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He Yishu spat in his heart but continued with a smile on his face, “Uncle, I just think that if we directly announce the secret of the Han character card, it will make this matter seem too bland and not conducive to the promotion of the Han character card.”


For something like the Han character card, even if you hide it, there will be countless people who want to dig into it and pick it up outside, so there was no need to worry about this aspect at all, but since He Yishu said this, it was obvious that he already has his true thoughts and intentions.


Arman paused for a moment and asked with a smile, “So what is Xiao Shu’s plan?”


He Yishu smilingly returned, “I just think that since the Brandt family actively wants to help us with publicity, if we don’t seize this opportunity, it would be too much for their good intentions, right?”


The conversation between smart people and smart people didn’t need much explanation, Arman squinted his eyes for a moment and already comprehended He Yishu’s meaning: “Xiao Shu is right, someone is willing to take the initiative to help, of course we should appreciate it, don’t worry, leave this matter to uncle to arrange, it will definitely make you satisfied.”


“Then thank you, uncle.” He Yishu smilingly thanked, and the two of them chatted briefly for a few more minutes, then He Yishu retired to the side again to continue to watch.


When Adrian hung up the video communication, he saw that He Yishu was sitting beside him with a contemplative expression.


Adrian sat over and asked, “Thinking about how to arrange the next thing? I’ve just discussed with my father, we will take the plan and counter-monitor people related to the Brandt family with the help of the surveillance equipment provided by the Brandt family this time to find relevant evidence, which includes but is not limited to Eliza.”


“No, I’m not thinking about that.” He Yishu raised his head and looked at Adrian with a serious expression, “And why do I feel as if you are more concerned about Eliza than I am? Don’t worry, I really don’t have her in my sights, one is someone you can’t see and the other is someone you like very, very much, isn’t it obvious who is better of the two?”



Adrian really cared more about this matter than He Yishu, he hadn’t encountered such a thing before, he was afraid that his mishandling would make He Yishu suffer, now hearing him say so, Adrian completely relaxed: “Of course you are better, then what were you thinking about just now?”


“I was thinking that I really misjudged you before,” He Yishu patted Adrian’s shoulder and sighed, “I had previously thought that the reason your relationship skills were so low should be a matter of talent, but now it seems that maybe your father played a really big role. ”


The serious-looking Adrian suddenly had a cracked expression, he looked at He Yishu with complicated eyes and sadly inquired, “Did I really behave badly?”


“Do you want me to tell the truth?” He Yishu looked back at Adrian with difficulty.


Adrian became even sadder, but he still nodded strongly: “No matter how bad it is, I want to hear your true feelings.”


“Well, actually, my true feelings are ……” He Yishu moved his hand, which was on Adrian’s shoulder, slowly to his neck, and then he slowly pushed harder to close the distance between them, whispering almost against Adrian’s ear. “You’re really too cute and charming.”


He Yishu wasn’t the kind of person who would compare his own things with others, other people’s romance may not be suitable for him, and as long as it was what he liked, even if others thought it wasn’t romantic, so what?


What was more, what Adrian brought him was originally the romance he liked.


Adrian was slightly stunned by He Yishu’s answer before he pulled He Yishu into his arms with force and laughed happily: “Then do you want to know how I feel now?”


“Hmm?” He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh as well.



Adrian blew in He Yishu’s ear: “You’re the worst bad boy I’ve ever seen.”



He Yishu punched Adrian’s shoulder unconvinced: “I’m much worse to others than I am to you, and you dare to say that about me.”


“But I only feel at a loss for words when I face you, I even have to prepare my words in advance to say love words, afraid that you will notice my nervousness.” Adrian’s fingers brushed against He Yishu’s ear and he couldn’t help but let out a contented sigh.



He Yishu was silent for a moment and reluctantly agreed: “In fact, my situation is probably not much better than yours.”


Hearing this, Adrian laughed out loud straight away, “It seems that you like me as much as I like you.”


“Hmm.” He Yishu graciously admitted that although they felt overwhelmed when they got along, both of them were actually very honest about their feelings, and neither of them would reject the other because of their inner twisted feelings or be ashamed to say what they felt.


After showing a wave of affection, the two had a sweet meal together again, after which He Yishu returned to his apartment at the normal time, pretending that nothing had happened.


The only thing was that under Adrian’s instructions, He Yishu paid more attention to his privacy than before and didn’t reveal anything that shouldn’t be revealed.


The next day, He Yishu received the results of the tournament promotion from the virtual arena.


