so I took the initiative to use the cutting technology. No harm to the production line, but the screw is definitely not available.” Master Zhou said helplessly.

Li Zheng took a look at the pile of screws on the ground, all cut in half. The cutting craft was very good, there was almost no damage to the inner grain of the screws.

“It’s already very good.” Li Zheng said with a smile: “Companies like Sixto, take technical protection very seriously. Their production line is almost non-disassemblable, you are really a master in mechanics, Master Zhou.”

Master Zhou smiled, his face couldn’t help but reveal a smile, everyone liked to hear good words, especially from the mouth of such a big man, it was really comforting to hear.

Master Zhou left with a satisfied heart.

Li Zheng went forward, brushing his hand over the cold metal, and then a big smile slowly appeared on his face.

He did it, although it was only a small step, but he knew that this production line would save at least five or six years of figuring out for the current pharmaceutical industry in China.

“Are you …… very happy?” Liang Zhe turned his head sideways and stared earnestly at Li Zheng’s smiling face. He rarely saw Li Zheng smiling like this, Li Zheng’s smile had always been mild and polite, the only time he sometimes showed such a smile was when he was teasing him.

Yes, Liang Zhe knew that Li Zheng liked to tease him and see his shy and embarrassed look. Although Liang Zhe didn’t say much, but he was the helmsman of the behemoth Liang Corporation, if not for his brilliance, how could Liang Corporation get out of trouble so quickly and back on track?

Liang Zhe didn’t mind, because every time Li Zheng teased him, he laughed very sincerely, as if he was a little closer to touching his softest place.

But …… this time he seemed to have found another piece of softness in Li Zheng. The corners of Liang Zhe’s mouth hooked up slightly, and his eyes seemed to sparkle.

Li Zheng nodded, “It’s really good, when will it be shipped out?”

“Anytime.” Liang Zhe had his own transportation company, his own cargo ship, and his own dock, so Liang Zhe spoke with extra confidence.

“Then today, the sooner the better!” This was China’s attitude, and also Li Zheng’s attitude, China’s pharmaceutical industry had waited for this production line for too long ……

At night, at 2:30 a.m., three big trucks with big containers drove from a factory somewhere on the outskirts of Hong Kong, and drove towards Liang’s pier in the night.

In order not to attract attention, Liang Zhe didn’t drive but chose to squeeze into a truck with Li Zheng.

The construction of this kind of truck was different from ordinary cars, there were only two doors at the front of the truck, and the doors to the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. The passenger seat behind the car seat was for the driver to rest at night, there was almost no place to stand inside, one could only lie down or sit cross-legged on it.

“Little brother ah, sit in the back, Mr. Liang’s long legs can’t stretch.” The driver said to Li Zheng smilingly.

Li Zheng’s body stiffened for a moment, his eyes glanced over Liang Zhe long legs, and then look at his own, his mouth tightly pursed into a straight line.

He lowered his body and took a big step across to the back of the car seat, and woodenly sat cross-legged on the back of the truck, he hadn’t grow taller recently because he had been staying up late! Li Zheng began to seriously think about the possibility of not staying up all night!

More than half an hour later, the truck steadily parked near the pier.

“Here we go, here we go! Continue to drive in, directly to the ship!”

Seeing the truck come in, the dock workers who had long received the news and waited on this side dropped the cigarettes in their hands, stomped hard on the cigarette butts with their feet, and then greeted the workers and jogged all the way to the big truck.

The truck drove straight in and drove to the ship and turned around before slowly stopping.

“Hard work, hard work.” The driver skillfully jumped out of the car, handed the lead foreman a pack of cigarettes, while softly whispering in his ear, “Mr. Liang personally came, this time the things are very valuable, it must not be knocked and touched.”

The foreman couldn’t help but exclaim, “Mr. Liang! That person? What can make this person come out personally at night? It must be three containers of gold nuggets!”

“You can think so, move the stuff! The equipment for the factory over inland.” The driver laughed lightly and greeted a group of workers who came over to share the cigarettes.

Liang Zhe and Li Zheng got out of the car. From here, they could already see the three ships moored on the shore.

The ships were very large, and the white hull was painted with the Liang Group’s logo.

