“These groups of experiments are being conducted simultaneously, pay attention to the recording time.” Li Zheng looked up at Zheng Lingling who came in wearing protective clothing and nodded to her, “There are not so many protective clothing in the lab, let them not enter the inner room. Lab 2’s refrigerator has drinks and desserts, you can entertain the students.”

Speaking of food, Li Zheng’s right hand unconsciously touched his stomach, yesterday he didn’t have time to eat noodles after Zhang Yuejun came running in. Yesterday’s bubble noodles were probably still on the table in lab 2 …….

“Gollum ~” His stomach disgracefully sounded.

Li Zheng’s mouth pursed into a straight line.

Zheng Lingling looked at Li Zheng and said, “You haven’t eaten? No dinner or no breakfast.” She knew Li Zheng’s habits, he was okay with eating instant noodles three meals a day, sometimes he forgot to eat and starved.

Two days ago, she sent out a recruitment advertisement for an aunt, and wanted to delay it for two more days, but looking at Li Zheng’s current appearance, she thought it would be better to lower the requirements so that the aunt could join earlier.

Li Zheng was silent for a while, and his eyes swept over Zhang Yuejun, who kept recording data, and the nurse, who was carefully classifying the data, and said, “Take a ten-minute break, and let’s have some bread to fill our stomachs.” He remembered that he still had a lot of bread in the refrigerator.

After saying that, he took the lead and walked towards the outside of the lab.

“Li Zheng …… are you doing experiments? Researching a new drug?” Seeing Li Zheng walking out, someone couldn’t help but ask.

Li Zheng smiled and shook his head, “Not really. Laboratory 1 is a P3 level laboratory, the project is not open to the public, if you are interested, you can see a few other laboratories.” Although he replied, he didn’t stop walking.

Li Zheng’s polite but detached attitude made the crowd feel embarrassed. But Li Zheng didn’t have the time to pay attention to the hearts of children, with a whole night of experiments down, his mood became more gloomy.

The existing antibiotics had to be tried again. The most likely of these was Pseudomonas, aeruginosa and maltophilia.

If it was twenty years later, Li Zheng could name numerous treatment options with his eyes closed, such as aminoglycosides (butamycarbamycin) + cephalosporin III (Shupson, ceftazidime) or quinolones (ciprofloxacin) + cephalosporin III (Shupson, ceftazidime), or ciprofloxacin + β-lactam enzyme containing inhibitors (Terzicin), and so on.

But now, in 1983, many of the drugs in these programs were not yet available.

“Li Zheng, it’s not good for you to stay in the lab all the time, sometimes it’s inspiring to go out for a walk. Going to the hospital as a volunteer is now the practice of our medical school, go with us.” The apple-faced girl was obviously still undeterred.

Li Zheng took out bread and milk from the refrigerator and gave them to Zhang Yuejun and others, “No, my experiment is in the nick of time. Wang Jing, go back to the hospital later, I need the patient medication records and case status from last night. Also, I just gave you several combination drug regimens written on white paper, tell Professor Chen to try them and tell me the patient’s clinical response before noon.”

“Zheng Lingling, have someone send a batch of mice over, it’ll be useful later.”

“Okay.” Wang Jing and Zheng Lingling immediately nodded their heads, Wang Jing didn’t stay long, she said hello to Li Zheng, took the milk with the bread in her mouth and ran out, as a nurse she knew better what this minute meant to the patient.

Li Zheng stuffed the last bite of bread, looked at the watch on his wrist, seven minutes, walking back would make it Ten minutes.

When the apple-faced girl saw that Li Zheng was leaving without staying for a few minutes, she stood up anxiously and reached out to grab Li Zheng’s arm, which was nimbly blocked by Zheng Lingling.

“Aren’t you guys going to be volunteers, go now. Such matters are better sooner rather than later.” The moment she stepped into Lab 1, Zheng Lingling knew that she was in trouble this time. Well, she admitted that she did feel a little smug, especially after the Governor and the Governor’s wife talked to her cordially at the unveiling of Li Zheng’s lab, and even her elder relatives in her family felt a little bit honored with it when they talked about it.

This taste of being affirmed as an individual rather than a family made Zheng Lingling a little swollen all of a sudden.

Today’s incident, although Li Zheng didn’t speak to her, she could see the dissatisfaction in Senior Zhang’s eyes, Zheng Lingling touched her nose, no, she had to make up for it.

“But ……”

“There’s no buts. The student union is familiar with all the major hospitals, I will help you contact them!”

