C35 —– Gentle Neighbor


“A person’s life is short, and I hope to love him for the rest of my short life.” Xu Moshu looked serious, his deep, dark eyes were shining, looking into the camera.



It was as if he was gazing through the lens at Chu Chen’an in front of the TV.


Chu Chen’an looked slightly stunned, his heart skipped a beat.



The camera’s flashing lights kept flashing on his face, and the press conference soon came to an end.



Chu Chen’an sat on the edge of the bed, squeezed the remote control in his hand, and suddenly couldn’t hear the excess sound around him.



“Brother Chen’an …… brother!” The girl’s voice broke Chu Chen’an’s thoughts.


Chu Chen’an raised his head, then retracted his gaze, “What’s wrong?”



“Brother, I called you four times!”


Chu Chen’an rubbed his eyelids, “Sorry, Jiao Jiao, I didn’t hear you just now.”



“What weee you thinking about?” She put the doll in his hand and hid back in the corner, “I haven’t seen you for days.”



“No, I wasn’t thinking anything of it.” Chu Chen’an raised his hand to gather the wide open collar, hiding most of the red marks at his neck.



He stood up with difficulty, his legs still trembling, and walked to the bathroom in this small room to wash up.



He was wearing Xu Moshu’s wide white shirt and smelled of Xu Moshu.



He rubbed his hair and sat on the single sofa, looking at the small window and froze.



“Brother, brother Xu said we will move soon! In a few days you will get married, and then have a baby in the new home, and then I will have a little sister, hehehe ……” Jiaojiao imagined the doll as her little sister, patting and shaking it.



Chu Chen’an didn’t make a sound to break Jiao Jiao’s beautiful fantasy.



He put down the towel on his head, his mind echoed for a long time those words of Xu Moshu.


He thought about the experiences of Xu Moshu in the report of the party, and suddenly inexplicably felt some sympathy for Xu Moshu.


Perhaps it was because of these experiences in his early childhood that made him become like this ……



He suddenly raised his eyes, cupped the doll in one hand and looked into the corner of the room, “Jiaojiao, do you know about your brother Xu when he was a child?”


“No …… I don’t know.” Jiaojiao thought for a long time, “What’s wrong, brother?”


“Nothing,” Chu Chen’an used his consciousness to tap on the system control panel in front of him and clicked on the player’s personal homepage.



[Game Player ID: Chu Chen’an]
[Points: 50]
【Golden coins: 5600 】
[Level: Initialized level 1 [click here to upgrade automatically]]
【Props: [Level 2 players can unlock]]
【Figure:1【Level 2 players can unlock】】 【Figure:1【Level 2 players can unlock】】
【Properties: Under Development ……】
[Comment: stupid and crybaby vase that’s no good!]



Chu Chen’an looked at the commentary and slightly narrowed his eyes.




That was nonsense.


He wasn’t a crybaby vase!

[TN: A good looking person with no value]


Chu Chen’an roughly browsed through his player account and found that other than the gold coins rising fast, all the other figures were low ……


He tried clicking on [Click here to automatically upgrade] and his level quickly became level 2.


The props still showed as none.



He then clicked to view [icon], and the icon immediately surfaced a card with a blood-stained scalpel showing up in the middle of the blue texture.


The card automatically flipped over and he saw Xu Moshu’s face ……


This was a behind-the-scenes NPC’s experience introduction card.



[Game Copy: Death Cell]
[Level: Simple]
[Name of behind-the-scenes NPC: Xu Moshu]



[Xu Moshu, his father is the fourth generation heir of XX Medical Group and mother is the descendant of a witchcraft family, was born in the Happy Community. Is the victim of a secret medical chemical sample research twenty-five years ago. There were fourteen medical doctors living in the community, of which his father was the representative, together they secretly conducted countless human live tests, of which the test subjects were three children no more than ten years old. And these children, were their own children. The experiments included human brain dissection tests, live eyeball tests, biological virus tests, chip transplantation tests, etc. …… The methods were extremely cruel and bad.]

[Among them, two young children died miserable deaths in this tragic and inhumane experiment, their bodies festered and grew maggots. And Xu Moshu, who defeated the biological live virus in months of brutal biological experiments and was able to make all the medical participants from the first floor to the seventh floor die in the lab ……]


[What exactly has he been through?]



[The system has no way of knowing]



But the only thing that was clear was that…


[This behind the scenes NPC must have come from hell.]


[Or, he was already in hell.]




Chu Chen’an didn’t look very comfortable, like there was a thorn, stuck in his heart.



He closed the system control panel and laid straight back on the big bed, sighing.



The system stagnation time was still displayed as unknown.



Unknown ……


The more he saw these two words now, the more panicked he became.


In case he suddenly disappeared on any day, what about that madman?


Xu Moshu was so paranoid.



So paranoid about loving him.


If he suddenly disappeared again, then Xu Moshu may lose control again, followed by the copy world also collapsing again ……



Chu Chen’an felt more and more tired as he thought, so he picked up a white cat doll and covered his face with it.


