“Why do you ask, but I do have information that Novartis and the University of Chicago BioLabs are at an impasse, and the patent on the UW solution hasn’t expired yet. There’s no other buyer for the program except Novartis. The deal was supposed to be in Novartis’ favor. But the Transplant Association and […]


  Sun Bin spoke loudly, and there was a momentary silence in the laboratory.     Li Zheng paused for a moment, then slowly raised his head, sweeping his eyes over Sun Bin, then landing on Meng Jie.   “Oh, really?” Li Zheng smiled, seemingly not taking Sun Bin’s words to heart.     Sun […]


  Meng Jie’s opening caused the eloquent Zhang He to stutter, and he cast a dissatisfied gaze at the stuttering junior, the disgust in his heart intensifying.   Li Zheng was the first to take the paper in Meng Jie’s hand.   Meng Jie’s words were very nice, each word was neat and tidy, as […]


“This is the latest paper published by the University of Chicago’s Biological Research Laboratory on ‘Prolonging the Storage Time of Human Transplanted Organs’, I’ve read it, the technology is still only at the theoretical level, and the only highlight of the paper is on the storage solution.” Liu Sichao said, handing Li Zheng the American […]


  After the donation ceremony between Roche and Huaqing, the University of Chicago approached Huaqing University to carry out a research project on “Extending the Storage Time of Human Transplanted Organs”.   “The American Society for Organ Transplantation (ASOT) published a reference table for organ refrigeration this year, stating that under current technology, the refrigeration […]


    When Zhao Depei and the others saw Li Zheng’s interaction with David, they were even more amazed, Li Zheng could actually make decisions for Roche directly on such occasions, which couldn’t help but make the crowd reevaluate Li Zheng’s importance to Roche once again.   But they were thinking too much, Li Zheng […]


    When Zhao Depei arrived at the door of the laboratory, he saw such a scene.   Huang Qu’nan and the renovation workers were arguing with each other, the renovation workers had already organized the tools to lock the door, and Huang Qu’nan was stopping them from locking it.     “Professor Huang ……” […]


  Wu Zhaomeng wasn’t an unreasonable person, otherwise the Ministry of Education wouldn’t let him come to Huaqing University. But he was reckless, impulsive and stubborn, which was the formation of the current scene.   Two days ago, he received a call from Deng Guang.   “Secretary Wu ah, I have to report a matter […]


Huang Qu’nan’s wife surnamed Lu, was a native of China. Although the Lu family in China was just an ordinary family, but Lu Linlin’s aunt was a director of the Ministry of China.   It was just a director, but she happened to be in charge of the research funding that piece, the leaders of […]