Mentions of ra-pe



After getting the address from Wu Ziqiang, Shi Fei called Gu Yueze and asked Zhang Wu to come up and keep an eye on this person.



When Zhang Wu came up, he saw Wu Ziqiang lying on the ground in pain, lip and face swollen and miserable looking, his eyes were swollen like walnuts, and his face was sticky, he couldn’t tell whether it was sweat or tears and snot.


“Just leave it like that? You won’t tie him up.” Zhang Wu asked.



“Can he still run when he’s like this?” Shi Fei handed over a baseball to Zhang Mu, his voice slightly icy: “If he dares to run, you’ll break all three legs.”


The words scared Wu Ziqiang again, his body trembled.



After coming out, he saw Gu Yueze standing by the car door, waiting for him with his hands in his pockets.


He went over to the driver’s seat, and when he tried to close the door, Gu Yuize stopped the door and asked, “Do you have a driver’s license?”


Shi Fei lied without blushing, “Yes.”



But it was strange.


Gu Yueze glanced at him, and Shi Fei touched his nose with a little bit of weakness and asked, “Will you get in or not?”



“Be careful.” Gu Yueze went around the front of the car, wanting to sit in the passenger seat, Shi Fei quickly shouted, “Sit in the back, you said it’s not good to sit in the passenger seat.”



Gu Yueze sat in the back seat, the car quickly left this place.



The night came quietly, the moonlight spread in the city, while a black car with smooth lines ran in the city.



The speed of Shi Fei’s car was very fast, and it felt like he was about to start racing in the bustling city.



The car quickly stopped in front of an ancient street.


Gu Yueze looked at the street: “They’re here?”



Shi Fei unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, “The man named Wu said he was here.”



He didn’t dare to lie, otherwise he would have to go back and remove his leg.



Gu Yueze said: “This is indeed a good place. Originally, this was Hushan Ancient Street, and the houses were too dilapidated. Many houses collapsed, and a real estate developer bought them to rebuild and develop them into tourist attractions. Now all the residents inside have moved out.”



Shi Fei asked as he walked, “How do you know so much?”



Gu Yueze said, “That real estate developer who bought this area is me.”



Shi Fei gave him a look, not wanting to talk, then he took out his cell phone and pulled out the telephone receiver to illuminate it, but a brighter light appeared next to him, and with a sideways glance, he saw a certain big president holding a flashlight in his hand.


Shi Fei: “……” He quickly turned off his cell phone light off.



This street was about one mile long, if both sides of the street were added up, at least there were sixty or seventy households, if he checked it one by one, it’d be too late.



“I don’t know where they’re hidden, I don’t know if I’ll scare the snakes if I look one by one. Why don’t you turn off the light, and I’ll check them one by one to see.” As a result, just after Shi Fei finished speaking, he saw Gu Yueze take out another long-range infrared temperature measuring gu-n.



Shi Fei: “Where did you get these?”



Gu Yueze: “I had someone buy them when you went upstairs, thought I’d use them.”


Shi Fei took the measuring g-un, “Too smart.”



It was then decided that it would be better to turn off the lights, and the two of them sneakily groped their way over.



Since quite a few of the houses had collapsed, the black sneakers stepped on the ground and raised a cloud of dust.




The moonlight from the window shone into the old house.



Seven or eight men were gathered together drinking wine, among them was Xu Tianshen.



This area was full of ruins ready to be developed, it wasn’t time for development yet, so no one would come, let alone at night.



Next to them, Wei Ru was tied to a chair with her hair spread out, her mouth was taped shut, her face had obvious slap marks, and her hands and feet were bound, unable to move.



These people were all hired by Xu Tianshen.



At this moment, they occasionally glanced at Wei Ru there. She had originally planned to have dinner with Fang Haozhou that day and was dressed beautifully.



A red one shoulder over knee skirt, even a slapped face and a slightly awkward appearance, still couldn’t conceal her beauty.




“This Wei Ru looks really pretty ah, it’s just that her nature is a bit hot.”



“You don’t understand, this kind of hotness is more flavorful, didn’t you see that surname Fang was charmed by her for so many years?”



“That’s true, if this lets me sleep for one night, I can wake up laughing in my dreams.”


“I also want to, want to try to see what it’s like to be in bed with that rich man’s woman surnamed Fang.”


Several people were chatting there in a particularly explicit manner, using Wei Ru as an object of discussion.



Someone asked Xu Tianshen, “Boss Xu, as promised, when things are done, you must let me have this chick.”


“Me too, you can’t go back on your word.”


Xu Tianzhen licked the dry corner of his mouth as he looked at Wei Ru, “Don’t worry, you all have a share, I’ll be the first one to come when the time comes.”



He had long coveted Wei Ru’s beauty for a long time, but unfortunately he couldn’t move before, now that he was like this, what else was there to be afraid of?


When things were done, he would take this woman under him.




“Boss Xu, she’s glaring at you ugh.” Someone said provocatively, “If an ordinary woman encountered such a situation, she would have cried long ago, she’s tied up and still dared to glare at you, she is really hot enough. I heard that you were hospitalized after being beaten up by her, right?”


As soon as this matter was mentioned, Xu Tianshen was annoyed for a while, “Shut up.”


