When Zhao Depei and the others saw Li Zheng’s interaction with David, they were even more amazed, Li Zheng could actually make decisions for Roche directly on such occasions, which couldn’t help but make the crowd reevaluate Li Zheng’s importance to Roche once again.   But they were thinking too much, Li Zheng […]


    When Zhao Depei arrived at the door of the laboratory, he saw such a scene.   Huang Qu’nan and the renovation workers were arguing with each other, the renovation workers had already organized the tools to lock the door, and Huang Qu’nan was stopping them from locking it.     “Professor Huang ……” […]


  Wu Zhaomeng wasn’t an unreasonable person, otherwise the Ministry of Education wouldn’t let him come to Huaqing University. But he was reckless, impulsive and stubborn, which was the formation of the current scene.   Two days ago, he received a call from Deng Guang.   “Secretary Wu ah, I have to report a matter […]


Huang Qu’nan’s wife surnamed Lu, was a native of China. Although the Lu family in China was just an ordinary family, but Lu Linlin’s aunt was a director of the Ministry of China.   It was just a director, but she happened to be in charge of the research funding that piece, the leaders of […]


  “Your set of things has completely formed its own system, and is extremely practical, which is a valuable asset for us biologists.” Zhao Depei’s voice trembled slightly because of his excitement.   “Yes, publish a book. It’s considerate of us old bones, this word picking is too difficult for us.”   Good-natured laughter rang […]


  In a classroom on the first floor of the Department of Biology of Huaqing University, there were many students who came here in admiration.   Most of them were attracted by the title of “Huaqing’s youngest professor”.   “How old do you think the new professor is? If he’s an associate professor, he must […]


  The people of Roche China were still very careful, for the thick pile of donation agreement, their legal department worked overtime for three days before rushing out, they proofread word by word, the rights and obligations of both sides written clearly.   If it was thirty years later, Huaqing University would never accept such […]


  At 2:00 pm on May 8, a plane took off from Hong Kong Airport.   Zhou Sitian stepped on the homeland again after two years.   The plane landed at the capital airport, the capital airport in 1985 wasn’t as large as in the latter days, the passengers were also sparse, at the large […]


  On April 28, 1985, Mercer held a press conference to announce the approval of Imipenem by FDA and the official launch of Imipenem in the world.   North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China became the first regions and countries to launch Imipenem.   The media reported the news. Biologists called it […]


“If only I had such a son.” Chen Anbang’s mutterings reached Li Zheng’s ears across the ocean, listening to the telephone receiver.   Li Zheng on the other end of the line was silent for a moment.   “I’m sorry, Professor Chen. I’m afraid you can’t give birth to a son as big as me.” […]