C64 – Cried Quite Well


The filming of “Power and Strategy” entered the end, the filming speed slowed down instead, Qin Yu wanted to give Lu Wenxing enough time to experience the last few scenes.


“Are you ready?”


Lu Wenxing nodded.


Lu Wenxing walked up to the camera, and after the recording was completed, filming began.


Feng Xiao was wearing a white robe, standing by the edge of a cliff, facing a dozen assassins.



Even at a disadvantage, he remained calm panic, he didn’t even blink, he just gripped the sword in his hand.


There were several corpses lying around him, all killed by Feng Xiao.



“Let’s go together.”

Feng Xiao’s gaze gradually became sharp. After a few moves, Feng Xiao gradually lost to the enemy, but his attack did not decrease. He would rather give up defense than chop more swords from the assassin.


The scene was chaotic, several people’s figures staggered, so fast that you couldn’t see the specific location. Feng Xiao’s sword blade was strong, like a wandering dragon entangled in battle.


A dozen strokes later, several more men in black fell.



At this time, someone came around behind Feng Xiao to sneak attack, the short knife dropped on the ground suddenly flew up. It turned out that it was Feng Xiao’s blade that provoked the attack, and the attacker was stabbed in the neck with a short knife, resulting in his death on the spot.



He hooked up a corner of his mouth, seemingly disdainful.



The killers lost too much and didn’t continue aggressively, several people glanced at each other and became cautious.


They intended to adopt a siege strategy, holding weapons slowly close to Feng Xiao.



At the same time, someone threw a poisoned dart in the dark, Feng Xiao found it, but was entangled, it was too late to avoid it.


The poison dart cut his right hand, the clothes revealing a large crack, revealing a deep bone-chilling wound.



The killer sneered, “This toxin spreads to the blood and will slow your movements, how else do you want to hold the sword after injuring your right hand?”


Feng Xiao wasn’t impressed, the sword was thrown into the air.


‘Pop’ sound.


The left hand borrowed the hilt of the sword, and Feng Xiao’s eyes only had cold killing intent.



“Haha, the reinforcements have arrived.”



A burst of footsteps, a line of people holding swords and knives arrived in time.



“Feng Xiao, surrender. Master will consider rewarding you with a whole body.”


Feng Xiao had been on the battlefield for a long time. If he were afraid of death, he would have surrendered to the enemy.




Thunder rang out and smoke filled the air.


“Not good.”



The killers were eager to disperse the smoke, but no matter how much they waved their hands, the smoke didn’t dissipate that quickly without wind.


“Let’s go.”


A hand wrapped around Feng Xiao’s waist, leading him to escape the danger.


“Lu Feixue, let go of your hand.”


“Ah Xiao, don’t get angry with me at this time.” Lu Feixue was dressed in brocade and fancy clothes, and his body still carried the fragrance after bathing, he didn’t know which warm nest he had just come out of.



Feng Xiao sneered at himself. Unfortunately, he was worried about the safety of Lu Feixue. He didn’t know where to raise this person, and it was great. There was no need for him to worry.



He was too lazy to ask where Lu Feixue was going, as this person didn’t have a word of truth in his mouth.





He didn’t feel the pain during the fight, once in a safe place, the pain spread, his body’s Qi and blood was churning, then he coughed out a mouthful of black blood.


“Ah Xiao.”


Feng Xiao indifferently wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, even if Lu Feixue saved him, he didn’t want to care.



“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left without saying goodbye, shouldn’t ……”


“There’s no such thing as shouldn’t.” Feng Xiao sneered, “The world is big, where you want to go has nothing to do with me.”


“Ah Xiao, I really did not lie to you. There is a reason for leaving this time, something happened to Feng Ming Pavilion.”



Lu Feixue as the pavilion of the Femg Ming Pavilion, needed to rush back to deal with it, Feng Xiao looked at him, “You were anxious enough to not even leave a note?”


“Or is …… you originally didn’t intend to appear again?”


