“If only I had such a son.” Chen Anbang’s mutterings reached Li Zheng’s ears across the ocean, listening to the telephone receiver.   Li Zheng on the other end of the line was silent for a moment.   “I’m sorry, Professor Chen. I’m afraid you can’t give birth to a son as big as me.” […]


“What’s wrong, you’re sighing? You guys made a big splash today, the news channels of the three major TV stations in Hong Kong are still talking about it, our hospital girls talk about Mr. Li Zheng every day. Oh, yes, sometimes they also mention you, director Xu.”     Chen Sufen came out of the […]


“On this issue, my team and I have done 280 experiments and the stability of the plant fermentation refinement far exceeds that of animal serum, the relevant data can be found in Appendix III of the material.” Li Zheng answered calmly.     The crowd in the lecture hall stretched their heads, trying hard to […]


  “One person in front of the army caused peace. Li Zheng ah, you are now a legendary figure.” Su Changzhi said with a big smile.   Li Zheng helplessly touched his nose, “Principal, don’t tease me. It’s just rumors, only one in ten words is true.”   The crowd laughed.   How could these […]


“Hello, this is Zheng Lingling from Li Zheng’s lab, on behalf of Li Zheng’s lab, I would like to inform you that the initial development of the Doc Virus vaccine has been successful.”     Zheng Lingling never thought she would become famous in this way.     Every phone call from President Dorman’s office […]


“Li Zheng, we haven’t affected your experiment process by bringing you here, right?” In the president of Hong Kong University’s office, Su Changzhi got up and personally poured a glass of water for Li Zheng, next to him was Xu Mingsheng, who wasn’t polite, he handed his empty glass of water to Su Changzhi, indicating […]


“Hello, General Tasman, this is Li Zheng, I think I need your help now.” Running all the way back to the laboratory, before he could even catch his breath, Li Zheng dialed the phone number of the Dorman military.     “How did those ten serval cats come about, where do they live, what are […]


Science was the discipline of discovery, and this characteristic was particularly obvious in biology.   Knowing that the answer wasn’t far away, but no matter how hard you tried, the thin veil was like a boulder that couldn’t be broken.   “No, no, it’s all wrong.” Li Zheng slumped in his chair, his eyes a […]


  “What are the results?”   “Here’s the test report for the past three days, and we’ve been doing a full checkup on them every six hours. Not surprisingly, the effect of the second virus injection on the Serval is so small as to be almost negligible.”     “What about Africa? How are they […]


  “Qiuhua, are you okay?” Shen Hongji saw that Zhao Qihua had been distracted, so he asked in a low voice.   Zhao Qiuhua’s hand clutching the knife and fork slowly relaxed, she lowered her head so that people couldn’t see her expression, “I’m fine.”   This was her own choice, and now at this […]