On April 28, 1985, Mercer held a press conference to announce the approval of Imipenem by FDA and the official launch of Imipenem in the world.


North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China became the first regions and countries to launch Imipenem.


The media reported the news. Biologists called it a major change in the history of antibiotic medicine, and Mercer and Li Zheng’s lab were in the limelight for a while.


While the global media were scrambling to report the good news, expressing great confidence in mankind’s victory over the disease, some discordant voices also emerged.


The Korean media voiced their strong dissatisfaction with the absence of South Korea as the first country. Korean citizens even directly raised the question of why China was the first country and Korea was not. The Korean health department held an emergency meeting and consulted with Mercer overnight, hoping to include Korea as the first country.



Mercer said that they regretted and apologized for not being able to market the new drug globally because of its limited production capacity, and that Mercer was a socially responsible global pharmaceutical company that valued its contribution to society while pursuing profits.



The big and selfless words made the Chinese people’s goodwill towards Mercer explode instantly.



“Li, I’m sorry, but this is the best I can do. The pricing of the drug must be unified globally, as for China, I have discussed with Mr. Smith, we will cooperate with the Chinese Ministry of Health to carry out a drug assistance program, as long as the information is well prepared, the cost of the patient’s medication is half of the actual price.” Kent on the phone sounded a little helpless.


Li Zheng smiled, “Thank you, Kent. I understand.” Pharmaceutical companies didn’t change their pricing strategies because of anyone, let alone imipenem, a drug that was a complete seller’s market.


Doc virus vaccine had also officially entered the human clinical phase, in the UK. The drug regulatory authorities of the United States and South Africa had simultaneously conducted human clinical trials of the vaccine, and the market launch of the vaccine had entered a high-speed channel.


Li Zheng’s preparations were all done, and he booked a flight for May 8.



As the day of Li Zheng’s departure drew near, Liang Zhe’s temper became irritable.


“In a bad mood? Uncle Fang told me that you threw a cup of water on someone else’s girl at the dinner tonight?” Li Zheng walked into Liang Zhe’s study, the room was somewhat dimly lit and the floor-to-ceiling windows were drawn airtight.


Liang Zhe sat at his desk with his head down, making it impossible to see his expression.


Li Zheng pulled the curtain halfway open, and then sat down opposite Liang Zhe.


“She moved her hand ……,” Liang Zhe said in a low voice.


Li Zheng raised his eyebrows and said amusedly, “She mol-ested you?”


“Yes.” Although he felt that the word “mol-est” was a bit wrong, the aggrieved Liang Zhe still nodded.




Li Zheng leaned forward slightly and leaned his head towards Liang Zhe, “Good splash.”


Liang Zhe looked up at him, and their eyes met and didn’t separate for a long time.



After about five minutes, Liang Zhe pursed his lips, “I regret ……” because of his company and china, Liang Zhe temporarily couldn’t leave Hong Kong.



In other words, once Li Zheng returned to the inland, the two would have to be separated from each other. This wasn’t a big deal, he could fly to Beijing a few more times a month.



But as he saw that the time for Li Zheng to go back was getting closer and closer, he started to become anxious and restless. If he was well versed in Chinese classical literature, he would know that there was a saying in ancient China that was perfect for his current state of mind.


His current mood wasn’t much different from that of a deep-rooted grieving woman in ancient times.



Li Zheng’s heart contracted slightly, and he placed his right hand on Liang Zhe’s head and gently rubbed it.


“Got it.” He lowered his eyes, making it impossible to see the emotions in them.


Liang Zhe suddenly stood up violently, wrapped his hands around Li Zheng’s back, and pressed the man’s head at his shoulders across the table.



The two shoulders were close together, the heat of each other’s body could be clearly felt through the thin shirt, and his hot breath hit the side of his face.


“I regret it.”


“I know.”


“I really regret it.”




Only the breathing of the two could be heard in the studio, and the lights in the room seemed to feel the mood of the owner and became darker and darker.


The starlight outside the window fell through the floor-to-ceiling windows, dappled on the marble floor of the study, casting a nice shadow.


The next day…..



Housekeeper Fang looked at the two people walking down hand in hand, and his mouth opened wide.



“Mr. Li Zheng, you stayed here last night?” He asked loudly.



Liang Zhe’s expression was no longer as grumpy and cloudy as yesterday. He went downstairs and quickly went to the table to get the wet wipes to wipe his hands and handed them to Li Zheng.



“Breakfast is ready, wipe your hands and let’s go eat.” He was filled with the person in front of him, as for butler Fang …… sorry, he was selectively blinded.


Li Zheng’s face looked a little pale, “Yes, it was late last night and I didn’t go back.”


“Then why didn’t you ask me to arrange a guest room! Aiya, it’s so embarrassing.” As soon as Mr. Li Zheng came, their Mr. Liang’s mood improved, thinking of this, butler Fang’s smile became more eager, “I’ll order to prepare a permanent room for you, in my opinion, don’t go back to that lab of yours, it’s cold and quiet.”


