Xu Mingsheng’s surgery went well, and two days later, he woke up.

“Old Zhao and the others are really bad, what are they doing letting you come over, she is taking care of it.” Xu Mingsheng looked in good shape, although his face was still a bit pale, but his spirit had returned.

“Although Chen Sufen’s academic level is poor, but her clinical surgical ability is still worthy of recognition.” Xu Mingsheng said smilingly.

“Less talk won’t make you lose a piece of meat.” Chen Sufen came in from outside the ward wearing a white coat and carrying a hot water bottle, “A half way teacher yet he can still feel good about himself.”

Li Zheng stood up and greeted Chen Sufen, “Teacher’s wife.”

Chen Sufen looked at Li Zheng and her gaze softened a bit, “Sit down, sit down, don’t worry. Your teacher’s injury looks serious, but it’s actually fine. The bleeding points in his lungs have all been found and the bleeding has been stopped. As for the leg, it’s mostly muscle tissue damage, although slow to heal, but it’s not a major problem.”

“What do you mean by a halfway decent teacher, my academic level is internationally recognized! I ……” seeing that Xu Mingsheng still had the strength to argue. Li Zheng couldn’t help but relax, it seemed the problem wasn’t big.

About the lack of manpower in Li Zheng’s laboratory. Xu Mingsheng also gave his opinion, and he mentioned many candidates that Li Zheng had never heard of before.

“There are not many candidates readily available, but it’s not like there aren’t any.” Xu Mingsheng frowned, he seemed to think of something, there were a few complex expressions on his face, “I’ll give you the contact information of a few people, see if you can invite them.”

And he wrote down several names and addresses in the notebook handed over by Li Zheng.

Zhong Peng, 1107, 11th floor, 64 East Huanmen Street, Nine Dragons.

Wen Xuefeng, Room 2214, Teachers’ Dormitory, Hong Kong’s Dongchen University.

Ma Wenmin, Room 2019, Teachers’ Dormitory, Hong Kong’s Dongchen University.

“Dongchen University?” Whether in his previous life or in this life, Li Zheng had never heard of such a university in Hong Kong.

“Privately opened, they used connections to get the university qualification. If you can’t get into a university and want a diploma, going to such a school is best. But you don’t pay attention to the fact that the school isn’t really known, they have talented people.”

“Zhong Peng, he used to be a professor at the University of Hong Kong, because his temper was too impulsive, he scolded a student badly. The student jumped off the building. That’s why he left the school. As for Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin, their academic attainments are very high ah, you know the old man Liu in China, they are his students. Because of the bad situation inland a few years ago, they came to Hong Kong.” Xu Mingsheng said.

Old Mr. Liu, Li Zheng naturally knew him, a national treasure in China’s biology circle. He was of the same generation as Tong Zhou, the old man lived a long time and only died in the late nineties, he was well known in China.

“Thanks a lot, teacher, I will visit them one by one.” Li Zheng sincerely said thanks.

Xu Mingsheng shook his head, “They are not easy to convince, it’s up to your luck.”

At two or three o’clock, students from the University of Hong Kong came to see Xu Mingsheng one after another, so Li Zheng said goodbye Chen Sufen and left. When he walked out of the ward, Li Zheng’s brow furrowed slightly, his gaze couldn’t help but fall on the cleaning aunt who was scrubbing the floor hard not far away.

Even if the hospital needed to do a good job of disinfection, but Mary’s Hospital disinfection was too diligent, he arrived at the hospital at 12:30 p.m and it was 2:30 p.m now, but in two hours, the corridor floor was disinfected twice.

Li Zheng’s heart was vaguely uneasy, so he took two steps forward and asked, “Auntie, I see you’ve been scrubbing the floor all day, are you always this busy every day?”

The cleaning lady looked up and saw that it was a handsome young man, and the impatience on her face eased a little.

“No, I don’t know what the hospital leaders are thinking, but they suddenly made us disinfect once every two hours. I get such a small salary, yet I don’t have any time to breathe, they are unreasonable.” The auntie was also full of grievances.

Something flashed in Li Zheng’s mind, but he couldn’t catch the key point.

What exactly was wrong?

With doubts, he looked back at the four words “Mary’s Hospital”, then he shook his head, perhaps he was too sensitive. The flu broke out in Hong Kong two days ago, the market’s cold medicine were out of stock, the hospital was crowded with patients, it was simply more lively than the vegetable market.

Perhaps it was in response to the flu that the hospital had stepped up its disinfection measures.

At 7 p.m. sharp, Li Zheng put down the work at hand, he casually cooked a bowl of noodles, and was about to start eating when he saw Zhang Yuejun run in panting.

