Wu Zhaomeng wasn’t an unreasonable person, otherwise the Ministry of Education wouldn’t let him come to Huaqing University. But he was reckless, impulsive and stubborn, which was the formation of the current scene.


Two days ago, he received a call from Deng Guang.


“Secretary Wu ah, I have to report a matter with you.” Deng Guang spoke very politely.


“Old Deng ah, you’re being so polite. What’s the matter? speak directly.” Wu Zhaomeng said with a smile.



Deng Guang and Wu Zhaomeng were old acquaintances, he naturally knew the nature of his old friend, he tactfully emphasize Li Zheng’s age and praised his reputation among foreigners. At the same time mentioned Huang Qunan being in Huaqing diligently for more than ten years but still didn’t have a separate office status, and then add a lament that domestic down-to-earth learning wasn’t as good as pleasing the foreigners.


With these series of words, without Deng Guang mentioning anything, Wu Zhaomeng was excited to directly make a move.



“Old Deng, you can rest assured. This Huaqing laboratory is the property of the country, national property should be handed over to the hands of scholars who diligently contribute to the country!”



That was why Wu Zhaomeng didn’t even say hello to Zhao Depei, and the red Header file was sent out. Because he knew that if he were reasonable, he wouldn’t be able to explain to Zhao Depei.



“That ……” Wu Zhaomeng looked at the “angry” Zhao Depei, a stammering speech couldn’t be made, he was the one that wrote the document.


Deng Guang’s expression was now a bit strange, he originally came to say thank you, but with Zhao Depei’s expression, as the “originator”, it was really embarrassing.



Wu Zhaomeng looked at Zhao Depei, then looked at Deng Guang, then coughed drily, “Old Deng ah, look at it yourself.” Saying that, he handed the donation agreement on the table to Deng Guang.



Deng Guang flipped it open, and almost thought his eyes were out of order, the first paragraph of the donation agreement, the first clause, was that the user of the company’s donated laboratory could only be Mr. Li Zheng, the clause written in both Chinese and English, was particularly conspicuous.



“This ……” Deng Guang opened his mouth, unable to speak.


What was this? They argued around, in the end this laboratory wasn’t at all Huaqing’s!


“Secretary Wu ah, this is my fault, I didn’t understand the situation ……” Deng Guang only felt ashamed of himself, this thing, he …… Didn’t have the face to speak up.



After getting up and apologizing again and again, Deng Guang saif goodbye to Wu Zhaomeng, Zhao Depei, and Old Meng, and then like he was fleeing, he left Wu Zhaomeng’s office. Old Meng and Old Zhao didn’t give him a good face from the beginning to the end.


Deng Guang was full of remorse, how he should handle such an errand! Out of the office building, he walked into a downstairs phone booth, dialed Lu Linlin’s number, then scolded her.



‘”You don’t engage in academic research, yet you use these crooked ways, tell Huang Qu’nan, the laboratory is Li Zheng’s, let him not waste his efforts!”



Deng Guang knew how much weight he had, although he was in charge of university research funding, he could only get stuck in issues of schools like Huaqing and Yanjing, which were ranked above 100 in their subordinate areas. But even if he was a small director, he dared not touch big issues.



Wu Zhaomeng and Zhao Depei were polite to him, completely saving him face, not to mention Meng Lao, a national treasure level scholar.



In the office, Zhao Depei and the others were still in a state of silence.


At this time, the ear-piercing phone ringing broke the silence in the room.


Wu Zhaomeng coughed dryly and picked up the phone.



“Hello, this is Wu Zhaomeng.”



“Hello, Mr. Wu, this is the office of the CEO of Roche China, and I regret to inform you that because of your party’s violation of the donation agreement, the China branch has received a notice from the Asian headquarters to temporarily stop the agenda of the laboratory donation.” The female voice on the other end of the phone sounded polite, but the content that came out was cold and icy.


The soundproofing of the phone in the 1980s wasn’t very well done, and Zhao Depei heard the voice on the phone clearly from the side.



He violently grabbed the phone, “Hello, this is Zhao Depei from Huaqing, I can explain this matter, I promise, the lab is Mr. Li Zheng’s, and only Mr. Li Zheng’s!”


Now the news had been sent, the chiefs of Huajing all knew about it, and even the General. The Prime Minister also mentioned the donation in public, if this was said to be canceled, it would be Zhao Depei’s end as principal.



Zhao Depei didn’t care about the title, but he couldn’t watch Huaqing University become a joke in the mouth of others!



“Sorry, Mr. Zhao, this is an instruction from the Asian headquarters, we are just implementing it.” The female voice responded politely.


A busy tone then rang out from the phone, apparently the other party had already hung up.



Zhao Depei dropped the phone heavily, and Wu Zhaomeng moved uneasily. The other side had obviously hung up.



“Old Zhao ah, this thing ……” Wu Zhaomeng wiped his forehead of fine sweat, “I think, I am old, next year June I should retire, I won’t care about Huaqing’s affairs. ”



“You can ignore everything else, this is something you have caused. You have to wipe it clean for me.”


