C24.1- Day 24

Shen Tong entered the spirit world in the afternoon.

The sky was overcast, and the clouds were thick.

After experiencing a big cat out of control, Shen Tong almost subconsciously thought that there was something wrong with the big cat, and hurriedly looked around. Finally, he saw the snow lion in front of the French window on the first floor.

This big guy, its fur was brighter than the snow as it laid in front of the floor to stare at the bell orchids in the garden.

The tail behind it moved a little.


Shen Tong intuitively knew it wasn’t in a good mood, because usually whenever he came in, the big cat would be the first to appear, so this was a bit abnormal, “What’s wrong with you?”

The snow lion glanced at him, and then withdrew its gaze.

Shen Tong approached, and gently patted its head, “Kitty?”

The big cat made a move to bite him.

Shen Tong did not withdraw his hand, seemingly convinced that this big guy would not hurt him, he softly asked: “Bad mood?”

His hand was different from Caesar’s slender and pale hands, his fingertips were slightly pink, like a delicate craft, Caesar lifted his eyes, his smoky gray eyes looked at it, and indeed, he didn’t bite down.

“Kitty.” Shen Tong sat next to him, “I’ll play the piano for you, okay?”

The big cat looked over with discontent, and the rejection was obvious.

Shen Tong sighed, he knew about felines’ temperament but had never seen a feline temperament as big as the big cat’s.

This time it was angry, but about what?

Shen Tong was puzzled.

In fact, it was because of him.

Caesar failed to find Shen Tong in the recent entry information, he wanted to enter the spirit world and ask the youth personally, but Caesar suddenly found that so far, the youth never took the initiative to tell him any information about himself, even when he came to the capital star, Caesar heard about it when he was sleep-talking.

The youth was …… defending against him?

This perception displeased Caesar.

“Kitty.” Shen Tong had always been patient, he slightly inclined his head, met the cold gaze of the snow lion, and blinked, “pay attention to me, okay?”

The big cat seemed to be too annoyed with him, with its tail wagging, it stood up, intending to go somewhere else.

Shen Tong grabbed its fur “Really going to ignore me?”

This big cat’s fur wasn’t soft, but it felt good, Shen Tong gently stroked its fur, while looking at the sullen big cat, his voice softened a little, “Don’t be angry.”

The snow lion lowered its eyes and stared at the youth.

He was pouting again.

He wouldn’t fall for it.

Thinking this way, Caesar didn’t move away, but allowed Shen Tong to smooth his fur.

Immediately after, Shen Tong tilted his head and kissed him.

Caesar: “?”

His body stiffened.

“Cute.” Shen Tong rubbed it and said with a smile, “Now you won’t be angry, right?”

Shen Tong himself never had a cat, but he was surrounded by a lot of friends who had cats, holding it, rubbing its fur, and then a kiss, almost a set of fixed process, Shen Tong experimented on this big cat.

…… seemed to be quite effective?

After all, it was angry before and now it stared at him silently.

It should be shy.

Shen Tong knew this big cat very well, it behaved fiercely, but it was just a paper lion.

But Shen Tong suddenly remembered that the last time this big guy got angry because he casually mentioned the orange cat, and arched Shen Tong off it, was the big cat still angry because of his previous mention of the roommate?

Shen Tong thought about it, “Kitty, do you remember my roommate?”

Caesar glanced at him.

Obviously, he remembered.

In fact, Caesar not only remembered, that night, he also wanted to throw him out.

Shen Tong didn’t know about this, and the look that Snow Lion gave him was cold enough to make him misunderstand, so Shen Tong thought he was guessing right, and he could not help but laugh a little, “So you are afraid that I have another cat?”

Shen Tong said soothingly, “Other cats are not as cute as you.”

These words were not purely just comforting, that king, in Shen Tong’s eyes, even if his cat form was a beautiful little Muppet, Shen Tong still thought it wasn’t as good as the big cat.

He rarely complained about anything to people, but Shen Tong said a few words about him, “My roommate he ……”

Shen Tong deliberately worded it, “is not very good to get along with.”

“Kitty, do you know that in addition to felines, there are other creatures that can also become human?” Shen Tong recalled the name, “seems to be the evolutionary species.”

Caesar, of course, knew that, his study had a pot of catnip, an evolutionary plant, and he impatiently prodded with his eyes.

Shen Tong then went on to say, “I’m not actually a cat.”

Blue Star people, to be precise, indeed couldn’t be considered felines.

The snow lion tilted his eyes not too surprised.

Shen Tong continued, “I am …… a grass?”

