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The nanny car drove Zhou Yuhe to the entrance of a luxurious and bright high-class hotel.

As soon as he got out of the car, he saw Zhao Hua, the director of the hotel, standing at the entrance in a suit.

The two of them had met at the annual meeting, and they would also greet each other in the company, so there wasn’t much awkwardness now.

Zhou Yuhe nodded slightly and said “Good day, Brother Zhao”, then entered the hotel with him.

“Little Zhou, how’s your work going?” Zhao Hua asked Zhou Yuhe with a smile, and his words had a strong meaning of care.

This Zhao Hua was worthy of being in Ji Chen’s faction, and his style was very similar to Ji Chen.

When he met Zhao Hua in the company last year, he was still kind and friendly.

He didn’t look down on him because he was new, like other directors did.

Although Zhou Yuhe hated Ji Chen very much.

But he had to admit.

He was far more suitable than Ji Yuan to sit in the position of I.S president, he and his people were more likely to create an entertainment empire.

“I’ll try my best, if there’s anything I don’t understand on the field then please take care of me.” Zhou Yuhe said politely and humbly.

He was not pretending to be polite.

Although Zhou Yuhe was a reborn person, although he did have more than ten years of experience in the entertainment industry than ordinary artists.

But he knew that a person’s power was limited, no matter what, there would always be some areas that went unnoticed.

If there was someone around to watch, it was better.

After all, today’s meeting with several directors, was indeed heavyweight, he also attached great importance to it, so he didn’t want to make mistakes.

Being relied on by a popular artist, Zhao Hua’s mood was, of course, indescribably happy. It was no wonder that so many people liked him, including his young master, who was also infatuated with him.

If he was twenty years old and as popular as him, he wouldn’t still be so understanding and polite.

Zhao Hua laughed: “You don’t have to worry too much, today’s meeting is for you to meet a few directors, we know each other, if you don’t make any big mistakes, someone on the top will naturally help you cope.”

Zhou Yuhe was confused: “The top?”

Zhao Hua smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Zhou Yuhe still wanted to ask, but he pulled the door of the box open.

The VIP box with extravagant decoration had several familiar faces he had seen in his previous life, they were all big directors that Zhou Yuhe had contact with or heard of in his previous life.

Then Zhou Yuhe’s eyes fell on a corner of the box, his body froze for a moment.

Zhao Hua stepped into the box first.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhou Yuhe also followed.

“This is director Zhou, this is director Liao, this is director Zhuo, teacher Zhuo ……” Zhao Hua introduced Zhou Yuhe to them one by one.

“Hello director Zhou, hello director Liao, teacher Zhuo I have seen your drame, I really like the use of color in it ……” Zhou Yuhe politely greeted them according to Zhao Hua’s introduction, and then – –

“Mr. Ji.”

Zhou Yuhe said nonchalantly.

Ji Chen smiled and stretched out his hand to an empty seat to the side as a gesture of invitation, “Sit.”

His eyes flashed with a cunning light.

“Mr. Ji, tonight you couldn’t even dare refute a single accusation from your uncle, I don’t know where you got the confidence to make such a promise to me.”

“Good, Zhou Yuhe, you are very good.”

“It won’t be long before you have the chance to see what I can do, and I hope you will still be able to maintain the same pride you have now until that day.”
That day had come.

Director Zhou, Director Liao and Director Zhuo.

Three great directors who were titans of the film industry.

Before he came, he was thinking that I.S, no matter how much they valued him, would not be willing to introduce so many heavyweight resources to him all at once, right?

It turned out that Ji Chen had authorized it.

He also made a move to preempt the situation.

If Zhou Yuhe had known in advance that it was Ji Chen’s intention, even if he refused to come, the company would have helped him to cover up and not make things too ugly.

But now that he was here, he couldn’t just ignore them and walk away unless he didn’t want to mix in the film industry.

Ji Chen did this, the first reason was to make Zhou Yuhe accept his favour, so he could remove the shame he felt in the annual meeting.