Lu Feixue stiffened, Feng Xiao let out a laugh at himself. “Really, then why did you appear in front of me now?”



Lu Feixue lowered his head, hiding the gloom in his eyes, “Ah Xiao, I can explain, first let me help you look at your injuries, okay?”



“No, Pavilion Master Lu is busy with his day-to-day business, so I don’t need you to bother with my affairs. Thank you for saving me, if I’m lucky not to die, I’ll definitely repay you with money when I have the chance.”



“Ah Xiao, you should not take your body lightly just for me and get angry.” Lu Feixue frowned slightly, but Feng Xiao was indifferent.


Knowing that being soft didn’t work, Lu Feixue had to take advantage of his distraction point his acupuncture points, he quickly picked him up horizontally, looking for a hole to hide in.


Feng Xiao didn’t resist and didn’t speak, Lu Feixue did not know what to do with him, so he had to check the wound.


He tore open the fabric on the sleeve, this arm was bloody, feeling heartache, Lu Feixue carefully cleaned his wounds, and helped him to force out the toxins.


“Where else is it hurt?”


Feng Xiao didn’t speak, Lu Feicue also didn’t dare to touch, afraid to pull his other wounds, “If you don’t cooperate, I can only take off your clothes.”


Lu Feixue quickly took off one piece, and Feng Xiao tilted his head away from him, letting him take it off.



The white lining of the clothes was stained with a large patch of blood, his smooth back had several wounds.


Lu Feixue was angry that he didn’t know how to protect himself. Since Feng Yue ascended to the throne, Feng Xiao seemed to have no other requests and didn’t care about anything. It was also because of Lu Feixue’s protection that Feng Xiao found the boring life a bit enjoyable.


“Feng Ming Pavilion is gone.”



Lu Feixue suddenly spoke.



Feng Xiao froze, his eyes turned to Lu Feixue, “What did you say?”



Lu Feixue lowered his head, he could have taken his brothers and teachers to continue to avoid the world, but because of his own selfish desire, because he wanted to stay by Feng Xiao’s side, because of excessive conceit, he was so conceited that he thought he could protect everyone.



In the end, Feng Ming Pavilion didn’t hold, and even Feng Xiao was hurt because of him.



“You ……” Feng Xiao’s throat rolled, Lu Feixue suddenly hugged him from behind, because of the injuries on the back, Lu Feixue didn’t dare to use force.


Feng Xiao let him hug, the palm of his hand rested on the back of Lu Feixue’s hand.



“I originally wanted to go and kill them.”


Feng Xiao’s voice sank, “Want to die with them?”


Lu Fei Xue didn’t deny it, his voice was muffled, “But I heard they sent people after you, so I came to find you.”



“Lu Feixue, it was you who first provoked me. You were the one who pestered me, you were the one who said you would stay with me, and you were the one who left without saying goodbye and turned away.”


Feng Xiao pushed Lu Feixue away, his eyes were cold and stern.



“Lu Feixue, is it fun to lie to me?”


“OK, Wenxing can go to Yanshen for the later scenes first.”






Friday afternoon, Gu Yanshen and his uncle’s youngest son met.



“What you said to me the other day, I went to check. But first ……” Zhou Yi took an orange from the table, “you have to tell me why you are so attached to Lu Wenxing.”




“Of course.” Zhou Yi sat up straight, his eyes shining.


“Don’t try to say he’s just a friend, it’s the first time I’ve seen you solicit things for yourself, and you’ve asked so many people, so I don’t believe you when you say there’s no situation.”



“It’s what you think.”


Zhou Qi almost didn’t react, Gu Yanshen actually admitted it?



“Okay.” Zhou Qi just wanted to gossip, but he had to tell Gu Yanshen the results first.



“The boy who replaced Lu Wenxing admitted himself that he didn’t intend to participate in the competition at first, he intended to go to a university in the provinces, with his grades he could attend a good school.”



