After solving the online matter, with a relaxed mood, Shi Fei was ready to enter his new company ‘Yiyuan Studio’.

Turning his head to see the studio, he instantly felt he had no confidence, Shi Fei said slyly: “I kind of regret bringing you here, or go, it’s not too late. I feel like I’ll enter a fire pit if I stay”

With his guitar box, He Xiaobei smiled in response, “Where you go, I follow.”

Yu Zixing whispered, “Is the food provided?”

Wu Yan asked: “Does it provide accommodation?”

Before Shi Fei could answer, a handsome man ran out from inside, looking about thirty years old, he came out and gave Shi Fei a warm hug: “Little Fei Fei, you’re finally here.”

Yu Zixing grew up abroad and didn’t recognise him, but He Xiaobei and Wu Yan recognised him: “Brother Fei, you said it’s your friend’s studio, is it Senior Song Yiyuan?”

Song Yiyuan debuted at the age of fifteen, in that era when internet wasn’t important, his influence and popularity by fans wasn’t worse than the current Jiang Yu, it was extremely hard to get tickets to his concerts.

He later turned to the film and television industry, with his hard work and willingness to advance, his acting skill slowly gained support from everyone.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t popular now.

“Don’t come close, this is the company you mentioned? It covers 20,000 square meters?” Shi Fei disliked looking at the company that looked like a factory building, but it wasn’t beautiful and tall at all.

“Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, spacious offices, dormitory conditions are excellent ……”

Shi Fei pursed his lips, with an expression of disbelief.

“Well, I’ll be honest. This was originally a handicraft factory, then they went bankrupt and rented it out as an office space. It’s good, that is, wide and far from the city, it’s quiet too.” Song Yiyuan said proudly.

“It’s because it’s cheap, right?” Shi Fei exposed him mercilessly.

“Let me show you inside first.” Song Yiyuan didn’t care about being exposed, he smiled as he guided them inside.

After a round of introduction, everyone had a more profound understanding of this so-called ‘Yiyuan Studio’.

The venue was really big, but the entire studio staff together was less than five.

“Senior Song Yiyuan, aren’t you a senior in the entertainment industry? How did you become like this?” He Xiaobei asked with some curiosity.

Yu Zixing and Wu Yan also stretched their heads, wanting to hear.

He was a big actor two years ago, and then somehow he stopped being popular, and he gradually disappeared from the screen.

He Xiaobei and many of them even thought Song Yiyuan was out of the entertainment industry.

Song Yiyuan sighed and told the story.

It turned out that Song Yiyuan was also an artist of Star Media company, Star Media made him famous, and of course also made a lot of money from him.

He had the idea of slowly moving backstage for a few years, but unfortunately the company never agreed.

Song Yiyuan also didn’t force the request, he waited till the end of his contract so he could leave the company.

Unfortunately, the company wasn’t willing to let him go, and even wanted to renew his contract for another eight years, but Song Yiyuan didn’t agree.

Later on, something happened that caused Song Yiyuan and Star Media to break up completely.

In the two years since he left Star Media, he had been suppressed by Star Media, and some of the projects that were originally negotiated were blown off, and the investors that negotiated for it also withdrew their funds halfway.

He originally wanted to find some actors to support the studio, but Star Media blocked him in this regard.

“But senior was in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, don’t you have friends willing to help you?” He Xiaobei asked in doubt.

Song Yiyuan shook his head and said, “The entertainment industry doesn’t forever friends, I am now suffering from suppression, if they get too close to me, it’s the same as offending the Media, except the five giant companies, how many people would dare ah.”

Yu Zixing and Wu Yan looked at Shi Fei, meaning that there were still people who dared.

“He’s different, he’s not quite right in the head in the first place.” Song Yiyuan smiled and said, “He even stirred up a show as big as <<The Strongest Idol>>, his mind can’t be thought of in normal terms.”

Shi Fei looked at He Xiaobei, Yu Zixing and Wu Yan and said, “Now that things have been said, do you want to reconsider? I myself have offended Star Media, unless I don’t want to be in the entertainment industry, no matter which company I join, I will be targeted. The few of you are different, as long as you don’t get too close to me, Star Media won’t do anything to you, but once you follow me and join Yiyuan Studio, then you will also suffer from the blocking of this company.”

