Huang Qu’nan’s wife surnamed Lu, was a native of China. Although the Lu family in China was just an ordinary family, but Lu Linlin’s aunt was a director of the Ministry of China.


It was just a director, but she happened to be in charge of the research funding that piece, the leaders of various universities across the country were polite to her.


Huang Qu’nan smoked a cigarette, and when the body of the cigarette burned out, he extinguished the cigarette butt.



“Wait, I’ll go talk to President Zhao first.”


What he didn’t expect was that before he could say anything, Zhao Depei had already publicly stated that he would assign the lab to Li Zheng.



That day, Huang Qu’nan rode his bicycle to work as usual.


When he walked into the office, colleagues were chatting, seeing Huang Qu’nan came in, a female colleague smiled and joked: “Old Huang ah, if there is a happy event, invite us to dinner.”


Huang Qu’nan was stunned, “What happy event?”



Another person spoke: “What else can it be? The laboratory matter. Roche’s new laboratory, that is a magnificent. We counted on our fingers, it should be your turn.”



“No, I heard that in the lab, the equipment is all new. Your old biology cabinet should not be brought over, leave it to me.” This was associate professor Zhang, who was in the same lab as Huang Qu’nan.



The colleagues all agreed that Huang Qu’nan’s turn would come in this lab assignment. This knowledge made Huang Qu’nan’s restless heart calm down a lot.



The colleagues all thought so, and he thought President Zhao would think so too. Principal Zhao had always been a very fair leader.


“How could it be? I don’t have any news, Lao Zhang. Maybe it’s you. If it were you, I would have had this meal, too. “Huang Qunan smiled, but he was 80% confident that he could be assigned to the laboratory.



However, that afternoon, Huang Qu’nan got the news that Zhao Depei publicly stated in the group meeting that the laboratory donated by Roche to Huaqing University would be assigned to Li Zheng alone.

The faculty members who heard this news were first shocked, and then relieved.



Anyway, the lab wouldn’t fall on their heads if it wasn’t divided to Li Zheng, and Li Zheng’s academic achievements were indeed much better than those of a group of associate professors, and even in terms of international influence alone, there were few people in the whole of China who could match him, so it was indeed only right that he should take such a lab.



“Old Huang ah, if it is Li Zheng, that is normal, don’t take it to heart.” Associate Professor Zhang said soothingly.


Huang Qu’nan couldn’t say exactly what mood was in his heart, he clutched the handle of the water cup, the veins on the back of his hand were clearly visible. The cautious gazes of his colleagues made it feel even more piercing.


Everyone was laughing at him, they were laughing at him.



Huang Qu’nan’s nails snapped deep into the flesh of his palm, not …… yet, you never treated me as one of your own.



Huang Qu’nan didn’t have the roots of Chinese people, he came over from the Wuhan Polytechnic examination. Although Huaqing was an extremely inclusive school, but no matter in which industry, the pedigree was still extremely important.


One was students and alumni who had graduated and stayed on campus, and the other was a stranger who had been admitted from outside. Everyone would subconsciously lean towards the former.



Huang Qu’nan and Chen An’gang were the two most outstanding scholars of the second ladder, there had been a competitive relationship between the two, and Chen An’gang had been pressing Huang Qu’nan’s head, Huang Qu’nan attributed it to Chen An’gang being Huaqing’s own people, and he was only an outsider to Huaqing.



But Chen Angang didn’t matter, Li Zheng. That Li Zheng was only a few years old, and he was also an outsider. Why could he be assigned to the laboratory as soon as he came! At this moment, he completely ignored the huge academic gap between himself and Li Zheng.



Listening to the rustling voices in his ears, Huang Qu’nan’s anger filled his chest. He stood up and quickly walked downstairs.



He didn’t use the school phone booth, but instead chose a phone booth outside the school and called his wife.

After receiving the call, Lu Linlin cursed Huaqing leaders, “Qu Nan, don’t worry, aunt’s husband and Secretary Wu have a good relationship, I will immediately let him contact with Secretary Wu.”


In the eighties, the independence of colleges and universities was no more than in the latter days. Huaqing University was one of the top universities in China, it had a special status, but it was also not exempt.



Secretary Wu Zhaomeng, the secretary of Huaqing University, was an official of the Ministry of Education of the State of China and was attached to Huaqing University.


So two days later, a red-headed document stamped with the red seal of the secretary’s office of Huaqing University was sent to the desks of all the faculty members.


“How could this happen? Didn’t President Zhao already openly say that the lab was assigned to Li Zheng?”



“No, this was said publicly at the group meeting, this red-headed document is a slap in Principal Zhao’s face.”


“I didn’t see it, Huang Qu’nan actually has such energy.”



For a while, Huaqing University faculty and staff were talking about it.


“Professor Huang, congratulations.”


“Old Huang, it’s time to buy dinner!”


