“Your set of things has completely formed its own system, and is extremely practical, which is a valuable asset for us biologists.” Zhao Depei’s voice trembled slightly because of his excitement.


“Yes, publish a book. It’s considerate of us old bones, this word picking is too difficult for us.”


Good-natured laughter rang out from the stage.


Li Zheng’s index finger and thumb subconsciously rubbed together, and only after a long time did he raise his head and say, “My pleasure.”


“Good, good, we have a publisher at Huaqing University, I’ll arrange this for you.” Zhao Depei’s face smiled into a flower, inviting this biology genius back to China was really the best decision he made, he had a feeling that this book would be extremely sought after by domestic biologists.


Perhaps …… perhaps …… Zhao Depei’s heart beat fast, if this book was sought after by foreign scholars …… Thinking of this possibility, Zhao Depei felt that even if he died immediately now, he would be content.


“Then I’ll trouble the principal.” Li Zheng politely thanked, “I’m going to sort it out, since it’s going to be a book, the content must be fleshed out a bit more.” Li Zheng flipped through his scribbled notes, and showed a helpless expression on his face.


It was really a happy trouble, it would be a big project.


After the open class, he politely said goodbye to the seniors, and then the two of them went directly to the construction site of the new lab.


Looking at Li Zheng and David’s figures disappearing at the door, Professor Wang of Biology stood up, he took off his old-fashioned glasses and looked sideways at his old buddy beside him.


“Did you take them all?”


“How can I.” Professor Yang’s face sank, “I haven’t taken notes for several lifetimes, this hand is not even obedient, let me see yours.”


The two professors looked at each other’s notes like children.


“You’re no better than me.” Looking at each other’s words like a dog crawling, both of them were spitting in their hearts, if this word was written by my student, I would have let him go home to farm.


The old professors were people who hadn’t taken notes for a long time, and when they got together, they couldn’t put together a complete set of notes.


“Where is Li Zheng’s original manuscript! Is it still on the lectern?”


“How could it be? Old Zhao asked him to organize it into a book, so naturally he took it back to organize it.”


“So what should we do, wait for the book to come out?”


“How can this work? The book will come out by the end of the year.” Professor Sun quickly said.



They all knew that it was the best option to go back and ask Li Zheng for notes, but these old men, one by one, loved to save face, didn’t want to talk about it. No matter how great Li Zheng was, he was always their younger generation… How embarrassing was this.


Meng Lao coughed dryly, “Xiao Chen ah, you remember it all?”



Chen Anbang look at the hand scribbled notes, awkwardly smiled, “Almost, just ……”


Not waiting for him to finish, the notebook in his hand was taken over by Professor Sun, “Aigoooooo, Xiao Chen ah, your words, is worse than your students, right.”


Chen Anbang ……


Xiao Nan was a first-year student at Huaqing University. He came from an ordinary family background and was admitted to Huaqing solely through his own resilience. He was dull and lacked communication skills, so his classmates and teachers almost considered him a transparent person.



He was very good at learning, no matter what class, he always sat in the first row, today, the first three rows were where the teachers sat, so he could only sit in the fourth row. He was very good at taking notes, at least, he wrote down most words.


Xiao Nan lowered his head, looked at his neatly written notes, and nervously fondled his trouser pocket, “Old …… teacher, I wrote it down.”


His voice was like a mosquito’s cry.


“Professor Chen, Xiao Nan, he wrote it down.” The student next to him heard it and peeked over to look at his notes, and when he saw the neatly written, well-organized notes, he couldn’t help but show a surprised expression, and he was only surprised for a moment before he couldn’t wait to shout it out.


Chen Anbang turned his head over at the word.


Xiao Nan nervously oozed sweat.


“Classmate Xiao, right, can you show me your notes?” Chen Anbang asked softly.



“Can, no, okay, professor!” Xiao Nan’s tongue was in knots.



Chen Anbang took the notes and flipped from the beginning to the end, the smile on his face was getting deeper and deeper, not waiting for him to finish reading, his hand was light, the stuff had been snatched by his teacher.


“Nice notes, good student, right?” Meng Lao’s admiring gaze was cast on Xiao Nan’s body.


Xiao Nan held his breath for a moment, feeling the approving gaze of a group of bigwigs and the admiring and appreciative gaze of his classmates, he felt as if he was flying in the clouds all of a sudden, a feeling he had never had before.


“Xiao Nan, breathe, your face is red.”


There was laughter in the classroom.


