At 2:00 pm on May 8, a plane took off from Hong Kong Airport.


Zhou Sitian stepped on the homeland again after two years.


The plane landed at the capital airport, the capital airport in 1985 wasn’t as large as in the latter days, the passengers were also sparse, at the large airport hall, Li Zheng saw a few people led by Chen Anbang.


“They’re over there.” Li Zheng whispered to Zhou Sitian, then the two of them walked towards them.


Chen Anbang also saw Li Zheng, he quickly greeted him, “Mr. Li Zheng, welcome back to China!” The first time he went back to China to report to Huaqing university in his last life, Chen Anbang was also like this, excitedly holding his hand and shaking it vigorously.


Li Zheng’s eyes couldn’t help but flash with a trace of nostalgia, “Professor Chen, Hong Kong has always been a part of China. I have never left the country.” Li Zheng laughed.


Chen Anbang froze, then patted his head, “Yes, yes, you are right.”



“The car is already waiting outside, Mr. Li Zheng please. Principal Zhao and Old Meng are already waiting at the school.”


Li Zheng nodded, turned his head to Zhou Sitian, “Sister, are you coming with me?”


The crowd then realized that Li Zheng was followed by a beautiful young woman with a long black trench coat, her face blocked by a hat and sunglasses.



“No, Brother Zhidong has already arranged a hotel, the entourage is staying there. I’ll stay in China for two days and then return to Haidong Province.” Zhou Sitian said.


Li Zheng frowned slightly, he naturally knew what Zhou Sitian was going to do in Haidong Province, “Give me a call if something happens.” He patted his sister’s shoulder.


The corners of Zhou Sitian’s mouth hooked up slightly, “You, I’m not a child anymore, and this little thing, I can handle it myself.” Her long and slender fingers poked Li Zheng’s forehead hard, and then she greeted Chen An and the others before quickly leaving.



The crowd looked at each other, and a young man from Huaqing University who was following Chen An looked at Zhou Sitian’s back and muttered, “Why does she look so much like a TV star from Hong Kong?”


Li Zheng smiled and looked at the young man, he raised his eyebrows but didn’t answer.


A white Charade bus was waiting at the entrance of the airport, and the crowd flocked to Li Zheng to get into the car.


The white van slowly drove away.



Looking out through the car window, he could see young men in bell-bottom pants riding black bicycles from time to time, and the “bell-bell” ringing echoes in the empty streets.

At this time, China was a bit less alienated from the lofty position of later generations, and a bit more approachable.



“Up ahead is Huaqing University.” When Chen Anbang mentioned Huaqing University, he couldn’t help but show a hint of pride.


” Tsinghua Garden, called Xichun Garden in the Kangxi Dynasty, has a history of 300 years. During the Kangxi Dynasty, its position was still above the Yuanming Garden.”


Huaqing University and Yanjing University, had always been the pride of the Chinese people, thirty years ago and thirty years later, it was always the same.


White marble, above four huge jade-like pillars, an exquisite and atmospheric arch-shaped door appeared in front of the crowd, above the door was written “Qinghua Garden”, the font was clear and elegant, with a sense of historical weight.


“Qing Hua Garden ……” Li Zheng gently murmured.


The gatekeeper was aware of the white Xiali, the boss waved at the crowd, and the car drove into the garden.


Now it was time for classes to end, Huaqing students walking in groups on the road, their faces were filled with the unique vitality of youth, a kind of vision and enthusiasm for the future, Li Zheng shook his head, he couldn’t get back to this kind of thing even if he changed to a young body.


“Mr. Li Zheng, our Huaqing is not worse than Hong Kong University, right?” A man who followed Chen Anabang suddenly spoke.


Chen Anbang’s face stiffened and he glared back at the man, then looked at Li Zheng awkwardly.


In his opinion, although Li Zheng had accepted Huaqing’s invitation, Hong Kong University was after all his alma mater, and asking such a question when Li Zheng still didn’t have a sense of belonging to Huaqing might cause the person in front of him to resent it.


But to Chen An’s surprise, Li Zheng hardly gave much thought before he replied, “Yes, Huaqing is very good.”


The expressions of the people in the car relaxed at once, and their perception of this Mr. Li Zheng improved a lot.


You know, the atmosphere of seniority in China was still very strong, and Li Zheng’s age was just a little too young.



After receiving the news that Li Zheng had accepted the offer, Zhao Depei arranged a dormitory and laboratory for Li Zheng with the treatment of a first-class scientific researcher, and the salary level was in accordance with the highest grade in China, knowing that now in China, those who could enjoy these treatments were the old generation of national treasure scientists.


And today’s pickup team, the leader was Chen Anbang who was an associate professor, Old Meng’s student. No one had ever enjoyed such treatment.


Scholars didn’t value money, but name was still very important.


Li Zheng, a peer younger than their students, enjoyed better treatment than them, it was impossible that some old comrades didn’t have thoughts in their hearts.


“Here it is.” Chen Anbang spoke with a smile.


Unlike the tall administrative building of Hong Kong University, the president’s office of Huaqing University was inside a low, green tiled house.


The slanted flying eaves and the green tiles carried a strong historical aura.


