“If only I had such a son.” Chen Anbang’s mutterings reached Li Zheng’s ears across the ocean, listening to the telephone receiver.


Li Zheng on the other end of the line was silent for a moment.


“I’m sorry, Professor Chen. I’m afraid you can’t give birth to a son as big as me.” Li Zheng’s voice was tinged with laughter, he didn’t expect that his mentor from his previous life would have such a side.



In 1985, Chen Anbang was still young, only a dozen years different from Li Zheng, according to the academic circle, they were considered the same generation.


Chen Anbang didn’t expect to be heard and was embarrassed for a moment.


Li Zheng could imagine his mentor’s expression right now and let out a low chuckle.



“Professor Chen, it wasn’t easy for the phone call to get through, why don’t we get down to business.” Li Zheng made this call and enjoyed the treatment of going around China, first from the postal lady, then from the letter manager, and was interrogated from beginning to end many times before finally being transferred to Huaqing University.



Chen Anbang was dumbfounded, his excitement and nervousness also slowly calmed down.



“Mr. Li Zheng, you have received an offer from Huaqing, right?” Chen Anbang’s voice became solemn.


In fact, at the beginning of the appointment letter or invitation letter, Huaqing internal staff also argued a lot. Many old professors believed that, he was just a child, although he made a little achievement, he didn’t even have a degree, Huaqing was one of the top institutions in China, how could they be so accepting?



There was a rebuttal, a frog at the bottom of the well, sitting in a well and watching the sky. Few people in China could match Li Zheng’s position in the international biology circle today, even if the president of Huaqing personally invited him, he may not accept it, an appointment letter was nothing, maybe he had several in his hands.


And now Huaqing university, although in China, was one of the best, but the international ranking wasn’t really good. Even if they invited him, he may not necessarily come.


The two sides exchanged swords. One said that the other side worshiped foreign things and the other said that the other side was aggressive.


Finally, Professor Meng came forward and told the public that he had learned from the University of Tokyo that their offer of employment had been sent to Hong Kong as early as a week ago, which stopped all disputes.



“Naturally, I have received it, and I am honored to receive it from Huaqing.” Li Zheng’s tone carried just the right amount of modesty, sounding like a spring breeze.


“You are too kind. Then would you like to take up a position at Huaqing University?” Chen Anbang’s hand clutched the telephone receiver tightly, and he could clearly feel his palm was a little moist.



Aunt Yang tied a knot for the wool in her hand while curiously surveying the nervous Professor Chen in front of her and muttered, “Sweating nervously, it’s not really a bastard, is it?”


“Of course.” A sharp and firm voice came from the other end of the phone, “Professor Chen, I think we’ll be colleagues soon.” Li Zheng said with a smile.


Of course?


Of course!


He had promised!


Chen Anbang held his breath for a moment as he gulped and couldn’t help but confirm again, “You really agreed to Huaqing’s invitation?”


The circle of Asian biopharmaceutics was so small that a lot of news couldn’t be hidden from people. Chen Anbang knew that Li Zheng had in his hand the invitation letter of the top Asian universities such as East University, Singapore National, not to mention Li Zheng’s alma mater, Hong Kong University.


The current Huaqing didn’t have the slightest advantage over them.



“Professor Chen, didn’t I report to you?” Li Zheng’s words carried an obvious smirk.


Chen Anbang took a deep breath, and the smile on his face became more and more obvious.


“On behalf of Huaqing, I welcome you to join us.” He said solemnly, word by word.


“Really agreed?” A startled cry came out from the office of the President of Huaqing University.



Professor Meng and Huaqing President Zhao Depei were sitting face to face on the sofa, and Chen Anbang was standing in front of the two, his breath a little rushed from the trot he had just made all the way.


“Yes, Mr. Li Zheng said that he will officially come to Huajing to report after the May Day holiday.”



Zhao Depei smiled and couldn’t help but look at Professor Meng, “Ah, Elder Meng, it’s still you who had a divine plan.”


Professor Meng waved his hand, “I can’t say it’s a good idea. Li Zheng’s feelings for the motherland are very deep. It was only a matter of time before he came back, but I didn’t expect that he would make a decision so quickly.”



“Depei, although Li Zheng is young, his status in the international biology circle is not low. Since he agreed to Huaqing’s invitation, for his arrangements, you should consider clearly, both to appease the old comrades, not to mention the aggravation of our bull in biopharmaceutical science ah.”



Now Li Zheng, could already be called “bull” existence.


Zhao Depei nodded vigorously, “Old Meng, don’t worry, I know.”


While Huaqing University was rejoicing, Su Changzhi and Xu Mingsheng of Hong Kong University smiled bitterly.


The day after Li Zheng made up his mind, he told Xu Mingsheng of his decision.



Xu Mingsheng, although he had long been prepared, he still felt some disappointment, for Li Zheng this student, his feelings were very deep, not only because Li Zheng time and again brought him a surprise, Hong Kong University won prestige and honor, but also because of the carbapenem antibiotics, Li Zheng wasn’t only his student, but also his life-saving benefactor!


Ma Wenmin and Liu Sichao were from the inland, and knew difficult the road was. Although Xu Mingsheng hadn’t experienced it, he had heard a lot.


“Li Zheng, teacher won’t interfere in the way you choose. But if you want to come back, the door of Hong Kong University is always open for you. And if you encounter anything in the inland, call us immediately. Your teacher and teacher’s wife, although old, still have several friends.” Xu Mingsheng said earnestly.