Regardless of what was in their hearts, everyone had a congratulatory look on their faces.



Huang Qu’nan was also full of smiles, he never used to disdain to use other means outside of academics, but now, he found that being human sometimes required adaptability.



On the other hand, Li Zheng’s office


Zhao Depei gave Li Zheng the best treatment, a separate office facing south, with an area of about 30 to 40 square feet, which was even larger than one of the ordinary professor’s office.



In the office, Li Zheng looked at the red-headed document on his desk, and the corner of his mouth curled up in a mocking arc. What the hell was going on? Did he look easy to bully?


He picked up the microphone on the desk.


“David, I have a very interesting thing here.”


When Zhao Depei received this message, he was discussing the donation ceremony with Meng Lao and the others.



In Zhao Depei’s opinion, this donation ceremony must be a big event, so that the world would know that Luo had donated the laboratory to Huaqing!


The laboratory plus the donated experimental equipment, the valuation was amazingly large. Zhao Depei had inquired, this laboratory was the largest donation of the year. Even Harvard, Stanford and other international schools and Nobel Prize winners couldn’t be compared.


This news had excited the entire Huaqing leadership, and even the State Center had called to confirm that this donation ceremony, had taken on a significant meaning far beyond itself.



“Old Zhao ah, the nation needs confidence ah, you guys are doing a great job with this project. Let everyone see that our Chinese universities are not inferior to foreign universities!” This was the general manager of the State Center. This was the telephone instruction of the Prime Minister.



Zhao Depei was holding his breath to get this done, but he didn’t think that he was still working on his side, but the back end was on fire.



“Bang!” Zhao Depei slapped the table hard.



“Those fools! They have to trample our Huaqing face to the bottom of their feet before they are willing to do so!” Zhao Depei was so angry that he couldn’t choose his words.



The secretary’s document came down, and if he wanted to overturn it, he had to have a good reason. The most adequate than the Roche’s donation agreement, but if this agreement was on the surface, then the donation ceremony, so many days of publicity, would become a joke!



He said and stood up violently, “No, I’ll go find him!”



Meng Lao’s brow was furrowed tightly, the domestic research community was relatively closed, and foreign companies didn’t have much contact, he didn’t know the style of foreign companies.


But Meng Lao was very clear that capitalists wouldn’t save face or make friends with you. If their goals were difficult to achieve, canceling the cooperation directly was already the best result.


“Old Zhao, I’ll go with you, “Meng Lao said solemnly.



Wu Zhaomeng, the secretary of the university, was on a posting and usually didn’t work on campus, so Meng Lao and Zhao Depei both went directly to his office at the ministry.



When they arrived, there was another person in the office, Deng Guang, who was also Lu Linlin’s aunt’s husband. He had come all the way to thank Wu Zhaomeng for his “righteousness”.



“Old Deng, you’re welcome. Although I’m only a posting, I know about Qu Nan’s affairs. His ability and qualifications are all top notch. Old Zhao is really wrong this time, how can we worship foreigners! Oh, foreigners say that good must be good? This is not objective and not practical! What’s more, we can’t let this chill the hearts of our old comrades!”



Zhao Depei and Meng Lao pushed the door in, and heard such a Righteous slogans.



The faces of the two men instantly darkened, “Chanting foreigners! Chill the hearts of old comrades! Wu Zhaomeng, you do things before you use your brain, okay!” Zhao Depei completely lost his usual gentle and elegant appearance, and his spit was almost sprayed onto Wu Zhaomeng’s face.



Wu Zhaomeng was scolded by such a head-bashing, and his face also darkened.



“Zhao Depei, you are crazy! I haven’t settled the score with you yet! This lab matter, our Huaqing’s lab! How can you give it to a newcomer who just joined us! Even if he is sought after by foreigners, but this is China! The country of China!” Wu Zhaomeng roared loudly.



Zhao Depei sneered, “Great, patriotic. Your patriotism had to be with the right occasion! Hua Qing’s laboratory! What do you mean, Huaqing’s lab! This is not our fucking Huaqing lab!” He threw the agreement directly on Wu Zhaomeng’s desk.



Wu Zhaomeng glanced at his old partner suspiciously, picked up the agreement and opened it.



The expression on his face then became stiff, “This …… this this ……” This is also considered a fucking donation? This is a gift from Huaqing’s hand!


“You also accepted this donation agreement, it’s just a use! “Wu Zhaomeng widened his eyes and looked at Zhao Depei, who had always been proud. He couldn’t believe that he had signed this agreement.



Zhao Depei sneered, “Use! That’s right, exploitation! People are sure that we will accept this kind of use! We really fucking accepted it! Because Huaqing needs, Huaqing should not just be a famous school in China, it should be a world famous school, and this is the best opportunity!”



Zhao Depei’s voice was loud and clear, causing the room to fall silent for a moment.



“But this opportunity, it looks like it’s going to be ruined by you.”





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