He then got up and walked to Wei Ru, went up and cupped Wei Ru’s chin with one hand, “After starving you for two days it seems like you haven’t learned your lesson at all. I was harmed by you, stinking b-itch, my job is gone, reputation is bad, this is all because you harmed me. I’m in this situation, and you still dare to give me a look.”


Then an unceremonious slap was thrown in Wei Ru’s face.



Wei Ru’s mouth was sealed and she couldn’t speak, but her eyes were like arrows that wanted to shoot through the person in front of her.



“Isn’t Fang Haozhou powerful? Still dare to sue me and make threats? Then where is he now? Why didn’t he come to save you?” Xu Tianshen drank a lot of wine, at the moment he was a little drunk, he lowered his head close to Wei Ru and continued, “This face is really good looking, no wonder Fang Haozhou will fancy you.”



Wei Ru took the opportunity to headbutt him hard.



The pain immediately caused Xu Tianshen to take two steps back, and blood flowed from his nose.


Angry, he stepped forward and slapped Wei Ru twice, “You stinky woman, you dare to be aggressive even now. Let me deal with you.”


As he spoke, he reached out to pick up Wei Ru’s clothes.



Wei Ru desperately shook her head, her mouth let out a whimpering sound.



“Want to beg for mercy ah? Beg for mercy, I might let you go, call me brother to listen to ah.” Xu Tianshen removed the tape from Wei Ru’s mouth threateningly.



Wei Ru sprayed a mouthful of water over, “Bah, Xu Tianshen you useless loser, do you think I will be afraid of you? Either you get me killed today, or else I’ll definitely cut off your two eggs to make wine and feed them to the wangbangs.”



Xu Tianshen wiped a handful of saliva from his own face, his anger was provoked.



Originally, he had been holding back when he saw Wei Ru’s beauty, if it wasn’t for the fact that President Ye wanted to keep Wei Ru to threaten Lan Lianfang, he wouldn’t have been able to hold back, and would have put her to sleep a long time ago.



“Good, then I’ll see if you have that chance.” Reaching out, he forcefully began to peel off his clothes, the front suit buttons popping off, revealing the white shirt inside.



The people next to him cajoled, “Boss Xu up up up up, we support you, put her to sleep.”





Wei Ru bit Xu Tianshen’s ear when he moved closer, and Xu Tianshen cried out in pain. The person next to her quickly went up and pulled them apart.




Xu Tianshen touched his ear, the top was bleeding, if it wasn’t for those hired fighters, his ear would be bitten half off.




Now the anger grew even stronger, “You all get out of my way. It seems I have to deal with this stinky woman.”



To prevent her from biting again, the tape was sealed back.



Then he reached out to pick Wei Ru’s clothes.


The people surrounding the side began to coax again.



With a ‘bang’ sound, someone who had just been uproarious had their head hit.



From the person turned around, he saw that Shi Fei had appeared at some point, and his left hand was still holding another beer bottle.


These empty bottles were all drunk by themselves.



At this moment, Shi Fei’s face was dark and heavy, standing there like a killing god.



Especially when he saw Xu Tianshen’s movements and the injuries on Wei Ru’s face, the always smiling and laughing Shi Fei’s eyes were on the verge of materializing with rage.


His voice was filled with hysterical anger, “Mr Gu, if I get into trouble, will you help me afterward?”


Gu Yueze: “Do whatever you want, whether it’s mu-rder or arson I’ll cover for you.”



Over there Xu Tianshen saw this scene, “Quickly stop him, stop them.”



Shi Fei took his hat off, rushed over in three or two steps, carrying another empty beer bottle in his hand, and broke it on another person’s head again.



Shi Fei clenched his fists and advanced, punching each other one by one. At a young age, the fight was fierce and either he broke a person’s hand or broke a leg without mercy.



These people simply couldn’t hold out a few times.



Xu Tianshen looked at this scene with disbelief, these were all professional fighters that he hired, their hands were good, how could they not even be able to beat a Shi Fei?



Wasn’t he just an entertainer? How come he was so good at fighting?



Hw thought these people would definitely catch the person, now Xu Tianshen reacted, he hurriedly fished out a knife from his body and put it against Wei Ru’s neck, “Don’t come over, come over again and I’ll kill her.”



As a result, just as his words were finished, he saw something thrown at his head, and before he could react, he felt a buzzing pain in his head.



The sky spun around and fell backwards.



Seeing that what hit Xu Tianshen’s head was a tennis ball, Shi Fei looked towards Gu Yueze and gave him a thumbs up.



Gu Yueze faintly said, “Bought it together in passing.”



Shi Fei rushed over and stomped hard on someone’s hand with a knife, a pig-like squeal rang out before he kicked the knife a little farther away.



Squatting down to untie Wei Ru, seeing her woeful appearance, his expression sunk slightly, he removed the tape from her mouth and untied the ropes on her feet and hands for her, “Xiao Ru, how are you?”


Xu Tianshen secretly wanted to get up and escape. Wei Ru quickly broke away from her rope and lifted the chair she was just tied to, forcefully throwing it at Xu Tianshen. The person fell to the ground, and soon climbed up on his hands and knees limping to continue to run.



“I’m fine, that son of a bitch won’t fine.” Wei Ru gritted her teeth and stared at him, her eyes looked like they were about to burst into flames, “Xu Tianshen, you’re dead.”



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