He Zhongming didn’t seem to expect that there would be so many people inside the lab. Meeting Zheng Lingling’s puzzled gaze, he looked a bit lame.

Li Zheng nodded apologetically to Mr. White, then turned around and walked towards He Zhongming, “What can I do for you?”

Li Zheng had a bad feeling about He Zhongming, but not enough to hate this “good” classmate. According to his own words, the older ones always had to have some tolerance for these youngsters.

He Zhongming jerked his head, his eyes swept over the well-decorated, advanced equipment laboratory, his heart seemed to be on fire. These …… things were bought with his family’s life-saving money!

He spoke hoarsely: “My father ran away, and last night the debt collectors sat in front of our house for a whole night. My mother didn’t dare to go out to buy food, she gave the only piece of bread to me and my sister, and starved herself all night. The debtors are still blocking the door, and I came out over the wall.”

Zheng Lingling covered her mouth in surprise, but Li Zheng’s brow slowly creased.

“You came to me just to say this?” If it was to borrow money, at least put up the appearance of borrowing money, the beginning was such a big paragraph, did he think that by selling misery, people would rightfully lend a helping hand?

He Zhongming’s face instantly became red, and his handsome face had a sarcastic smile. “Yes, how can the fate of our small family be put in the eyes of you, a big biologist? You made an original medicine to save the fate of countless families. Do you know that my life is ruined because of you! “

He Zhongming’s voice echoed in the empty laboratory.

Li Zheng frowned more and more, the noise reduction effect of the laboratory seemed to have not done well enough.

“Because of me?” Li Zheng couldn’t help but feel a little amused, he was just a scholar, and not a hegemonic president who was the cool king of the sky in a novel, he could also be involved in this kind of thing?

“Student He, I think you are an adult, you should understand that you need to speak and act with your head.” Li Zheng was obviously impatient, his gaze was straight at He Zhongming without dodging, and in his heart, he added a “will be difficult to succeed” to this classmate who seemed very good to everyone.

He Zhongming was uncomfortable with Li Zheng’s condescending look, and under this kind of gaze, he felt like a clown.

“Where did you get the money to buy this piece of land?” He Zhongming suddenly opened his mouth and asked.

Li Zheng was dumbfounded, “Mr. He, do I need to explain this to you as well?”

His patience was completely exhausted, Li Zheng looked at Xiao Zhang, who nodded with a solemn face and immediately tugged He Zhongming’s arm, signaling that it was time for him to go out.

He Zhongming fiercely shook off Zhang’s hand, “I dare not say it, you took the money from Yuehua Bank. You domineeringly took a quarter of Yuehua’s loan quota. Many people who obviously could have been approved for the loan were unable to borrow the money because of you, causing their factories to close down!”

The engineers discussed quietly in English, they looked at He Zhongming with strange eyes, apparently, the foreigners couldn’t understand how the man in front of them could be so justified in taking such things out on others. Shouldn’t it be the norm for the capital market to be a race?

Li Zheng finally understood what He Zhongming meant, and the shock on his face was hard to conceal. He had felt that the middle-aged man he saw at the entrance of the school that day looked somewhat familiar, it turned out that he had seen him at the reception desk of Yuehua Bank.

He was quite impressed with that middle-aged man, and it turned out …… that he was He Zhongming’s father?

He did understand the psychology of He Zhongming, life’s losers often liked to find the reason from others, not to mention that this other person was still the person he hated, so all the mistakes was put on him, He Zhongming had no psychological pressure.

Li Zheng understood, but he wasn’t going to accept this wonderful charge. He glanced at He Zhongming and called Ma Zhendong in front of him.

“Beep” the phone was answered after two rings.

Li Zheng pressed the speakerphone button.

“Mr. Ma, hello, this is Li Zheng.”

Ma Zhendong’s enthusiastic voice came from the other end of the phone. These days, the TV and newspapers in Hong Kong had reported Li Zheng, a pharmaceutical genius.

And how long did it take Li Zheng? Ma Zhendong counted on his fingers, just half a month after the last drug catalyst patent, and Li Zheng developed a new drug!

This was a genius! And a genius who could print money!

“Mr. Li Zheng! How are you? I heard that you have established a special disease foundation, very impressive. If there is anything you need from Yuehua Bank, just tell me. As long as you ask, I will definitely get the money ready for you!”

Li Zheng lightly laughed, glanced at the angry He Zhongming, and said, “I don’t dare to use Mr. Ma’s money, I’m afraid I’ll have a life to take money but no life to spend.”

