C60— Brother’s Inspection


Lu Wenxing was astonished.


In the novel written by Cheng Xuan, the Xu family’s illegitimate son was angry with the protagonist’s brother because he was against the protagonist’s brother, and the project was thoroughly investigated and they found account loopholes and engineering falsifications.


The illegitimate son’s style problem implicated the Xu family, and finally ended with the Xu family bankruptcy.


The prototype of Xu’s illegitimate son in the novel should be Li Xiao, according to Wen Zheng, Li Xiao wanted to make the Li family bankrupt.


There were several fake engineering projects, and the signature must not be Li Xiao’s name.


It was likely that Li Xiao encouraged the senior staff of the Li family head office to sign. Before, he and Wen Zheng also wondered why the Li family didn’t befriend the local enterprises after arriving in C city, it was because he was deliberately provoking the enterprises to hate the Li family.


The reason for this was that it was very difficult for him to bring down the Li family by himself. But under his deliberate creation, companies like Wen Zheng and several others noticed Li Xiao and found out that Li Xiao’s company had problems.

Although Li Xiao was the general manager of the branch company, those fake projects were inspired by him, but both the handler and the signatory were not. Even if the relevant departments thoroughly investigated the Li family, Li Xiao must have other ways to escape responsibility.



He transferred the assets of the Li family, while using the name of the Li family to offend people. When the Li family declared bankruptcy, there would be many people that came forward to step on them.


What exactly was the feud between Li Xiao and the Li family? He was ruthless.


“Did Li Xiao transfer funds to escape abroad?”


“I don’t rule out this possibility.” Wen Zheng frowned, “The leaks that were discovered at the beginning may have been deliberately left by Li Xiao.”


“Brother, even if you report Li Xiao’s branch, isn’t it his wish to implicate the Li family?”


Wen Zheng sneered, “Guess if Li Dong knows about the collusion between Li Xiao and the senior management of the Li family?”



Lu Wenxing reacted, “He definitely doesn’t know. If we tell Li Dong ……”



“It doesn’t matter if the Li family breaks down or not, but Li Xiao doesn’t want to escape responsibility.” Wen Zheng’s gaze glowed coldly. “Li Xiao is crazy, and Li Dong isn’t good either.”


Li Dong was an old fox. As long as he got suspicious, it would become two foxes playing each other, and both of them had to shed a layer of skin. As for Wen Zheng, he was only playing a role that fuelled the flames.


“What is the transaction between Wen Yu and Li Xiao?”



Wen Zheng pondered for a moment, “A simple point is the money deal, a little more complicated may be that the two have each other’s handle.”


“Brother, I have one thing to tell you. This matter may be very incredible, but I think it is not a coincidence.”


Wen Zheng looked gradually serious, only to hear Lu Wenxing ask him.


“Brother, do you usually …… read novels?”


Wen Zheng: ????


“Rebirth, transmigration.” Lu Wenxing thought about it and added, “It’s especially popular in recent years, reborn back to change life.”


Wen Zheng: “……?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t rush to explain, his brother needed time to digest this sentence.


The next second, Wen Zheng lifted his eyes to look at Lu Wenxing.


“You are reborn?”


Lu Wenxing was stunned then he was immediately very relieved, originally he was worried that his brother’s worldview would be shocked, but apparently Mr. Wen was very calm, one second he was confused, the next second he was already in the association.



“No, but probably about the same.”


“Oh.” Wen Zheng’s tone was flat, “Actually, I was reborn.”


Lu Wenxing was stunned on the spot, his eyes widened, his face became vivid, and it took several seconds to suppress the shock in his heart, “Really?”


“False.” Wen Zheng looked at him expressionlessly, “read less novels.”


Lu Wenxing: “……” he really believed him.


So, his brother didn’t believe it at all.


“Brother, listen to my explanation.”


Lu Wenxing briefly described the novel written by Cheng Xuan, with special emphasis on a few events that had happened. Then the relationship between Wen Yu and Cheng Xuan, and how Wen Yu guided Cheng Xuan to write this novel was also mentioned.



He was very calm throughout, and only when Lu Wenxing finished did he speak, “You mean you are the main character in the novel?”


Lu Wenxing nodded seriously, “It’s very possible.”


“Xingxing.” Wen Zheng suddenly became very serious, “Have you been under too much pressure lately?”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Brother, there really is that novel, the title is “When the Top Star”.” Lu Wenxing took out his cell phone, “I’ll search for you to see.”



Lu Wenxing clicked into the web page of Jinjiang Literature City, entered the book title, clicked on the search, and the result showed

The article was not found.



Wen Zheng looked at him calmly, Lu Wenxing checked the name again and didn’t get it wrong. After trying a few times, he searched the author’s name instead, and the result was that there was no such author at all.


“How come?”



Lu Wenxing once doubted whether the website was faulty, but he casually searched and found other book titles, but couldn’t find what he was looking for.


“Brother, there really is.” Lu Wenxing thought about calling Wei Ze, the book was recommended to him by Wei Ze.


Once the call was answered, Lu Wenxing opened his mouth and asked.


“Remember that novel you mentioned? Just that book ‘When the Top Star’.”


Wei Ze didn’t understand why Lu Wenxing suddenly asked, “remember ah.”


Lu Wenxing breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the speakerphone, “Tell me more about it.”


“Why are you suddenly asking about this?”


“I’ll explain it to you later, first say what you remember.”


Wei Ze was silent for a moment, “Wenxing, I read a lot of novels every year.”


“What does that mean?”



“It means I forgot.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Think again, the plot that impressed you.”