Caesar’s movements paused.

Shen Tong didn’t give too much detail, because he was a little embarrassed, “I have not been able to become a person, so when I leave your spiritual world, I’m a grass.”

“My roommate, always touches my leaves.” Shen Tong frowned, “I don’t like it.”

His body was a grass. He went to the capital star a few days ago. He was an evolved species. Didn’t like his leaves being touched.

Caesar put this information together.

Seemed, a little familiar.

His tail snapped.

Caesar: “?”

Shen Tong didn’t notice the stiffness of the snow lion, he said so much, in fact, just to prove that in his heart, the most lovely feline was the big cat. Shen Tong blinked, “This cat is not as cute as you, so you don’t have to worry.”

After a short pause, Shen Tong added, “He is also an advanced evolver, probably because he has no match, so he is a bit temperamental.”

Shen Tong recalled the way Caesar’s face sank before. He was also unhappy, the big cat acted cute, while that young monarch, the aura around him was appalling.

He stroked the snow lion’s head a few times, “Kitty, don’t become like him.”

“It shouldn’t be either, after all, you still have me.”

Shen Tong didn’t know if he was thinking too much, he felt that after comforting it, the big cat was even more unhappy, it stared at him in a high and mysterious way, even its tail didn’t move.

In the past, this big cat was very easy to coax.

Shen Tong was a little puzzled.

On this day, Caesar’s mental world shut down earlier than before.

He lowered his eyes in thought for a moment, raised his eyes, and his gaze slowly met the catnip.


It was a grass, an evolutionary species, sent to the capital star a few days ago, didn’t like its leaves to be touched.

Combined with the day of the celebration, Caesar didn’t see the youth, but the youth said to him in the spirit world, that he saw him.

His eyebrows twitched.

Caesar used the terminal and sent a message to the steward.

[The offerings sent, is there any other evolved species besides catnip?]

The butler replied quickly: [No.]

Caesar asked him again: [My match, any news?]

In the past few days, there were gifts and then catnip, the butler almost forgot about it, but fortunately, Caesar took the initiative to mention it. He replied: [Oh yes, your majesty, about your match, the people sent to Blue Star reported that they didn’t seem to find anyone who meets the requirements].

Caesar was silent for a moment and sent a message: [How to take care of catnip?]

The butler inquired with surprise: [Your Majesty, did you change your mind about Catnip?]

Caesar: “……”

He looked at the catnip, his gaze deep and dark.

Shen Tong seemed to feel something, and under this line of sight, he almost reflexively, immediately rolled up his leaves.

Caesar replied extremely reluctantly and expressionlessly with one word: [Hmm.]

Without a proper reason, catnip might not even let him get close.

Bullying catnip had become one of the most tragic defeats in Caesar’s glorious life.

It was also the first time that he experienced what regret was.

The next morning.

The maid Gina entered the study at seven o’clock sharp and started cleaning.

In fact, she came an hour early, the official working hours should be from eight o’clock, for this morning shift, Gina volunteered.

As for the reason, it was just that Gina wanted to be with catnip while no one was around.

Before catnip was sent to Perth Palace, cleaning the study was actually a chore that no one wanted to do.

Their majesty was very fussy, not to mention not cleaning the study well, if the items were not placed in the right place, it would also attract his dissatisfaction.

   His Majesty was very tall. The evolutionist was also known as a tyrant. His spiritual energy was enough to make one shudder, who wanted to be near him?

As the maids were too afraid of him, no one was willing to clean the study and his bedroom, so the Butler had to adopt a rotating system, which barely solved the pressing problem.

After the catnip was sent to Perth Palace a few days ago, the situation became different.

Caesar’s study and bedroom, surprisingly, became a place of competition, the maids gathered together and collectively suggested for the rotation system to be canceled.

The housekeeper didn’t agree.

After all, each of them wanted to see catnip, which led to everyone wanting to clean the study and bedroom.

And so the rotation system stood.

Today, it was finally Gina’s turn.

Instead of rushing to clean, she gingerly walked over to the catnip, lowered her head, and looked at the little plant with a smile.

–Inside the glass enclosure, the catnip hung low with a floppy little leaf, sleeping soundly.

She took out her personal terminal and was about to turn it to photography mode to take a picture when she suddenly reacted to something and froze in her tracks.

Wait a minute!

A leaf?

Gina’s eyes widened in disbelief.

There was no difference in appearance, but the problem was, catnip leaves, there was only one.

On the soil, another leaf laid silently.

Gina: “?”

