The people of Roche China were still very careful, for the thick pile of donation agreement, their legal department worked overtime for three days before rushing out, they proofread word by word, the rights and obligations of both sides written clearly.


If it was thirty years later, Huaqing University would never accept such a donation agreement. But now was different, now the country of China was at the time of trying to be recognized by the outside world, Roche was such a large world-class pharmaceutical company, only Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and other top international universities got financial donations every year.


But now, they China actually proposed to donate a laboratory to Huaqing University, did this mean that in Roche China’s view, Huaqing University was a world-class university, or had the potential of a world-class university?


Even after seeing the donation agreement, Zhao Depei could probably guess the meaning of the Luo, but he ……



Zhao Depei gave a wry smile, but he still couldn’t resist the temptation. “This donation agreement will not be put on the table. At least, in the eyes of outsiders, Roche has indeed donated a laboratory to Huaqing, which has greatly promoted its reputation.”.


“The actual user can only be Li Zheng? Is this still a donation to Huaqing?” Professor Sun frowned tightly and his face was a bit unsightly.


The scene became a little stiff for a moment.


When Li Zheng asked Roche to send the lab to him through Huaqing’s hands, he thought there might be twists and turns, but so what? Since Huaqing voluntarily accepted the donation, voluntarily signed the donation agreement, they had to fulfill the agreement, he just had to wait for the lab to be delivered to him.


But he didn’t think that his luck was so bad that he ran into this scene on the first day.


“Old Sun, what Huaqing University lacks now is not a laboratory, it’s prestige, it’s international recognition!” Zhao Depei’s voice was loud and clear, which was why he insisted on inviting Li Zheng to Huaqing, scientific research results, scientific research results were an important reason that affected the school’s international ranking.


Professor Sun was silent for a long time, “Okay, I know.” He turned to leave, although he didn’t look angry, he lost the joy of when he came.


After Professor Sun left, Zhao Depei couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile.


“Mr. Li Zheng, ah, I made you laugh, the domestic research conditions are tough.”


“Principal, you can just call me Li Zheng. The conditions of domestic scientific research are tough, but it is really admirable that everyone can achieve so much under such tough conditions.”



Li Zheng knew that it wasn’t a good choice for him to return to China at this time, as the first patent law was implemented in China on April 1, 1985, and this patent law was very unfriendly to biopharmaceuticals.


In other words, the patent rights of pharmaceuticals were almost unprotected in China at present.


It wasn’t until January 1, 1993 that the amended patent law fully opened up patent protection in the chemical field.


Some people said, that domestic inventions, went abroad to apply for patents.


Patents in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries were generally recognized worldwide. However, China only became a member of the Paris Convention in 1985 and granted patent protection to the nationals of the other country. Before that, even if the Chinese applied for a patent abroad, they couldn’t necessarily get patent protection from the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.


Zhao Depei looked fixedly at Li Zheng.


“Li Zheng ah, Roche’s donation, is your handiwork, right?” He still asked, Zhao Depei stared closely at Li Zheng’s expression, wanting to see something from his face.


Old Meng also looked a little surprised, he also just learned the news of the laboratory donation to Huaqing, Zhao Depei’s mouth was really tight.


Li Zheng raised his eyes and looked at Zhao Depei, and didn’t deny it, he smiled lightly, “I know that Huaqing University’s research resources are tight, I am a junior, how can I be willing to compete with seniors for things, so I prepared it myself.”


“President Zhao, don’t worry, not only did I prepare the laboratory myself, the project funds also don’t need you to worry about. The two production lines of the joint project team of Li Zheng’s lab and Merck Sharp & Dohme have already moved into the Tianjin Drug Park, and my lab has sufficient funding sources.” For Zhao Depei, he didn’t hide his sharpness, there were times when a low profile only made people belittle, and showing off muscles was necessary.


“All project results will be applied outwardly in the name of Li Zheng’s lab, and scientific papers after patent applications, all Li Zheng’s name will be preceded by the prefix Huaqing University.”


Li Zheng paused for a moment, “Hong Kong is part of China, and Li Zheng’s laboratory has always been a laboratory of China.”


Zhao Depei and Old Meng Lao looked at each other and both could see the smiles in each other’s eyes. If not for Li Zheng sitting in front of them, the two would have found it hard to believe that a person with such a meticulous mind would actually be an eighteen-year-old youth.