Wen Zheng and Lu Wening looked at each other in silence, suddenly Wei Ze’s inexplicable laughter rang out.


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Wen Zheng: “……”



“Xie Shiyi and Fu Sili ……” Wei Ze thought for a moment, “They went down.”


Lu Wenxing: “…… Say something else.”


“Xie Shiyi is the novel protagonist, participated in a variety show to meet the movie star attack Fu Sili. The two are partners in the program, after spending time together, the two fell in love over time and confessed on a movie shoot. The most ……”


“Stop.” Lu Wenxing coldly interrupted him.



“Huh? Did I remember it wrong? I’ve been reading a bit too many novels lately, so I might have misremembered.” Wei Ze thought for a moment.


“I got it, it should be another story. The movie star entered the wrong room after drinking, and they had an indescribable one-night stand, and the next day when he woke up, the protagonist covered his waist ……”



“You’d better go practice dancing.” Lu Wenxing mercilessly interrupted Wei Ze’s rant.


Wen Zheng’s expression could no longer be described.



He understood, Lu Wenxing wasn’t under too much pressure, and the problem didn’t lie in rebirth and trying, Lu Wenxing was trying to tell him …… he was the protagonist, he found his male lead.


“When did they get together?



Lu Wenxing heartily looked at Wen Zheng’s face that changed again and again.




“You and Gu Yanshen.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



“Wait.” Lu Wenxing made a phone call to Cheng Xuan, “Hey, Cheng Xuan. Why can’t I find your novel?”


Cheng Xuan was happy to receive Lu Wenxing’s call, “I was just about to tell you.”



“I didn’t think of this novel, I shouldn’t have ghosted the original writer. So I applied for the article to be deleted, hung out the reason on Weibo, and also deleted the pen name, I want to start over and write the story I want to write myself.”


At another time, Lu Wenxing would have been happy for Cheng Xuan, but ……


“Why didn’t you delete it tomorrow?”


Cheng Xuan was confused for a moment, “Why? Is tomorrow an auspicious day?”


Lu Wenxing: “……” he was so tired.


Looking at Lu Wenxing’s sad appearance, Wen Zheng tried to react mildly. He tried to remain happy when he heard his brother was in love.


“If you really like him, I won’t break you up.”


He forced himself to hold back the anger that was soaring straight up, not expecting that Xingxing had made up such a set of excuses in order to be with Gu Yanshen.


Where did Gu Yanshen, the vixen, come out from?



Lu Wenxing no longer knew where to explain, and finally put his hand on Wen Zheng’s shoulder and said breathlessly, “It’s not what you think, there was no one-night stand, and there was no day-to-day love.”


Wen Zheng didn’t feel happy to hear it, he coldly picked up Lu Wenxing’s words, “It was love at first sight.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Wen Zheng stroked Lu Wenxing’s head and comforted him.


“I don’t blame you.”


The blame was on Gu Yanshen, he must have seduced Xingxing.



His means was quite a lot, thinking of what Qin Yu said, Gu Yanshen would wait for Lu Wenxing, accompany him to dinner, and they watched a movie …… Oh, he also opened the bottle cap for him.





Lu Wenxing turned back, Gu Yanshen walked over. His line of sight rested on the hand on Wenxing’s head, he paused for a second, as if he had nothing to say.


“Qin Yu is looking for us to talk about the next scene.”


“Mr Wen can also come.” Gu Yanshen’s mouth was inviting, but his heart wasn’t thinking that way.


Wen Zheng examined Gu Yanshen, who was fairly good in appearance, but his character was still to be understood.


Although he agreed temporarily, there was still a period of investigation. It was said that people in love always looked at their objects with ten layers of filters, which could easily blindfold them by love. He had to guard Xingxing.


“A little interested.” Wen Zheng accepted the invitation.


Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing were side by side, and Wen Zheng walked on the other side of Lu Wenxing.


Lu Wenxing was sandwiched between two people with different minds, but it was harmonious and friendly picture on the bright side.


The weather was getting hotter and hotter as they entered summer, and the heavy costumes made them sweat.


Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen stood together. This scene was the climax of “Power and Strategy”. Yesterday, Qin Yu explained the effects of this scene to several important characters.



Lu Wenxing played Feng Xiao, Feng Yue was the prince, and Lu Feixue, the new owner of Fengming Pavilion. This scene was a competition between three people.



Qin Yu planned to take a shot first to try and feel better.


Feng Yue pointed his sword at Feng Xiao, ‘Don’t come over.'”


“Want to kill me?” Feng Xiao sneered, “Do it.”


Feng Yue walked closer to Feng Xiao, forcing him to retreat. “You think I don’t dare to kill you?”


“Do you dare?” Feng Xiao took another step forward.



“The Great General was led by me to supervise the family, the loyal subjects left by the late emperor also all died by my hand, and Xue Qingruo …… I forgot to tell you, she was still pregnant when she died.”


Feng Yue nearly collapsed, “Feng Xiao, I’m going to kill you. How, how can you be so cruel?”




The long sword penetrated Feng Xiao’s abdomen, the corners of his mouth revealed a smile, “Brother prince.”


Feng Xiao gripped the blade and pulled out the long sword that ran through his abdomen and pointed it at his chest. “Stabbing here is the only way to die.”



“Do you think I wouldn’t dare?”


The longsword pierced through the clothes.


At this moment, Lu Feixue suddenly appeared, his fingers broke the longsword, then he wrapped his arm around Feng Xiao’s slender waist, and led the man to leap down from the city gate.




lol, everything is working against LWX.

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