Catnip dropping a leaf was no small thing!

What if it was sick!

Or some kind of pest had grown!

Gina immediately panicked and contacted the Butler.

When the catnip was concerned, the Butler came over as soon as he was informed, wearing a coat.

At the same time, he also informed Natasha of the incident.

The two came to the study in less than five minutes apart.

“How can catnip drop its leaf?” Natasha carefully examined it, seeing that Shen Tong was still asleep, she gestured for them to talk outside, “Not adapting to the climate? Sick? Insects?”

The butler, as calm as he was, was also anxious at this moment, “Did His Majesty touch its leaves yesterday?”

It was surprisingly easier to accept that it had lost its leaf because of Caesar than such reasons as illness, insect growth, or failure to adapt to the climate, because it meant that there was nothing with catnip itself.

Natasha apparently thought so too, “It’s possible.”

The butler looked at the terminal screen and hesitated for a long time, surprisingly not knowing who to contact for a while.

This was unusual for a Butler who was in charge of all the big and small affairs in the palace and could keep everything in order.

Natasha, who was calmer and not overwhelmed by worry, reminded him, “Have someone from the Academy come and take a look.”

“Oh, yes, that’s right.”

The butler anxiously sent a call request to that side.

He was afraid that the sound would be too loud and disturb the not-yet-awake Shen Tong, and walked away.

Gina asked worriedly, “Miss Natasha, is Catnip going to be okay?”

Natasha’s tone was emotionless, but somehow convincing, “Yes.”

Gina nodded.

Natasha stood in the doorway of the study, looking distantly inside, her face was expressionless, but in fact, she was internally tormented.

She could manipulate all kinds of weapons and kill with one precise and unmistakable move, but couldn’t do anything for the catnip at the moment.

Natasha was only good at killing, not guarding.

She was slightly distracted by her thoughts, but that didn’t affect the high level of alertness that Natasha’s years as an agent had brought her, and as soon as she heard footsteps, Natasha looked over at the sound.

It was Caesar.

He came this way with his posture straight and his expression careless.

Caesar raised his eyes, “What is it?”

Natasha replied, “Catnip has lost a leaf and we suspect it is sick.”

Caesar furrowed his brow, “Sick?”

He glanced at the small plant’s drooping branches and leaf, the only remaining leaf half curled and hanging down.

His leaf had fallen off?

What happened?

Caesar frowned, “Notify the Academy.”

Natasha said, “Notified.”

Caesar said, “Your Majesty, you must not touch its leaf again, it is the only one left.”

Natasha said without mercy: “And if it is not sick, the reason why it dropped a leaf is probably because you touched it too many times yesterday.”

Caesar: “……”

He gave a slight pause, then glanced at Natasha and said, rather dangerously, “Shut up.”

Although both of them controlled their volume, Shen Tong still woke up. He subconsciously swayed a few times, slowly raised his head, his gaze met a hand.

And the owner of this hand, was Caesar.

Shen Tong immediately shrunk back.

His reaction, undoubtedly displeased Caesar, who narrowed his eyes.

Natasha said, “Your Majesty, please stop teasing it, it is afraid of you.”

Caesar didn’t say anything, but given that the catnip did currently resist him, he withdrew his hand.

At the same time, the air pressure on Caesar became very low.

Natasha apologized to Shen Tong: “I’m sorry we woke you up.”

Shen Tong gently shook a few times to show that he didn’t care.

Natasha inquired again, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

This time, Shen Tong did not move, because he didn’t have any discomfort anywhere.

Natasha continued, “The maid found that you dropped a leaf, and we suspect that you are sick.”

Shen Tong: “?”

He subconsciously looked at Caesar.

Fortunately, Shen Tong’s gaze wasn’t noticed, otherwise, Caesar’s expression would be a little colder.

At this time, Shen Tong also reacted, he had only grown a total of two leaves, and now one had fallen off, so he was…


Shen Tong: “……”

For a grass, this perception was also not so pleasant.

Seemingly sensing Shen Tong’s momentary stiffness, Natasha hesitated for a moment and reached out a hand to Shen Tong.

–The cub needed to be soothed.

This was what Natasha read from the parenting books these days. In her eyes, the catnip that just sprouted not long ago, not developed and unable to turn into a human form, was undoubtedly still a cub.

Caesar’s eyelids lifted and he lazily reminded her, “It doesn’t like people touching its leaves.”

Otherwise, it would shrink into a ball again.

Like the …… mimosa of ancient Earth?

Caesar thought carelessly.

The result, however, was unexpected.


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