C15—- Ideal Town


Because Shen Jiyue’s appearance was too frightening, Mu Sichen had never been able to look at him squarely, and never observed Shen Jiyue’s look and expression.


This wasn’t Mu Sichen’s fault, Shen Jiyue’s appearance was too difficult to accept, Mu Sichen was just an ordinary college student who just came to this world with some intelligence, but he always tried to keep calm, but he was just a normal person after all.


It was for this reason that Mu Sichen instinctively labeled Shen Jiyue as “poor”, “struggling to survive”, “a normal person who is being driven crazy” and so on.


Now that he thought about it, how could he be an ordinary person if he could face the blistered eyes without going crazy?


Thinking through this, Mu Sichen was in no hurry to act.


This wasn’t a game novice village, there was no new guidance for players to adapt to the new world, in the absence of a clear understanding of the underlying logic of this world. Rash action wouldn’t have a good end.


Mu Sichen kept in mind what happened to the four players who were purified by the Feathered Dependents, and admonished himself to be calm and collected.



He wanted to get more information.



So he forced himself to look at Shen Jiyue, abandoning his inner fear and disgust, and looking at Shen Jiyue’s face through that layer of blistering eyes.


He wouldn’t use the method of forcing himself to imagine that “blister eyes are cute” to avoid that disgust, because once the thought of “blister eyes are cute” arose, it was tantamount to identifying with the big-eye on a spiritual level, and he would be subconsciously contaminated.


He had to have a confrontational emotion.


Knowing that blistered eyes all over the body was disgusting and would bring great visual impact, but still endure.


Not to accept it, but to face it squarely.


The owner of the diary, after knowing the truth about the big eye, chose to close the door and not listen or look, but eventually became equally insane.


To face up to the weirdness and horror of this world like, he couldn’t escape, he had to think of ways to confront it.


Mu Sichen and Shen Jiyue looked at each other, in that pair of frog-like eyes, he saw a trace of calm and appreciation.


“It seems that you found a way to keep your sanity inside the sanatorium.” Shen Jiyue put his hand over the back of Mu Sichen’s blistered hand.


Mu Sichen only felt a coolness in his palm, he raised his hand to see that the blistered eyes on the back of his hand had disappeared.


And Shen Jiyue’s arm ruptured and pus-filled wounds, and a few blistered eyes had grown.


It wasn’t that Mu Sichen’s contamination was healed, but that Shen Jiyue had absorbed the contamination away from him.



Mu Sichen looked at his hand in slight surprise.


“Amazing, isn’t it?” A smile flashed in Shen Jiyue’s froggy eyes, “Patients can actually treat the pollution on their families, I’ve been hospitalized in the sanatorium for a week and have been waiting for a family member like you to appear.”


Mu Sichen understood.


He entered the ward three times before and after, Shen Jiyue each time behaved very differently, in fact, he was testing Mu Sichen.



“So the first time I opened the door of the ward, the kind of terror and hostility I felt was not an illusion, it was you deliberately scaring me?” Mu Sichen asked.

Half an hour ago, Mu Sichen was in charge of a patient, he opened the door of the room unexpectedly and saw a monster, which wasn’t only horribly born, but he also exuded an unspeakable malice.



The visual and spiritual impact made Mu Sichen immediately close the door, and this action, precisely conveyed a message to Shen Jiyue.



That was, Mu Sichen was an ordinary person who came to the sanatorium for the first time, he knew nothing about the rules of the institution, and was also the person who Shen Jiyue was waiting for who didn’t agree with the rules and wasn’t contaminated.


But this wasn’t enough.


So when Mu Sichen opened the door of the room for the second time, while Mu Sichen didn’t understand the rules, Shen Jiyue showed his kind and strong side again, so that Mu Sichen felt sympathy.


When Mu Sichen left the room and explored the sanatorium for a few moments, the third time he returned to the ward, it was Shen Jiyue’s final test of Mu Sichen.


At that time, Shen Jiyue was lying in bed, defenseless, just right for Mu Sichen to strike and find a way to contaminate him.


If Mu Sichen, after understanding the rules, chose to hurt Shen Jiyue in exchange for the chance to become a doctor, then Shen Jiyue would never have told him the truth and would not have treated the blistered eyes on his hands.


Only after three tries was Shen Jiyue willing to believe Mu Sichen.


“You’ve been testing me?” Mu Sichen asked.


