Ma Wenmin stared blankly at Li Zheng, until Li Zheng said it again, she came back to her senses, her face revealing a complex expression.         “Is it possible?” She was asking Li Zheng, moreover, she was asking herself.         Was it possible? What they were missing wasn’t a month or two months of […]


“Then thank Professor Dong for me.” Ma Wenmin’s expression was very calm, so that people couldn’t clearly see the emotions in her eyes.         The man smiled sarcastically, then nodded to Li Zheng and others, before trotting away.         “Teacher Wen is sick?” Zhong Peng couldn’t help but ask. He had met him couple a […]


  “Li Zheng, on behalf of the country, I thank you! The production line has already arrived at China’s port, and the part from Tianjin port was shipped to the National Research Institute last night.” From the other end of the phone came Professor Meng’s cheerful laugh.         “You are very kind, compared to the […]


    This person had a keen intuition for biopharmaceutical experiments that was difficult to explain scientifically, according to Li Zheng, this was completely God’s reward.         Zhong Peng looked a little embarrassed, in fact, he came up with this thing after he repeatedly deliberated for a long time. To be honest, he didn’t have a […]


“If he shows up at the entrance of Qing Garden next time, give me a call.” Li Zheng picked out Zhong Peng’s resume from a thick pile of applications. But to his surprise, he actually saw the names of Wen Feng and Ma Wenmin in this thick pile of resumes. Yes, it was the two […]


In the dim warehouse room, Li Zheng first saw the brand new production line in the corner. Held by a black rain-proof cloth, some parts of it revealed a silvery white metallic colour. “Mr. Liang, Mr. Li, this production line isn’t easy to dismantle.” The engineer in charge of production in the factory was responsible […]


“Mr. Li Zheng is young and wise. He is the most poised scholar I have ever met.” In an interview with an American television station, Mr. Smith wasn’t hesitant to praise Li Zheng to the highest degree. He described in detail the fact that Li Zheng voluntarily gave up all commercial interests in carbapenem antibiotics, […]


Li Zheng’s brow furrowed, he didn’t appreciate this dressing style. Looking at Li Zheng’s frown with a serious expression, Xu Wenqian subconsciously threw away the cigarette in his hand, while stamping out the butt with his foot. He didn’t know why, seeing this sixteen or seventeen year old boy, she had the feeling of being […]


Due to the voice of Li Zheng, a drug researcher, the matter of Mary’s Hospital was resolved smoothly. Five of the six patients’ families filed a petition for dismissal of the case, leaving only one family member who had been stirring up trouble and but stopped gaining attention. For this reason, Chen Sufen and Mr. […]


“Sorry sorry sorry.” David insincerely waved at Pete. Smith waved his hand, and then he pulled Li Zheng to the side. “Li, you’re crazy!” The profit of carbapenem antibiotics is much more than bactrim.” He stretched his arm in the air and drew a big circle. Li Zheng looked at David who kept gesticulating with […]