Li Zheng’s words weren’t heavy, but Ma Zhendong obviously froze, now, Li Zheng for him was a big customer or a quality customer. And he heard that this young genius also had a close personal relationship with Mr. Liang. Since Mr. Liang regained control of the Liang family, the lion of the Liang family was slowly waking up, and the sword head was pointing directly at the popular Bao family.

“What do you mean by that?” Ma Zhendong was very polite to Li Zheng.

“Just now, a man rushed to my lab and accused me of bankrupting his family because I took a quarterly loan line from your bank. Fortunately, this person was just a student with no hands, what if it was a different thug who was overwhelmed by anger and used violence?” Li Zheng’s voice was cold, one could understand the strong discontent of the owner of the voice at first hearing.

The sound of a glass being slammed on the ground came from the other end of the phone, “It must be those brats who have big mouths! Mr. Li Zheng, you can rest assured that I will give you an explanation for this matter!” Ma Zhendong seemed to be furious, gasping for breath as he spoke.

It was no surprise that he was so angry, revealing the privacy of customers in their business was a taboo, not to mention that it had caused such bad consequences. If this matter got out, who would dare to loan to Yuehua Bank!

“President Ma, before that, explain to this intruder, what business is. By the way, his surname is He.” Li Zheng finished and turned to He Zhongming, “Student He, I sympathize with your encounter, but I don’t accept a word of your accusation.”

Ma Zhendong on the other end of the phone seemed to think of something, “Surname He? Lianhua Clothing’s He factory manager? What a joke! Even without you, Mr. Li Zheng, I would not have approved this loan, he thought that stuffing some money to deal with those boys in the business department would be good? Please, looking at the current market trend, even I know that the financial business is not doing well. Foreign brands are moving in one by one, but he is still not enterprising, holding on to his label business, I already got the news three months ago, that his customers because of the high labor costs in Hong Kong, plans to go to Vietnam or India to find a factory.”

   He Zhongming clenched his fist tightly, his nails gouged into the flesh of his palm without even knowing it, “You’re saying nonsense, the quality of our Lianhua clothing is famous in Hong Kong!” He still remembered his father hugging him as a child and telling him that Lianhua was the best garment factory in Hong Kong, using the best materials and making the best clothes!

“The quality of Lianhua’s clothes is good, but the market doesn’t want the best, but the most suitable. India and Vietnam have cheaper labor there, cheaper OEM fees, and those branded clothes can save big money for packaging and promotion.”

Ma Zhendong’s words knocked on He Zhongming’s heart word by word, smashing his pride to pieces.

“He Zhongming, be reasonable! You might as well blame me for this kind of thing, I was the one who introduced him to Yuehua Bank for the loan!” Xu Mingsheng stood at the door at some point, and together with him were several highly respected professors from the medical school.

Among them was Professor Li, who was once very optimistic about He Zhongming. Professor Li even thought of letting He Zhongming stay as his graduate student when he graduated from undergraduate school, but now it seemed that although this person had good grades, his heart and character still needed to be considered.

The blood on He Zhongming’s face faded cleanly, “Dean Xu, Professor Li, Professor Zhao, Professor Qian ……” looking at those professors looking at him, he knew he was finished.

“Teacher, you guys are here.” Li Zheng finally had a sincere smile on his face, “I remember my invitation was written for tomorrow.”

Xu Mingsheng glanced at him, “You still have the nerve to say that, Mr. White is here and you didn’t even tell us!” Xu Mingsheng said, walking towards Mr. White with a smile.

The circle of top scholars was only so big, Xu Mingsheng and Old White had heard of each other, but of course, in terms of status in the circle alone, Xu Mingsheng was far inferior to Old White, and he was able to enter that circle probably because there was only one University of Hong Kong in the list of top universities in the world.

Old White was also full of smiles as Xu Mingsheng and the other people exchanged pleasantries, the crowd coincidentally ignored the existence of He Zhongming.

“Class president ……” Zheng Lingling looked at He Zhongming with a complicated gaze, the environment in the university was still very simple, a handsome looking, gentle character was easy to gain the goodwill of girls, and He Zhongming in the heart of the female students of Hong Kong University, had always been a male god.

He Zhongming’s lips trembled slightly, unable to say anything.

Li Zheng sighed. Being treated like this by He Zhongming, he was actually not very angry.

But it was also true that an adult wasn’t likely to bother with unreasonable children, and the people standing at the top of the mountain wouldn’t bother with the cursing and swearing of the people at the foot of the mountain. In his last life, he was an honorary professor at Huaqing University, and although he had only given a few classes to students, he had a natural sense of tolerance for students.

Was it an occupational disease?