Hong Kong was part of China, Li Zheng’s laboratory was the laboratory of China, it was natural that the achievements it made was the achievements of the scientific research community in China, from Li Zheng’s statement, their side be accounted for. And one country, two systems meant that Li Zheng’s laboratory in Hong Kong only belonged to Li Zheng, and was protected by national policies, no one could take it away and personal interests were also preserved.


The two of them had lived most of their lives, but they weren’t as well calculated as this young man.


“Enough. Don’t worry about the lab, I’ll take care of it. Check when you can be inducted, I discussed with Old Meng, you can first follow Meng Lao, enjoy the treatment of an associate professor, wait until the graduation of this class of graduate students, take a graduate title, and then officially turn into an associate professor.”


“I can join at any time.” Li Zheng knew that this was already a great sincerity, after all, he only had a bachelor’s degree now. Any lecturer in Huaqing University had a higher degree than him.


“That’s great.” Zhao Depei’s smile deepened, “In that case, then prepare for your first public class.” This was also the tradition of Huaqing, new teachers would have an open class.


The open class wasn’t only for students, but also for lecturers, associate professors and professors who were interested.


Li Zheng froze for a moment, opened his mouth, he remembered thirty years later, there was no such tradition ah ……


“I heard that we have a new professor from Huaqing.”


“Really, which department?”


“Biology Department, his open class is in the afternoon, I heard he’s very young.”




“I don’t know, very young anyway. It’s the youngest professor in Huaqing!”

In May, China had become a bit hot, with huge tree covers on both sides of the campus road blocking the scorching sunlight, giving pedestrians a shade.


David and Li Zheng walked side by side on the path of Huaqing University.


Foreigners were still rare at Huaqing University in the 1980s, and the blond David attracted the attention of many people.


“Li, they are talking about you.”


Li Zheng glanced at David, “It seems that your Chinese is getting better and better.”


David smiled and a smug expression surfaced on his face, “Of course, as I said, I’m a language genius.”


Because of Li Zheng’s relationship, Merck Sharp & Dohme had also noticed the Chinese market and had been moving a lot recently. The Imipenem incident had made the Chinese government and the private sector feel very good about Mercer, and for a while it actually vaguely threatened the position of Roche in China.


David pointed to the Chinese market which pushed him to Mr. Robert’s position. Naturally, he didn’t want to lose the market advantage of being the first to enter China, so he came to Huajing in person.


“Okay, just be happy,” Li Zheng shrugged.


The fact that Roche had donated a laboratory to Huaqing was already well known. The day after Li Zheng signed the appointment letter, the front page headline of the Xing Hua News Agency was about the donation of the lab.



The report spilled over, listing all the schools that Roche had donated to, it included the world’s most famous schools, watching the hearts of the Chinese people surging, the people who knew the inside story, couldn’t help but feel sour in their hearts.



Recently, when Huaqing students met with Yanjing University students, the most favorite thing to mention was this matter.


Roche donated a laboratory to our school.


Yanjing and Huaqing University, when people in China mentioned the two schools, they habitually put Yanjing University in front of Huaqing University, although the two were sister schools, they were also competitors, Huaqing students always had it in mind, why was it Yanjing then Huaqing, but not Huaqing then Yanjing.


Now Roche donated a laboratory to Huaqing, not to your Yanjing University, did this mean that in the eyes of world-class companies, Yanjing University wasn’t as good as their Huaqing.


Once they thought of this possibility, the backs of these Huaqing students straightened, and even the smile on their faces couldn’t help but deepen a few points.


However, the question of the ownership of the laboratory came up, and because of Zhao Depei’s selfishness, he did not put the gift agreement on the surface, but also communicated with several old professors of Huaqing University.


These old professors were more or less thumping in their hearts, but they knew that there was no one else to blame for this, so they were silent.


However, younger faculty members didn’t think that way. Chen Anbang’s generation was at the peak of their academic careers, they had limited domestic scientific research resources, and the positions of the old professors couldn’t be moved, so their resources were even more strained. Many associate professors had two or three people working together in a laboratory.



Roche built a laboratory covering an area of more than 500 square meters. They had seen pictures in newspapers saw saw that it contained the most advanced scientific instruments in the world. Taken together, all the laboratory equipment in Huaqing University couldn’t match it.


For a researcher, this was an irresistible temptation.


“It’s almost time, are you interested in going to hear my public lecture?” Li Zheng smiled.


“Of course, it would be my pleasure.”




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