“Qiuhua, are you okay?” Shen Hongji saw that Zhao Qihua had been distracted, so he asked in a low voice.   Zhao Qiuhua’s hand clutching the knife and fork slowly relaxed, she lowered her head so that people couldn’t see her expression, “I’m fine.”   This was her own choice, and now at this […]


  “Invitation from the Governor’s Office?” Li Zheng took the black envelope handed over by Zheng Lingling and turned it over to see the Governor’s personal seal.   “It came this morning.”   This morning? That is to say, this invitation had been delivered to Li Zheng’s laboratory when he was still on the plane. […]


  The incubation period of the Doc virus was long, but the outbreak was very rapid, from the outbreak of the virus to the death of the patient, the longest cycle didn’t exceed two weeks.   The contrast between two weeks and sixteen years was enough to make all Dormans excited. Doc disease was called […]


  After a few days of elevation, these indicators showed a steady downward trend and then leveled off.   A healthy indicator!   This was an indicator of health!   The Doc virus in the Serval’s body was disappearing!   “This can’t be the effect of yew, it can’t be! The yew cypress can only […]


“There is nothing left. The test shows that the maximum drug tolerance of a 20g mouse is 0.08g. According to this calculation, the maximum dr-ug tolerance of a 50kg adult is 200g. Of course, this is only the test calculation data. It is obviously impossible to draw an accurate experimental conclusion from a mouse alone.” […]


  “The President said that the Dorman government had intended to wait until the drug passed the biological tests before announcing the good news to the nation. But a surprise attack by armed opposition forces caused the collapse of the temporary hospital set up by the UN medical support team, wounding the dr-ug’s inventor, Mr. […]


  The town’s residents surrounded the hospital all day and night, and the next morning, Dorman government troops marched into Mankato, along with Kent Blair.   “Mr. Blair.”   “Mr. Blair.”   Kent walked into the hospital, escorted by Dorman government troops. The medical team looked a little excited to see Kent.     Kent […]


“They are not here to help us at all, in their eyes our Dorman lives are not lives at all! They are simply doing experiments with human lives.” This young man was in his early twenties, dressed in a trouser and shirt, the typical image of a young man in a modern country.     […]


Li Zheng’s pupils shrank, and he subconsciously stepped back, but the little girl’s hand was like a vise gripping him firmly. It was too late! The expected pain didn’t come, Li Zheng only felt a strong and warm palm, Liang Zhe’s hand held him tightly, dried bread crumbs from the center of their palms, fell. […]