Ye Tianyi’s cooperation meeting place with Chief Jiang and others wasn’t within the city of Radiance Base, it was within the First Guard City. This he understood, after all, not everyone had the courage to bring a zombie king and dozens of high level zombies into their base.

But the humans were also very sincere, they not only included the head of the Federation,, there were also many of the Federation’s top real power faction, if Ye Tianyi really had a different agenda, the human beings woukd certainly be greatly wounded, and the top power holders would be majorly reshuffled.

But Ye Tianyi had been acting very harmless, he faced the humans’ questioning calmly: “I brought two tenth-rank zombies today, the rest are ninth-rank zombies, exterminating this place in addition to the Radiance Base City is easy. If we really wanted to do harm to humans, why waste our breath with you here now?”

Those human executives who questioned the purpose of the zombie-human alliance heard these words, and their faces instantly changed.

Although they didn’t deny that Ye Tianyi had a point, but did he really not bring so many powerful zombies here with the intention of threatening us when the peace talks failed? Why did they not feel relieved after hearing this, but more frightened?

This was a threat, right? This was definitely a threat!

No matter how much their hearts roared, they couldn’t speak up. After all, these tenth-rank zombies and dozens of zombies weren’t only good-looking, but were real killers. What was more, there were dozens here! There waa also a zombie king of unknown rank.

Under the disparity in strength, the human side signed a contract of alliance .

However, Ye Tianyi didn’t make things difficult for them, and after achieving his goal, he got to the point: “Nowadays, mutant animals and mutant plants are our common enemy. The various mutant animals on land are enough to make us anxious, but I found out earlier that the mutant beasts in the water have evolved to come ashore, although it hasn’t been too long, but who knows if they will continue to evolve until they can stay on land forever and mutant plants, originally mutant plants could only be passive, but now they have evolved to break away from the constraints of the soil on their roots. At any time, they may break through the underground defense and enter the base”

The human executives only had some understanding of the evolution of mutant plants after the attack of mutant plants, and only the head of the Federation, who had been informed by Ye Tianyi in advance, understood the evolution of mutant animals, so the others looked ugly after hearing Ye Tianyi’s words.

Originally, humans were distressed by the mutant plants that evolved out of the root soil restrictions, and now even mutant animals had evolved! Especially aquatic mutant animals had evolved to be able to go ashore, just thinking about it made them feel terrible – how many were humans and zombies combined? And how many aquatic animals were there in the oceans and various lakes and rivers? Even if less than one-tenth of these aquatic animals had mutated, it was still an appalling number, an incalculable number!

The human executives also didn’t feel that the alliance with the zombies was playing with the tiger, they became glad that both sides had formed an alliance in time. Otherwise, in the face of such a critical situation, the human race probably wouldn’t survive.


Ye Tianyi continued, “Although low-grade zombies cannot restrain the instinct to be attracted to flesh and blood, but after the evolution, zombies basically have the ability to self-control, and even some high-grade zombies can also restore their original memories of being human.” He smiled faintly, “For example, I have the memory of when I was a human, that’s why I built the Undead Cemetery and restrained the conflict between zombies and humans, hoping to coexist with humans in a friendly manner.”

A middle-aged man sitting next to the head of Federation who looked to be of a high status spoke up: “But as far as I know, your Excellency seems to have attacked what was once the survivor base of A City, and I don’t see where your goodwill towards humans lies.” He was of the faction of the human hierarchy that was extremely adamant that ‘if it’s not my race, it’s heart will be different’, and strongly disapproved of the alliance between humans and zombies.

Ye Tianyi wasn’t annoyed at his questioning, but said calmly: “Because I hadn’t fully awakened my human memories at that time, I only dumbly remembered that I was pushed into zombies when I awakened my abilities , which caused me to mutate into a zombie. I started out with three abilities in third-rank, if not, I wouldnt have become the fastest evolving zombie king.” He lowered his eyes and recalled, “Although I had no memory, but I remembered the person , when he entered the A city survivor base, I naturally wanted revenge! But at that time the Xiao family was protecting my enemy, I couldn’t kill him alone, I had to choose to siege”

Once driven out of the A city survivor base by the Xiao family, Commander Jiang had now become the Federation’s head, so one could imagine that the Xiao family’s fate was definitely not much better. Therefore, once Ye Tianyi mentioned the Xiao family, the head of the Federation took the lead and said: “The Xiao family prevented you from taking revenge, this matter is also the fault of the Xiao family. The person who harmed you really deserved to die, if not, the human race would have definitely had one more supreme power”

Originally, those who thought that the head of the Federation was deliberately targeting the Xiao family to defend Ye Tianyi because of personal grudges, after hearing the last sentence, they were also deeply convinced. Ye Tianyi awakened three third-rank abilities, if he hadn’t mutated into a zombie , he would have certainly become the strongest human ability user!

