C25 —- Gentle Neighbor

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“I remember, a group of people also moved into the neighborhood before. There were some people who knew that the sixth floor is dangerous, but still went ……” Xu Moshu approached Chu Chen’an, “Anchor An, do you think, they weren’t afraid of death, or had some purpose and had to go?”


Xu Moshu’s voice was mellow, and his relaxed tone had a very oppressive interrogation meaning.


Chu Chen’an’s heart beat faster and he clenched his hands.


Xu Moshu saw that Chu Chen’an didn’t speak, he looked at his small face and continued, “By the way, my lover is also one of them.”


Chu Chen’an ‘s eyes trembled violently, and he lowered his eyes.


“He is also like you, obviously very afraid ……” Xu Moshu’s eyes were deep and lustrous, looking at Chu Chen’an, “but he still had to run downstairs all the time.”


Chu Chen’an’s earlobes were tense and red, he stammered, “I told you, I went down there to do live content …… me, I’m going back.”


After that, he raised his hand and tried to push Xu Moshu’s hand away.



“That kid on the sixth floor likes you very much.” Xu Moshu suddenly said.


Chu Chen’an’s hand shook, he was so nervous that his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.


Xu Moshu leaned over and whispered in Chu Chen ‘an’s ear, “How did you get in, and how did you get out alive?”


“No …… I didn’t go in,” Chu Chen’an turned his head sideways, his weak eyes trembled, his voice was soft, “I just went to the door to look, move aside, I want to go back.”


Xu Moahu turned sideways with a shallow smile and gave way to Chu Chen’an.



When Chu Chen’an saw Xu Moshu move away, he quickly ran out of the stairwell with a limp, ignoring his bloody leg injury, as if there was a monster behind him.


Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chenan’s distant figure, the smile in his eyes suddenly faded, pursing his thin lips, his eyes darkened, watching his thin figure disappearing from sight little by little.


If not, why was he running again?


Xu Moshu gloomily lowered his eyes and turned to walk downstairs.




Chu Chen’an hid back in 702.


He closed the door of 702 tightly and pressed his back against the door for a while.


When he returned to his senses, he suddenly found that the foul smell around him disappeared.


Could it be Su Yu ……


Chu Chen’an’s legs were still trembling.


He was pale and his eyes were full of hesitation and fear, he hesitantly stood at the door for a long time, before taking a step towards Su Yu’s room.


The door was pushed open with a “creak”.


The dark light was cast into the cold and creepy bedroom.


Sure enough.


Su Yu’s corpse. The body was gone.


The blood-soaked bed sheets were still ticking and dripping blood, and there were still some blood and bone scraps left above the sheets.


Chu Chen’an covered his mouth and held back his vomit, he staggered out of the room and hurriedly closed the door.


He left all the windows in the living room open, only to see the three-meter-high iron gate still standing outside the ancient neighborhood, enclosing this happy community.


He began to worry about his mission again.


The time limit for mission two was only one day ……


He had to find out the cause of death of the fourth floor residents within this day.


The difficulty would be much greater than the task one.


He frowned and began to worry.


Now he was the only one in 702, silent and empty.


He sat on the sofa, his long, slender eyelashes fluttered, sleepiness swept over him, the afternoon sunlight hitting the sofa through the window, was very warm.


Maybe he was tired from crying just now.


His eyelashes fluttered little by little, he gradually closed his eyelids and fell asleep on the sofa.


When he woke up again, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon.


Jiao Jiao’s movement rang in his ears.


Chu Chen’an rubbed his eyes, looked to the empty living room corner, and said in a warm voice, “Jiao Jiao, are you there?”


“Brother, for you.”


Jiao Jiao smiled playfully and placed a delicate and elegant blue rose in the palm of Chu Chen’an’s hand.


Chu Chen’an was slightly surprised, “Where did this come from?”


“I stole it from brother Xu’s house! Brother Chen An, brother Xu came to my house today to be mean to me, asking why I didn’t kill you just now …… hum, brother Xu is really bad,” Jiao Jiao said, “who let him be mean to me, he was mean to me I plucked his flowers, hehehe.”



Chu Chen’an pinched the blue roses and smiled helplessly, his face covered with a layer of pale white light, he looked extremely gentle.


Jiao Jiao hid in the corner, dumbfounded.


Her future mother was so beautiful.


The baby he would give birth to would also be very beautiful.


She loved a good, soft baby.


Jiao Jiao excitedly thought of a bright future.


But Chu Chen’an was staring at this elegant blue rose.


This blue rose was very beautiful.


So beautiful that Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to touch more.