Before Li Zheng had time to speak, Liang Zhe cut off the words of Butler Fang.


“No, he stays with me.” As if swearing sovereignty, Liang Zhe pulled Li Zheng behind himself, and after a slight hesitation, continued, “Uncle Fang is right, don’t go back, stay here.”


In Liang Zhe’s eyes, there was a pitiful earnestness, completely devoid of last night’s dominance.


“Okay.” Li Zheng’s gaze towards Liang Zhe carried a bit of doting that he couldn’t even find himself.



Butler Fang finally came around a bit, the interaction between these two, wasn’t right.



He looked at Liang Zhe, and then at Li Zheng, but he couldn’t ask what was wrong.



“Eat eat eat, breakfast is ready.” Butler Fang couldn’t figure it out for a while, so he didn’t think about it and greeted people heading to the dining room.


Large pearwood table, pearwood chairs, it looked opulent, but this sit up, really wasn’t very comfortable.


Liang Zhe saw Li Zheng frowning, he hurriedly stood up and took a soft cushion from the living room on Li Zheng’s chair.



“It’s okay.” His lips were tightly pursed as he cautiously looked at Li Zheng.


“It’s fine.” Li Zheng helplessly rubbed his temples and dismissed the man to his position.



Butler Fang was even more confused, Mr. Li Zheng wasn’t comfortable there and couldn’t sit?



The laboratory work was compact, and mealtime was almost the only time when researchers were relaxed, so Li Zheng had developed the habit of organizing his thoughts during mealtime.


And Liang Zhe had never been a talkative person, he took a bite and looked at Li Zheng, even the side dishes were omitted.



Butler Fang felt that it too quiet and couldn’t help but speak up to liven up the atmosphere.



“I heard that Mr. Li Zheng is going back to the inland next month? Are you still coming back?”



Li Zheng put down the spoon in his hand, “Naturally, I will come back for a visit.” It was come back to see, not come back.


The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped two degrees.



“Mr. Li Zheng you are an adult this year, right, so handsome and so capable young man, I don’t know which girl will be lucky.”



Liang Zhe put down the bowl and chopsticks, “Mine!”



“What?” Butler Fang looked at his young master in confusion.


“Li Zheng is mine!” Liang Zhe said word by word, his mouth tightly pursed into a straight line.


Butler Fang’s brow furrowed.


“Sir, I know you rely on Mr. Li Zheng, but even if that’s the case, you can’t stop someone from finding a wife.” Butler Fang said in a righteous manner.

Liang Zhe’s face turned red, “I …… I am his wife!” He blurted out.


There was a moment of silence in the dining room, butler Fang’s mouth widened in astonishment, Liang Zhe’s reliance on Li Zheng, the unprepared guest room last night, and the strange interaction between the two.



His face changed all of a sudden.


Butler Fang’s face froze, and his gaze toward Li Zheng carried hostility and dissatisfaction.



“You and Ah Zhe are in that relationship?”



The expression on Li Zheng’s face was a bit stiff, he knew that the social atmosphere in the eighties was far from the openness of the later generations, and that love between people of the same sex was often not recognized.


In Li Zheng’s heart, although Butler Fang was a butler, he played the role of an elder in Liang Zhe’s life a lot of the time.


“Yes, we are …… partners.” Li Zheng hesitated for a moment, but still spoke in this way.



When Butler Fang heard this, he instantly became furious. He stood up with a slap on the table.


“Since you are partners and have slept in the same bed, how can you start a mess! Leaving Hong Kong to go to what inland? And come back to visit? Do you think our Mr. Liang is the little love child you’re raising!”


Li Zheng ……


Liang Zhe ……


After crossing the clear path in front of Butler Fang, Liang Zhe apparently became even more reckless, and in the following days, he was like a follower pet with automatic tracking function turned on, and he followed Li Zheng wherever he went.



This made butler Fang even more certain that their Mr. Liang was the one below. While sighing, he went to Jiulong and found an old Chinese doctor to take several pairs of medicines. It was said that it was good for the person below.



Every time Liang Zhe was forced to drink the medicine, he always took a sip, followed by various excuses to go into the room, and of course the final medicine ended up in Li Zheng’s stomach.



In addition, the number of chance encounters between butler Fang and Li Zheng increased sharply, the Liang family was really big, the living rooms were five or six, usually Li Zheng could rarely see butler Fang, but after that time, butler Fang was like a ghost, where Li Zheng was, he would appear.


He also talked about how Liang Zhe suffered when he was a child, and later met those bad relatives, almost died in the sea, and his autism, while talking, he stole glances at him, so Li Zheng felt a moment of helplessness.


He really didn’t start it, and …… he was the one below, OK!?




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