Some people were concerned and asked whether he had a successful revenge, if not, they were happy to help.

In response, Ye Tianyi only smiled lightly: “I have already taken revenge with my own hands.” Su Tianyun’s corpse had been turned into ashes.

The alliance between the zombies and humans, of course, wouldn’t just be written and verbal agreement, but from weapons to various aspects of research results to exchange with each other, although both sides had reservations, but the exchange was also very sincere, the zombie empire and the human federation began the process of learning from each other.

Ye Tianyi also began to promote the proximity of zombies and humans.

First, the evolved and high-ranking zombies in the human base published their profiles on a newspaper, looking for their relatives when they were human, and some of them really found their relatives. Although they didn’t have their original memories, but their appearances hadn’t changed, those small habits that were integrated into the instincts of life also didn’t change, for their human relatives, they just lost their memory, in this post-apocalyptic era of crisis, no one thought they would ever see theireverywhere can still see again thought never to see their relatives, not caringwhether they were zombies, they cried and hugged them.


Human beings were really very timid and very powerful creatures.

Some people could faint in fear when they encountered a zombie, but when they encountered their loved ones turned into a zombie, they dared to raise the zombie.

These people who read the news posted by Ye Tianyi’s high-ranking zombies to identify their relatives after learning that their newly found relatives had turned into zombies, except for a few who didn’t dare to take the zombies home, others expressed their willingness to let their relatives who had turned into zombies live with them.

These zombies followed their relatives back and lived with them like an ordinary ability user, as Ye Tianyi had instructed them to do.

Although they were zombies, but they didn’t bite, didn’t look hideous, they could talk and laugh, feel joy and sorrow, except that they didn’t eat human food, ordinary ability users needed to absorb the crystal cores of zombies or mutated plants and animals to cultivate their abilities, but they directly ate the crystal cores as food, they weren’t different from ability users.

Gradually, those humans who lived with the zombies turned from being cautious to getting along with each other, and those who didn’t dare live with their zombie relatives also went to pick up their zombie relatives.

With Ye Tianyi’s promotion and the Federation’s indulgence, humans began to live in harmony with the high-ranking zombies, and even when human hunting teams went out of town to do missions, they would take the initiative to invite the zombies to come along. After all, there were too many benefits of having a high ranking zombie with them, the number of low-ranking zombied reduced , if they encountered difficult mutant animals or mutant plants, the high ranking zombie easily subdued it.

The advantage of zombies were much greater than humans, for example, fire ability, a human with high-ranking fire ability was only a fire mage, but a zombie with a high-ranking fire ability had strong defense, speed and strength. Even the zombies without powers, as long as they evolved to a high level, they could be comparable to a human with a high-ranked ability , but if humans didn’t have an ability, they didn’t have much opportunities to advance.

Ye Tianyi and the human had also studied this situation , it was likely the reason for the zombie virus.

Although the virus turned creatures into zombies, it was actually a kind of evolution. Human researchers believed that human ability users were part of the evolutionary success, those who became zombies were evolutionary failure, while those ordinary people were part of the non-evolved.

However, Ye Tianyi believed that in fact, zombies were also a direction of evolution, rather than a failure of evolution, otherwise zombies wouldn’t have later higher levels of wisdom. All zombies could evolve, but there was a low level evolutionary body, mid level evolutionary body and a high level evolutionary body, and only humans had one type of evolutionary body, ordinary people had non-evolutionary bodies.

All this was still only Ye Tianyi’s theory, experimental proof was insufficient, so it couldn’t be conclusive for the time being.

Zombies were originally human, so as long as the zombie didn’t bite people and didn’t eat people, human integration became more successful. Under the control of Ye Tianyi, those low level zombies that wouldn’t be able to control their instincts were left in the Cemetery of The Dead, and those he brought in to integrate with humans were high level zombies.

The humans thought that it would be good to let the high level zombies be assimilated by humans, and it would be easy to let them assimilate and divide and conquer.

And Ye Tianyi was thinking, if the humans obediently didn’t play little tricks, he would let the zombies obediently get along with humans, if the humans really wanted to play, he could always make these seemingly harmless ‘zombies’ become the most terrible killers.

Just as the two sides maintained a delicate balance….

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