In his previous life, Li Zheng wasn’t only a professor at Huaqing University, but also the director of the National Institute of Drug Research, and he was no stranger to the medical problems that would ravage the clinical frontline thirty years later.

Li Zheng remembered that a week before his sudden death, the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China had made a report on the issue of drug-resistant strains at a national health conference and made it a priority in the next five-year plan. This was an important indicator in the year-end assessment of hospitals.

In Li Zheng’s opinion, this was an overkill. Many big city hospitals, patients with fevers less than thirty-nine degrees didn’t get any attention, they had to give up the big hospitals and go to small clinics.

Zhang Yuejun took off a large box of information on the table.

“This is all the information and manuscripts in Professor Xu’s lab.”

Li Zheng nodded, rummaged through the box, and found a somewhat yellowed cowhide notebook.

This was Xu Mingsheng’s project notes, he hastily flipped through them, his prep work had been done perfectly, all the information was divided into categories, what information could be obtained from what conclusions was clear. This made it convenient for Li Zheng to continue.

“The samples from the hospital haven’t arrived yet?” Li Zheng looked at his watch and frowned tightly.

It was already 9:30 p.m., and the rain and snow hit the glass windows of the laboratory with a soft knocking sound.

“I just came in, someone will be here soon.”

Li Zheng pursed his lips, he put the notebook in his hand on the table, took off his lab coat, put on his jacket and ran into the rain with an umbrella, every minute was extremely precious, he wasn’t used to sitting inside the lab and waiting.

“Hey, Li Zheng, I’ll go with you!” Zhang Yuejun shouted behind him, not bothering to change his clothes, he put on a raincoat and quickly followed him.

The capitalist system was practiced in Hong Kong, and the capitalist system attached importance to the protection of private property, however, because of this, the city construction in Hong Kong wasn’t as good as the inland in the latter days. Because most of the land in Hong Kong was private, you had to pay monthly rent to the owner of the land on time to set up a street lamp on it, so the infrastructure of many places in Hong Kong wasn’t equivalent with its prosperous economy.

For example, the road from Qing Garden to the city center, there were very few street lights, in the cold dark night, only a little yellow light in the distance gave people hope.

Li Zheng and Zhang Yuejun walked about ten minutes, then they saw a woman in the snow with a flashlight in one hand, holding a large paper box in the other.

The paper box was somewhat wet, but the little girl used her body to block the snow.

The nurse’s white uniform looked particularly conspicuous in the darkness, and Li Zheng quickly stepped forward.

“Ffom Mary’s Hospital?” He opened his mouth and asked.

The little girl raised her head when she heard his voice, her body still covered the entire cardboard box making her posture look comical.

“I’m Li Zheng.”

“You are Mr. Li Zheng?”

The little girl called out in surprise, “Sorry, I sent the sample to the airport first, and then I came over a little late.”

The first case of drug-resistant strain infection was found in Mary’s Hospital two days ago, but because drug-resistant strain infection was a very rare phenomenon in Hong Kong, the hospital didn’t pay enough attention to it, and only asked the aunts who cleaned the sanitation to strengthen the disinfection.

It was only when there was a large outbreak of drug-resistant strains of infection in the hospital that a doctor found a paper by scholars in international journals discussing drug-resistant strains of bacteria, and the moment he saw the paper, cold sweat enveloped the doctor.

According to the instructions of the British General Hospital, Mary’s Hospital immediately blocked the hospital to avoid further spread of the drug-resistant strain, but it was a life-threatening test for those in the hospital, especially for the patients whose inflammation hadn’t yet completely subsided shortly after their surgeries.

Li Zheng took the box from the little girl’s hand, he took off his jacket and covered the carton, and then said to the little girl, “Go, have a cup of hot water in my lab, otherwise you will become one more infected person with drug-resistant bacteria.”

Saying that, he hugged the carton and quickly ran towards the laboratory.

The young girl was already drenched, but the information in the carton was completely dry.

Zhang Yuejun looked at the slightly thin back of Li Zheng, without a jacket, and had an indescribable feeling in his heart, as if there was an extremely passionate emotion in his heart, ready to burst out.

He jogged all the way to keep up, and when he ran into the lab, Li Zheng had already put the samples into the culture tank.

“Do the isolation measures before coming in.” Li Zheng heard the noise at the door and said without raising his head.

The mechanism of bacterial resistance was very complex, with the production of antibiotic inactivating enzymes and changes in the target of antibiotic action, to a variety of antibiotics to try and find the right one, it was definitely not an easy task.

