C16 – – The Missing Victims’ Remains


The warden was beaten up, and it was a nightmare in death row prison.


The next day, Yu Rui appeared in front of everyone wearing sunglasses, and at first glance, it seemed to be in harmony with the prison warden’s long-standing temperament.


Feng Huai mingled with the group of death row inmates who went to the playground to let off steam, and when he saw Yu Rui’s appearance from afar, he pursed the corners of his mouth so that the smile on his face wouldn’t be too obvious.


After they finished exploring the Rose Barren Garden last night, they still returned to Yu Rui’s prison warden’s quarters.


Yu Rui said that it was too late and didn’t want to make the death row prison too lively.


So the two went back to the dormitory, each sleeping on half of the bed.


The next morning when he woke up, Feng Huai opened his eyes and there was the prison warden’s magnified face in front of him – even the small hairs on his face could be seen clearly at that distance – not only could he count Yu Rui’s eyelashes, but he could also see the circle of bruised skin under the prison warden’s eyes.


Feng Huai embarrassingly and sheepishly moved his eyes away and tried to leave quietly.



–If he wasn’t still thinking about the unfinished [Orphan Grudge’s Unfinished Knot] side quest, he would even want to leave this game copy immediately.


However, Feng Huai had just made a little move and woke up Yu Rui.


Yu Ci looked at his bruised eye, but didn’t say anything. He picked up a pair of sunglasses and put them on, leaning his head to ask Feng Huai, “Is it okay?”


Feng Huai nodded with a dry smile.


So there was the scene in the open space of the playground.

Except for Feng Huai’s roommate, no one noticed that Feng Huai never returned to prison last night.


Jiang Fang, stroking his goatee, slipped up to Feng Huai’s side and asked in a lowered voice: “Great god, after you ran away with the prison warden yesterday, you never came back, where did you go?”



Feng Huai inclined his head to look at him: “Curious?”


Jiang Fang nodded.


“Ask the warden.” Feng Huai smiled.


Jiang Fang: “……” How dare he chat with the prison warden?


“What did you do after yesterday?” Feng Huai asked as a matter of courtesy.


“Yesterday, we didn’t see that thing, but we all ran back. Then I heard that salt can prevent ghosts, the guards moved all the salt stocked in the kitchen and sprinkled a circle in front of each cell, we stayed inside, it was safer than anywhere else.” Jiang Fang said.


Feng Huai scoffed, he didn’t expect these death row inmates and prison guards to harmoniously live together.



“It is estimated that the food for the next day or two, will be tasteless, we have to wait for the people down the mountain to replenish supplies to come to have salt.” Jiang Fang added.


The corner of his mouth twitched, it seemed that these people were quite optimistic and positive.


“You guys aren’t afraid?” Feng Huai asked.


“Of course I’m afraid.” Jiang Fang said, he quietly showed Feng Huai under his clothes, hidden medicine and money, “I am planning to save and wait till the supplies come in two days and quietly buy more salt.”


“And this, I took advantage of the morning reading, wrote several biblical and Buddhist words, they’re all close.” Jiang Fang showed off, his prison clothes on both sides of the inner pocket had similar “charms paper”.



Not only him, other prisoners tossed, and there were even people that tore off the Bible, folded it into small strips of paper and hid it in their trouser pockets.


In short, it was all the way to the top – whether it really worked or not.


“I’m afraid, but I can’t hide, so I have to do everything I can to give myself a better chance of living.” Jiang Fang said.


Feng Huai paused at his words and didn’t say much.


The prisoners here were the most vicious people, even if they died, no one would sympathize with them.


They wanted to live, only by a variety of very different and even speechless means.


“By the way, do you know what the prison warden organized us and others to do in the tunnel?” Jiang Fang asked again.



Feng Huai remembered what Yu Rui had said in the morning –


“The souls of these children have not been completely freed, their corpses were buried under the tunnel when the prison was first built, and they will only be freed when all the skeletons are cleared out and completely incinerated.”


Feng Huai returned to Jiang Fang: “Redeem the children.”


Jiang Fang laughed twice: “What a joke. What kind of kids are we going to redeem, we don’t know anything about it.”


Feng Huai didn’t say anything.


Jiang Fang paused, then looked twice at Feng Huai, his smile was a little dry: “Are you serious?”


“Maybe your salt dosage won’t be that much anymore.” Feng Huai said.


Jiang Fang froze and looked at Feng Huai.


Just as Jiang Fang froze, the prison warden ordered the guards to lead the prisoners to the tunnel.


After all, to dig out those white bones, the more labor the better.


It was also fortunate that during the previous rainstorm, a floor tile washed out, revealing a white bone, so that Yu Rui and his team didn’t search everywhere like headless flies.


After a full afternoon of digging, all the buried bones here in the tunnel were found.


The bones were piled up into a small mountain, even these prisoners on death row, seeing a full 13 children’s bones piled up in front of their eyes, also felt a touch of discomfort.


“Fuckin’ ruthless.” Jiang Fang spat a mouthful of spit and whispered.