“Thank you, teacher.” Li Zheng really felt lucky to have met such a good teacher in his two lives, Chen Anbang in the previous life and Xu Mingsheng in this life.



Xu Mingsheng shook his head and smiled bitterly.



On the other side


“Back inland?” Zhou Sitian was so shocked that she stood up.



She was silent for a long time, “Have you thought it over?”



“Sister, I’ve never been an impulsive person.” Li Zheng said calmly.



Zhou Sitian fixedly looked at her brother for a long time before easing her facial nerves, “It’s good to go back.” She said softly, Li Zheng and the woman had met, the two were in Hong Kong, there was always a time to cross paths, if he went back ……


Zhou Sitian slightly lowered his eyelids, converging the deep thoughts in her eyes.



“I’ll go back with you first.” She looked up and said.


This time it was Li Zheng’s turn to be surprised, “I remember you have a drama starting in September, don’t you?”


Zhou Sitian shrugged and sat on the sofa, her body slowly relaxed, “I’ll go back, some things that I could not do before, now I have the ability to do, naturally I have to do. And now there are not too few stars from Hong Kong in the inland, I am much freer than you.”



Li Zheng raised his eyebrows slightly, he naturally knew that Zhou Sitian was referring to the matter of her biological father. Back then, the two of them were unable to take care of themselves and could only watch Zhou Deqing take the blame, which had been a knot in Zhou Sitian’s heart, and now she had the ability to help him overturn the case.



Li Zheng nodded, “Got it.”



In the next two months, Li Zheng finished arranging all the things in Li Zheng’s laboratory so that it could operate normally even after he left.



The joint project of “In Vitro Regeneration Organ” and “Doc Virus” was also accelerated under Li Zheng’s promotion.



Since he was going back to the inland, he naturally wouldn’t go back alone. In the name of the joint attack team of Li Zheng’s laboratory and Merck Sharp & Dohme, Li Zheng unceremoniously took two vaccine production lines back to the inland and designated them to be placed in the Tianjin Drug Industrial Park.



There were also laboratories.


To set up a laboratory in the name of individuals, a large number of advanced experimental equipment transported to China, was too conspicuous, it was more troublesome.



So, Li Zheng met David.


Roche was the first Fortune 500 pharmaceutical group to enter China in this life, and the Ministry of Health of China held it as a golden hen. David, the executive vice president of Roche Asia, had a good relationship with the Ministry of Health of Huajing .


“Donate a laboratory to you in the name of Roche?” David sat on the office chair with rolling wheels and turned around.


“Of course, Li, I suggested that you don’t have to prepare the laboratory by yourself.” David smiled. Now Li Zheng’s position was different from that of the past. His archives in Roche headquarters had been placed at the first level where Scholars needed to be handed over. This level of scholar required Roche to sponsor the laboratory, which was a great good thing for Roche.


These top pharmaceutical companies in the world weren’t fools. This top laboratory, even a small laboratory with a single team, was also valuable.



For ordinary scholars, accepting the laboratories “donated” by these pharmaceutical enterprises meant that the patent ownership of all projects he had made in this laboratory was transferred to the pharmaceutical enterprises that gave the laboratories by default.


For high-level scholars, the agreement was different. As for Li Zheng, the terms of the agreement had been relaxed a lot, but the priority of patent development and the priority of drug cooperative production were essential.

David grinned, if Li Zheng had accepted the laboratory provided by Roche, what carbapenem antibiotics, what Doc virus vaccine, and what about Merck Sharp & Dohme!



“No, David. It’ll be donated to Huaqing University.” Li Zheng corrected.



“Huaqing University?” David’s brow furrowed.


“Li, this is out of order.” Drug companies that donated to university laboratories were quite a lot, but this was a means for drug companies to maintain relationships with high-production laboratories, and what they sent were funds, which were directly donated to the laboratories.


Even if there was, the current Huaqing University didn’t meet the criteria for these drug company donations.



Li Zheng rubbed his temples, “David, this is kind of a private request from me. You know the environment of China, donate the laboratory to Huaqing in the name of Roche’s, and then Huaqing will allocate it to me. This is the best way. Of course, if there are difficulties, I will think of other ways.”



David smiled, but his face couldn’t help but show a torn expression. He had been in contact with the Chinese market for four or five years, so he naturally understood some of the crookedness of China, and once Li Zheng joined Huaqing, it didn’t seem appropriate to accept donations from foreign pharmaceutical companies in his personal name.



However, not to mention his personal relationship with Li Zheng, but from the interests of Roche, if Li Zheng could accept the laboratory provided by them, for Roche, was indeed a great benefit.


David’s eyes brightened and considered for a long time, he raised his head, “Li, the priority of patent development, you have to guarantee.”



Li Zheng smiled, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up.


“That’s for sure.”


David exhaled, and his face once again took on that exaggerated smile, “Happy cooperation.”



“Happy cooperation.”



David walked out of Li Zheng’s laboratory with great satisfaction, and the first thing he did when he returned to his office was to have Roche’s China prepare to negotiate with Huaqing University about the laboratory.



“May, by May 15th, the lab must be completed and the experimental equipment must be ready. I don’t want any surprises!” David put the time down to the exact day.


Before Li Zheng’s people set out, Roche and MSD, two major international pharmaceutical companies that had been operating frequently in China. Roche China had contacted Huaqing University since then. MSD, the American pharmaceutical giant, had found the Ministry of Health of China in a friendly way.



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