Liang Zhe looked at his outstretched hand. He looked at Zhou Sitian’s reaction, then slowly raised his hand.

But his bodyguard’s action was obviously much faster than his, the dark thick palm immediately grabbed Liu Zhidong’s slightly trembling hand, and also shook it twice with force.

The bent Liu Zhidong felt the strong force coming from his palm, his cheeks flushed with excitement, he didn’t dare to look directly at Liang Zhe’s face, afraid that his gaze would displease Mr. Liang, so his eyes were fixed on the ground at his feet and he didn’t dare to move.

Just after a long time, the vigorous hand still continued. Liu Zhidong carefully moved his gaze to his hand.

Hey, Mr. Liang’s hands were a little dark, and the skin tone of his face obviously wasn’t similar ah.

No, this hand was so rough, and it had thick calluses?

Liu Zhidong hesitantly looked up, right into the face of an expressionless but fierce bodyguard.

He glanced at Liang Zhe, who had his hands hanging idly at his side, and his face showed a smile that was worse than crying.

Liu Zhidong wanted to say two more words but saw the temperature around Liang Zhe suddenly warmed up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his tightly pursed lips relaxed, he strided towards a building behind the artificial lake.

However, Zhou Sitian’s speed was faster than his, as soon as Li Zheng appeared at the door, Zhou Sitian jogged all the way over.

“Little Zheng! You’re really great!”

Li Zheng had just walked out of Lab 2 with the engineers and the professors from Hong Kong University, when he was greeted with a loving hug from his sister.

In the past few months, Li Zheng’s height had increased, from 163 to 167.8, but Zhou Sitian’s height was 169, plus with a five or six centimeter tall high heels, Li Zheng was still half a head shorter than her.

“The news said that the medicine you invented can benefit millions of people with frozen blood, you’re amazing! I really can’t help but want to say to everyone that this great biological genius, Li Zheng, is my brother!” Zhou Sitian had been holding these words for a long time.

Ever since she saw Li Zheng’s report on TV, she was first shocked, and then excited. Her pride was like an active volcano that was about to burst out at any moment. But Zhou Sitian knew that her identity was now special and recently there was a mess of negative news, she didn’t want to damage Li Zheng’s image.

So she had been holding back, only in private could she express her feeling of excitement.

“Sister, okay, okay, let go first. Many people are watching.” Li Zheng helplessly spoke.

The scene resounded with laughter.

“Your girlfriend?” Old White said narrowly.

Li Zheng was dumbfounded as he pulled Zhou Sitian over and said to Old White and the group of old professors, “My sister, Zhou Sitian.”

Then he smiled and introduced the crowd to Zhou Sitian, “Mr. White and his team, they’re all amazing engineers. Dean Xu Mingsheng, Professor Zhao, Professor Qian, Professor Li …… they are all professors from the medical school of Hong Kong University. You can also call them teacher.”

The professors of Hong Kong University! Zhou Sitian’s expression immediately became solemn as she respectfully bowed to the crowd, “Hello teachers, I am Zhou Sitian.” The young people of this era in China had an innate reverence for the position of teacher.

Xu Mingsheng laughed loudly, obviously appreciating this young girl who knew how to be polite.

Li Zheng saw Liang Zhe, who was pursing his lips and not speaking, and walked over with a smile on his face. He opened his arms and hugged his best friend hard until the back of Liang Zhe’s ears turned red, and only then did he let go of him with satisfaction.

Since discovering Liang Zhe’s true character, Li Zheng felt that he was getting more and more vicious, and he was uncomfortable if he didn’t make this Liang Zhe, who looked very serious and aloof to outsiders, shy.

He also introduced Liang Zhe, his identity made the experts and scholars a bit solemn, the Liang’s accumulated prestige was still there, Xu Mingsheng and other people also greeted him seriously.

The rest of the people also came one after another, this was only a small-scale banquet, in addition to the engineers and Hong Kong University’s professors, was Roche’s related people and Daniel. The difference was that the people of Roche, led by David, came in a working capacity, while Daniel came in a personal capacity.

At this unveiling ceremony, Li Zheng would officially announce the sale of the patent rights of palmatine to Roche, and all the patent money obtained would be donated to the Li Zheng Special Disease Research Foundation. Therefore, Roche also informed a lot of media. After all, the main purpose for Roche to spend a huge amount of money to buy the patent rights of palmatine was to promote a positive corporate image.

Thus, at the entrance of the Qing Garden. Several entertainment tabloids that trailed after Zhou Sitian were puzzled.