Chen Anbang guided Li Zheng forward through the long corridor, and a look of nostalgia passed over Li Zheng’s face. He had lived here for more than ten years in his last life, and was very familiar with every blade of grass and every tree here.


Chen Anbang stopped in front of a mahogany door, he went up and knocked on the door.


The door opened quickly and Zhao Depei’s gentle smiling face appeared behind the door.


His eyes first looked behind Chen Anbang, “Mr. Li Zheng, please come in please come in.” When he saw Li Zheng, the smile on his face deepened even more.


When Li Zheng came to Huaqing in his last life, Zhao Depei had already retired long ago.


This Huaqing principal, who had worked hard for China’s education all his life, was worried about his children’s affairs in his later years.


“Principal Zhao, how are you?” Li Zheng nodded politely to him.


The two walked into the principal’s office, and Li Zheng’s eyes fell on the VCR that was on in the principal’s office, and the person on the TV screen was very familiar, and he touched his nose, with a hint of embarrassment on his face.


Old Meng laughed and stood up, “Shy? Your performance at the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference was very good, President Zhao was just praising you.”



The person on the TV was no other than Li Zheng himself.



The picture on the TV was exactly the scene of Li Zheng disclosing the molecular formula of balsamethasone at the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference.


Not only that, there were also two thick journals on the coffee table, Science, Biology, and Cell, all of which were the most authoritative international biology journals.


These journals, Li Zheng swept the cover, it just happened to be the ones in which he published his papers.


“Mr. Li Zheng, Old Meng and I have been studying your project since you received the invitation, and we have benefited a lot.” Zhao Depei looked very polite.


“Principal, you are praising me. We who are doing research, don’t we rely on these projects to eat.” Li Zheng said with a smile.


Several people in the audience laughed.


After exchanging a few pleasantries again, several people went straight to the main topic.



“Li Zheng, this is the contract, take a look.” Zhao Depei got up and took out a contract from the desk drawer and handed it to Li Zheng.



Li Zheng flipped through it, the contract terms were very generous, he could hardly pick a single mistake.


Mainly focused on project research, research funding could be obtained from Huaqing or raised by oneself. He had to attend at least 12 classes a year, that was, one class a month, which wasn’t a problem.


“President Zhao, I think you know, I have a private laboratory in Hong Kong, the laboratory’s two projects, in vitro regeneration of organs and Doc virus drugs, are joint projects, many times still need my personal appearance, so I may often fly to Hong Kong.”


“In vitro regeneration project, a big progress in the history of tissue engineering, ah, I heard that Li Zheng’s lab formed a special project team with several advanced biological labs in the United States and listed in New York. It’s really remarkable.” Zhao Depei couldn’t help but exclaim.


“Of course, we at Huaqing are very supportive of the researcher’s own development, and we will not interfere with your freedom.”


Li Zheng smiled, the expression on his face softened a lot, and he didn’t hesitate, he directly took out a pen and signed his name on the contract.



“I’ll have to ask the principal to take care of me in the future.”


“You’re welcome, we’re all colleagues, we help each other, help each other.”


The office was a happy and harmonious scene.


At this time, a knock sounded on the door.


Chen Anbang got up to open the door.



“Old Zhao.” He was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and a slightly loose suit. When he saw Old Meng and Li Zheng, he froze for a moment and then greeted them with a smile.


“Old Meng, Anbang,” he looked respectful to Old Meng.



He swept his gaze over Li Zheng and smiled at him, obviously treating him as a student of Huaqing.


Li Zheng touched his nose, he was really at a disadvantage everywhere with his current looks.


Seeing this, Zhao Depei hurriedly introduced to the visitor, “Old Sun, this is Mr. Li Zheng. The pride of our Chinese people!”


Li Zheng’s deeds had been written about by the Chinese media, so the general public might not care much about it, but people in the circle naturally knew about this famous biopharmaceutical genius.


Sun Zaiguang was stunned and his gaze towards Li Zheng instantly became different, “You are Li Zheng, well well well.” He said three good words in a row, looking at Li Zheng with the characteristic kindness of an elder.


The kindness of an elder? Li Zheng raised his eyebrows and politely nodded to Professor Sun, “Greetings, Professor Sun.”


After Sun Zaiguang greatly praised Li Zheng for fighting for his country, he talked about the reason why he came to see Zhao Depei.


“Old Zhao, you’re not very decent, you didn’t even tell us about this good thing that foreigners donated a laboratory to us. I still heard the news from my son-in-law’s ears.”


Sun Zaiguang’s son-in-law was a journalist of Xinghua News Agency, so he was naturally more informed than ordinary people.


Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, the laboratory donated by foreigners, it should be the one prepared for him by Roche ……


Zhao Depei smiled, his face couldn’t help but show an embarrassed look, he turned his gaze to Li Zheng, Roche’s donation agreement was written clearly, the laboratory could only be used by the biology genius in front of him.


So he didn’t make a big announcement out of the laboratory news, after all, the master hadn’t yet arrived. And the domestic research resources were already tight. An advanced laboratory was a chunk of fat. Li Zheng hadn’t officially joined the company yet, and when the news leaked out, there would always be people thinking.


“Professor Sun, you are just in time, the laboratory, Roche said it was donated to Huaqing, but its donation agreement clearly states that the actual user of the laboratory can only be Mr. Li Zheng.”



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