Shen Jiyue didn’t deny: “I like to work with smart people, here, being too stupid won’t help you live long, being too cold-blooded or too timid won’t help either.”


“How did you know that I already knew the rules of the hospital after I left the ward for the second time and turned back?” Mu Sichen asked.


Shen Jiyue shrugged: “It looks like you didn’t find the rule instructions yourself, but heard from others. If you’re willing to actively look for it, you’ll find rule information hidden everywhere in the hospital, and you’ll soon be able to summarize the rules for identity transformation.”


“If it’s so easy to find the rules, why not just post the rules for identity transformation directly on the first floor?” Mu Sichen asked.


Shen Jiyue smiled: “Of course it’s to fool many smarty-pants. This sanatorium is so bizarre, who would be stupid enough to directly believe the rules posted on the first floor? It is more trustworthy to find clues and speculate on the rules with all your efforts, isn’t it?”


Mu Sichen thought deeply and also nodded rather fearfully: “There are so many traps.”


“Of course, He is not stupid at all.” Shen Jiyue reached out and pointed up.


Mu Sichen somewhat uncomfortably removed the “stupid big eye” tag he gave it.


Only at this point did Mu Sichen correctly realize the fearfulness of the god-level monsters.


Their ability was not only reflected in the “unseeable” attributes, but also not only reflected in the power beyond the normal human, more terrifying was the ability to think far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.


Mu Sichen profoundly realized that the only thing that could defeat the God-level monsters was the God-level monsters.


With his current power, it was impossible to get out of the town enveloped by the power of the big-eye, so he could only rely on Qin Zu.


But also because of this, he could not recognize the favor from this level, including Qin Zu.


Mu Sichen felt that the feelings of the so-called great existence for human beings were like a person walking on the roadside, suddenly he felt that an ant was a bit flattering, so he threw two pieces of Bread crumbs to satisfy the ants’ hunger.


The ant thought it had encountered a deity and knelt at the feet of the great being, grateful. Who knew, in the next second, the other party lifted their feet and accidentally stepped on the ant that was still worshipping.



From beginning to end, the great being would not remember what this ant looked like, and afterwards could not remember that he had thrown bread crumbs.


The great being had no intention of hurting people, but people would die because of the huge gap between the two.


This was the gulf between god and man.


Of course, he was now for Qin Zu, barely an ant with observation value, right? Mu Sichen touched his nose.


“I know that Big Eye is very strong, so we can only look for the ‘pillar’, your purpose is also this, right?” Mu Sichen asked.


“Big Eye?” Shen Jiyue froze, and then laughed, “That’s quite an image for a name. But you’d better think less about this nickname, the more you think about it, the more you understand, pollution is always subtle to catch people off guard.”



Although Shen Jiyue looked horrible, his tone of voice was calm, he looked much more reliable than Yao Wangping.



Mu Sichen asked, “You mentioned Xiangping Town before, are you also a subordinate of Qin Zu? Do you have His totem on you?”



“You call Him by His name?” Shen Jiyue’s frog eyes showed rare surprise, and his eyes turned 360 degrees, as if he was observing him from all directions.



“What’s the problem?” Mu Sichen was furrowed by his look, “Isn’t this the name that keeps playing on loop on the radio? Can’t it be called?”


The diary owner also wrote down Qin Zu’s name repeatedly in the diary, didn’t he?


“I simply have to wonder if you have experienced the cataclysm, are you someone who has been sleeping underground and just awakened?” Shen Jiyue asked, “Haven’t you noticed that people address those beyond human existence and only dare to use ‘great existence’, titles or other positions as a substitute? This is common knowledge after the cataclysm, right?”


This was the second time Mu Sichen heard the word “cataclysm”, the last time was in the mouth of the feathered family members. He guessed that this world must have experienced a very horrible “cataclysm”, which caused the world to become like this.



The “cataclysm” was common knowledge to the people of this world, but it was unfamiliar to Mu Sichen.


Even if he wanted to cooperate with Shen Jiyue, Mushen does not intend to reveal his identity as a player, it was best to let Shen Jiyue treat him as an ordinary survivor of Tongzhi town.



So he held back his curiosity, avoiding the topic of “cataclysm”, and asked, “I’ve already called his name, what will happen?”



“If it is Him, nothing will happen indeed. Because in addition to the titles of ‘Guardian god of Humanity’ and ‘Hand of Heaven’, He also has the title of ‘Absolute Reasoner’. If you call His name, either He doesn’t want to pay attention to you or you will be sheltered by sanity and calmness.”