Yu Rui made the guards pour gasoline on the pile of white bones, then threw in the pile of bones.


With a “boom”, the fire immediately shot up to the height of someone.


“Player Feng Huai has completed the side quest [The Unfinished Knot of Orphan Grudge] and received 2 bonus points.”


Feng Huai’s ears rang with the prompt of the mission, which was expected, he exhaled lightly and turned his gaze to Yu Rui.


As if he sensed something, Yu Rui also looked over.



He walked in front of Feng Huai in full view of everyone and said in a deep voice that only two people could hear: “The game is over, right? Then we’ll …… see you in the next game.”


Feng Huai was stunned, and then reacted – Yu Rui too?


He suddenly remembered the first time they met, Yu Rui asked “Are you, new?” He suddenly remembered the first time, and it turned out that he wasn’t just referring to new prisoners, but to the game?



His eyes were stern as he looked at Yu Rui: “Who the hell are you?”


“A player.”


Feng Huai still wanted to ask more questions when he heard the system’s prompt sound in his head, “Please player, walk to the entrance of the death row prison compound and wait for the system to recall.”


“Got the prompt, right?” Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai with understanding, “Let’s go.”


Feng Huai was half led, half guided by Yu Rui to the front of the compound, before them was a winding mountain road with no end in sight, leading straight to the bottom of the cliff.


“What are we waiting for here?” Feng Huai asked, pursing his lips.


“Waiting for the homecoming.” Yu Rui said.


The prison warden ran to the gate, leaving no explanation, naturally allowing a group of puzzled prison guards to follow, with a circle of death row inmates behind him.


Not long after, the siren hissed, red and blue police lights turned in a circle, seven or eight police cars came flying in an extreme formation.


“Suspect Yu Rui, suspected of damaging the crime scene and stealing the remains of the victims ……”



A criminal police officer got down from the police car, holding a gun in one hand and an arrest warrant in the other, shouting loudly while approaching Yu Rui.


A group of prison guards and death row inmates behind Yu Rui opened their eyes in some surprise and watched as their prison warden was handcuffed and escorted into the police car.


“What the hell is theft of human remains?” Jiang Fang was surprised, they knew all about the destruction of the crime scene, but they had never heard of any theft of human remains.


“Didn’t Arthur choke the warden before when he also said that it was the remains from that scene that seemed to be missing from the morgue?”


“I didn’t think our warden was a ruthless man.”


“I knew that from the first time he punched me.”




The wanted notice thrown on the ground was blown up by the wind, Jiang Fang subconsciously grabbed it and opened it to take a look.


He froze, and then fixed his eyes to look carefully – the wanted notice was clearly written, not only the information of Yu Rui, but also the information and pictures of the stolen body.



The inmates on the side of Jiang Fang came together to see, and one subconsciously spoke: “Isn’t this your roommate? How come he is also on the wanted notice?”


“Look again, what eyes, this photo clearly says the prison warden stole that corpse!”


“…… fuck, it really looks exactly the same as Jiang Fang’s roommate.”



Jiang Fang’s palms were covered with cold sweat, he noticed that the body on the wanted notice, there was a cross-like fatal wound in the place of his chest.


The Great god would also always cover his chest and cough, so he thought it was an old illness.


He hurriedly looked up to find Feng Huai, but heard a loud bang not far away, the police car that just drove out, actually tumbled into the cliff, exploding a small mushroom cloud.



“Holy shit, the warden?” A prison guard ran over and stared in shock.


Jiang Fang was covered with cold sweat, hw looked at Feng Huai, Feng Huai’s sight also fell on the wanted notice in his hand.



Feng Huai’s eyes showed a touch of understanding, and when he met Jiang Fang’s gaze, he smiled slightly: “So I’m a dead man.”


Jiang Fang’s feet trembled.


“Great god you’re dead.” Jiang Fang said dryly, revealing a tearful expression.



Feng Huai’s face quickly emerged with corpse spots, the original ink-black pupils were also covered with a white film of death, his body uncontrollably backward two steps, then he tumbled into the cliff below.


Jiang Fang suddenly widened his eyes, subconsciously rushed over, but caught a blank.


“Player Feng Huai has completed the newbie guide copy, 72:00:00 until the next time he enters the game.”



The feeling of weightlessness wasn’t pleasant, and a second after the beep fell, Feng Huai fell into the soft bed.


“Little boss, there’s a big handsome guest outside the door looking for you!” A girl’s light-hearted voice came from outside the door, and Feng Huai froze in his bed.


Where was he? Who was he now …… again?



“Little boss?” The girl’s voice outside the door rang out again urgently.


Feng Huai said, “Yes,” and got up to open the door.


He noticed what he was wearing, a white hoodie, straight black slacks, a pair of canvas shoes, he was really like an ordinary young man of the house.


He pulled open the door and saw a girl with a ponytail standing in front of him, pointing to the door outside the beaded curtain: “There he is.”


Feng Huai nodded, he went over and lifted the beaded curtain and met the familiar eyes in front of him, and his movements paused.


“Yu Rui?”



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