On the other hand, he also really wanted to show his social skills in front of Zhou Yuhe.

So with a drink or two, he chatted with the directors.

At some point, Zhao Hua had soundlessly retreated.

Zhou Yuhe kept a decent smile and listened to the men’s boastful talk at the banquet.

Ji Chen and the directors chatted about business matters, and every now and then they would mention Zhou Yuhe a couple of times, a newcomer without knowledge of the business would have been very grateful.

But Zhou Yuhe had already gone through this routine once in his last life.

He introduces you, praises you in front of the director, and makes you feel proud.

It seems to be for your own good.

But un fact, it was still for himself.

In the last life, Zhou Yuhe just didn’t understand anything, and thought that Ji Chen was wholeheartedly for Zhou Yuhe’s career.

When he got popular to certain extent, he found out that it was just an investment of Ji Chen.

Giving was to ask for more from you.

Zhou Yuhe lowered his eyes and nodded from time to time, he modestly said that his achievements came from the opportunity given by the company, everything was the company, a business was business without the slightest personal emotion.

The few big directors present looked at Ji Chen and Zhou Yuhe with inevitable subtlety.

Everyone knew that the current I.S, was his uncle’s I.S, Ji Chen had no reason and wouldn’t go to help his uncle to push artists, today’s outing to promote Zhou Yuhe, obviously had a hidden agenda.

But looking at Zhou Yuhe’s attitude, it didn’t seem to be?

Could it be that Boss Ji still hadn’t gotten him? He was chasing?

This was a bit interesting.

The directors’ playful eyes obviously made the sensitive Ji Chen a bit uncomfortable.

“Yuhe, let’s toast for director Zhuo’s movie to sell well.” Ji Chen bit the “Yuhe” and “let’s” to be particularly intimate.

Zhou Yuhe looked at the glass on the table and felt that it was neither right nor wrong to toast.

Just when the atmosphere was about to become awkward.

A knock sounded on the door.

Director Zhuo, the eldest person in the room, raised his voice and said, “Please come in.”

The door of the box was opened and a magnetic laugh with the smell of alcohol came in through the door.

“Director Zhuo I heard your voice from next door a long time ago, Director Zhou, Liao, you’re also here?”

The person’s voice was very nice and cheerful and friendly, and didn’t make people feel offended.

On the contrary, several directors present took a look at the door and immediately yelled.

“Yifeng ah! Why didn’t you mention earlier that you were next door! Come in and have a couple of drinks!”

Their tone with him and Ji Chen was completely different.

Xie Yifeng also didn’t squirm, he opened the door and came in and sat directly next to Zhou Yuhe, picked up the red wine on his table and began to toast several directors.

His action was too natural, so much so that several directors didn’t notice that he was drinking Zhou Yuhe’s wine.

They listened to Xie Yifeng’s flattering words that was seven parts sincere and three parts complimentary, and felt their heads growing bigger.

Only Ji Chen noticed it, and his face immediately went cold.

He couldn’t imagine that Xie Yifeng would react faster this time.

“Mr. Ji! You’re here too, we haven’t seen each other for too long, I heard that the movie you recently released did well at the box office, I’ll drink to you.” Xie Yifeng’s face with a slightly tinge revealed a very sincere smile.

As if they had always had a good relationship with each other.

The business and entertainment industry was like this.

If you wanted to have a good relationship, you needed to have a thick skin.

Ji Chen stared at his smiling face for a second, feeling that he couldn’t compare, so he immediately also hooked up a business smile, clinked glasses with him and said, “It’s all about the director and the script, I’m just a newcomer.”

Xie Yifeng laughed: “You are also too modest.”

Ji Chen also smiled: “…… By the way, you were really coincidentally next door?”

Xie Yifeng’s smile looked very hateful: “It’s too much of a coincidence.”

The dull and depressing room because of Xie Yifeng’s appearance, seemed to be injected with a whole dose of vitality, all of them relaxed a lot, especially Zhou Yuhe.

The moment Xie Yifeng grabbed his hand when he sat down, his whole heart seemed to settle down.

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