When Zhao Depei arrived at the door of the laboratory, he saw such a scene.


Huang Qu’nan and the renovation workers were arguing with each other, the renovation workers had already organized the tools to lock the door, and Huang Qu’nan was stopping them from locking it.



“Professor Huang ……” Zhao Depei spoke with a complicated expression.


For Huang Qu’nan, his feelings were very complicated. Before this incident, in Zhao Depei’s impression, Huang Qu’nan was taciturn, hard-working, although he lacked a little in understanding the world, but as scholar, this wasn’t a problem.



But he didn’t expect that the usually loyal and honest Huang Qu’nan would give him such a surprise.


Huang Qu’nan heard Zhao Depei’s voice and turned around, when he saw them, he froze for a moment, face showing a blush, and then he seemed to be remembering something, and became excited.



“Principal Zhao, Secretary Wu, old Meng, they said that the laboratory renovation has been stopped, Roche doesn’t intend to donate the laboratory, how can this be! Obviously the donation agreement has already been signed, hasn’t it!?”


Not waiting for the three to reply, Huang Qu’nan said loudly to the renovation workers: “This is the secretary and president of Huaqing, they came to see the laboratory.”



The group of renovation workers looked at each other, Hua Qing in the hearts of Chinese people had a very high position, especially for those who weren’t educated, the principal of Hua Qing and the secretary were simply legends.


They couldn’t help but show a constrained look on their faces, “It wasn’t us who wanted to stop work, we were also notified.” Someone said warily.



A bitter smile appeared on Zhao Depei’s face, “It’s none of your business, it’s our Huaqing’s own problem.”



The crowd of workers breathed a sigh of relief at these words, “Then we’ll leave first, we still have to rush to do the next one.”


Zhao Depei nodded his head.



“The principal of Huaqing is so nice to talk to, it’s not like that guy.”



“As the old saying goes, the king of hell is easy to see but the little ghosts are difficult to deal with, it’s all like that.”



The murmurs of the distant workers reached the ears of the crowd, Huang Qu’nan’s expression was very ugly, but he couldn’t care less about these people right now, why did Principal Zhao let them go so easily? What did he mean by what he had just said, could it be that Roche really didn’t intend to donate the lab?



“Principal! Roche ……” Huang Qu’nan couldn’t help but speak.



Zhao Depei looked at him with deep meaning, “Qu’na, if you need an independent lab, you can apply with me, I will try to help you fight for it.”


Huang Qu’nan stiffened and fell silent.


Zhao Depei shook his head and didn’t say much as he familiarly walked around to the back of the lab and went up to knock on the door.



“Is it inappropriate for me to be here right now?” David stood at the door of the glass room, a wry expression on his face.


Li Zheng glanced at him, “Then climb over the wall and leave?”



David ……



Li Zheng went up to the door.



“Elder Meng, Principal.” He greeted the two with a smile, his gaze sweeping over Wu Zhaomeng and Huang Qu’nan, a trace of just the right amount of suspicion showing on his face.



It was the first time Wu Zhaomeng had met this genius of the biology world, seeing that Li Zheng had only just reached adulthood, but this aura was not weaker than their older generation of scholars from Hua Qing, and feeling Li Zheng’s puzzled gaze, he could not help but dryly cough and sneakily glanced at Zhao Depei in hopes that he would open his mouth to make introductions.



If it was a normal day, Zhao Depei would definitely be cooperative enough, but this time around, Wu Zhaomeng had made such a big mess behind his back that Zhao Depei was really too lazy to take care of him.



Seeing that Zhao Depei had made up his mind not to speak, Wu Zhaomeng was embarrassed and had to open his own mouth, he coughed dryly, “Li Zheng, I’ve heard your name for a long time, I’m Wu Zhaomeng, er, I’m temporarily hanging onto the position of the Secretary of Huaqing.”




When Li Zheng heard this, a glint flashed through his eyes, “So it’s Secretary Wu, how are you?” He smiled and greeted Wu Zhaomeng, then his gaze turned and landed on Huang Qu’nan, “Then this …… is Professor Huang?”



“Professor Li.” Li Zheng enjoyed the treatment of Associate Professor, although he wasn’t yet an Associate Professor in reality, but his academic level was recognized by all Huaqing faculty members, including Huang Qu’nan, and this Professor Li, he called willingly.



A trace of nostalgia flashed in Li Zheng’s eyes, Professor Li, this title, he had not heard it for a long time.



Wu Zhaomeng saw that Li Zheng had called out Huang Qu’nan’s name as soon as he saw him, and naturally knew that he had misunderstood, he had always been a person who could not hide anything, and hurriedly opened his mouth to explain, “We really bumped into Professor Huang outside.”



Zhao Depei……



Huang Qu’nan……


Zhao Depei looked at his partner, who had revealed his true nature without saying two words, held his forehead and stepped forward, “Li Zheng, won’t you invite us in?”



“Of course, gentlemen, inside please.” He said, making way.



“The main body of the house has yet to be renovated, but a sunroom has been built, with some flowers and plants, it’s a good place to have afternoon tea.” Li Zheng said as he guided people inside.