Because what he regretted most was giving Xu Moshu a blue rose.


Their first acquaintance was also in a hot sunny afternoon.


The first time Chu Chen’an participated in the game copy, he and his companion came to the seventh floor of the community, he just happened to bump into Xu Moshu at the entrance of the building.


Xu Moshu noticed the gaze from Chu Chen’an, he looked at Chu Chen’an’s timid little face and smiled, “Are you a new neighbor? I just moved in too.”


Xu Moshu’s eyes were too good looking.


It made him want to fall in.


His heart jumped straight, meeting Xu Moshu’s warm gaze.



He nervously pinched the corner of his coat, his eyes soft and timid, and nodded his head in a daze.


“You’re so cute.” Xu Moshu stared at his little face, a gentle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and let out a heartfelt sigh of admiration.


Chu Chen’an’s face turned even redder as Xu Moshu looked at him and lowered his eyes.






Chu Chen’an fell and hurt his leg, was tricked by Xu Moshu into his house and lived with him.


At first, they lived together quite peacefully.


He slept in the bedroom next to Xu Moshu’s, and Xu Moshu would carefully apply medicine to him every day.


Xu Moshu held his slim calf and gently applied ointment to his wound with a cotton swab. His fingers holding the cotton swab were long and perfect, as careful and meticulous as a painting.


“If it hurts, tell me, I’ll apply it gently.” The brown salve was applied to Chu Chen’an’s knee, and the touch was cool.


Chu Chen’an’s cheeks were slightly red, he looked at Xu Moshu’s handsome and warm face, a little embarrassed.



He lowered his eyebrows and his timid voice was soft, “It’s better if I do it myself.”


“I’m a doctor, An An, my technique will be slightly more professional than if you did it yourself ……”


Xu Moshu’s dark eyes looked at Chu Chen’an’s face, he swallowed and said, “Besides, you’re an injured patient, how can I let you do it yourself, right?”


Chu Chen’an was coaxed into a daze.


He sat back down obediently.


He let Xu Moshu hold his leg and slowly apply the medicine for him.


Xu Moshu’s movements were so light that he couldn’t feel the pain of the wound.




On the twenty-first day of their acquaintance.


Some of the tenants who were with him began to suspect Xu Moshu.


“I saw it with my own eyes …… he …… was the one who killed ……”


A man pointed at Xu Moshu’s face, his face twisted, “You …… So what if you look at me? Don’t think I will be afraid of you …… everyone, don’t be fooled by him, he has so many expensive watches, why did he come to live here? Maybe those ghost things downstairs are made by you! You monster!”


Xu Moshu raised his hand and easily pinched his neck, his palm gradually tightened, and his eyes were gloomy and cold.


“Cough cough …… monster …… monster ……” the man was breathless, constantly resisting. “You motherless monster.”


Xu Moshu’s eyes were cold enough to kill, and his face was expressionless as he increased the force.


The man’s face was red and he was dying.



There were people around that tried to persuade him, but Xu Moshu turned a deaf ear.


Chu Chen’an heard the sound and walked towards the crowd.


When Xu Moshu caught a glimpse of Chu Chen’an, who was walking towards the crowd, he suddenly let go.


Letting the man fall to the ground and catch his breath.


He resumed his light smile and said, “Everyone, don’t be too nervous, I was joking with him. This house was left to me by my mother, who passed away a few years ago. I wanted to move here after she passed, and as for what he said about killing people? I’ve never done it.”


At that time Chu Chen’an stood in place, looking at Xu Moshu’s sincere and harmless face.


He felt sorry for him.


When they went back to 703.


Xu Moshu sat on the sofa, and Chu Chen’an looked at his pretend disheveled look.


So he pinched a blue rose and handed it to Xu Moshu.


He comforted Xu Moshu, “You are not the bad guy, it’s them who are bad. Don’t be sad, they are the monsters.”


Xu Moshu took the blue rose, and his surprise showed in his eyes.


He carefully squeezed the blue rose and whispered, “An An …… you are so nice.”


He put the blue rose to his lips and sniffed lightly


He raised his eyes again, and his eyes burned towards Chen An, as if he wanted to devour him.


“An An, you will always be so good to me, right?”




That night, the man who was pointing at Xu Moshu died.



He died at the entrance of the building where he was standing during the day.


Blood flowed down the hallway and trickled down the stairs ……


On the twenty-ninth day of their acquaintance.


Xu Moshu finally couldn’t stand it anymore, he took off his disguise and showed his love to Chen An.


Chen An was so frightened that he just wanted to run, but before he could run out of the entrance of the seventh floor, he was hugged back by Xu Moshu.