When the group of students saw Zheng Lingling’s firm attitude, they could not say much. As the group headed out, they happened to see seven or eight professors from the medical school walking quickly towards the Qing Garden.

“Where is Li Zheng?” When Professor Zhao saw Zheng Lingling, he asked directly.

Seeing the gloomy expressions on the faces of the professors, Zheng Lingling couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe, “Li Zheng, he just entered the lab.”

The students hurriedly greeted, Professor Zhao swept over the students, his brow wrinkled into a Chuan, “What are you doing here, don’t interfere with Li Zheng’s business!”

The crowd looked at each other, they couldn’t say anything.

The professors also ignored them, and after getting the message that Li Zheng was in Lab No. 1, they immediately walked quickly towards the lab.

When the professors arrived, Li Zheng and Zhang Yuejun were recording the reactions of the third group of drug-resistant bacteria, and looking at the newly released data, Li Zheng was already 90 percent sure that the drug-resistant bacteria this time was Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Damn! He pounded the table hard.

Professor Zhao saw this scene when he came in, and his heart immediately dropped.

“Well, what are the results?” The group of professors carefully put on their protective suits and walked into the inner room of the laboratory.

Li Zheng didn’t say much and handed the data in his hand to Professor Zhao.

When Professor Zhao saw the experimental data, the expression on his face became more and more grim, and he passed the data to the group of professors.

It was only after a long time that someone spoke with difficulty, “Are you sure it’s a multi-drug resistant bacteria?”

Li Zheng nodded his head.

The laboratory was silent, the multi-drug resistant bacteria in the eighties, in the most medically advanced western Europe and America was also a well-known clinical problem, let alone in Hong Kong.

As far as they knew, it was difficult to find existing antibiotics that could fight Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

“I called Teacher Chen this morning and Professor Xu’s high temperature was out of control and his wound was very inflamed. Old Chen used three antibiotics at night, none of them had much response.” Professor Wang’s voice was low.

Although Xu Mingsheng was a little temperamental, he was very righteous, and fought for the medical school, all the professors here had benefited from his benefits.

Li Zheng’s nails sunk deep into his own flesh, he took a deep breath, trying to make his brain work properly, there was still time, it wasn’t over yet!

Yes, he still had time.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa was only sensitive to carbapenems, then he would develop a carbapenem drug!

Carbapenem antibiotics were a class of beta-lactam antibiotics modified from the structure of penicillin, which began to be used clinically in the mid to late eighties. Now there should be a pharmaceutical company who has developed carbapenem antibiotics, but still in the secret test stage, and not yet promoted to clinical applications.

In his previous life, Li Zheng majored in the direction of vaccines and cells, and was really not proficient in antibiotics, but the good thing was that vaccinology had a lot of commonalities with it, so that he didn’t become a fly without a head.

The first carbapenem antibiotic to be marketed was imipenem-cistatin, panipenem, meropenem, etc. The rest were developed with reference to pressed penem.

Li Zheng took out two penicillins from the experimental refrigerator. The structure of carbapenems was similar to the penicillin’s penicillin ring, and he had to make it from scratch.

“Professors, do you believe me?” Li Zheng suddenly spoke.

The group of professors were first stunned, then reacted and Professor Zhao spoke up, “You have a solution?”

Li Zheng took out the right amount of penicillin and poured it into the test tube, “Time is passing by minute by minute, we need to try if it goes this way, why not try?”

Li Zheng said it very easily, but it fell in the hearts of the group of professors like a boulder in a calm lake, yes, they were here, why not try hard?

Their colleague was still lying in the hospital bed, there were more than a hundred lives, and the fate of more than a hundred families, hundreds of people after these more than a hundred lives! What reason did they have not to try hard!

The eyes of the professors were serious, so old, but their awareness was not as good as a young man, they couldn’t help but blush a little.

“Li Zheng, do you have eyes? To tell you the truth, we old guys don’t have any. If you don’t have scruples, and can help at any time, we are no worse than this young man! ” Professor Zhao said very nobly.

All the professors nodded in succession. At their age, their fame gained status, so they didn’t pay much attention to some of these things. They didn’t feel any shame in helping a 17-year-old boy.

Li Zheng smiled, his face finally eased a few points, “I have a rough idea.” Saying that, he drew the structure of the penicillin ring on the blackboard of the laboratory, and then slowly changed the penicillin ring under the gleaming eyes of the professors.

“Carbapenems, a whole new set of antibiotics.”

Li Zheng’s words were loud and clear, causing everyone present to freeze in place, a brand new antibiotic? Did they hear wrong?

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