In a classroom on the first floor of the Department of Biology of Huaqing University, there were many students who came here in admiration.


Most of them were attracted by the title of “Huaqing’s youngest professor”.


“How old do you think the new professor is? If he’s an associate professor, he must be at least forty.”


“So Professor Chen is the youngest professor in Huaqing, he is forty-three this year, right?”


The girls were head to head, chattering and discussing. Even in this highest school of China, gossip was still human nature.


Suddenly, the classroom quieted down, the students looked up, only to see an old man with white hair clutching a book from the classroom door.


A girl blinked her eyes, “This is the youngest professor of Huaqing? He looks too old ……”


“What? This is Professor Sun, he does project research, he doesn’t often give us classes.”


Then, one after another old professor walked in from the classroom door, they greeted each other familiarly, and then sat down in the front row of seats.


Many Huaqing students couldn’t help but be secretly surprised. The tradition of professors giving classes to undergraduates had always been in place at Huaqing, no matter how big and how national treasure professors were, twelve classes a year were bound to be full.


But it was just twelve sections. These researchers didn’t even surpass one second. Once the task was completed, they would return to the laboratory.


There were many legends about them in the Huaqing period, but few people truly knew them.



However, for this open class, these legends actually came out.


“Old Meng! That’s Old Meng! The top three ranking figures in biology in China.” Some students shouted out in surprise.


“That’s Professor Sun, right?”



“Professor Zhao! The one who won the international scientist last year and was received by the president.”


“Oh my! What’s the origin of the new professor, these bigwigs are actually coming out!”


There were shouts of surprise.



Behind the old professors were the scholars of the strong generation led by Chen Anbang, whose titles were mostly associate professors and lecturers.


They wrapped up the first three rows in the classroom at once.


Some students who were already sitting in the first few rows immediately moved back when they saw this, with a higher sense of expectation for this new professor in their hearts.



“Oh, it is worthy to be a biologist with international influence, our Huaqing faculty has never been so united. Old Wang and the others are not from the biology department, but they also came here.” Zhao Depei couldn’t help but speak.


“Yes, I didn’t have this kind of treatment when I joined the open class.” Old Meng laughed loudly.


Li Zheng and David stepped in, looking at the crowd, he was also stunned.


David shrugged and was about to find a random seat.


However, Zhao Depei had already seen him. Because of the laboratory donation, Zhao Depei had studied Roche, so he immediately recognized the actual person in charge of Roche Asia, David. Mr. Andorio.


“Mr. Andorio!” He stood up, took two steps forward, and extended his hand to David.


David froze for a moment and couldn’t help but look at Li Zheng.


Li Zheng, who had just stepped onto the podium, had to walk down and introduced David, “This is the president of Huaqing University, Mr. Zhao Depei.”


David smiled, and his face instantly took on an enthusiastic smile as he held Zhao Depei’s hand and shook it hard a few times.


“President Zhao, it’s a great honor to meet you.” Li Zheng had always felt that David had been born in the wrong birth to become an Englishman, who had a natural sensitivity to the human condition and was a few points more flexible in dealing with the world than the Chinese in the land of etiquette.


For example, now, he didn’t feel that a school principal who wasn’t even ranked in the top 50 internationally had any value to interact with, but on the surface he showed a look of enthusiasm to make him flattered.


“Mr. Andorio you came to Huaqing ……,” Zhao Depei asked tentatively.


David sniffed and patted Li Zheng’s shoulder, “I came as a personal friend to attend Li’s first public class. Li is a very remarkable biologist, and every one of his classes is a precious treasure in the history of biology.”


David praised Li Zheng without even having to type a draft.


The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth twitched, and he hurriedly stopped David from continuing.


“David, just go and sit next to Principal Zhao, remember, just sit.” The last four words, he whispered in David’s ear.


David nudged his mouth in dissatisfaction, but didn’t refute again.


Li Zheng walked up to the podium again.


The Huaqing students on the stage were already whispering when Li Zheng first walked up to the podium, and when Li Zheng actually picked up the microphone and said, “Hello everyone, I am Li Zheng, and I am also the main speaker of this class.”


As Li Zheng’s words fell, the classroom could no longer maintain its calm.


“How can that be! He …… he looks younger than me, right?” The one who spoke was a chubby Huaqing student, about twenty-one or twenty-two years old, who now had his mouth open wide and stared blankly at Li Zheng on the stage.


“The youngest professor? Professor?”


“This …… is too young.”