“Old Meng, that Mr. David two days ago, is the actual head of Roche Asia, right, is he still in China?” Zhao Depei seemed to remember something and hurriedly turned his head to ask Old Meng.



Old Meng shook his head with a bitter smile, “Li Zheng is the only one that can be asked.”


On the other hand, Li Zheng and David had already arrived at the villa behind the laboratory.


Due to its own structure, Li Zheng’s lounge in Hong Kong’s Qing Garden was directly placed on the second floor of the laboratory, which was convenient, but the atmosphere of the home was indeed a bit weak.



Originally, Li Zheng didn’t care about these things, but with the deepening of his relationship with Liang Zhe, he intended to have two people live a good life. With this idea, he had a little focus about his quality of life.


Nowadays, there was no shortage of land in the outskirts of Huajing. Li Zheng bought three hundred square meters of land in his personal name next to the laboratory built by Roche, and built a villa with white walls and black tiles with Chinese characteristics.



The villa was started as soon as the address of the laboratory was chosen. The decoration of the main body of the villa was still continuing, but the glass sunroom in the courtyard was finished early, and the two of them sat inside the sunroom and drank coffee.



“Li, this is very authentic American style coffee.” David put the snow-white coffee cup to his mouth, and a mellow coffee flavor spread on his tongue.


“This is what Kent brought me, if you like it, just take it all.” Li Zheng fiddled with the coffee spoon and said carelessly.


David’s face wrinkled into a ball, feeling that the original delicious coffee had become less smooth, he and Kent were in competition.



“Don’t like, I don’t like at all. Coffee powder is as good as coffee beans, Li, you know ……”



In the afternoon sun, the two men gossiped, and surprisingly neither one brought up the subject of the lab.


Just then, the sound of an argument came from the front door of the lab.


David listened quietly for a while and laughed, “Li, the sound insulation in your place is still poor.”


Li Zheng put down the coffee cup in his hand, “Yes, I originally wanted to connect directly without building a wall. It seems that the wall still has to be built.”



The one arguing with the workers in the front was no other than Huang Qu’nan.



After Huang Qu’nan received the document, his heart was on fire, so he wanted to take another look to see his future laboratory.



But as he unexpectedly just arrived at the entrance of the laboratory, he saw the notice of work stoppage posted on the door.



The workers were packing up their things while cursing.


“Stop work, why stop work? You can’t stop work ah!” Huang Qu’nan took a look at the notice of work stoppage, he couldn’t care less about anything else and went straight up.


The workers were suddenly notified of the work stoppage, of course, their attitude wasn’t good.



“Can’t stop work? We don’t want to stop work either! What can you do if the owner sends the notice?” The workers replied with no good grace, while turning around to pack their tools.


“This is what Roche donated to Huaqing University, the day of the donation ceremony is almost here! How can work suddenly stop, you must have heard wrong, go ask again.”



The workers looked at each other, they had been working here for so many months, naturally they had heard some whispers, seeing this middle-aged man talk about the laboratory in a clear way, they also stopped their hand movements.


“You know it clearly, but do you know that Roche doesn’t plan to donate anymore?!”



These words, heard in Huang Qunan’s ears, was like a bolt from the blue.


How was this possible, the donation agreement had been signed, the date of the ceremony had also been set, how could they say they won’t donate it!


This was impossible, this was impossible. In a space as large as Xinghua Society, Huaqing couldn’t afford to lose this, and Xinghua Society couldn’t afford to lose this either. With these two giants present, it was impossible for Roche to say that if they didn’t donate, they wouldn’t donate.


Thinking of this, Huang Qu’nan panic heart settled a little.


“Impossible, this matter is not a matter of just Roche, Huaqing and Xinghua Society are involved! Roche can’t be so …… capricious!” He deliberated for a long time and used the word “capricious”.


The worker smiled and looked up at Huang Qu’nan, the strange look in his eyes made Huang Qu’nan feel uncomfortable.


“This gentleman, you are thinking out of the box. This is a donation, you know what is meant by donation, even those of us who can not read and write, know that the donation of this thing is to speak of your love and willingness. And Roche isn’t our country’s, it does not listen to us.”


It does not listen to us, yes, Roche was the world’s top 500 company, it didn’t care about what Huaqing, Xinghua Society ……


“This can’t be, this can’t be ah, you guys go and confirm again, go and confirm again!” Huang Qu’nan said, about to go inside.


“Li, this is the person who took your lab?” David looked at Li Zheng in amusement.


The two had already walked to the laboratory door not far away, looking through the glass from the inside out at the farce in front of them.


“Wrongly said, it’s taking your lab.” Li Zheng spoke with a light smile.


The two looked at each other, and then their eyes turned away, Li Zheng touched his nose, he felt that he was more and more like the kind of villain who played a conspiratorial trick behind the scenes.


This wasn’t desirable, not desirable ah~



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