A worker with a red hat gestured and shouted, “A little further, two inches further.”

“All right, all right. Start.” The mechanical arm slowly rose, “Stop, down, down, this is the spot!”

Under the command of the worker, the mechanical arm steadily grabbed the container and moved it toward the ship.

About an hour, the three containers were smoothly transferred to the ship.

“Beep ……” the steam hole of the ship made a sound like sounding a horn.

Li Zheng and Liang Zhe stood on the shore, watching the three ships slowly move away, gradually disappearing from their sight.

At this time, Li Zheng had a strong sense of belonging to this era. He was no longer that twenty-first century professor of Huaqing University and director of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, but a passionate young man who was trying to change history and the backwardness of the country.

“Liang Zhe, I’ll buy you a drink.” Li Zheng suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Liang Zhe was stunned, then the corners of his mouth slightly curved up, “Okay.”


“Li Zheng, there is a Mr. Zhong Peng looking for you.” As soon as Li Zheng stepped into Qing Garden, Zheng Lingling sorted out the information of the people who had come to seek employment in the past few days and put it on Li Zheng’s desk.

“Zhong Peng?” Li Zheng sat down and his eyes narrowed slightly.

He had reservations about Zhong Peng. Zhong Peng was obviously addicted to alcohol in the past few years, although not so much that he was addicted to alcohol, but excessive alcohol had a great impact on a researcher’s memory and operational ability.

However, from the fact that he called out Li Zheng’s name at a glance could be seen, he wasn’t resigned to his current life, he was still very concerned about biopharmaceuticals.

Although the exposure rate of Li Zheng had been somewhat high in recent months, but this was only for people in the scientific research community. Apart from that video at the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference, the rest of the photos in newspapers and magazines barely had Li Zheng’s face on them, so unless he had paid special attention to what was going on in this circle, it was impossible for Zhong Peng to call out Li Zheng’s name from one look.

“What did he say?” Li Zheng asked with his hands braced on the table.

“He said he came to apply for a job, I told him to leave his information, but he insisted on seeing you, and waited from morning until now.” Zheng Lingling said helplessly.

These days she had met a lot of such people, after these few days of chaos, Zheng Lingling also finally understood what was called a big tree attracted the wind. She also deliberately bought several books on management and read it every day, afraid that she would hinder the laboratory.

Li Zheng’s eyes were lowered in contemplation.

Zheng Lingling’s nose twitched, her eyes turned around in the laboratory, and then focused on Li Zheng’s body.

Perfume, a man’s perfume.

Zheng Lingling blinked, she knew that Li Zheng never used perfume, because sometimes the smell was also an important indicator to judge the process of the experiment. If one had the smell of perfume on their body, it would affect the judgment of the experimental indicators. So scholars like Li Zheng, who has been working in the laboratory for a long time, never used perfume.

But …… whose perfume would this be?

Back at the Liang mansion, Liang Zhe sneezed, last night he and Li Zheng drank wine all night on the balcony.

Li Zheng rambled a lot about China, about Zhou Sitian, about Qinghe Town. There were also things that wouldn’t reasonably happen to a person of Li Zheng’s age, but Liang Zhe felt as if Li Zheng had personally experienced these things.

“I’m a man who has died once! Every second of my life this time is leaking from the fingers of God, I want to be faster, faster, just like Ostrovsky said, when I look back, I won’t feel regret for wasted years, or shame! I,…… Li Zheng, am the man destined to change history!”

On the balcony at night, Li Zheng shouted drunkenly towards the night sky, holding up a bottle of wine.

Liang Zhe picked up half a bottle of beer beside him, looked at Li Zheng’s appearance, and gently laughed. He drank the whole bottle.

So the next day when the two woke up, they were hugging tightly in bed, the two big men stared at each other, unable to speak.

Li Zheng was the first to react, he saw the fresh teeth marks behind Liang Zhe’s ear, drily laughed then he rushed into the washroom and washed his face with cold water, then quickly fled the scene of the crime.

Liang Zhe was confused. He touched the teeth marks behind his ear, then he remembered that Li Zheng bit him yesterday when he grabbed the quilt.

He frowned and thought for two minutes.

In the future …… he must never grab the quilt from Li Zheng.


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