He laid down on the bed to empty his mind.



“Is brother sleepy?” Jiao Jiao quietly tugged the corner of the quilt for Chu Chen’an to cover him up.



“No, brother will just lie down for a while.” Chu Chen’an held the white cat doll, “Jiao Jiao, go play by yourself, okay?”



“Yes, I also want to take my doll to bed!”



Chu Chen’an didn’t raise his head, “Okay, later brother will play with you.”





After Jiao Jiao left, he remained on the bed without moving, emptying his mind of thoughts.



He inexplicably thought of Xu Moshu’s smile when he rubbed his medicine.


The touch of Xu Moshu kissing the back of his hand



The blue roses that looked just right from the balcony in front of the window.


The steaming noodles.


And apartment 701.


The small table lamp he gave to Xu Moshu.


The more he thought about it, the more he felt suffocated and out of breath.


Suddenly, the doll covered in his face was suddenly taken away.


A warm palm covered his forehead, “Idiot, you’ll suffocate.”


Chu Chen’an opened his eyes and saw Xu Moshu’s warm expression, he was in a bit of a trance, “How did you get back so quickly?”



Xu Moshu’s palm rested on Chu Chen’an’s back, he hugged him up, and kissed the corner of Chu Chen’an’s lips, “I missed you, so I came back early after the conference.”


Chu Chen’an hummed then slightly whispered, “I have a headache ……”



“You laid down before your hair was dry,” Xu Moshu picked up a towel to wipe the top of Chu Chen’an’s hair and pinched his face, “of course you’ll get a headache, my idiot.”



Chu Chen’an felt the gentle touch from his scalp and laid on Xu Moshu’s shoulder without saying a word.



“Baby, let’s go to my grandfather’s place tonight, he said he wants to meet you.” Xu Moshu’s movements were gentle, “In ten days it will be the second day of June, tomorrow we will go to try on dresses, okay?”


Chu Chen’an nodded.


Xu Moshu saw Chu Chen’an’s lack of interest but he wasn’t affected at all, he continued, “Our house in the city center is ready, just in time to be our wedding house ……”



Chu Chen’an suddenly raised his eyes to him, “You used to be in that neighborhood ……”



His words stopped halfway.


Ask what?


Ask him what he had experienced?



He didn’t want to uncover Xu Moshu’s scars.


“Hmm?” Xu Moshu’s hand stopped, he turned Chu Chen’an to face him, “An An, what did you say?”



Chu Chen’an shook his head, “No, I didn’t say anything.”



Xu Moshu’s deep eyes gazed at Chu Chen’an, “Did you just watch the news, baby, no wonder you don’t look too good.”


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, one hand was squeezed by Xu Moshu.



“Want to know what kind of abuse I suffered in that hellhole before?” Xu Moshu leaned down and kissed Chu Chen’an’s red lips lingeringly for a few seconds, “It’s nothing bad, as long as you want to know, I’ll tell you.”



Chu Chen’an suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Xu Moshu.



He suddenly didn’t dare to listen and was busy tugging on Xu Moshu’s sleeve, “Still, it’s better not to say anything.”



“An An, are you heartbroken?”



“Don’t be nervous, my past isn’t really that bad.” Xu Moshu let out a light laugh as he wrapped Chu Chen’an in his arms, “When I was five years old, my father personally cut open my brain and implanted a chip. He threw me into the virus lab and locked me up with dozens of rats for ten days. I had my hands chewed up by rats, and I didn’t sleep for months until the chip was removed.”



Xu Moshu’s description was brief and concise, but Chu Chen’an’s heart clenched as he listened, “Then what?”



Xu Moshu hooked his fingers in Chu Chen’an’s hair, smiling creepily, “Then …… I carried the virus out of the lab and infected all that group of lunatics with something they made with their own hands. I let them, one by one, rot into rotten meat and slowly die.”



“Now you know why no one lives on the first to third floors, right? Baby,” Xu Moshu leaned down and kissed the back of Chu Chen’an’s neck.



Chu Chen-an couldn’t help but shiver.



It was hard for him to imagine.


Xu Moshu was only five years old at the time.


He let a dozen adults die.




“And then, I met you.” Xu Moshu kissed the back of his hand, his eyes were gentle, “Honey, you were so nice to show up right before I was trying to leave.”


Chu Chen’an was stunned, “What?”



“I developed a strong touch transmitted disease at the company’s laboratory headquarters a long time ago. As soon as it leaks out, this world will soon disappear.” Xu Moshu smiled, his tone relaxed and calm.


“The disease …… It ……” Chu Chen’an listened in a daze.



Xu Moshu placed a simple ring on Chu Chen’an’s palm, this ring was a plain ring with a ring of broken diamonds on the inside of the ring body.



“So ah, An An, please stay with me after giving me the hope to live in hell, okay?” Xu Moshu held out his hand and gestured for Chu Chen’an to put it on for him.


Chu Chen’an squeezed the ring, his hand was still trembling slightly.



Xu Moshu gently whispered, “Marry me and redeem me like an angel.”



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