Li Zheng didn’t know the little episode that happened after he left, and after the two left the classroom, they walked straight towards the new lab not far from Huaqing University.



“The site construction of the lab is basically finished. One good thing about China is that here you can have a large enough plot of land if you want it. The scale of the laboratory this time is completely in accordance with the standards of international first-class laboratories. Because of your catalase, making Roche almost monopolize half of the world’s Palmatine market, so our department is exceptionally generous this time. Even the sponsorship money for last year’s Nobel laureate is not as high as yours.” David’s hands, drew a big circle in the air.



David now wanted to laugh out loud when he remembered the expressions of the heads of Europe and America at the regional heads meeting when they heard Mr. Robert announce this decision.


The highest sponsorship funds to some extent represented the research resources at hand. In previous years, two leaders from Europe and America had been fighting there. There had never been anything wrong with David, but he didn’t expect Li Zheng to be such a big underdog this year.


“Express my gratitude to Mr. Robert.” Li Zheng smiled.



Indeed, now in China, you could build a lab on any piece of land you wanted, but David wouldn’t have thought that the land under his feet would be an inch of gold in the future.



Oh, no. If you had a deep background, you may come up with enough gold, but also couldn’t buy land.


The laboratory was the same as Li Zheng’s laboratory, two stories high, covering an area of more than 500 square meters, because of Li Zheng’s low-profile requirements, the outside was the same as the ordinary laboratory red brick bungalow.



But this red brick bungalow looked different from the brick house next to it. How to say that, Chinese construction workers scratched their heads and always felt that this red brick bungalow wasn’t foreign, but, it was foreign.


With a touch of foreign feeling.



“The designer is a German, you know, they have their own principles.” David shrugged his shoulders, showing a helpless expression, this had been the result of their bargaining with the German designer.


If the appearance was really the same as the house next to the brick house, the German designer intended to throw down the drawings and quit.


Li Zheng touched his nose, “It’s very good.”


The outline of the interior decoration had come out. Although the outside of the laboratory looked very ordinary, but the inside was really something else. The international laboratory standard wasn’t less at all.



“The completion of the renovation requires ventilation for two months, in these two months, the experimental equipment will also arrive one after another, in addition to the Roche sponsorship, i also helped you inquire about those things, the value is, but you have to pay.” David stretched his hands, he had a dead-end salary, he really couldn’t compare with Li Zheng, that spent money like water.


He was jealous!



Li Zheng seemed to see David’s thoughts and patted him on the shoulder, “I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.”


David’s arrival, as well as Li Zheng’s performance in the public class, made the lump in the heart of the old generation of professors because of the lab donation disappear without a trace all of a sudden.



They only felt that Zhao Depei really had vision, and invited this notorious biology genius back, so that they also got glory.



However, the younger generation of associate professors didn’t feel the same way.



Among the younger generation of associate professors at Huaqing University, led by Chen Anbang and Huang Qunan, both were in their early forties, their academic attainments were at the top of the younger generation.



Chen Anbang followed Meng Lao, who was one of the top three figures in biology in China, so his resources were naturally much better than those of ordinary young professors. Even Chen Anbang had a separate lab of his own next to Meng Lao’s lab.


Although there was no precedent for such a young associate professor to have a separate laboratory because of the tight research resources of Huaqing, this laboratory was still hanging under Meng Lao’s name, but in fact the owner of this laboratory was already Chen Anbang.


Huang Qu’nan was different, Huang Qu’nan was from the Wuhan Polytechnic, he wasn’t considered to be the roots of Chinese people. Seeing that Chen Anbang, who was on par with himself, had already owned the lab independently for two years, and he still had to share a lab with the other two associate professors, Huang Qu’nan naturally has some imbalance in his heart.



After hearing the news that Roche had donated a laboratory to Huaqing, his mind became active.


On seniority, on academic attainment, this laboratory shouldn’t be his turn to.



Huang Qu’nan realized and he wasn’t a greedy person. After reading the report, he went to see the laboratory covering an area of over 500 square meters with his own eyes. In Huang Qunan’s opinion, this laboratory could fully accommodate several associate professors.


“What are you thinking? You haven’t relaxed eyebrows all night.” Said a slightly overweight middle-aged woman as she walked in from outside.


“The donation ceremony for the laboratory is approaching, but the principal has never mentioned it to me. Do you think he doesn’t even want to assign the laboratory to me?”



Huang Qu’nan’s wife sat down on the chair, “How could it be? It’s up to you to take the turn. It’s possible. I’ll talk to my uncle and ask him to say hello to Zhao Depei.”




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