Zhu Qing’an: “……”
[Strawberry Shortcake: Then I’ll call you teacher ……?]

[Anonymous: …… hmm.]

[Strawberry Shortcake: I’ll still pay the tuition, or I’ll be embarrassed 🙂 ]

[Anonymous: What kind of songs do you want me to teach?

[Strawberry cupcake: Teacher …… I don’t know QwQ]
Zhu Qing’an really didn’t know, he rarely watched singing variety shows, he didn’t even know the recent popular songs.

The other side was silent for a long time.
After a while, the other party sent a voice message.

[Anonymous: [Voice] Is a song like this okay?]

Zhu Qing’an: “!!!”
The big guy actually sang with his own voice!
His voice must be pretty good!

He didn’t say a word and clicked on the voice message.
As expected, the other party was singing.
But with a voice changer.

Some bigwigs used voice changers when they sang in anonymous forums in order not to be recognized by their voices.
However, this kind of voice changer wouldn’t improve or reduce the singing skills of the singer but still allow people to judge how the voice of the singer.

Immediately the other party opened his mouth, he felt that the other party’s foundation was extremely good.
Even with a voice changer, Zhu Qing’an could still hear a bit of the other party’s original voice.

It was a very magnetic, sexy, dark male voice, used to hum the language of ancient Earth.
Like an ancient mysterious Western clock, the hands clasped the gears, rubbing over Zhu Qing’an’s eardrums.
  “I can save the world for you”
  “Can also destroy the world……”
  The other party only sang a small fragment, and within a few minutes, the sound stopped.
But Zhu Qing’an still felt his heart being tickled by the sound.

It was too good to listen to.
And with this ancient language of the ancient earth, the voice presented a more mysterious and moving atmosphere.

Zhu Qing’an rubbed his hands and happily praised him.
[Strawberry Shortcake: Wow! Teacher!!! It’s so good! My ears are pregnant!

[Anonymous: …… pregnant? Your ears can get pregnant?

[Strawberry Shortcake: ……]
Zhu Qing’an’s neck shrank back, he guessed that the other person may be a straight man who didn’t understand slangs.

He nervously tried to clarify.

[Strawberry Shortcake: It’s just teasing! Teacher sang great! I like it!]

[Anonymous: I can teach you.]

Finally, he was waiting for those words!
Zhu Qing’an smiled lightly and typed a few lines of words.
[Strawberry cupcake: thank you teacher, wow, OVO rolls and splashes ~]

[Anonymous: Just teaching you the one to sing? Can you handle the “contest” you’re participating in? 】

Zhu Qing’an paused.
He had nothing to be picky about ……
The other party sang really well.

[Strawberry Shortcake: Of course you can! good.jpg]

[Anonymous: I’ll send you the lyrics of the whole song first.]


Zhu Qing’an buried his head in front of the light computer, as the teacher taught him the song all day.
Until it was almost dinner time, he said goodbye to the other party and put down the light computer.
He found that he could sing well, and he learned it quite smoothly.

But it was still attributed to the fact that the other party taught well.

Zhu Qing’an secretly guessed what kind of person his teacher was.
He initially judged that he should be a very cold and serious popular man.
  –Turns out.
He guessed completely wrong.

Inside the game.
Qin Hengyi, after Zhu Qing’an went offline, quietly poked open the Love Mall again and spent a million interstellar coins to renew the “Silent Guardian” for two hours.

He found that this function of the mall was still quite conscientious.
He could contact the teenager in a completely different way ……

Qin Hengyi jumped to the forum’s private message page, squinted his eyes, and looked at his chat with Zhu Qing’an with unknown meaning.

He saw a different side of Zhu Qing’an on the internet.
Completely different from the …… shy, restrained image when he was with him.
Instead, it was more on the bright and lively side.
It was equally pleasing to the eye.

Qin Hengyi clicked on a message sent by Zhu Qing’an. At that time he asked Zhu Qing’an to follow his example and send a voice message of him singing.
The voice was soft and clean, like a strawberry fudge.