He pursed his lips and walked over to He Zhongming, “If I were you, I wouldn’t be clamoring to put the blame on someone else’s head. Your father left, as the only adult man in the family, you should take the responsibility. Your mother and sister are still surrounded by creditors, and they should be very scared. Go back, sell what should be sold, and pay off the debt. However much is left, I can be your guarantor for you to get a loan from the bank.”

The surrounding area was quiet all of a sudden, and almost everyone’s eyes were gathered on Li Zheng’s body.

Li Zheng got goosebumps from them and the expressions on their faces. Was his behavior strange? Teachers would criticize when they should scold and criticize, and they would help later. Li Zheng reflected a little, ahem. This time, just consider it a compassionate outburst. Pay attention next time, pay attention next time.

He Zhongming looked fixedly at Li Zheng, for the first time felt what it meant to be ashamed of oneself, he clenched on the flesh beside his teeth, biting so hard that he could feel the taste of rust in his throat before he spoke hoarsely: “No, I’ll sell the factory, it should be enough to pay back the money.”

Surprised at his calmness of mind, Li Zheng gave him a look and nodded. He hesitated for a moment and gave a look to Zheng Lingling before turning around and walking towards Old White and Xu Mingsheng and the others.

Zheng Lingling’s eyes shone with adoration, she felt that if the former He Zhongming was a male god, then Li Zheng was a real god! It was amazing!

Zheng Lingling received a gesture from Li Zheng’s eyes, nodded, and immediately trotted to He Zhongming’s side.

“Thank you.”

A quiet voice like a mosquito’s came from behind, Li Zheng’s footsteps paused, and then the corners of his mouth rose into an arc, children, although a little small-minded, but right and wrong was still clear.

Old White was obviously very interested in Dixon’s products, he and his team carried a few instruments to study, Li Zheng felt that, if Mr. White wasn’t, he would hate to dismantle these big guys.

Old White studied for one night, and Li Zheng and his team stayed with him for one night, so when the opening ceremony was held the next day, Li Zheng and a group of old professors from Hong Kong University all appeared with dark circles under their eyes.

Liang Zhe learned his lesson from the last time and got up at six in the morning, freshened up, and had breakfast when he arrived at the Qing Garden at eight o’clock, an hour before the official opening ceremony.

Together with him, there were also Zhou Sitian, Zhang BingKun, and Liu Zhidong.

Liu Zhidong’s mood these days couldn’t be considered happy. The advertisement that Zhou Sitian shot was obviously pushed out by Li Wenhui herself, but those unknown media thought that Zhou Sitian stole Li Wenhui’s resources and had to compare the two together.

Zhou Sitian was younger than Li Wenhui, prettier than Li Wenhui, and even had a better image than Li Wenhui. Those boring media had to step on Li Wenhui to promote Zhou Sitian in order to gain attention, which made Li Wenhui annoyed.

Li Wenhui had been in the entertainment industry for so long that she naturally had her own contacts. So the gossip weekly soon broke the news that the new flower Zhou Sitian was dating someone intimately, and from the photos, it looked like the person she was dating was not young. The news about Zhou Sitian selling herself out by hugging a man’s thighs was now very much in the air, and her image of a pure girl was at stake.

Liu Zhidong had been an agent for so many years, naturally, he knew the importance of image to an actress. If she really held the thighs, it was okay to say, naturally, someone could give her resources as a backer.

But if it was clear that there was none, but her image was dragged down, then go cry. The people didn’t want the screen to have an unclean actress.

Originally because the first ad was well-received, brands had called, if the adverse effects couldn’t be eliminated in a short period of time, the latter contract wouldn’t be renewed.

Liu Zhidong felt like he was holding a hot pot of ants, but Zhou Sitian, the party in question, did not take it to heart at all. She was thinking about his brother’s unveiling.

What unveiling? Liu Zhidong couldn’t recall.

Liu Zhidong and Li Zheng also just had a one-sided encounter, they hastily met, plus Li Zheng proposed to not let Zhou Sitian go into the entertainment industry, Liu Zhidong was scared then, so he didn’t pay attention to remember Li Zheng’s face.

He knew that Zhou Sitian’s brother had some origins, but didn’t in any way associate the pharmaceutical genius on TV and in the news with Li Zheng.

And Li Zheng’s news generally appeared in the official channel, the newspaper was also the Hong Kong Daily, an official newspaper with strong colors. And what Liu Zhidong read every day were entertainment reports, entertainment magazines. Li Zheng was once on the front page of an entertainment journal, but it was only a side face, so it was hard for people who were not familiar with him to recognize him.

“Brother Liu, don’t look so weepy, today is a good day for Xiao Zheng.”