“But his father had a car accident it was a hit-and-run. The hospital gave his dad an amputation. The cost of the operation was borrowed from relatives, and a large sum of money was needed for subsequent treatment, and he had the intention of dropping out of school and going out to work at that time,”



“Later, a man approached him. He said that as long as he was willing to do a small favor, his father’s surgery and the subsequent treatment costs incurred can help him out, as a reward for helping.”



As Gu Yanshen and Wen Zheng guessed, it was really someone’s instruction.



Zhou Qi returned the recorder to Gu Yanshen, “I recorded the conversation.”


Gu Yanshen’s gaze fell on the recording pen, and Zhou Qi immediately explained. “I recorded it with his consent.”



“He said this incident made him very guilty, fortunately Lu Wenxing didn’t accidentally miss the opportunity. He always wanted to apologize to Lu Wenxing in person, but he just never saw him again after the college entrance exam.”



“The first place is guaranteed to go to C University, in order to ensure that the plan went smoothly, the man didn’t let him take the college entrance examination. After being removed from C University, because he didn’t take the college entrance exam, the next year he transferred to another school to repeat.”


“Did he say who that person was?”


Zhou Qi shook his head.


“He didn’t know the identity of the man, the man was very cautious, they met once, the other had a mask and a hat, he didn’t see his face.”



“You’re welcome.” Zhou Qi said with a smile, “Wait until you have the chance to bring Lu Wenxing and us to have a meal together.”



Gu Yanshen hesitated for a moment and nodded.



“Which one of you two chased who?”


Zhou Qi really couldn’t think of Gu Yanshen chasing someone, since Gu Yanshen’s mother died, Gu Yanshen and their contact was less, only the telephone condolences left at New Year’s Eve.



“I chased him.”



Zhou Qi’s eyes widened, “How did you chase him?”






After Zhou Qi left, Gu Yanshen called Wen Zheng and told him the results of the investigation.



Wen Zheng was silent for a second, as if he was surprised, and as if he wasn’t.



“I have a recording here, see if you can help me pass it to him.”



“It’s that person’s voice?”



“Right.” Wen Zheng didn’t hide, ” I found someone to put the voices together, a few are imitations.”



Gu Yanshen was a bit surprised, whose voice did Wen Zheng find someone to imitate? Without waiting for him to ask, Wen Zheng had already hung up the phone.



Lu Wenxing had watched different scenes of crying in the past few days, presenting a different feeling.



He found an unoccupied corner and tried several times, acting well in crying scenes wasn’t difficult, Lu Wenxing could also perform a variety of different crying scenes, but the problem was how Feng Xiao should cry.




Lu Wenxing tilted his head with a bit of bewilderment on his face, he sniffed, “What’s the matter?”


Lu Wenxing hadn’t yet fully emerged from his emotions, his thick eyelashes were wet, his light eyes were filled with mist, and his eyes were slightly red.


Even tough he knew that Lu Wenxing was looking for feelings, Gu Yanshen was still a little distressed when he saw this appearance. Lu Wenxing hadn’t completely come out of the emotions, his thick eyelashes were wet and his light-colored eyes permeated with water mist, his eyes were also slightly red.


He know that Lu Wenxing was trying to find the feeling, but at first glance, Gu Yanshen still felt a little heartbroken for him.


“I was looking for you for the scene.”


Some people found it easier to enter the right state, when the emotions were brought to the peak, they would also temporarily forget that they were acting.



When Lu Wenxing was looking for a feeling, he didn’t notice when Gu Yanshen appeared, and only thought Gu Yanshen saw him cry.



“How about the crying scene I just did?”


Lu Wenxing was trying to listen to Gu Yanshen’s opinion, he knew Feng Xiao well but he also wanted to hear other opinions and learn from them.



He raised his eyes to gaze at Gu Yanshen, waiting for Gu Yanshen’s dissection.


“It was quite good.”


Lu Wenxing: “……?”


“Teary-eyed and heart-wrenching.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



Was that the point? What the hell was Gu Yanshen talking about?





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