He and Adrian, along with the other members of the same team, advanced to the next round of the tournament. It was worth mentioning that their team won the first place in the overall team points ranking, while he and Adrian also won the first place in the individual points ranking, as well as their team was surprisingly the only team that didn’t have any players eliminated.


For these things, the virtual internet was hot with discussion, and everyone was worshipping the big brother in various angles, but He Yishu felt nothing, what he was more concerned about was the next schedule of the Mecha competition.


After the elimination of the mixed team competition, the number of teams had gone from 100,000 to 20,000 in an instant, but 20,000 teams was still too many compared to the number of final winners.


As you could imagine, the next rounds of the Mecha Competition would definitely become more and more intense, as well as more and more cruel.


At the end of the content of the notification of the team mixed competition advancement results, the mecha athletic competition also notified that the next round of elimination competition would begin in three days, and the specific format and rules of the competition would be notified in two days.


Three days wasn’t a long time, and most of the other contestants would choose to use these three days to practice diligently so that they could have a better performance in the competition afterwards, but for He Yishu, this was obviously superfluous.


No matter what the difficulty of the competition was afterwards, it wasn’t difficult for He Yishu, so he was very much looking forward to the competition starting as soon as possible, and of course there was another very important reason why, he would love to meet the scums he wanted to abuse in the competition afterwards.


Perhaps He Yishu’s expectation of scum abuse was too high, and before the game had officially started, he had met a scum that could be abused first.


When he saw Brooke who appeared in front of him, He Yishu thought he was here to find Du Fangping, but the other party went straight to the point as soon as he opened his mouth: “Xiao Shu, are you free now? I want to talk to you.”


He Yishu directly sent a blank stare: “If it’s you, I’m afraid I’m not free at any time.”


Brooke was silent for a moment, and his attitude seemed extraordinarily sincere: “I know you resent me in your heart, and I know you won’t forgive me, but I still hope I have the chance to seriously apologize to you in person. In addition, I have now completely separated from Du Fangping.”


“If you apologize, just apologize, why do you have to get involved in other things? What does it have to do with me if you and Du Fangping are separated or not?” He Yishu was exasperated by Brooke’s words, how self-righteous this person was to say such words, “And I really don’t want to continue listening to you talk such nonsense, so can you move aside now?”


Brooke’s face darkened a bit, but he still said in a good-natured manner, “Xiao Shu, I know that I really did something wrong before, I shouldn’t have treated you like that, I hope you can give me a chance to make it up to you.”


“Classmate Brooke, are you not intelligent enough, or are you not emotionally competent, can’t you see that I don’t want to listen to you at all?” He Yishu once again rolled his eyes, “Now please get out of the way immediately, I really don’t want to look at scum like you one more time.”


But Brooke, as if he couldn’t understand human words, continued to calmly talk, “Xiao Shu, what exactly do I have to do before you will be willing to accept my amends?”


He Yishu was once again exasperated, he looked Brooke up and down and suddenly changed his mind, “Although your current attitude is indeed very annoying, but since you are seriously asking me, then I will also seriously answer you. If you kneel in front of me in public together with Du Fangping and confess to me for your initial mistake, I might consider forgiving you.”


At these words, the veins on Brooke’s forehead bulged: “Xiao Shu, don’t gamble with me.”


He Yishu was about to throw up: “Brooke, are you sure your IQ is normal? It was you who took the initiative to stop me and said you wanted to make it up to me, but as a result, I just made my first condition and you told me not to gamble with you, don’t you think your actions are simply contradictory? If you really want to apologize, show the attitude and sincerity of an apology, if you have no such idea at all, don’t make such a self-inflicted move, okay?”


Brooke’s face was tense as he looked at He Yishu, but still didn’t move away.


He Yishu looked at Brooke and felt extraordinarily disgusted, he wasn’t even in the mood to open his mouth sarcastically, after thinking about it, He Yishu directly lowered his head and opened his light brain, sending a brief message to Adrian: [Honey, I was blocked by the scum, he said he hoped I could give him a chance to make amends, what do you think I should do now?


Three seconds later, Adrian texted back: [Location.]


He Yishu immediately sent the coordinates of his location, then looked up and said to Brooke: “Since you don’t want to go, then don’t go yet, it just so happens that I’m bored now.”


Brooke’s heart inexplicably rose a little foreboding, but was quickly suppressed by him: “Xiao Shu, you are finally willing to talk to me properly?”


He Yishu didn’t pay any attention to him.


Three minutes later, Adrian appeared, his eyes coldly looking at Brooke: “Please accept my challenge.”



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