“No wonder your sanity is so sober, it turns out that you have been given the blessing of ‘Absolute Sanity’.”


Mu Sichen: “……”


He felt that he might not have obtained Qin Zu’s protection.



Because after he left the room and looked straight at the big-eyed boy, the san value crackled down and he didn’t get any shelter at all.



On the contrary, after being tattooed with a totem by Qin Zu, he felt that his sanity had cleared up quite a bit and his san value should have recovered, but he was not particularly sane, at least not to the extent that he had become Yao Wangping.


Mu Sichen didn’t answer the question positively, but asked rhetorically, “So you also received the shelter of Qin Zu to stay awake?”


“Why are you still calling Him by His name?” Shen Jiyue froze, then replied, “I also have His totem on me.”


“Where?” Mu Sichen wanted to confirm.


Shen Jiyue wanted to find a collaborator and test him more than once. Mu Sichen couldn’t just let people examine him and then just foolishly trust the other unguardedly.


Shen Jiyue flipped down his only intact hair and pointed to the back of his head, “You can look here.”



The blistered eyes on his body were emitting a fishy smell, but his hair was fresh and clean, so he must have paid a lot of attention to personal hygiene and insisted on washing his hair every day even when he became like this.


Mu Sichen went around behind him and turned over Shen Jiyue’s hair, and indeed saw the totem of countless hands guarding the earth tattooed on his scalp.


No wonder only the hair on Shen Jiyue’s entire body was normal, could Qin Zu’s totem only protect one location?


So after Yao Wangping was contaminated, he would eventually become a monster with only his left arm normal.


The “Absolute Sanity” shelter seemed a bit localized and very petty.


Mu Sichen had a little different feeling about Qin Zu.


Although Qin Zu and the big-eyed boy was the same level of existence, but Mu Sichen through several sight perception, clearly perceived Qin Zu’s emotions.


Big Eye was already a monster, and in the peeping eye, Mu Sichen did not feel any emotions in it. Unfortunately, it was Qin Zhou, known as the “absolute rational”, in whom Mu Sichen felt emotions belonging to humanity.



For example, he shouted his name too many times, he would be too annoyed to look at him.


When his tone changed somewhat, Qin Zu, despite being annoyed, could not help but look at him.



This was very human and makes Mu Sichen’s treatment of Qin Zui easier than that of the big eye.


With his current strength, if he had to choose a “great being” to stand in line, between the big-eyed boy and Qin Zu, he would definitely choose Qin Zu.



After confirming Shen Jiyue’s identity, Mu Sichen felt he could trust him for the time being.



Mu Sichen asked: “You have been looking for a family member who will not be contaminated, is it because, in this sanatorium, the power of one person alone is not enough? How should I cooperate with you?”



“You’re such a frugal teammate.” Shen Jiyue sighed, “I’m going to tell you the information I’ve poked around in the past few days.”


Shen Jiyue narrated: “Xiangping Town is currently the largest town in the entire world, and the ‘Human Guardian God’ is extremely strong among existences of the same level.
At first Xiangping Town was smaller than Tongzhi Town, probably only the size of a street, then Xiangping Town kept expanding its domain and annexing the surrounding towns, and Xiangping Town became larger and larger.
He would constantly send people to other towns to destroy the ‘pillar’ and open the town’s domain, and I was sent to Tongzhi town.


“‘Pillar’ needs huge soul energy and spiritual energy to maintain, and where there is a ‘pillar’, it must be filled with a lot of pollution, pain, struggle and despair.”



“Followers are unable to have such feelings, and the location where the ‘pillar’ is located must be the place where the most normal people are.
“Based on this characteristic, I found this sanatorium.”


These words instantly explained Mu Sichen’s doubts.


By comparing the number of people in the square , Mu Sichen found that the number of normal townspeople was far greater than the number of followers.



He had been wondering about this matter, since Big Eyes was so strong, why didn’t he turn all the normal people within Tongzhi town into his followers all at once?



Mu Sichen was confronted with Big Eye, and he believed that Big Eye had the power, but did not do so.


Now the answer was here.


It was because the town needed the soul energy of normal people to function, the big eye left so many survivors, allowing them to act in the “night”.



Normal people were like toys in the eyes of Big Eyes, and this was the ideal town that Big Eyes had created for the survivors.


Coming from a peaceful world, Mu Sichen’s heart was filled with anger.


The world had become so crazy, people should not, at least, call this madness “ideal”.



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