“Hey, Brother Ma, do you see that is the car of Hong Kong Daily?” An entertainment journalist slightly lowered the window and saw a van with the logo of the Hong Kong Daily slowly heading towards the Qing Garden.

“No, which of those people in the Hong Kong Daily is not above the top, even the top ten giants can’t easily invite them, Zhou Sitian has such a big backer?”

“Hey, that’s TVB’s Interactive Information, Wireless’ Hong Kong Channel, ATV’s Hong Kong Channel? I’m not mistaken.” The eyes of the group were falling down.

In the 1980s, there were three major television stations in the television industry in Hong Kong, TVB, Wireless and ATV, while Interactive Information, Hong Kong Channel was the official news channels of the three radio stations, the status of China’s equivalent of CCTV.

Not only that, after the cars of Interactive Information, Hong Kong Channel and Hong Kong Radio went in, several vans with English letters came one after another.

“Brother Ma, hit me!” Entertainment reporter Xiao Wang’s teeth were chattering, “Did I f*cking read it wrong, BBC?! BBC ah!”

BBC, Chinese-British Broadcasting Corporation, founded in 1922, was the largest news broadcaster in Britain and one of the largest in the world.

“They can’t be here to interview Zhou Sitian, right ……” Xiao Wang said to himself.

How could this be? It was just a sneak peek, how come he suddenly doubt your life ……

There were a lot of tabloid entertainment newspapers following Zhou Sitian, some of which collected money to photograph her bad deeds, and others simply followed her up. But this time they were both silent.

“Brother Ma, are we still shooting?” In the entertainment industry of Hong Kong, Brother Ma was the first person in journalism. He was a veteran, and there were quite a few big news stories in his hands.

Seeing more and more prestigious media entering the Qing Garden, Mr. Ma’s eyes showed a glow of excitement.

“Shoot, why not shoot. I guess the big backer Zhou Sitian got isn’t ordinary. Let’s go in too!”

The paparazzi in Hong Kong were notoriously pervasive, so Brother Ma drove his car around and came back with a TVB sign.

A group of paparazzi followed suit, driving a car with a camera, and entered the Qing Garden in a dignified manner.

It wasn’t that the security of Qing Garden was lax. It was just that yesterday they were informed that a lot of media would come but it wasn’t specified, so these paparazzi exploited the loopholes.

David, with the legal and related personnel of Roche, walked vigorously. Seeing Daniel sitting alone in his seat, he deliberately stopped and spoke with a smile, “If it isn’t Mr. Watson, today is a good day for Roche and Li Zheng to sign a contract, how come some people don’t know how to stay away?”

Daniel smiled, “Mr. Andorio is joking, I’m not here today as the vice president of Pfizer Asia, but as a friend of Li Zheng, he personally delivered the invitation to me, I’m not busy, so I took the time to come.”

David’s chin was raised high and he looked at Daniel condescendingly, “Then I thank Mr. Watson for attending the signing ceremony between Roche and Li Zheng’s lab. What an honor to witness it.”

The two men went tit for tat, and neither one refused to budge a step.

At this time, the doorway opened again, and the crowd looked up, only to see Sir Edward, the Governor of Hong Kong, and his wife appearing at the door together.

Everyone was astonished and unanimously turned their puzzled eyes to Li Zheng.

Li Zheng’s face was also full of bewilderment, he didn’t invite Sir Edward and his wife ah.

Old White on the sofa stood up with a smile, “Li, as I told you, leave two pairs of chopsticks for my daughter and son-in-law.” With that, Old White walked toward the Governor and his wife with a smile on his face.

The governor’s wife excitedly embraced and kissed Old White, and Sir Edward stood aside with slight restraint, without any trace of the kind of condescending expression he had at the governor’s banquet that day.

“Oh, my dear little genius. Father invited us to dinner, but I heard that today is the day of the unveiling of your laboratory, and I hope I will have the pleasure of being a part of this great event.” The Governor’s wife turned her head and said sincerely to Li Zheng.

Sir Edward also added, “Mr. Li, my wife is very passionate about charity, she has been to Africa several times to participate in charity work, and has first-hand experience of the cruelty of frozen blood, she has a very high opinion of you. Well, so much higher than me.”

The governor’s wife looked at him, “Oh, how can you compare with the little genius, don’t put gold on your face.”

Li Zheng finally came back from his surprise, “It is an honor for Li Zheng’s lab to welcome Sir Edward and Madam to the unveiling of the lab.”

He raised his hand and looked at the time, there was still a quarter of an hour before nine o’clock, Li Zheng smiled and spoke, “It’s almost time, the media friends are probably already waiting impatiently, let’s go out.”

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