When Zhao Depei saw the glass house not far away, he couldn’t help but tsk, “Unique and ingenious, the front is the laboratory, after doing the experiments, you can go here to drink tea and soak up the sun, still, Li Zheng, you can enjoy yourself.”


Li Zheng raised his eyebrows and smiled warmly, things seemed to be going much better than he had imagined.



On the other hand, Huang Qu’nan became a little uncomfortable when he heard Zhao Depei’s words. Zhao Depei’s words meant that this lab was still Li Zheng’s, and had completely ignored the document that Wu Zhaomeng had sent.



And Wu Zhaomeng seemed to have forgotten about the fact that he had sent the document, walking in front of him without looking at it, completely unresponsive to Zhao Depei’s words.



Huang Qu’nan was immediately apprehensive, his right hand in his pants pocket loosened and tightened, tightened and loosened again for a long time before he decisively let go.


The laboratory shutdown, Roche’s cancellation of the donation, Zhao Depei’s appearance, Wu Zhaomeng’s uncharacteristic behavior and Li Zheng’s villa at the back of the laboratory, if he could not figure out the trick, he would not need to be a professor at Huaqing.


Thinking of this, Huang Qu’nan couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile, after those calculations, what wasn’t his really wasn’t his.



Although he was dissatisfied with Huaqing’s different treatment of him and Chen Anbang, but dissatisfaction was dissatisfaction, as a professor of Hua Qing, he could still distinguish between the big I and small I, his own laboratory and Huaqing’s face, he knew which was more important, after his brain got a little cooler, he figured it out.



David had already returned to the flower room, seeing a few people come in, he greeted the crowd as if he was the master, “President Zhao, Professor Meng, we meet again.”



Zhao Depei’s apprehensive heart dropped by half when he saw David, since David was willing to see them, there was still something to talk about!



“Li Zheng and Mr. David, we are here today to apologize to the two of you, because of our internal management problems at Huaqing, it has caused trouble to the two of you, on behalf of myself and Huaqing, I apologize to the two of you na.” Zhao Depei didn’t talk nonsense, and directly apologized in a series.



His attitude was sincere, and his posture was extremely low.


Li Zheng rubbed his nose, on this occasion, it was not appropriate for him to speak.



David shook the coffee cup in his hand, and his expression slowly became serious, ”Principal Zhao, since you mentioned it, I am not going to be polite with you. Huaqing’s attitude has made Roche very unpleasant.”


He paused and continued, “Roche is a profitable enterprise, we have a private shareholding system, the board of directors is our highest decision-making body, it is not the same thing as the organization in charge of scientific research funds in China, do you understand what I mean?”


“I know.” Zhao Depei had studied in England in his early years and naturally understood the meaning of David’s words.


“This donation of Huaqing Laboratory is Roche’s largest research donation this year, and the board of directors was able to approve this amount because Mr. Li Zheng has made a huge contribution to our profits. We at Roche are very focused on the spirit of contract, so I hope that our partners will also honor their contracts.”



“I know that Huaqing is reluctant to publicize the donation agreement for a reason, and we understand and actively cooperate. But our donation is for Mr. Li Zheng, and if we fail to achieve even this initial purpose, not to mention me, even the board of directors will not agree to the continuation of this donation.”



Hearing this, what could Huang Qu’nan not understand, his face flushed red with shame.


“Professor Li, this time it’s my fault, I got greedy, I’m really very sorry!” In a surprising turn of events, Huang Qu’nan suddenly stood out, walked over to Li Zheng and David, and bowed deeply to both of them.



Li Zheng slightly sidestepped his body while holding up Huang Qu’nan with his hand, “There is no need for Professor Huang to be like this, this matter is also due to my lack of consideration. After all, with my age placed here, it is indeed a bit unconvincing.”



“Yes, Qu’nan ah, it’s also my fault for not greeting you guys, it was my selfishness that caused this big mess.”



Although Huang Qu’nan’s move was a bit ugly this time, it was still attributed to the competition for scientific research resources, which was originally a matter of each person showing his or her abilities, so Li Zheng didn’t care too much about it.



Moreover, in his opinion, if he could not even keep his own scientific research resources, then the main problem must be with himself and not others.



“Mr. David, I issued this document, and I will go back and declare it invalid, and determine that the lab belongs to Mr. Li Zheng in the name of a collective decision by the school’s leadership team, and announce it in public at the donation ceremony. What do you think?” It was Wu Zhaomeng who spoke.



Upon hearing this, David put down the coffee in his hands, and the seriousness on his face subsided slightly, “If that is the case, I will inform the headquarters of this news as fast as I can.”


“Then the donation ceremony?” Zhao Depei’s main concern was of course this.


David shrugged his shoulders, he still didn’t have much favor with these people who went back on their word, “This naturally depends on the headquarters’ meaning.”



“The donation ceremony will continue as usual.”



At the same time that David opened his mouth, Li Zheng also opened his mouth, both of them spoke at the same time, but the meaning in their words was the opposite.



There was a moment of silence in the glass room.


David helplessly spread his hands, “Alright, alright, I’ll listen to you. Then you have to treat me to dinner tonight, I want to eat Chinese roast duck.”




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