“The hospital …… hospital is closed, Professor Chen said it’s a drug-resistant strain of infection, Professor Xu had a high fever at night and fell into a coma, before he entered the coma, he told Professor Chen he had information on the subject of drug-resistant strains in his laboratory, saying you are aware of it. Professor Chen didn’t have the phone number of your laboratory, so she gave me a call.” Zhang Yuejun finished in one breath, and the sides of his cheeks looked a little red from the strenuous exercise.

Li Zheng’s face instantly became gloomy. Drug-resistant strains, how could he not think of it.

In the eighties, the concept of drug-resistant strains was still rare in the domestic medical community, especially in the clinical frontline of hospitals. The horror of drug-resistant strains was discussed in the academic papers of experts and scholars.

In the 1980s, Hong Kong was like the mainland twenty years later, where the abuse of antibiotics was common. The compact pace of life made doctors and patients alike prefer treatments with quick results, and antibiotics became the best choice.

After repeated contact with the drug, the bacteria’s sensitivity to the drug decreased or even disappeared, resulting in the drug being less effective or even ineffective against drug-resistant bacteria. In the process of using antibacterial drugs, the patient had developed drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria or viruses were excreted through the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts and other organs, and spread to other patients through the above-mentioned pathways.

“D*mn! Give me the hospital number.” Drug-resistant strains of infection in thirty years later was also a clinical problem, especially this kind of nosocomial infection, would make the hospital morbidity and mortality rate rise greatly, Xu Mingsheng just after surgery, had extremely low resistance, he had been infected with drug-resistant strains of bacteria, if the inflammation couldn’t come down, it would be fatal!

Li Zheng nodded his head and immediately picked up the phone.

The phone only rang once before it was picked up, “Hello, hello.” It was a young female voice.

“May I ask if Professor Chen Sufen is here?” Chen Sufen wasn’t a doctor at Mary’s Hospital, but only a professor at Hong Kong University School of Medicine, and many doctors at Mary’s Hospital were her students.

“Ah! You are Mr. Li Zheng right, wait a minute!” The voice suddenly became excited, and Li Zheng could clearly hear the woman shouting through the phone, “Professor Chen, Mr. Li Zheng is on the phone.”

Immediately afterwards, there was a cacophony of noise at the other end of the phone, and not long after that, Chen Sufen’s voice came over from the other end of the phone.

“Li Zheng? Great, there is a drug-resistant strain of infection at Mary’s Hospital, and old Xu he …… was infected. Now the hospital has counted the number of people who have been confirmed infected, a total of 79 people, 54 people to be observed. The situation is very bleak, the antibiotics that should be used we have used, without much effect. Hong Kong research drug-resistant strains of laboratory is almost nothing, if the bacteria samples are sent to the United Kingdom, it will certainly be too late, so many patients in the hospital ……”

Chen Sufen said, her voice a little choked.

“I know it’s not right to put pressure on you, but I have no choice. Old Xu said that he happened to be researching the subject of drug-resistant strains, the information collected, you know where to it is. One sample has been sent to the airport, and another sample will be sent to your lab, Old Zhao and Wang will help. Boy, please!”

Li Zheng took a deep breath, becoming the benefactor of more than a hundred lives, he felt for the first time that his shoulders were so heavy. After two lifetimes of doing medicine, although he understood that pharmaceuticals were to cure diseases and save lives, but the simple cure rate data in the laboratory and the real human lives put together seemed so pale and weak.

For the first time, he felt that more than a hundred lives were not far in front of him, as long as he ran fast enough, he could save them, if he didn’t run fast enough ……

Beads of sweat slowly seeped out of Li Zheng’s forehead.

“I know, Professor Chen, don’t worry I’ll do my best. I need detailed data on the use of antibiotics at Mary’s Hospital in recent years, as well as information on the patients’ drug-resistant reactions in the past few days and the treatments you have already tried. There are others that I can’t think of at the moment, but I will need the information at any time during my experiment, and I need someone to be by the phone and work with me at all times.” Li Zheng swept a glance at the half-written schedule on the lab table and casually threw it into the trash. Immediately afterwards, he entered a working state.

“Okay, Xiao Wang will be by the phone twenty-four hours a day.” Chen Sufen listened to Li Zheng’s slightly commanding tone and felt slightly more at ease.

Li Zheng hung up the phone and turned back to see Zhang Yuejun’s slightly scared face. He went up and patted Zhang Yuejun’s shoulder, “Senior, this time you may have to stay awake for a few days again.”

Zhang Yuejun shook his head forcefully, “Li Zheng, what are you talking about, more than a hundred lives. You can order anytime, I have no other use.”

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