Liu Zhidong laughed bitterly, “Aigoo, my aunt ah, you still have the heart to laugh. Today they can say that you and the old man dating, tomorrow they can make up ……” looking at Zhou Sitian a dumbfounded expression, he waved his hand, “forget it, attend your brother’s unveiling. ”

Liu Zhidong’s expression became more depressed.

The car suddenly stopped, Zhou Sitian looked up, it turned out to have arrived at the entrance of Qing Garden, the gates of Qing Garden opened. A black stretch Rolls-Royce in the front and two small car escorts slowly drove towards the gate.

As a result, Zhou Sitian’s car stopped to one side to make way for the motorcade.

Liu Zhidong rolled down the window and poked his head out, “What kind of people are making such a big show?”

He looked at the huge stone block, with gold powder coated with the large word Qing Garden, “Your brother opened a resort?”

Zhou Sitian couldn’t help but roll her eyes, you are the one who opened the resort, your whole family opened resort!

Zhang Bingkun on the side lightly laughed.

Their car followed the convoy slowly into the Qing Garden, because there was still an hour before the opening ceremony, there were not many guests in the Green Park, Zhou Sitian jumped out of the car, just in time to see the driver help Liang Zhe open the door.

Her face instantly sank, seeing Liang Zhe, she thought of his “ugly” comment!

Liang Zhe also saw her, his expressionless face showed a rare trace of embarrassment, he hesitated, but still walked over.

“Sister ……”

Oh, she didn’t want an extra brother at all.

“I can’t afford to be a sister for Mr. Liang, Mr. Liang, call me Miss Zhou or even call me Zhou Sitian.” Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, women were careful, and could remember for life.

Liang Zhe frowned slightly and thought it was better for him not to call Zhou Sitian by her name, so he didn’t say anything.

Liang Zhe did not speak, Zhou Sitian also didn’t speak, the atmosphere between the two became awkward for a while.

Liu Zhidong could see that Liang Zhe was coming down from the long Rolls Royce, which wasn’t a car that ordinary people could drive in Hong Kong. He hurriedly went forward to round up the scene, “Sitian, this is?” Zhou Sitian’s brother didn’t seem to look like this, right?

Although Liu Zhidong didn’t remember Li Zheng’s face, Li Zheng’s exclusive aura of a top scholar was impressive to him, although the person in front of him also had a strong aura, it was obvious that the power brought pressure.

Zhou Sitian glanced at Liu Zhidong, and opened her mouth to introduce, “Liang Zhe, my brother’s friend.”

When Liang Zhe heard Zhou Sitian introduce him as “her brother’s friend”, the corners of his mouth obviously rose up.

“Oh, Liang Zhe. Liang …… Liang Zhe?” Liu Zhidong seemed to realize something, he took two deep breaths, pulled Zhou Sitian, and gently whispered: “The Liang family’s Liang Zhe?”

Zhou Sitian had been in the entertainment industry for a few months, but Liu Zhidong still kept his word and protected Zhou Sitian firmly, so Zhou Sitian still had little idea of how powerful the Hong Kong’s gentry really were.

“Yes, that Liang Zhe.” That was how Li Zheng introduced it anyway.

Liu Zhidong grabbed his chest violently, his heart was beating so violently that it would probably jump out of his chest cavity if he didn’t cover it!

“Why did he call you sister?” He gulped and asked cautiously, beads of sweat already seeping out of Liu Zhidong’s palm, Liang! The once overlord of Hong Kong, Liang!

Liang, the largest landlord in Hong Kong was not just talk, in the history of Hong Kong, there was a period of time when Liang was the sole hegemon, when the Governor of Hong Kong placed a decree with the general situation of Hong Kong, he also had to discuss with the Liang family.

The core of the Liang family after the disaster, gradually fell from the upper class society of Hong Kong. Once this Mr. Liang came out, the upper-class pattern of Hong Kong was instantly disrupted, and the real estate market of Li Jiaren and the Bao family, the Huo family, and the Li family contracted at the same time, this was a real big shot!

“He is my brother’s friend, so naturally he has to call me sister.” Although she didn’t want to be his sister. Looking at Liu Zhidong’s exaggerated expression, Zhou Sitian didn’t say the words that followed.

“Just like that?” Liu Zhidong only felt his whole body’s blood rushing towards his head, he now knew that the word excited turned out to mean this.

“That’s it.” This was very normal, Li Zheng’s original friend Li Chaoyang also called her sister when he saw her.

Liu Zhidong covered his chest and looked at Zhou Sitian, he felt that Zhou Sitian’s whole body was emitting a dazzling light!

He …… this was a picked up golden doll?!

“Hello …… you, my name is Liu Zhidong.” Liu Zhidong was so excited that his whole body was trembling, and he took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands before he carefully extended his hand to Liang Zhe.

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