If it was a multi-drug resistant bacterial infection …… Li Zheng’s hand holding the test tube tightened, then the existing antibiotics may not work.

“Zhang Yuejun, classify all antibacterial drugs by lactams, aminoglycosides, macrolides, tetracyclines, lincomycin and the others and we will try them one by one slowly.” Li Zheng said.

Repeated attempts, which was a boring and unskilled thing, Li Zheng hadn’t personally done similar work for a long time, but in front of life, there was no honourary professor, institute director, pharmaceutical genius, only a person who was trying to race against death.

When he focused on doing something, time passed extraordinarily fast, and before he knew it, it was already dawn.

Zheng Lingling and a few classmates slowly walked towards Qing Garden.

“We agreed, just take a look, if Li Zheng is doing experiments, you absolutely can’t go in and disturb.” Zheng Lingling looked at the crowd looking around and couldn’t help but speak again.

After the opening ceremony of the Qing Garden, Li Zheng hadn’t yet returned to school to attend classes, but the news that he had a private lab had long been spread around in Hong Kong University.

The students were still fighting for the qualification to enter the laboratory, yet a new transfer student actually had his own laboratory, and the news didn’t spare ink and praised the advanced equipments in Li Zheng’s laboratory, the beautiful environment, it vaguely put it above the existing biomedical laboratory, which naturally attracted the attention of people.

Li Zheng’s classmates, although they hadn’t yet graduated, but at least they were also people in the industry. In the principle of satisfying curiosity, a group of classmates quickly aimed at Zheng Lingling, who was recruited by Li Zheng.

“This is actually a laboratory! This is the villa area!” A girl couldn’t help but exclaim.

“This used to be a villa area, and because it was close to the school, my mom had planned to buy me a set here. Unfortunately, half of the villas were built and the developer went bankrupt.”

“No. 1 and No. 2 are Li Zheng’s own labs, and No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 are still vacant now.” Zheng Lingling introduced to the crowd.

“I said that you can only take a look.” Zheng Lingling stressed again.

Seeing everyone nodding, Zheng Lingling apprehensively led people towards lab number 2, only that strangely, lab number 2 was actually empty.

Could he be in lab 1? But didn’t Li Zheng say that only those doing work on vaccines, bacteria, viruses and the like would go to Lab 1?

“Lingling ah, I saw the initiative sent by the student council this morning. Isn’t it the flu outbreak now? There are not enough medical staff. Our medical students can volunteer.” A girl suddenly spoke up.

It was customary for medical school students to volunteer at hospitals, especially for members of the medical school student council, it was almost mandatory.

Zheng Lingling’s brow furrowed, she was indeed a member of the student council, but she was now a person with a job and a boss, she couldn’t take Li Zheng’s salary to do something else.

“You can ask Li Zheng to go with you.” As the girl continued, a blush quickly surfaced on her cheeks.

Zheng Lingling ……

She wasn’t a fool, she was also someone who had a boyfriend how could she not see through the girl’s mind?

Zheng Lingling shrugged, “You can try to invite him ah.” Although she had only worked in the laboratory for a few days, Zheng Lingling completely recognised the nature of Li Zheng, that person was a workaholic.

She felt that it was entirely possible for Li Zheng to spend his life in a lab.

The girl lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

In front of lab 1, Zheng Lingling pushed the door in and just stepped in, when she heard a serious voice coming from inside.

“Change your clothes, wear a mask, and take protective measures!”

Zheng Lingling was stunned, only then did she realize that there were actually three people in the lab, Li Zheng and Zhang Yuejun, Li Zheng kept writing things , while the other kept mixing substances.

Was this an experiment?

She immediately changed into a white coat and put on a mask, even if she couldn’t get her hands on it, it was good to watch for a while.

The rest of the students looked at each other, seeing that Li Zheng didn’t greet them, they couldn’t help but feel unhappy, with just a few achievements he had become arrogant, so many students came together yet they didn’t even get a greeting.

The students looked at each other, a trace of embarrassment on their faces, the girl who spoke earlier, with the encouragement of her peers spoke: “Li Zheng, with the flu outbreak, the major hospitals in Hong Kong lack workers, we intend to go volunteer, are you interested?”

“The tetracycline class can be considered to be ruled out, and the response of drug-resistant strains is so weak as to be negligible.” Li Zheng said to Zhang Yuejun while drawing a big cross on the four words tetracycline class on his notebook.

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