For Song Yiyuan, from the company’s point of view, of course, he hoped that they all joined the ‘Yiyuan Studio’, but Shi Fei also had a point, once they joined, it showed that they opposed Star Media.

He Xiaobei said, “Brother Fei, I actually know that my nature is not suitable for the entertainment industry, if not for your protection along the way, I was not even aware that I was being targeted. So no matter what, I will follow you, where you go I go.”

Yu Zixing said, “Your studio includes food and housing, with a salary?”

Song Yiyuan nodded and said, “That must be managed.”

Yu Zixing laughed and said, “You are really good people.”

Shi Fei held his forehead, food, housing and salary meant they were good people? He was afraid Yu Zixing had some misunderstanding of the word ‘good guy’.

Wu Yan thought about it, he looked at Song Yiyuan and sais, “I heard that you are a dance master.”

Shi Fei couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Song Yiyuan had singing and dancing background, his dancing and singing was naturally not bad, his nature was spontaneous, he was serious about his work.

Song Yiyuan asked: “What do you want?”

Wu Yan said, “Teach me to dance, I’ll join your studio.”

Song Yiyuan wanted to cry: “My Young Master Wu Yan, please spare me. I was a good dancer when I was young, but then I became an actor, I haven’t danced for many years, and now I have old arms and legs, I can’t even do the splits, so I can’t teach people.”

Wu Yan said, “Then hire a dance teacher for me.”

Song Yiyuan gritted his teeth and said, “No problem, tomorrow I will go arrange one for you.”

Shi Fei grabbed a handful of melon seeds and said, “Don’t be so hasty, Wu Yan’s dance skills are more than enough to be a teacher, the general dance teacher can’t teach him.”

Meaning that it must be the very capable kind, but that kind was relatively expensive.

For Song Yiyuan, he was now most short of money.

“Oh” Song Yiyuan looked at Shi Fei with difficulty, “Or can’t you sponsor some?”

Shi Fei pretended not hear and continue eating the melon seeds.

In the end, all four of them joined Song Yiyuan’s studio, but he only gave them a one year contract.

Shi Fei knew that although Song Yiyuan looked liked he was luring everyone in, he was still considerate, one year wasn’t too long.

When Wu Ziqiang found out, he almost thought he heard wrong, “What did you say? Shi Fei and the three of them joined the ‘Yiyuan Studio'”

Assistant: “Yeah, I don’t know what they were thinking.”

Wu Ziqiang tried to understand the news, “Yiyuan Studio is not yet bankrupt? I thought it was done long ago.”

The assistant mockingly said, “They have no team, it’s Song Yiyuan who has been holding it together. But the company cracked down on him, so Song Yiyuan has not been able to receive any work, I heard that Song Yiyuan is now poor and cannot even pay the rent. It is estimated that he wants to use Shi Fei and the rest’s popularity to make a final stand.”

Wu Ziqiang laughed, “Good, very good. With Song Yiyuan’s current situation, what jobs can they receive? Keep an eye on them, I won’t allow Shi Fei get bookings.”

His eyes were filled with hostility.

Gu group’s president office.

“Several of them have joined Song Yiyuan’s studio. But Yiyuan studio has been suppressed by Star media in the past two years, their operation is not very good.” Assistant Zhang handed Song Yiyuan’s personal situation to Gu Yueze to look at.

Gu Yueze was very serious as he looked through it, he originally asked his assistant to book the next live tickets of “The strongest idol”, he didn’t expect that Shi Fei would withdraw from the show.

“Star Media as one of the five giants of the entertainment industry, if they want to suppress Shi Fei and the others, they may really make him unable to receive a single job.” After all, when an old-timer like Song Yiyuan faced the suppression of Star Media, he was powerless to fight back.

“I remember Wei Weidong came to the company to talk about an investment before, right?”

“Yes, he seems to be running a reality show this time, he’s trying to pull in sponsors. But you didn’t want to see him at that time, so I sent him away.” Assistant Zhang replied.

Wei Weidong was a well-known reality show director.

“Arrange a time for me to meet him in the evening.” Gu Yueze simply said.

Assistant Zhang understood, Mr. Gu was planning to create an opportunity for Shi Fei, to help him.

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