Some were concerned about current events, but there were people who recognized the teenager on stage who was smiling breezily.


“It’s Li Zheng! The one with the in vitro regenerative organ! Li Zheng! The UN’s Most Influential Biologist of the Year! That’s right, it’s him!”


“Yes! Xing Hua Society says he’s Chinese! He’s coming to teach at Huaqing?”


“Hey? You guys know him? He’s so young, why can he be a professor?”


“If he can’t be a professor, then no one can be a professor. You don’t know, he is the pride of China, the pride of Asia. Dorman even built a square in his name, and a statue for the nation to look up to!” Someone spoke Li Zheng’s biography as if it were a treasure.


It caused the people next to him to exclaim in awe.


What a bull ……


Li Zheng on the stage also began to speak, he actually thought for a long time about what exactly to talk about in this class.


He had a lot of projects on hand, each of which was at the world’s leading level, and no matter what he said, whether students or faculty members, they could only listen and applaud.


After all, his projects were all patented and certified by world-class authoritative journals.


However, Li Zheng wasn’t willing to talk about this here, in his first class at Huaqing University. This was a classroom, not his project explanation session, nor was it an academic exchange session. He wanted to talk about something that could really help the development of Huaqing’s biology department.


Li Zheng spent two days and two nights to make a time chart of the history of biology disciplines based on his experience combined with his memory from his previous life.



The content included antibiotics, vaccination, hormones, vitamins, genetic research, etc. Antibiotics, he spoke from the first antibiotic discovered in history to the recently listed Imipenem, dissecting in detail the experimental process of each antibiotic being discovered, summarizing and refining experimental techniques.


Vaccination was also included, from the earliest human pox to cow pox, to the climax of vaccine development in recent years, Li Zheng summarized almost all the key points of experimental focus.


The students of Huaqing vaguely knew that what Li Zheng said seemed very practical, but how practical it was was difficult to say. But the faculty members in the first three rows were different.


Their faces were completely devoid of the discontent, tentativeness and gauging when they first arrived, and they were completely excited to write.


Those old professors were clear about the inner workings of the laboratory donation, and it was impossible to say that there was no opinion about Li Zheng, the junior who was “unaware of the times”.


But at this moment, listening to Li Zheng’s eloquent talk on the stage, they only had sighs of admiration.


The old professors held onto their reading glasses with one hand, while their subordinates quickly took notes. Some of them were too old to record quickly, so they went to the back row and picked up a young man to take notes for them.


Li Zheng’s set not only covered his two lifetimes of experimental experience, but also included the wisdom of later generations. Many professors often had a feeling of enlightenment when they heard a certain place.



If they didn’t feel that what Li Zheng was talking about below was still important, they would have wanted to rush back to the lab to try these methods.


This was like the college entrance examination, Li Zheng opened a training course, summarized the college entrance examination questions, and analyzed in detail the problem solving techniques.


Scientific research wasn’t a college entrance exam, but scientific experiments still needed skills, which required countless people to experience countless failures to generalize.


And Li Zheng, was already in advance of this step.


An open class, two small sections, a total of ninety minutes. But Li Zheng made it too detailed, he talked for more than two hours, yet he hadn’t finished.



During these two hours, apart from the sound of Li Zheng’s lecture, the only sound in the classroom was the “rustling” sound of the pen tip rubbing against the paper.


The professors, like diligent students, lowered their heads and tried to copy every word and sentence.


The students behind Huaqing were also infected and buried their heads in writing.


Li Zheng finished the last sentence and put the time chart on the podium.


“Li Zheng, have you ever thought of publishing a book?” Zhao Depei didn’t return to his mind for a long time after copying the last sentence, and when he saw that Li Zheng had already walked off the podium, he couldn’t help but speak up.



Although it would be good if these techniques and experimental patterns were only known to Huaqing University, but Li Zheng, as the owner of this knowledge, never had intention to.


“Publish a book?” Li Zheng showed a surprised expression, he had never thought of this, in his last life if he hadn’t died too early, he would have published a biography.


However now ……


“Principal, you’re joking.”


“Joking? I’m not joking, this biological time chart of yours with the generalization of biological experimental techniques is really practical, it can perfectly serve as a laboratory manual for biological researchers, it would be a pity if you can’t make a book so that Chinese biologists can have a copy of it in their hands.”


A handbook for Chinese biologists?


Li Zheng’s pupils dilated slightly, and his heart began to beat violently and rapidly.




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