When the teenager finished, he didn’t forget to praise him.
“Teacher, you sing so well, I don’t sing as well as you at all. ……”
“Your voice, it makes my ears pregnant.”

Pregnant ……?
Qin Hengyi smothered a light laugh, his eyes contained a long-lost smile, red like a warm flame.
Too cute.


Zhu Qing’an didn’t know what he thought, Qin Hengyi was just a paper man he got along with day and night.

Chocolate pastry, cocoa powder, flour ……

He tinkered in the kitchen for a while.
A large plate of delicate strawberry puff pastry dough came out of the oven.
The pale pink puffs, round and chubby, laid in the hot oven tray.

He picked up a piece and tasted it.
The puffs’ unique puffy skin melted in his mouth, and the soft, sweet strawberry inside oozed out.

Zhu Qing’an put them on a plate to eat during song practice. In the meantime, he planned to ask his teacher tomorrow if he wanted to have a small dessert.
  Zhu Qing’an had already copied down the lyrics and sheet music sent by his teacher, carefully, and some of the rhythms and vocal tones, he also remembered them very clearly.
He huddled on the sofa, holding a small book, opened the recording software in the light computer, and seriously learned to sing.

The teenager’s voice was very tender, no matter what song he sang, it had a little sweetness.
It was completely different from Qin Hengyi.

Zhu Qing’an practiced until midnight.
The small puffs he brought were also eaten up.
He yawned and lazily shrank into the soft sofa.

Before going to bed, he opened Weibo.

The official blog of the starlight singing talent show had announced the people who would participate in the talent show this season.
At the same time, the official blog made an expectation poll.

This was the usual practice of the Starlight singing talent show.
Before the start of each episode of the talent show, the netizens would be asked to vote on the expectations of the artists who would participate in the talent show.
Whoever had the highest number of votes represented who people expected the most from.

–This talent show was much bigger than the previous variety show Zhu Qing’an participated in.
The people who participated were also the same big names that Zhu Qing’an couldn’t reach.

The amount of Zhu Qing’an’s fans, compared to them, was still weak.
Not to mention that people simply didn’t know Zhu Qing’an’s singing skills, they didn’t dare vote.
Zhu Qing’an’s vote …… was almost the bottom.

Some “brain-dead” fans from other artists also started to sneer at Zhu Qing’an’s Weibo account.

[I heard that you are going to participate in the talent show with my idol? Come on, don’t go there and make a fool of yourself.]

[emmm, please don’t go, you are a newcomer, and your singing skills are definitely not good. Don’t pollute my ears. 】

[This newcomer has never sung at all!]
  Zhu Qing’an: “……”
He turned off Weibo, put on the headphones, turned on the recording, and listened to the song he practiced just now.

The teenager’s youthful and clean voice, with this mysterious and magnificent song, had a different feeling.
Like a cold and spectacular glacier, drizzled with fresh and delicious strawberry jam.
The ice and water melt together and the sweet air overflowed.

He thought he could sing it okay ……
He just didn’t know what others would think ……

Zhu Qing ‘an opened his fan list, picked a small fan at random, and invited the other party to listen to the song he sang for the first time.

Zhu Qing’an V: [Online? OVO? Can you …… listen to the song I’m going to sing at the talent show?
祝轻安V:【Music download package#click to download#】


Yun Zhiye was an old singer.
Tonight, after writing his last song sheet, he turned on his light computer and prepared to release the news of his retirement from the singing industry.

He …… was too old to continue his singing career.
He had been unable to find a suitable pupil.

Besides, his health had been very bad lately ……
He had no choice but to retire from singing forever.

After bidding farewell to his old friends who had accompanied him in his career, Yun Zhiye jumped to Weibo, intending to post his last Weibo post – to say goodbye to the netizens.

He just opened Weibo.
He suddenly found a red dot in his private message box, which hadn’t moved for a long time.
He went in and took a look.

…… a person named Zhu Qing’an wanted to invite him to listen to a song.

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