“Good boy, listen to me, it’s dangerous outside ……”


Xu Moshu said, then carried him back to the cozy master bedroom, gently coaxing him and soothing him, but turned around and locked the bedroom.




That night, the female ghost caused no small commotion sound, the crowd wailing and chanting in pain.



Chen An trembled and hid in the closet of the master bedroom.


He listened to the wailing outside and shrank into a ball of fear, trembling constantly.


Xu Moshu carried him out of the dark closet, patting his skinny back with one hand, and said in a warm voice, “Hear that, baby, it’s dangerous outside, will you dare to run around next time?”



Chena An was frightened by the shrieks outside and whimpered, he was afraid that he would fall and grabbed the clothes on Xu Moshu’s shoulders.



“No …… but …… but I really don’t like you.”


Xu Moshu wrapped his arms tightly around his thin waist, his eyes dark, “So what does it matter, you can slowly like me.”


“Oooooooo but …… I don’t want to.” The corners of Chen An’s eyes were slightly red, shaking his head pitifully, like a weak little beast with a determined attitude.


He was a player, Xu Moshu was an NPC.


He didn’t want to fall for an NPC.


Xu Moshu looked at his cute appearance, he gently raised his hand to wipe off the teardrops at the corner of his eyes and smiled, “Then why don’t you?”



“Because …… because I don’t like you.” Chu Chen’an pursed his crimson and watery lips.



“I know.” Xu Moshu’s fingertips traced over Chen An’s white cheeks and said sweetly, “But it’s okay, I like you a lot …… No, I love you a lot, honey, very, very much …… from the day you gave me blue roses. ”


“You can be so pretty, can I kiss you, An An ……” Xu Moshu lowered his head and kissed Chen An’s moist red lips as he wished.


It really was sweet.


Xu Moshu sighed.


That night Xu Moshu kissed Chen An for a long time.



After that day, he never let Chen An out of the door of 703 again.



Chu Chen’an put down the blue rose in his hand and inserted it in the vase on the small balcony.


He had just squatted down and was staring at the blue rose, when a heavy knock came from outside the door.


He got up to open the door and saw Zhang Liang standing at the door.


That’s right.


His face had been torn, so he didn’t need to pretend anymore.


“What are you doing?” Chu Chen’an looked at him warily.



Zhang Liang’s gaze was grim, he gasped, as if he ran over, “Hey, Chu Chen’an, I’ll give you one more chance, if you want to live, follow me, I can get you out of here alive.”


“No, I can survive on my own.”


Zhang Liang’s eyes greedily wandered around Chu Chen’an’s pretty face and he raised his hand to touch his cheek, “Here’s the deal, it’s okay if you don’t want to follow me, as long as you sleep with me once, I’ll keep you alive.”


Chu Chen’an slapped Zhang Liang’s hand away and grunted disdainfully, “You’d better take care of yourself first.”


He held the door and tried to close it.


“Don’t regret it!” Zhang Liang held the door that was about to close, his eyes full of anxiety, “You know Qu Jiu, right, the landlord of this community, he doesn’t want you to live, he said ……”


Chu Chen’an slammed the door shut.




The other side.


Xu Moshu in the dark red light of the house, tilted his head to stare at the table on the statue of the talisman paper lost in thought.


He raised his hand, his fingers crushed a bit of red wax that had just melted.


The old man in the Taoist robe warily stood beside Xu Moshu, his withered yellow face distorted by wrinkles, he plastered on a smile and said, “You …… how come you have time to come today ……”



“Old thing,” Xu Moshu held the mahogany sword in front of the venerated statue in his hand and played with it, he interrupted the old man, “you say, will there be a soul stupid enough to accidentally enter the wrong body?”


The old man suddenly raised his eyes and naturally understood what Xu Moshu was saying.



His cloudy eyes rolled, “This, this is almost impossible. The person’s body is still intact as before, so the soul is supposed to return to it.”


“Is that so?” Xu Moshu’s voice was cold and eerie.


He turned to look at the old man, lifting his peach wood sword and lightly tapping on the venerated statue that the old man had worshipped for a hundred years.


“Knock, knock, knock ……”


The old man was frightened, he looked warily at the venerated statue and bowed, “Also, it’s not necessarily not a possibility. There are spirits who don’t want to return to its body, it’s wrong to occupy the body of others, but, but this situation is rare, this old body has almost never seen ……”



He replied with a hoarse and muddled voice.



Xu Moshu mildly narrowed his smile, the curve of his lips was obvious, “You mean to say that there will also be this possibility?”


He put down the peach wood sword in his hand.




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